Amidst the vibrant and meticulously manicured terraced garden of the Zeybek estate, Lumi lounges luxuriously on a pile of plush cushions adorned with intricate Rhazian patterns. His golden locks are tousled and damp with sweat, the intense heat of the sun beating down upon him. A warm breeze rustles through the terrace, causing the elegant green palm trees to sway gracefully in its wake.

The Rhazian silk choli he wears is like a second skin, hugging Lumi’s chest and revealing the curves of his upper body. The fabric is thin, yet taut, cut just above his chest, revealing his perky, pink nipples to Khimi’s hungry gaze. The black silk thong he wears leaves little to the imagination, perfectly framing his toned physique and enticing Khimi with its provocative display. Every inch of Lumi’s body is on full display for Khimi’s pleasure, teasing and tempting with its seductive nature.

Lumi’s thick, rounded ears twitch at the sound of splashing. He turns to watch as Khimi walks through the shallows of the reflecting pool, his dark features illuminated by the sun’s rays. The sight of him alone is enough to stir arousal within Lumi, but it is the intoxicating aroma that truly ignites his senses. From even this distance, he can detect Khimi’s musky scent mixed with traces of their sex from the night before. Lumi’s tail stiffens behind him, a physical manifestation of his longing and arousal, and he instinctively closes his legs to conceal his growing arousal from Khimi’s view.

Khimi’s eyes meet Lumi’s, a knowing smile playing on his lips as he wades towards him through the pool. The sun’s rays dance upon the water, casting a shimmering veil between them, but Lumi can feel the heat of Khimi’s desire growing with every step. The bulge in his short trousers grows by the moment, his eyes boring holes through him. As Khimi exits the water and steps onto the stone path, a delicate spray of water follows him across the wooden planks.

Lumi’s heart beats rapidly, his breath shallow while Khimi approaches. The scent grows heavy, mesmerizing even. Lumi’s tail twitches, betraying his excitement as he tries to remain composed, offering Khimi a coy smile.

“Lumi,” Khimi whispers, his voice soft and husky, “you look even more radiant in the sun.” His eyes gleam, his lips parting slightly as he takes in the sight of Lumi under the sun’s golden rays.

Lumi’s eyes sparkle with mischief, the brightness of his smile matching the radiance of the sunlight. “And you,” he replies, “Are making it hard not to touch you…” His voice trails, but his eyes devour every inch of Khimi’s body, taking in his musculature, feasting on his beauty. The bulge pushes against Khimi’s trousers, wanting attention.

As he steps closer, the water droplets from his body glisten in the sun, a mesmerizing dance of light that weaves a spell over Lumi. Khimi’s hand, steady and sure, reaches out to stroke the delicate silk fabric that covers Lumi’s chest, his fingers gently brush over the tightened nipples.

Lumi’s breath hitches, his eyes dilate with passion. “Khimi,” he whispers, arching his back slightly to press himself closer to the touch. “T-Touch me,” he stammers, hurriedly pushing himself up from his chair to meet Khimi’s lips.

Their lips press together in a passionate kiss, their tongues entwining and dancing with the rhythm of their desire. Khimi’s hand moves to Lumi’s toned abdomen, tracing the lines and curves of his muscles before trailing down lower. Lumi moans softly into Khimi’s mouth, his body trembling with excitement.

Khimi leans into their kiss, his hand instinctively grasps onto the railing behind them for support. The softness of Lumi’s lips melds perfectly with his own. Hunger is evident in their movements as they explore each other. The delicate gold anklets adorning Lumi’s feet create a melodic clattering as he runs his foot playfully along Khimi’s leg.

Khimi’s fingers graze the edge of Lumi’s silk thong, sending shivers down his spine. His touch sends a wave of arousal coursing through Lumi’s body. Lumi grips Khimi’s shoulders tightly, pulling him closer.

Khimi’s smile deepens as he sees Lumi’s passion, his own body responding to Lumi’s eagerness. He gingerly cups Lumi’s erect nipples, feeling the hardness just beneath the cut of silk fabric. Lumi gasps, throwing his head back and closing his eyes at the sensation, his tail thrashing behind him.

Softly, Khimi caresses Lumi’s chest, teasing his nipples until they harden further. He then slides his hand down Lumi’s stomach, tracing the lines of his abdomen with gentle fingertips.

He reaches Lumi’s low-hanging thong, hesitating for a moment, his fingertips brushing against the soft silk. Pulling it aside, his index finger lightly grazes the sensitive skin of Lumi’s entrance. The scent lingering on Khimi is overwhelming. The back of Lumi’s head aches with desire.

Lumi lets out a soft cry, his eyes fluttering open to meet Khimi’s intense gaze. “Please,” he whispers hoarsely, his need now impossible to deny. “Touch me.”

Khimi looks at him, his eyes filled with hunger. “I will,” he promises, almost in a growl. 

Lumi nods, taking a deep breath to steady himself. “I am,” he says, his voice shaking. “I’m ready.”

Khimi’s fingers delicately trace the lines of Lumi’s entrance, causing him to arch his back and whimper impatiently. “This is what you want?” Khimi whispers, his voice low and seductive.

Khimi gradually pushes a single finger inside, eliciting a gasp from Lumi

 “Y-Yes,” Lumi says in a straggled whisper.

Khimi withdraws his finger, then slowly pushes it back in again, repeating the motion over and over, each time sinking deeper, stretching Lumi open. The intensity of their desire spreads, the need clear in both of their piercing eyes.

Khimi’s other hand drifts down to Lumi’s throbbing erection, gripping it firmly and stroking slow, rhythmic circles. Lumi’s breath hitches, his eyes fluttering shut as he surrenders to the pleasure.

“Khimi,” he murmurs, “please… please! Just fuck me.”

Khimi, rolls his neck and offers Lumi a smug smile, he shakes his head, droplets of water falling from his sable hair and splatter across Lumi’s exposed skin. With a swift and effortless motion, Khimi’s fingers curl around the string of Lumi’s thong and tear it down his legs, leaving Lumi completely exposed before him.

Lumi shifts restlessly on his cushions, the warmth and softness no longer enough to distract him from his lust. With a primal need driving him, he pushes himself up and onto the hard, warm wood, his tail swaying eagerly behind him. His eyes are fixed on his lover, taking in every inch of his impossibly beautiful form. His eyes trace along the dark trail of hair that leads down to the fabric straining against his massive girth. And just as Lumi’s longing becomes too much to bear, Khimi teasingly pulls down the waist of his trousers. Khimi’s cock bobs up from the fabric, waving before Lumi. Lumi’s gaze is drawn to it like a magnet, taking in every detail – the glistening precum on the covered tip, the tightness of the foreskin around the flared head. As Khimi urges the trousers down further, kicking them off to join the pile at their feet, Lumi’s heart races with anticipation.

Khimi lowers himself onto his knees, positioning himself between Lumi’s spread legs. His hard cock brushes against Lumi’s own throbbing arousal, already straining for more. In comparison, Khimi’s cock dwarfs Lumi’s, completely dominating its presence. Lumi bites his lip, his eyes fixed on Khimi as he reaches down between them, his fingers tracing the outline of Khimi’s taut foreskin back to reveal the flared head. The tip is slick with precum, it drools over Lumi, pooling along  his abdomen.

With one last deep breath, Lumi pushes his hands against Khimi’s chest, urging him on top of him. Khimi complies, nudging his girthy cock against Lumi’s entrance. Lumi winces, his eyes glazed over with lust.

Khimi’s lips meet Lumi’s, their tongues intertwining in a passionate kiss. Lumi reaches between them to guide Khimi’s cock into himself, gasping as the head of Khimi’s thick cock breaches him. Lumi’s tail lashes back and forth, a mixture of pain and pleasure coursing through his body.

“Fuck!” Lumi moans, pulling away from Khimi’s lips just enough to breathe. “Fuck me, Khimi,” he breathes.

Khimi begins to thrust, his movements slow and deliberate at first, allowing Lumi to adjust to the sensation of his cock buried deep inside him. Lumi craves the warmth of Khimi’s seed, the explosive surge of heat from his cum pouring into him. I want him… I want his cum.

Their eyes linger on their connection, watching Khimi’s cock slowly penetrate him.

Khimi groans, his own body trembling over Lumi’s. Lumi clings to his waist, his fingers digging into the flesh as Khimi’s hips thrust harder and faster, the sound of their bodies slapping together filling the air.

Lumi moans, his voice hoarse with need. “I want all of you,” he begs, arching his back, wanting to take more of him in.

Khimi grins, his eyes burning with lust. “You’re so impatient,” he growls before plunging himself deep inside Lumi, their bodies shaking from the force of his thrusts.

Lumi feels a pressure building inside of him as Khimi’s cock hits that sensitive spot within him, pushing him closer and closer to release. With a shuddering gasp, a hot stream surges from his own cock. His face pinches in bliss, while his whimpers echo around them. He reaches behind him, clinging to the edge of the pool for support, his body sliding back and forth along the planks with the force of Khimi’s thrusts.

Lumi’s seed drips across his stomach and chest. But Khimi remains unfazed, his powerful body still thrusting into him with relentless vigor. Every movement forces cum to sputter from Lumi’s tip. Lumi’s eager hole eagerly clings to Khimi’s massive size, its post-orgasm tightness only intensifying the pleasure for both of them.

The scent of their sex becomes more fragrant in Lumi’s nose, enveloping him completely in a haze. Lumi’s tail curls around Khimi’s forearm, the tip twitching in time with his heartbeat. He struggles to form words between each of Khimi’s thrusts, the power behind them, nearly clattering his teeth together.

“Khimi,” Lumi moans, his voice dripping with want. “Harder.”

     Khimi obliges, his thrusts become more forceful. Lumi’s tail whips back and forth wildly, with each thrust penetrating deeper into his body, pushing him closer to the edge. There is no telling how many times he had cum at this point. Lumi can feel the flared head pressing against him, kissing  his tight walls. All that matters is their connection, two beings molded for one another.

Khimi’s eyes lock with Lumi’s, his lips parted in a silent cry, his body trembling with the intensity of the pleasure they share.

Lumi’s lips part in a gasp, his head thrown back in ecstasy as he reaches back to grip Khimi’s hips. His nails dig into the copper skin, leaving faint red marks behind. “Harder,” he pants, his voice raw with lust. His legs writhe in the air, the shimmering golden anklets jingle and chime with every thrust.

Khimi’s grip tightens into Lumi’s thighs, forcing Lumi’s ass firmly against his cock. His hips move diligently, filling Lumi, then pulling out suddenly, leaving him wanting for more.

“Cum for me,” Khimi growls, his voice thick with lust. “Cum while I’m in you. I want to feel you milk me again.”

The heat between them grows intense, the scent of their sex becomes almost suffocating in Lumi’s nose. Lumi’s body trembles with the force of his impending climax. The arid wind does little to cool them from their exertions. Sweat drips across their forms. Khimi’s thrusts grow more frantic, his cock sliding in and out of Lumi with a wet sucking sound. The weight of his balls swings heavy against Lumi’s rear, slapping against the soft skin.

Lumi’s breath hitches, his body arching backwards as he feels the pleasure building within him, the intensity growing with each thrust. He moans loudly, his voice comes out in a shallow whimper.

Khimi’s eyes are locked onto Lumi’s, his entire being focused on the feeling of their bodies joining together, the sensation of Lumi’s muscles clenching around him. He growls, his voice low and guttural, “Cum for me, Lumi.”

Lumi’s tail lashes wildly behind him, the intensity of the moment overwhelming him. He feels the heat building in his loins, the desire to cum overwhelming his senses. With a final cry of pleasure, Lumi’s body shudders uncontrollably, his orgasm taking him over completely. Khimi feels the muscles of Lumi’s body clench around him, milking his cock with each spasm.

“Khimi,” Lumi moans, his voice hoarse with exhaustion, “inside, please…”

Khimi grunts, his hips pounding into Lumi with renewed force, driving him closer to the edge of the pool. Lumi’s tail tightens its knot around Khimi’s forearm, a primal instinct driving him to hold on tightly.

With a final, guttural growl, Khimi slams into Lumi one last time, their bodies shaking with raw passion. Lumi’s insides clench around Khimi, urging him to stay inside. Gripping onto Lumi’s thighs for leverage, Khimi pulls his hips back, his twitching cock bursting from within Lumi and unleashes a hot stream of cum across his face and chest. Khimi’s orgasm seems to last for minutes, his face pinched in ecstasy as he continues to shoot ribbons of cum over Lumi’s form.

Lumi pants, his face blushing brightly. Cum drips from his lips and along his chest. “Khimi, y-you…you always cum so much, it’s like a…fountain,” he murmurs, his voice thick with exhaustion.

Khimi’s intense stare lingers over Lumi, his drooling cock slowly returning to its flaccid state. With a gentle touch, he traces a thick string of cum along the bow of Lumi’s lips, his thumb daringly pushing past as he parts them open. Lumi’s tongue swirls about Khimi’s thumb, savoring the salty sweet seed. As their eyes lock, Lumi’s aetherial gaze meets Khimi’s cerulean blues in a heated exchange of desire and submission.

The water dampens the back of Lumi’s head, and he leans forward against Khimi’s touch. Khimi draws near, leaning over Lumi, his lips resting just inches from his own. Lumi closes his eyes, eagerly awaiting Khimi’s rough kiss. He is caught off guard by the cool water pouring over his face. His eyes flutter open, and he gargles through the water pouring onto him. Khimi’s expression is apologetic, but with a hint of a smile. 

“W-What the Hells?!” Lumi asks, flailing his arms and feet. 

Khimi brow pinches together, “You know I hate how I taste,” he complains, his expression suddenly severe. 

Lumi sighs as Khimi continues to douse his face with water. “Really?” He groans, “you drink and eat most disgusting things, then you complain about how your cum tastes?” 

“It’s just not right,” Khimi whispers, his cheeks reddening at Lumi’s words. “But you make it look fucking delicious when you do it.” 

Lumi’s eyes follow along the lines of Khimi’s body, unable to peel them away from the handsome features. The chiseled abdomen rolls with Khimi’s breaths, his muscles still flexing while he haunches over him. The line of coarse abdominal hair runs from his naval down to his groin, a dark bed just above the hefty cock drooling over him. Lumi can feel the saliva forming against his lips, an intense hunger for that which he was denied. 

Lumi shakes his head, breaking the mesmerizing allure of Khimi’s cock. “Do I?” he asks as Khimi pushes his damp hair back to his rounded ears. 

Khimi’s lips press against Lumi’s forehead, then trail down to his lips. “You do,” he whispers, forcing their lips together. 

Lumi’s lips are pushed apart by the urging of Khimi’s tongue, his taste sends a tingle along the back of Lumi’s throat. The coarseness of his tongue brushes against Khimi’s, their saliva drips down Lumi’s chin. Their mouths follow one another, unwilling to break away from each other. His want increases until he can no longer bear it. Desire fuels his movements, Lumi sits up, his damp hair clings to his face while he pushes himself against Khimi. 

“You were supposed to cum in me,” Lumi grumbles, his aetherial eyes flaring with a momentary anger. 

Khimi’s smiles smugly, “You can’t always get what you want,” he teases, taking hold of Lumi’s hand. “Besides, painting you with my seed. It makes you look…appetizing.” 

Lumi bites his lip, Khimi’s words filling him. His chest rises deep with his heavy breaths. “I-I…it’s okay, every now and then…I guess.” 

Khimi places his finger on Lumi’s chin, his smile softening. “Besides, you know once isn’t enough…it could never be enough.”

Khimi’s lips brush against Lumi’s cheek before he stands, looking over the garden terrace. The winds blow through his damp hair, giving him a disheveled look. Lumi’s heart feels as if it might bore through his chest at any moment. The sight of Khimi, standing in the sun, his copper skin, kissed by the warmth of the sun is too much. Bringing himself to his knees, Lumi forces his lips to Khimi’s thighs, his cheek is caressed by the dark hairs as he plants kiss after kiss upon his skin. Khimi’s fingers stroke through Lumi’s blond locks, offering him comfort while he clings to him. 

“Khimi,” Lumi whispers, his eyes flickering up, his hand following up Khimi’s inner thighs until they rest just against his wet sack. 

Without needing a verbal cue, Khimi’s fingers slide through Lumi’s hair, gripping and pulling gently. Lumi eagerly positions himself between Khimi’s parted legs, his hot breath causing shivers to dance across Khimi’s skin. His tongue traces a path along the soft, sensitive inner thigh, drawing out gasps and curses from Khimi’s lips

Lumi savors the taste of cum and sweat that coats Khimi’s weighty balls, lapping at it with long strokes of his tongue. With each lick and suck, Lumi consumes more of Khimi’s essence, reveling in the bitter-sweet flavor. He takes one heavy ball into his mouth, sucking and cleaning it thoroughly before moving on to the other. As he works, his fingers grip onto the base of Khimi’s now softened cock, slowly guiding it towards his awaiting lips.

     Khimi’s hefty member leaks against Lumi’s mouth with each tap, and he eagerly takes it inside, letting it fill him up as he sucks and swirls his tongue around it. Glancing up at Khimi, Lumi can see the pleasure written all over his face, making him want for more. With increased fervor, he pushes himself deeper onto Khimi’s throbbing cock, feeling its weight pressing against his cheek. The intoxicating scent of their combined sex and sweat permeates the air as Lumi devours every inch of Khimi with his mouth. He loses himself completely in his act of worship, while Khimi’s groans echo through the terrace. 

Lumi’s long lashes flutter open, revealing his aetherial eyes. From across the small reflecting pool, he spots one of the estate servants, her indigo kurta billowing in the gentle breeze. She stands still, staring at him with her mouth ajar, a mixture of confusion and concern etched on her features. Lumi smirks at her, dragging his tongue across the length of Khimi’s cock, a possessive glint in his piercing gaze.

Khimi’s head rolls back, his face twisted in pleasure as he moans out a string of profanities. His words come out almost like a roar through his clenched jaw.

Lumi gently pulls back the foreskin from the tip of Khimi’s cock, teasingly swirling his tongue against the slickened head. His eyes never leave the servant’s as he takes the tip of Khimi’s cock into his mouth. With a self-satisfied smirk tugging at the corners of his lips, Lumi begins to pleasure Khimi with skilled movements of his tongue.

The servant abruptly turns and flees from the terrace, her soft leather sandals padding across the smooth sandstone tiles in a panicked rush.

Khimi’s eyes flicker open and he surveys their surroundings. “Did I hear someone?” he asks, a faint smile curving his lips.

Lumi drags the tip of Khimi’s cock from his mouth, droplets of saliva and precum glistening on his lips. “Does it matter?” he retorts coyly.

Khimi laughs softly before pushing Lumi back against his throbbing shaft with commanding hands tangled in Lumi’s blond locks.