The heavy, relentless downpour pummels the cobbled streets of Sidi. A thick veil of rolling fog blankets the entire city, giving it an eerie and ethereal aura. The rain beats against the warm soil, creating a symphony of sound that echoes through the empty streets. The Zeybek Estate is in a state of chaos over the sudden return of its long-absent master. Ziad had not set foot on his homeland since Khimi was still a young boy, and now he arrives with a small army of soldiers bearing the symbol of the Cerulean Star.

Inside her chambers, Aleyna sits on the edge of her canopied bed, her gaze fixed intently on the door. She clutches a letter from Rashid in her trembling hands, its once crisp edges now soaked with her tears. For years, she had held onto resentment towards Ziad for leaving without a word, never once reaching out to him or requesting his return. But now, armed with new information from Rashid, she feels a surge of determination and anger well up inside her. She twists and wrings the letter in her hands, unsure of what to do with it. Should she use it as evidence against Ziad? Or should she destroy it altogether? Contemplating her options, she can not help but feel empowered by this newfound courage to finally confront her estranged husband.

Aleyna prepares herself, giving the handmaiden a small nod. The young feline woman leaves the room in a hurry, giving Aleyna a long look before closing the door behind her. Aleyna removes her headscarf, something she only does in the privacy of her chambers. She teases her tawny-colored hair, pressing her fingers against the stump where her horns had once been. She glances at the broken hand mirror on the floor, emotions welling inside of her. With the headscarf spread over her knees, she runs her fingers over the crimson and cerulean silk. Floral prints stitched in the form of a desert lily stretch across the length of the fabric. Memories of Khimi giving it to her when he was a boy fill her with a sense of nostalgia.

“My sweet boy,” she whispers, tracing her fingers over the delicate patterns with a sense of longing. 

Not a day had passed since Aleyna had not thought about her son. She had wished every day to leave Sidi and travel to Rhaz to spend time with him. More recently, Rashid’s letters begin to detail more intimate details about Khimi that brought Aleyna a sense of happiness. She wants to send him a letter, telling Khimi how happy she is for him. However, she fears revealing her source would cause Khimi to distance himself further. Heavy footsteps cause her to tense and replace the headscarf.

A rap at the door.

“Aleyna?” A voice asks softly.

“Maza,” Aleyna calls, wiping her eyes clear of any tears. “Come in.”

Maza pushes the door open slightly and peers through, revealing her darkened features and sandy hair. “Ziad is here,” she says through the crack in the door. “Shall I see him in…?”

The door pushes open widely, Ziad stands hulking behind her. His wide frame dwarfs the small feline girl. “Aleyna!” He shouts, pushing past Maza, knocking her into the door frame.

It is almost as if a day had not passed. The man had barely changed in all the years they spent apart. The man is every bit Khimi’s father. His copper skin had lightened faintly, and there are now flecks of gray among the raven hair. His sharp features had become somewhat softer with his age, but there is a darkness around his eyes which make him appear as if he had not slept in weeks. The black and red silk kaftan reaches just above his ankles, and thread of gold lines the cuffs and lines of his jacket. He glares Aleyna down with the permanent crease along the center of his brow.

“S-Sir,” Maza begins, attempting to bar his entry. “Zi–”

Ziad,” Aleyna says coldly, standing from the edge of the bed. “Maza. Leave us.”

“Aleyna…” Maza whispers pleadingly while Ziad forces the door closed in her face.

Aleyna shakes her head, “Is that any way to treat a servant of the Cerulean Star?” She asks, holding her head high.

Your servant.” Ziad corrects, crossing his arms. “The servants of the Cerulean Star have more wit than to raise their cheek against their master.”

Aleyna clicks her tongue, “What are you doing, Ziad? You intend to continue pursuing this foolish expansion into the Golden Isles?”

“Foolish?” Ziad laughs to himself, “The Isles are the trading capital of Talmus. If the Cerulean Star owns the Is–”

Stop, Ziad!” Aleyna shouts, shaking her head. She holds back tears, attempting to stand strong before him. The letter crumples in her hand. “Ziad…please, listen. You can pursue whatever goals…whatever motives you wish, but I implore you. You must stop interfering with Khi–”

“Aleyna!” Ziad chuckles, pushing on the door. He bangs his fist against the mudbrick wall. “Everything always comes back to Khimi, doesn’t it?”

Aleyna pleads, grabbing hold of the poster of the canopied bed. “Why…why must you always torture him? He’s never done anything to you…he only ever wanted to make you happy!”

“When I left. Remember what I said?” Ziad asks, a smirk coming across his lips. The fury shows across his creased brow. He lowers his head and peers up, “Do you remember, Aleyna?”

Aleyna grits her teeth, “You didn’t leave in kind regards…I tend to put those things to the back of my mind,” she spits.

“I’ll give you a reminder then…since you tend to forget,” Ziad shouts, crossing the room quickly. He stands feet from Aleyna, peering down his nose in disgust. “I don’t care how you raise our son. Khimi only has to do one thing, produce an heir. Someone to continue our family line. Besides that…what Khimi does is of no consequence to me.”

“Maybe he will…in time!” Aleyna says, nearly shaking. “Khimi is free to do as he pleases.”

Ziad smiles cruelly. “You lost him when he was barely an adult…and I thought maybe it would be good for him to build character. You let him wander with ruffians for years. I wondered what kind of mother would raise her child with such a careless hand?” He chuckles. “And then somehow after all these years he finds his way home…and yet he only disappoints me further. One failure after another. Constant and repeated failures. I can’t say it’s all his fault…after all, failure is in his blood.”

“You don’t have the right!” Aleyna shouts. “You don’t get to question me as a mother…not after what you did to him!” She shouts. “You don’t get to question who he is!”

“Don’t worry. You won’t have to see me much longer. I stopped here during my travels…I just found the letter to be a bit assertive for a cow. I thought maybe you grew those horns back,” Ziad says, placing his hand inches above hers on the poster. “I couldn’t imagine you’d have the gall to have them grown back.”

Aleyna grimaces, turning from Ziad. “How can you be so cruel?” She asks.

“Cruel?” Ziad replies. “Cruel was what your father did to me,” he says in anger.

“Don’t start with this,” Aleyna begs. “He didn’t know you were a bastard when he offered you my hand in marriage.”

Ziad smiles, “I trusted your father, but I never thought he’d deceive me into marrying something less than human.”

“I removed every bit of myself that you hated…” Aleyna murmurs, her voice shaky, “I hid my heritage from everyone for you. It’s you who is less than human, Ziad.”

“When your father asked me to marry his daughter, he never told me I would be marrying a cow,” Ziad laughs, shaking the poster of the bed. “I have suffered many tragedies in my life…but that was the most painful.”

A fierce expression forms on Aleyna’s face. “I was happy before we wed…though we never loved each other, we both wanted a chi—“

“Of course I wanted a child!” Ziad shouts. He presses his fingers over his brow. “And even then…you failed. Time and time again,” he adds, shaking his head.

Aleyna suddenly brandishes the crumpled parchment, “If you wanted a child so badly…why would you wish to harm the only one we have?” Eyes filled with sorrow, she pleads.

Ziad’s face begins to drain of color. “You have eyes in Rhaz as well,” he says, shrugging off the notion of his betrayal.

“Y-You admit to this?!” Aleyna asks, terror taking hold of her. “I always knew you were a cruel man, Ziad….but let our son be! Let Khimi be!”

Ziad releases the bed, then grabs hold of Aleyna’s wrist. “Do you want him to suffer a life as you have!?” He asks, shaking her while ignoring her hand slamming against his side. “I was trying to free him from making the same mistake I have!”

“A mistake?! Mistake!” Aleyna shouts, trying to free herself of his grip. “Khimi finally finds someone he cares for…and you try to kill them? Our son almost died, Ziad! Rashid almost died!”

Ziad chuckles, his fierce cerulean eyes piercing through her. “Rashid should have left Khimi’s side when he was still a boy. He’s a crutch for Khimi…unnecessary,” he replies, tossing her hand aside.

Aleyna nurses her swollen wrist, glancing up at Ziad with vehemence, “You’re fou—”

Aleyna’s words are cut short. The back of Ziad’s hand smashes across her cheek. “I won’t let Khimi make the same mistakes I’ve made. He will provide an heir and I’ll see him dead before our bloodline is clouded any further with subhuman blood.”

“He is a beastkin, Zaid!” Aleyna shouts, her hand pressed to her cheek. “When will you admit it to yourself?”

“He’s nothing like you!” Ziad shouts, drawing closer towards her. He squats before her, “Aleyna…he’s nothing like you,” he adds, grabbing a handful of her flaxen hair. “He’ll never be anything like you. I’ll see him dead, Aleyna. I’ll see him dead.”

“He may not have the horns or the tail…but he’s just the same as I am, Ziad,” she whispers, glancing at the door.

Ziad’s fingers curl into her wavy hair, pulling sharply. “Quiet,” he whispers, shushing her.


“Aleyna…eshgh[1],” Ziad begins, sitting on the floor next to her, “You’ll never…say that again…you’ll never leave this estate again. Mark me, this will be your tomb,” his lips curl as he finishes. “If you so much as breathe a word of this…there will be consequences.”

Aleyna turns, her hair ripping beneath Ziad’s grip. “You’ve already hurt Khimi enough…you can’t do anything worse.”

“Aleyna,” Ziad says, tossing her hair aside and clicking his tongue, “It’s not too late for me to take a new wife. It’s not too late to make a new heir.”

“Then do it. Leave! GO!” Aleyna shouts, trying to collect herself.

Ziad looks about the room, “I don’t think I’ve gotten to that point. I don’t want to hurt you, Aleyna, but if you…force me,” he says, a look of disgust in his eyes. He pauses as he wipes the sweat glistening from his brow. “You promoted weakness in our son. How many years after I left did it take for him to pick up his saber? Did you ever do anything to make him a strong—“

“Everything! Everything I did after you left was for Khimi,” she replies, tears streaming down her cheek.

“But…did you do anything to make him a stronger person? He’s a shell of what he should have been,” Ziad says, his tone, biting. “He’s a disappointment, Aleyna. He’s your disappointment, Aleyna.”

Aleyna pushes herself away from Ziad, “You don’t know the man he’s become. He’s strong, proud, resolute!”

“No matter which qualities you think you have given him, Aleyna…he’ll always be a far cry from what could have been,” Ziad says, standing and glancing about the room. He crosses to the window, peering through a large garden courtyard. “I won’t be here much longer. I’m returning to the Isles,” he adds, his hand tapping against the stark blue window ledge. “I’ll have more people to keep an eye on you now though. You’ve been allowed too much freedom, it seems.”

“Why?” She asks, rising from the floor, “You’ve kept me a prisoner here for nearly seventeen years…”

“And still you managed to get correspondence past my soldiers,” he says, turning back to Aleyna. “Rashid,” he snorts, ” is no longer welcome in this home. I’ll see that the guards are aware.”

Aleyna glares at Ziad, her eyes ablaze with fury. Her cheeks flush red while she spits out her words, “Hells take you!” Her voice trembles with anger. “You come all this way just to knock me around?”

Ziad meets her gaze with a cool look, clicking his tongue in disapproval. He takes confident strides towards the door, his presence commanding and intimidating. “I came all this way, Aleyna…to make sure my house is still in order,” he retorts. “It’s been quite something to see you again.”

But Aleyna is not ready to let him leave so easily. She rushes after him, blocking his path. “Ziad, tell me you’re done interfering with Khimi!” She demands, her hand braced against the doorframe.

Ziad shakes his head, a look of annoyance crossing his features. He runs his fingers through his salt and pepper hair. “If he continues to strut about like a peacock with that aslan…I will be forced to take action,” he declares, placing a heavy hand on her shoulder for emphasis. “And if you’re thinking of telling Khimi about me…just consider how heartbroken your sensitive boy will be,” he adds, gently pushing past her

As the heavy wooden door opens, Aleyna’s voice echoes through the hallway, she rushes after Ziad. Her steps seem to match the pounding of her heart, “Ziad…if you lay a finger on Khimi, I swear…” Her words are cut off once she reaches his side.

Ziad turns with a quickness that surprises her, his cerulean eyes flashing with anger. She can see the servants scurrying out of their way, sensing the tension between them. “So help you, what?” He asks in a low voice, a sinister smirk on his lips.

Aleyna’s breath catches in her throat, but she squares her shoulders and stares him down. “I’ll make sure you suffer for it,” she says shakily, her voice betraying the fear that still lingers within her.

Ziad chuckles at her bravado and strokes his chin thoughtfully. “When that day comes, Aleyna…I’ll be waiting to see what you can do,” he says incredulously, before turning and striding down the long corridor.

Aleyna watches him leave, her hands trembling with a mix of fear and determination as the source of years of torment leaves her home. The hallway seems to stretch on forever as she stands alone, her mind racing with thoughts of revenge and justice.

Left alone in her own prison, a sense of horror fills her as she realizes just how far her husband would go to achieve his goals. Her mind spins with regret, wishing she had never sent that fateful letter to Ziad. Now all she wants is to see Khimi again, to tell him about the atrocities committed by his own father before it’s too late.

Maza approaches after watching Aleyna stand dumbfounded. Her footfalls are padded by the soft Rhazian rugs beneath her feet. “Lady Aleyna,” she whispers softly. She reaches out, her fingertips caress her shoulder, “You should get some rest.”

“Ziad…” she trembles quietly, rage pouring into her heart.


Frustrated, Aleyna paces back and forth in her luxurious bed chambers. She had been confined to her quarters since Ziad’s departure, making her feel more like a prisoner than ever before. Her bare feet sink into the soft Sidian rug as she scuffles back and forth. Maza, the loyal handmaid, stands by the door with her tail twitching restlessly. She watches with concern as Aleyna’s fingers press against her flushed cheeks from the effects of the strong Sidian wine. In an attempt to calm her mistress, Maza motions towards the bottles resting on the small dressing table. With a nod of Aleyna’s head, Maza approaches, carefully pouring another cup of wine for Aleyna. Her hands tremble slightly as she holds out the stemless clay cup, causing ripples to form on its surface.

“Aleyna,” Maza whispers as she peers up over the cup. “This home is not your prison.”

Aleyna walks to Maza and places her hands atop the small feline’s. “Maza, thank you for y-your words,” she says, gently taking the clay cup. “But…I will never be a prisoner. Not in Sidi.”

“Ziad has men posted everywhere,” Maza whispers. “Many of the servants have been ordered to vacate their positions and were freed from the Cerulean Star.”

“He freed their debts?” Aleyna frowns at the suggestion, “Well, at least I still have you,” she says as she takes a long taste of the red wine.

“My debt was paid a long time ago, Lady Aleyna,” Maza replies with a weak smile, looking up at her with soft green eyes filled with loyalty and love. 

I’ve decided,” Aleyna says suddenly, lowering the cup in her hands with determination. “I’m going to Rhaz,” she proclaims boldly, fueled by liquid courage and a desire for freedom from her current situation.

Maza gawks, “Aleyna…I don’t believe that is wise! What i-if someth–”

“I cannot live in fear. I won’t al-allow Ziad to have that hold over me again,” Aleyna’s words falter slightly, her resolve wavering as she remembers the terror of being under Ziad’s control. She lifts her dark almond eyes to meet Maza’s worried gaze, taking a deep breath and steeling herself for what comes next. “Besides,” she stutters, trying to reassure herself more than anyone else, “I have you by my side.”

 Maza looks out the window into the empty courtyard below. Beautiful blue painted mosaic tiles reflect the warm sunlight against a pool of crystal clear water, adding a sense of serenity to the peaceful scene. Aleyna places the cup down on the table, joining Maza at the window and gazing out at her gilded prison.

“Don’t worry, Maza. You can come to Rhaz as well,” Aleyna smiles with a sudden surety. “I am certain that before long we’ll be back here and things will be as they should be. Khimi will receive us…”

“Lady Aleyna,” Maza begins meekly, “If we’re caught the–”

“If we’re caught then I will deal with those consequences myself,” Aleyna interrupts quickly. “I will be certain that no blame befalls you, even if it means I take your punishment.”

“Th-They won’t harm you,” Maza stammers with a look at Aleyna. A sense of admiration filling her, “What if we go to the Sanctum[2]?”

Aleyna sighs, “The Sanctum may not rule in our favor. The consequences could be worse if Davani[3] judges against us…we could be charged with crimes to conspire against Emir Zeybek.”

“Why would she?” Maza asks, wringing her fingers uncomfortably. “Why would anyone believe that man?!”

“Maza,” Aleyna says softly. She walks toward her, adjusting the collar of the young feline’s linen shirt. “My sweet kitten, because of gold. Because of silver, copper, salt, spices, and the vast wealth that the Cerulean Star holds,” she mutters before pausing thoughtfully. “The truth is that…my marriage with Ziad is complicated. It is very much an arrangement. Going to the Sanctum for help without Ziad being present may be seen as uncouth.”

“Uncouth?” Maza questions softly.

Aleyna raises her brow, “It doesn’t help our cause that Davani is known for being particularly harsh on women,” she says, lifting the cup from the table. “The Saint of Balance is known for having a penchant for favoring men in her judgment.”

Maza looks through the window once again before beginning to draw the curtains to the bedroom, “One would think there would be solidarity among women,” she says angrily.

“It’s unfortunate, but the Saint of Balance, who is supposed to be blind in her judgment…seems to be more lenient on men,” Aleyna mutters, drinking the last sip from the small clay cup.

 “Then what shall we do?” Maza whispers hurriedly. “I…might be able to sneak out a letter. You could appeal to mercenaries for support?”

Aleyna crosses the room, then sits on the edge of the bed, placing her hand against the carved wood. She leans back slowly, her head spinning from the drink. She tugs on the sheer curtain hanging from the wooden beams.

“Aleyna?” The small feline calls again.

“We’ll leave Sidi tonight,” Aleyna mutters. “Gather a few things, just the essentials.”

Maza gasps, “Are you certain, Lady Aleyna?”

Maza darts to the desk on the opposite side of the room, then lights a candle and seats herself at the desk.

“Continue, please,” Maza says as she withdraws the quill and blots the tip into an inkwell. She straightens her blouse and readies herself for Aleyna’s instructions.

Maza creates a list of items deemed essential by Aleyna. Simple things, items which can be used for survival. Aleyna had planned to leave the estate under the cover of darkness. Shortly after exiting the estate, they would make their way to the northwest of Sidi to a small town known as Tarse. From Tarse, Aleyna had gambled that they would be able to pay the fare to Rhaz. Maza left Aleyna for hours, making her way about the estate. Maza had wandered about the estate, where she created a small map, pointing out locations where Ziad’s men were stationed. As the hours pass, Maza manages to gather all the necessities. The estate settles down late in the evening, the majority of the servants having been released from their duties.

Aleyna had waited by the window for hours. She brings the last bite of toasted bread, slathered with olives, to her lips. She closes her eyes, cherishing the last bit of the rich flavors. The sound of a whip-poor-will[4] calling brings her to attention. It is the sound Maza told Aleyna to listen for. With haste, she pulls herself over the desk and through the window where Maza waits below, behind a row of hedges.

“Aleyna,” Maza whispers as she pulls a leather strap from the rucksack over her shoulder.

Aleyna sidles against the wall towards her and gives a reassuring but nervous nod of her head.

Aleyna watches Maza move before her in a deft and lithe manner, barely making a sound in the darkened courtyard. Maza motions back for Aleyna to follow. Aleyna cautiously peeks her head up over the hedges, glancing across the empty yard. The large reflecting pool casts light from braziers across the still, dark water. Maza looks back as she nears the stone path, holding her hand out to Aleyna. Aleyna follows behind, taking the feline’s hand in her own. Maza gives Aleyna’s hand a tight squeeze and pauses before placing her feet onto the stone walkway, then removing her sandals in haste. With a quick gesture, she motions for Aleyna to do the same.

“It’s time,” Maza whispers.

Their bare feet hit the cold stone as they scurry through the quiet courtyard. The fire in the brazier crackles, the flames flicker with their passing. They stop just before an arched walkway and Maza peers through while she slides against the wall. Her breathing is labored from dashing, and Aleyna buckles over, gripping her knees, struggling to catch her breath. A reassuring pat on Aleyna’s back encourages her. She smiles, almost chuckling. It had been ages since she had done something she deemed daring and adventurous. Maza gives her hand another tight squeeze, signaling their next dash.

Once more, their feet hit the stone pathway and patter softly. Passing through the archway, they enter into the outer garden of the estate. The pristine landscaped greenery is unseen in the darkness, but Aleyna spends a moment imagining its splendor. Hundreds of carefully planted ferns line the outskirts of the massive palace. Broad leaved plants line the stone walls surrounding the palace. Statues carved from marble depicting heroic figures carved in the likeness of the men from the Zeybek line. Maza tugs her hand, forcing her to break the illusion. Aleyna dashes behind Maza as quick  as her feet can carry her. Her chest pounds, a sudden worry fills her. They run through the side gate. The path winds down a small flight of brick stairs, leveling out onto the sandstone cobbles of the Sidian alleyway.

“M-Maza,” Aleyna breathes heavily, adjusting the silk scarf over her head. 

Maza looks back, staring up at the stairs, “Lady Aleyna, we must hurry!”

    Aleyna follows into the street, her hands still locked with the young feline’s. Dimmed lights flicker through the windows of small mudbrick houses. The stark white buildings of Sidi always stand in vivid contrast to the other structures of the Desert Cities. As they break through from the alleyway, Maza guides them past empty vendor carts, their wares stored for the night. Aleyna looks back, the view of the Zeybek estate rousing a sense of awe. The large bronze braziers illuminate the front gates. Maza pauses, releasing Aleyna’s hand from her own sweaty palms. She wipes the dampness over her pleated trousers.

“We should be fine from here,” Maza says. She looks back, following Aleyna’s gaze. “Don’t look back, Aleyna. It’s not goodbye forever.”

Aleyna sighs, “Don’t coddle me, Maza. I know I’ll be back here!”

“Lady Aleyna, I speak truly. The Palace…it will always be your home!” She says excitedly, attempting to distract her mistress.

Aleyna turns away from her home and towards the streets of Sidi, “I never thought I would be fleeing from my own home…”

“Come, Aleyna! We need to hurry!” Maza encourages with a tug on her sleeve.

Aleyna walks beside Maza. They pace themselves to not draw attention. The trek through the city is quiet and without event. Aleyna finds herself constantly looking over her shoulders. A figure skulks behind them in the distance. She taps her wrist against Maza’s, motioning behind them. Maza looks back out of the corner of her eye. A grimace forming on her lips while she looks back past Aleyna.

“I was certain we weren’t followed,” Maza mutters quietly.

Aleyna looks down at her bare feet, “We have no means to defend ourselves.”

“You just want to turn ourselves in?” Maza asks, turning to Aleyna with a disheartening look.

Aleyna looks at Maza with a knowing look. “Nonsense.”

“Let’s run then, Aleyna! Maybe a guard will hear our case!” Maza whispers anxiously.

“Ziad has too many friends,” Aleyna replies under her breath. “This is fruitless.”

Maza looks back. The figure draws closer. “It doesn’t matter, someone will hear our side of the story!”

“You overestimate people,” Aleyna murmurs, “the world is not as kind as you believe.”

Maza grabs Aleyna’s hand, running ahead of her before they scramble towards the eastern gates. They dash through the crowded center, dozens of vendors hawk their wares, still awake in the only busy part of the city. People turn to look at them while they dart past. Maza turns back, the hooded figure, gone from sight. A guard rounds a corner before them, bearing the scales of balance on her tunic. She gives them a curious glance and shoves past them. Maza exhales heavily, forcing herself forward. Aleyna pauses, dropping to her knees. Having never exerted herself this much in years, Aleyna finds herself exhausted. Maza stares at her with an anguished expression.

“My Lady,” Maza begins between heavy breaths. “We cannot afford to be still for too long.”

Aleyna looks up from the cobbled street. She massages her sore foot, “Sorry, Maza…I didn’t expect all this running.”

Maza extends a hand to Aleyna, bringing her back onto her feet. Maza forces them towards the gate ahead of them, dragging Aleyna behind with heavy breaths. She pauses once they near the open gatehouse. The hooded figure stands in the center of the open street, his face illuminated by the sconces on either side of the gate. A gray bearded man with cold eyes waits, his arm relaxed over the hilt of his rapier. The lupo[5] takes a step forward and Maza pauses, stepping backwards, her arm extended to protect Aleyna from the assailant.

“Aleyna,” Maza whispers, “Run!”

Aleyna walks forward, her head held high, “It is my burden,” she says in an attempt to maintain her proud composure. She knows there is no sense in running, Lupo are known for their ability to track their prey, and at this moment, she is the prey.


[1] A word meaning “Love” in the Old Tongue of the Desert Cities.

[2] Sanctum refers to the Sanctum of Balance, the seat of power for the religious figurehead of Sidi.

[3] Davani, the current Saint of Balance. She is the religious head of Sidi and acts as the voice of the Gods of Balance and Order.

[4] A beautiful nocturnal bird. They tend to enjoy lightly forested areas, or desert landscapes.

[5] Lupo – Beastkin with the characteristics of wolves.