Artwork by Ruffy

A youthful Canis born in the Desert City of Gomorrah. As a child he was sold to the Helvia family to be raised as a family servant. He grew up alongside Augustus in a complex friendship. Mido often wished to return to the Desert Cities and was offered the opportunity during an encounter with a wandering cleric who saw potential and wisdom in the youthful Beastkin.

Personality: Mido is an excitable young man in his early twenties. He expresses great passion for wanting to make the world a better place and actively seeks every opportunity to do so, often to Augustus’ chagrin.

Like many Beastkin, Mido experiences strong emotional bonds to those around him. He has a strong desire to find his family and find answers.

Race: Beastkin (Canis)

Fighting: Mido is not a skilled fighter but is somewhat capable with the shotel he was gifted from the wandering cleric, Eustes. For the most part, Mido often will defend himself in hand confrontations but will not put himself in dangerous positions.

Abilities: Mido is a healer, albeit not a very skilled one. Quickly drained of his stamina, Mido saves his strength and magick for the most dire of situations. He is able to perform some offensive magick and can even call upon the rains due to his connection with the domain of Life.