Return to Sidi: ACT VIII

Header by Nadhir Nor

    Their conversation following dinner is lighthearted yet serious. Khimi once more explains his feelings regarding sexual acts in his ancestral home, how he has never felt that this place was ever his home, how he has always felt like a guest at the estate. Though Lumi understands, he cannot help but feel upset. The idea of experiencing Khimi’s touch here has always been a fantasy of his since the first time he stepped foot on the estate.

     Nearly a week after the dinner party, Lumi finds himself alone in Khimi’s private courtyard. Each corner of the yard is planted with palms, whose fronds sway gently in the night breeze. The scent of salt is heavy on the air and Lumi can smell the imminent rain. The sky occasionally illuminates with streaks of light as heat lightning launches through the incoming clouds. Laying beside the bath in the courtyard, Lumi skims his fingers over the water. There is no need for him to attend every meeting with a merchant that wishes to speak with Lord Zeybek.

     Lumi rolls onto his back and takes a deep breath, taking in the scents around him. The smell of the salty air is overwhelming, but there are faint notes of earth from the rich soil around the palms, along with the scent of lavender oil in the clay jars beside the bath, and the smoky scent of wood burning from the copper brazier opposite the pool. The thought of the Gods he is bound to serve is the furthest thing from his mind, instead he thinks of Khimi. He always thinks of Khimi. Obsession, it is a word that others used to describe his fondness for Khimi, his love. He had long since accepted that as fact, his love was an obsession.

     The tufted tail in Lumi’s hand wiggles and he brushes his hand along the coarse fur. His fingers stop on the golden tail ring, spinning it about. The ring is secured by a chain to a second ring which is tighter on his tail. He rolls onto his back on the sandstone tiles and stares up at the stars. Even through the rolling cover of clouds, the stars are exceedingly bright and Stella Solaris seems even brighter than normal.

     Lumi sits up at the sound of the bedroom door opening and closing. Khimi’s way of walking is familiar enough for Lumi to immediately recognize. The soft footfalls of his slippered feet over the tiles echo through the bedroom and after a moment he makes his appearance in the arched doorway to the courtyard. Khimi is as always the picture of perfection. Against the arched doorway he leans into the courtyard with a hint of a smile. The blue half jacket is cut off just below his pectorals, revealing his abdomen and part of his chest. The linen sarouel hugs tighter to his form than usual and crops tight at the calf. His forearm taps against the door, his golden armband clinks against the frame.

“Thought I’d find you here,” Khimi begins with a faint smile. “Or in bed,” he mutters, his expression becoming sullen.

“What’s wrong?” Lumi whispers, gauging his expression with a tilt of his head.

Khimi shakes his head. “I always feel…guilty when we come back here.” 

Lumi waves his hand dismissively. “Khimi, it doesn’t bother me. This place…even if you say it doesn’t feel like home…it is still where you were raised,” he replies while he begins to stand from the stone floor.

“You know I don’t like denying you,” Khimi whispers. “And…I’ve nearly never denied your advances.”

Lumi stands naked before Khimi, brushing his fingers over the golden choker. “It is difficult…wanting to be around you, without being able to have you,” he whispers thoughtfully. “But, I’d do anything for you, Khimi.”

Khimi hangs his head and walks into the courtyard. Thunder rumbles in the sky, another flash of heat lightning illuminates the evening in a purple hue. “Aleyna missed you tonight,” he says softly before dropping to his knees in front of Lumi.

Lumi rubs his eyes and cups Khimi’s chin. “Khimi…” he begins as he closes his eyes. “You don’t need to…you don’t have to do that.”

Khimi’s lips press against Lumi’s navel, “I’m sorry,” he murmurs.

“I-I don’t want you to be sorry,” Lumi replies. “I’ve always dreamt of being with you here, Khimi…but I can never be upset with you. You’ve given me yourself time and time again. I could never ask for more.”

“And if you did ask, I would give it,” Khimi replies as he lifts his chin up to Lumi.

Lumi smiles weakly, the thunder rumbling overhead all the while. “I’d never ask for it, no matter how badly I may want it. I know how you feel about your home…how this place always reminds you of Ziad.”

“His hold over me is shameful,” Khimi says as he wraps his arms around Lumi. “I’m ashamed, Lumi,” he admits while brushing his cheek across Lumi’s stomach.

“You can’t help how you feel. Even fighting against those feelings…I’m proud of you,” Lumi beams as he brushes his fingers through the raven-black hair. A calm takes him, feeling the comfort of Khimi against his body. “I love you, Khimi. I’ve always loved you…always. Before I knew you, I loved you,” he murmurs as he drops down against Khimi, his legs at Khimi’s side.

Khimi holds him tightly as he sinks down into his lap. “I live for you, Lumi…you know that,” he offers quietly, pushing his forehead against Lumi’s. His fingers squeeze the base of Lumi’s tail.

“Tell me,” Lumi begs hungrily.

Khimi’s hand sinks down to Lumi’s rear and squeezes the tender flesh. “I love you more than anything on this plane…you’ve given me life. Purpose. A reason to continue,” he growls into Lumi’s soft round ears. “Every moment of everyday I think of you…you’re why I live, Lumi.”

Lumi’s arms skirt around Khimi’s neck, his lips brush over Khimi’s. “All I want from you…right now…is a kiss,” he breathes.

    Khimi’s lips smash into Lumi’s, their tongues lap together, swirling about with a primal lust. A pain forms at the back of Lumi’s head, unable to catch his breath between the intensity of their kiss. The thunder rumbles overhead and lighting crackles through the sky. With another snap of lightning, a hiss roars across Sidi, rain pouring overhead, drenching through Khimi’s clothes in seconds. Lumi breaks away from their kiss and laughs as he tilts his head back, his blonde hair damp with rain.

     Lumi’s laughter breaks as Khimi’s lips sweep across his neck. With unfettered passion, Khimi dips Lumi onto the stone, Lumi’s haunches resting against his side as their lips find their way back together. The rain continues to fall over the courtyard. Khimi places his hand behind Lumi’s head as he rips at his drenched half jacket, throwing it in a wet heap over the stones.

“I love you, Lumi,” Khimi breathes at the top of Lumi’s head, his hulking body shielding Lumi from the rain. “I-I love you more than anything,” he utters, his lip trembling as water pours down his brow.

“Khimi,” Lumi chokes in surprise. The tone in Khimi’s affirmation is overwhelming and Lumi finds his lips back against Khimi’s, his hands locked together behind his lover’s neck.

     There is nothing more in that moment that Lumi wants than to feel the warmth of Khimi’s embrace, to feel the pressure building within his body as his insides stretch to accommodate Khimi’s size. He finds himself lost in their embrace as his hand slides along Khimi’s wet form and down his chest, feeling along the scars of his past. Why can’t you just love me here? Out of breath, he twists his head to the side.

“This is what you wanted,” Khimi says loudly as thunder rumbles again. “You wanted a kiss.”

Lumi’s body trembles from the cold of the rain along with the intense desire building within himself. His thighs strain against Khimi’s body. “K-Khimi,” he mutters in response. “Hold me…”

Realization crosses Khimi’s face and he moves his arms down Lumi’s body and pulls their bodies together. “I love you—” he breathes again, his voice breaking.

Lumi holds Khimi as firmly as he can, his eyes filling with tears. It always makes Lumi emotional to see Khimi bare his heart to him. “I-It’s okay,” he whispers in response, closing his eyes.

“Don’t cry.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry,” Khimi whispers as he quickly rubs his hand over his eye. With a sniffle he continues, “No need to be sad.”

“I’m not,” Lumi sobs, “I’m happy.”

     In the deluge, Khimi holds Lumi closely to his body. Their hearts pound against one another, their hands moving along each other’s form. There are no words spoken during the remaining time in the courtyard. Just the low rumbling of the distant thunder and the soft pattering of the fading rain are the only sounds that remain. As the storm fades Khimi rises from the ground, his body drenched from head to toe. Without a moment’s hesitation, he bends down and lifts Lumi in his arms, then carries him into the warmth of the room. Lumi shivers from the chill and sudden shift in temperature, his wet tail slaps against Khimi and his ears twitch expectantly. As he looks up at Khimi the low purrs rise within his chest. How can someone be so perfect?

     Khimi drops Lumi onto the bed and turns back to the door to the courtyard. The coals in the brazier near the end of the bed finally falter and fade, leaving the room in darkness. Through shades of gray, Lumi can see the doors to the courtyard pulled closed before Khimi turns back towards him. Like a wet animal, Khimi shakes his head, droplets spray across the light stone floor. The wet trousers cling to Khimi’s musculature, displaying the massive length Lumi cannot keep his eyes from. Khimi’s feet squeak across the floor, his step oozes confidence and machismo. Lumi sits up and snorts as he watches. Though he knows Khimi cannot see him, he can’t help the goofy smile that forms across his lips; He loves every part of Khimi.

Khimi suddenly laughs. “I don’t need to see to know you’re laughing at me,” he groans.

Lumi lets the snicker he held back leave his lips. “You look so cute and helpless in the dark.”

“Hardly helpless,” Khimi replies. “I know my way around the room…well enough anyway.”

“Do you need to follow my voice?” Lumi teases as he edges to the side of the bed, his wet toes gently touch the sandstone.

Khimi rolls his eyes, feeling along the edge of the bed. “No, not at all. I’m perfectly comfortable in the dark,” he says as he rolls onto the bed. “Where’d you go?”

Lumi leaps from the side of the bed on top of him. His chest slaps against Khimi’s, winding them both as laughter erupts through the room. “Khimi,” he whispers after a lengthy silence. “Thanks…for always…putting up with me.”

Khimi sighs softly as his hand glides over Lumi’s back, the lingering moisture rolling off at his touch. “Not like I have much of a choice,” he says suddenly after a lengthy pause, a wickedly wide grin on his cheeks.

Lumi pushes his forehead down against Khimi’s chest and kicks his legs in glee. “Am I that unbearable?!” He questions with a smile.

“You’re absolutely horrid,” Khimi mocks as he presses his lips into Lumi’s wet hair. “But I…could never live without you.”

Lumi’s soft lips brush over Khimi’s chest and trail along his abdomen. “Khi—”

Khimi’s hand rushes down to Lumi’s chin and tilts his chin towards him. “Lumi…I’m tired,” he whispers quietly. “Maybe we can go to the Athera again tomorrow.”

Lumi can see through Khimi’s expression, the faint concern on his face. “O-Okay…I’m sorry. I just thought th—”

“It’s not you.”

Their time at the estate nearing its close, Lumi finds himself flustered. “Why?” He growls quietly. “Khimi…please.”

The back of Khimi’s head falls onto the bed. “Lumi, because this place has always made me feel…exhausted. Just walking these halls is enough to make me feel exhausted.”

“Home…is where we are. Wherever we are,” Lumi whispers. “This place. This place is nothing more than stone and wood…it’s just that. A roof over our heads.”

Khimi rolls his shoulders. “This place is…full of bad memories. Nothing good happens here,” he replies cautiously.

Lumi shakes his head and lowers his lips back to Khimi’s abdomen. His teeth skim over his chiseled muscles as he plants kiss after kiss. “We can make…new memories. Happy memories,” he says seductively as he wiggles his hips behind him.

Khimi’s hand grips Lumi’s shoulder then slides beneath his arm and drags him up on top of himself. “We can just lay here…and think about all the memories we’ve already shared.”

“K-Khimi,” Lumi croaks. The crushing strength of Khimi’s arms pulls their bodies together. Lumi taps his hand against Khimi in surrender. “I-I just wanted…one night Khimi,” he manages as Khimi releases him.

“I’ve given you every night, Lu—”        

“I want you here!” Lumi grumbles with a hint of anger. “Tonight!”

Khimi pushes Lumi to the side. “Not tonight,” he groans as he moves onto his side.


“Goodnight,” Khimi says as he tosses one of the silk pillows behind him at Lumi. “Go to sleep.”

     Dejected, Lumi slides his hands beneath Khimi’s arms and attempts to wrap an arm around his chest. Unable to reach around him, he pulls himself firmly behind him and nuzzles his cheek against Khimi’s back. He slides his haunches up along Khimi’s form and dexterously grips Khimi’s damp waistband between his toes.

“You can’t sleep in these,” Lumi murmurs against Khimi’s back, his fingers groping his muscular chest. His tail slaps against the bed. “You’ll catch a cold.”

Khimi sighs, “You’ll do anything to get me naked.”

“Yep,” Lumi replies happily, his feet kicking downwards, the wet trousers sliding down Khimi’s thighs.

Khimi pushes the trousers the remainder of the way down his legs. As the soggy pants hit the stone floor with a thud, Khimi places his hand over Lumi’s. “Go to sleep, Lumi.”

Lumi sighs, tapping the back of his fingers over Khimi’s hand. With his lips against Khimi’s back he whispers, “You’ll always be my world, Khimi.”

     In the silence of the room, as Khimi’s breathing grows heavier, Lumi relaxes and tugs his arm from under Khimi. His ears twitch while he feels along Khimi’s face and thumbs his earlobes. The golden earrings dangle at the edge of his fingers. The scent of the salty rain on Khimi’s skin still lingers. The desperation rising within Lumi becomes nearly unbearable as he pushes his forehead between Khimi’s shoulder blades. You stubborn bull, he thinks, pushing his lips against Khimi. The only comfort Lumi had come to know in his life was the comfort he felt when he was with Khimi. Lying together beside Khimi, Lumi knows exactly where his home is: beside Khimi, his soulmate.

      The rough touch of Khimi’s hands along his body awakens Lumi. The light from the early morning sun filters through the sheer canopy over the bed and casts a warmth over them. Lumi’s eyelids pinch and flicker against the light. Khimi’s hulking form presses against his own, hands caress Lumi’s chest and run along his legs, spreading them. Lumi’s skin flushes with color, a crooked smile on his lips as Khimi kisses along his neck and against his golden choker.

     Remembering Khimi’s hesitation, Lumi pulls away from Khimi’s embrace only to be instantly drawn back against his body. Khimi holds him tightly, his lips pressed to the nape of Lumi’s neck.

“Don’t pout,” Khimi whispers. “It doesn’t suit you, Kitten.”

     Lumi cannot tell if Khimi was toying with him, but it had been nearly a week since he felt the blinding heat of Khimi piercing him and he could not suffer the wait any longer.

“Lumi,” Khimi whispers in his ears, his lips brushing through his blonde hair. “I’m going to make this up to you,” he adds and with a gentle shove, forces Lumi onto his stomach. 

“I thought you didn’t want to have sex here?”

Khimi’s tongue laps against Lumi’s skin, “I changed my mind,” he murmurs, “how can I refuse you?”

     Lumi waits in quiet disbelief, each time Khimi’s lips brush over his skin, shivers rush down his spine. Khimi reaches the base of Lumi’s tail and rubs his fingers against the connecting joint, thumbing the area with heavy force. Lumi whimpers and looks back with a cautious glance, noting Khimi’s lust filled eyes. With a gentle tap, Khimi nudges Lumi’s legs apart and Lumi raises his hips towards him.

“Lift your hips,” Khimi whispers.

Lumi nods against the sheets, his ears twitch in anticipation. “A-Alright.”

     Khimi licks his fingers then presses them against Lumi’s soft pink entrance. The sensation is much different than his own fingers. Not only are Khimi’s fingers thicker, but they had a roughness about them that rubbed against his smooth inner walls. Lumi whimpers and raises his hips higher still, his back arched. One finger quickly turns into two as Khimi begins thrusting them vigorously. They are thick and lengthy, pressing against his depths. Lumi whimpers even louder as Khimi pushes his knuckle against the entrance, his fingers buried inside.

     The cushioned mattress shifts as Khimi positions his body closer behind Lumi, his mass nodding against Lumi’s cheek. A hearty trail of precum leaks over Lumi’s rear from the engorged tip.

“H-hurry,” Lumi groans. “Please,” he begs, glancing behind him once more. “Before you change your mind.”

“Patience,” Khimi says with a smile.

     Lumi wants to scream at Khimi but instead pushes his mouth against the sheets. Sweat drips across Lumi’s lower back from Khimi’s brow; The morning air is equally as humid as the night before. The full length of Khimi’s shaft slides between Lumi’s cheeks and across his back. The entirety of Khimi’s girth rests over his back, throbbing against his tail. Khimi’s hips sway back and forth, the shaft moving over Lumi’s back, foreskin peeling back and forth over the swollen head with each movement.

“K-Khimi!” Lumi whimpers impatiently. The sensation is too much to bear and Khimi’s fingers continue to push against his sensitive insides. “Just put it in!”

“It’s been a while,” Khimi whispers, “Sure you’re ready?”

“I-It’s been a week!” Lumi groans, “Yes!”

     Khimi grabs the base of his weighty cock and brings the flared head against Lumi’s entrance. As he withdraws his fingers, the loosened skin budges aside, tensing as the bulky tip presses against it. Lumi gasps once Khimi grasps his waist tightly with one hand and pushes his weight against him. The girthy member pulses as he pushes inside with a sudden force, bringing Lumi to tears. Hells! Despite the pain, there is nothing quite like the feeling of Khimi being inside of him. Lumi can feel Khimi’s foreskin peeling back with each of his thrusts, the veins along the length of his shaft throbbing inside of him.

Lumi tosses his head from side to side. “Hng, I think…I am dying…and I’ve gone to the afterlife,” he mutters before Khimi begins to move his hips more fiercely.

“A-And— your idea of the a-afterlife is getting fucked by me?”

Lumi pants, his body swaying with the movements. He wants nothing more than to be still and enjoy the pleasure, but he manages to reply. “W-wh-what else would heaven be?”

Khimi leans into his thrusts as Lumi’s tail brushes against his chest. “Glad to kn—know that your heaven…is my cock up your ass.”

    Lumi plants his face into the sheets and bites down on the satin. Khimi’s shaft is burning hot, filling him entirely. Unsure if it is the time they spent without sex, but Khimi’s cock feels like Heaven. Each throb and pulse sends waves of pleasure coursing through his body. As if responding to Lumi’s moans, Khimi leans over him and grabs his hand, his other hand still firm on Lumi’s waist.

Khimi’s lips brush through Lumi’s hair as he whispers, “You’re so tight, Kitten,” between the shallow pants and soft sounds of their flesh slapping together.

“C-Cum in me,” Lumi pleads desperately, tears of pleasure dripping down his cheeks.

“Already?” Khimi teases, nipping on Lumi’s rounded ear. “Yo—You can’t squeeze me like that.”

     Lumi instinctively clinches against Khimi’s girth, pulling against his thrusts. Thrust after thrust, Lumi begins to time himself with Khimi, shoving his hips back against him, hilting Khimi’s full length inside. The steady PLAP PLAP PLAP of Khimi’s heavy testicles slapping against his rear only fuel Lumi’s desire. Khimi gives him a reassuring squeeze on his waist, while Lumi feels the shaft inside begin to throb quickly, the veins along the length pulse rapidly.

“Fuck,” Khimi groans in Lumi’s ears, clenching his teeth.

     Lumi is speechless as with one final slap of his testicles, Khimi forces himself flat against his back, pressing his entire weight down onto him. Sweat drips across Lumi’s back from Khimi’s glistening face as his seed swells Lumi’s abdomen. Khimi’s grip tightens like a vice, tugging Lumi tighter against himself as if to keep him from escaping. Cum drips from around Khimi’s cock as Lumi begins to overflow from the wellspring just unloaded inside of his depths.

“Your insides are so warm,” Khimi mutters between Lumi’s ears. “I could stay insi—inside of you all day,” he rasps as he collapses onto Lumi.

Lumi writhes his hips, moving against the shaft inside of him with his limber movements. “You’re going to,” he pants, “and I want it all in here.” He takes Khimi’s hand on his waist and brings it over his stomach.

Laying atop Lumi, Khimi breathes against Lumi’s cheek. “You feel heavenly.”

Lumi pants under Khimi’s weight, “K-Khimi,” he whispers.

     Lumi turns his lips to meet Khimi’s, their lips pressing together. In an attempt to catch his breath, Lumi pulls away only to be drawn back in, Khimi’s lips following his own aggressively. Lumi rolls on his back beneath Khimi’s form and embraces him as their tongues brush together. The softening length slides from Lumi as Khimi collapses on top of him. Holding his weight up by his elbows, Lumi continues their kiss, drawn into the intoxicating taste of Khimi’s mouth. Khimi’s fingers curl into Lumi’s blonde hair.

“What happened?” Lumi questions, pulling back and eyeing Khimi sideways.

Khimi nudges his lips against Lumi’s neck, “Nothing,” he replies quietly.

“Tell me,” Lumi demands in a quiet whisper before bringing his tongue along Khimi’s cheek.

“I…just want you to be happy,” Khimi whispers softly, turning his lips abruptly to meet Lumi’s.

     Lumi moans against Khimi’s kiss which grows increasingly desperate by the moment. Their lips part and Khimi’s tongue rushes into Lumi’s mouth, sweeping over his sharp fangs. Eyes closed, Lumi tilts his head back and opens his mouth wider as Khimi falls further over him. Their tongues cross together and swirl about, saliva drips from between their lips. Khimi’s labored breaths caress Lumi’s cheek.

Illustration by むだ

Khimi pauses and looks down at Lumi as he pulls back. “I thought about what you said…about home. You’re my home, Lumi. This place is just mud and stone.”

Lumi’s tail slaps against the bed, his eyes staring deep into Khimi’s hypnotic cerulean eyes. “I-I,” he mumbles, his fingers clenching to Khimi’s shoulder. “I didn’t mean to force you.”

Khimi brushes Lumi’s hair back and places another kiss between his twitching ears. “You didn’t force me,” he smiles, “just encouraged me.”

“Can I also encourage you to keep going?” Lumi asks with a teasing smile.

Khimi brings his lips to Lumi’s neck. “Perhaps,” he murmurs softly. His teeth pinch at the flesh just below the choker, then move to Lumi’s chest.

Lumi gasps as Khimi’s tongue washes over his soft nipple. “I’ll take that as a yes,” he trembles, holding Khimi against himself. 

Khimi suckles at Lumi’s nipple, drawing the pink flesh into his mouth. “Lumi,” he says softly against his chest.

Eshgham[1],” Lumi replies, lifting his haunches along Khimi’s side.

“You’re mine.”

“I know.”

[1] My Love