Courtyard Daydreams

Weeks had come and gone since Omar fell at Ennui’s hands. The City of Rhaz seems to lose little sleep over the loss of the oppressive merchant prince. While the Kappas family scrambles to find an heir, Khimi feels at ease knowing that Omar is no longer a threat to the Cerulean Star. 

The immediate days following Revya’s visit are busy, and Khimi finds himself with little time to spare for Lumi, despite wanting to be there for him. Lumi had returned to the shrine briefly to tell them of his intentions to travel outside Rhaz. The notion did not sit well with many of the acolytes there, especially the elderly. Since leaving the shrine, he had kept mostly to himself, enjoying little company with the rare exception of Ennui. 

Determined to find time for Lumi, Khimi sets aside several days for leisure, leaving the daily duties to Candela, the head servant and estate manager. 

After a day of listening to merchants’ lectures and studying weekly ledgers, Khimi returns to his room, at the center of the estate. The building was spacious but small at the same time, it created a feeling of grandeur without demanding it. 

After a long day of attending merchants’ lectures and studying ledgers, Khimi returns to his room at the center of the estate. The building is both spacious and cozy, giving off an aura of grandeur without being too ostentatious.

As he enters through the Dolman elderwood doors, Khimi sets aside the scrolls he was carrying and slips out of his babouches. A small smile appears on his face as he thinks about seeing Lumi; it’s one of the few things that brings him comfort lately. Turning a corner, Khimi steps into his immaculate room. Every piece of furniture is perfectly in place, with cushions neatly piled in the corner under the window. It’s strange —  ever since Lumi came into his life, nothing seems to stay tidy anymore. His room is often filled with scattered clothes and half-eaten plates of food until a servant dares enter their chambers.

The room itself is charming and peaceful; he can hear water lapping in the wading pool and the linen curtains gently rustling in the breeze from the nearby coastline. Khimi lets out a resigned sigh, realizing that he’ll be spending the evening alone. He reaches for a bottle of Sidian red from the cupboard and opens it with his teeth before stepping outside into the courtyard. His eyebrows raise as he takes in the tranquil atmosphere around him.

“Lumi?” Khimi says inquisitively. 

Under the cool shade of an ironwood tree, Lumi lays with his eyes closed and his chin resting on his chest. Khimi cautiously sets down a bottle of red wine against the nearby building and approaches him. Although Lumi tends to sleep during the day, Khimi has never seen him in such a still and unusual state.

As he sits some distance in front of Lumi, Khimi finds himself wishing that he had taken the bottle of red with him. Determined not to wake him, he slowly removes his linen shirt and bundles it into a makeshift pillow, placing it beneath his head as he lays back onto the sparse grass. 

Lumi is only wearing his sarouel pants, his bare chest glistening with sweat from the hot sun. His blond hair is tousled, and his tail rests in his hands, occasionally twitching between breaths. As Khimi looks at him, he covers his mouth with his hand, feeling a mix of emotions swirling inside him. Just seeing Lumi is enough to stir up desire within Khimi, something he struggles to accept. Their relationship is complex and confusing; Lumi is loud, opinionated, rude, and possessive. Every day that they spend together, Khimi questions their dynamic, but then dismisses any doubts when Lumi looks at him.

With a sigh, Khimi nuzzles his head into his shirt and closes his eyes. He’ll wake up soon, he tells himself confidently. The warmth of the sun quickly coaxes Khimi to sleep, the heat rising over his skin with each passing moment until the light gradually fades behind the wall of the private courtyard. 

Khimi is woken up abruptly by Lumi’s heavy purring on his chest. He feels a glob of drool running down his bare skin from Lumi’s mouth. The hours have passed quickly, and the evening sky has turned violet, with a bright orange ball in the distance. In his sleep, Lumi had snuggled against him, covering them both with a thin cotton quilt to ward off the evening chill. Khimi leans forward to smell the floral scent of the quilt, reminiscent of Lumi’s usual fragrance before he left the temple. 

“Lumi?” Khimi whispers, running his fingers through Lumi’s feather-like hair.

After receiving no response, Khimi relaxes and rests his head against a nearby shirt bundle. He gently squeezes and scratches at Lumi’s round ears with his rough fingers, hoping to wake him up. A part of Khimi wants Lumi to stay asleep so they can spend more time together, but he also has plans for their day. With a sudden forcefulness, Khimi pinches the edge of Lumi’s ear, and he wakes up with a start, eyes still groggy from sleep. 

“Sorry,” Lumi yawns, wiping drool from his mouth. “I didn’t want to wake ya.”

Khimi smiles and gives a quick scratch behind Lumi’s ear. “It’s alright.”

Lumi glances up at Khimi with an excited smile, his eyes squinting joyfully. “How was…well, how were things?” 

“It was just like any other day,” Khimi responds, trying not to worry Lumi. “Just boring merchant things that you don’t need to be concerned about—”

“I don’t mind helping if you wan—”

“No, no!” Khimi interrupts eagerly. “You’re fine here. Maybe you can go see the other acoly—”

“It’s okay,” Lumi says with a slight frown. “I’m happy just spending time with Cecilia.” 

Khimi had hardly seen Cecilia around, though he knew she was supposed to be teaching Lumi magick. “I’m sure you and Ennui could find something to do around the estate.” 

Lumi pouts, “I can try cooking. But you might not like my food,” he mutters, then smiles. “Ennui seemed to enjoy my spicy fish soup. At least she claims she did.”

Khimi knows that’s not entirely true.

“I’m sure Ennui loved it,” he lies, stroking Lumi’s cheek. “I heard it was…wet?” 

“Wet?!” Lumi says with surprise. “She said that? It was just a sou—”

Khimi shushes Lumi and pushes Lumi’s mouth against his bare chest. “Maybe she said something else,” he croaks, stroking Lumi’s hair. 

Lumi’s muffled words can barely be understood against Khimi’s chest. 


Lumi turns his face to the side, “How dare she!” He squeaks.

Khimi chuckles, “Maybe she meant something else…warm? Wild?” He gives Lumi a questioning look.

Lumi growls and wraps his arms tightly around Khimi’s chest. “I can’t believe she said that…all the acolytes loved my cook—”

To silence Lumi, Khimi sits up on his elbows and leans in close to him. For a fleeting moment, he runs his thumb over Lumi’s soft lips before kissing him deeply. Lumi gasps and closes his eyes, clinging onto Khimi tightly with his arms.

Feeling aroused, Khimi can feel himself hardening against the fabric of his trousers as they kiss. In an instant, Lumi notices the bulge and moves his hand down Khimi’s body towards it. The sensation of Lumi’s hand grazing against the hair on Khimi’s abdomen tickles him, making it difficult to keep a straight face while they kiss.

Their lips part, and Lumi rests his forehead against Khimi’s. “This is why you were out here, isn’t it?” he asks softly, fingers trailing along Khimi’s treasure trail. 

“To kiss?” Khimi responds with a coy smile. 

Lumi tilts his head from side to side with a flustered smile. “To fuck,” he whispers in response. “I can see through you, Khimi!” His fingers slip into the top of Khimi’s loose trousers. “You smell aroused,” he adds in a whisper. 

Khimi knows Lumi is not wrong. “Yes,” he groans as Lumi’s fingers squeeze him. “I can’t deny that,” he muses to himself with a scoff.  

Lumi positions himself between Khimi’s legs, the soft quilt sliding onto the grass beside them. He looks up at Khimi smugly, brushing blonde strands from his eyes. “Yeah….I can smell you even in a crowd. And I know when you’re horny.”

Khimi sits up, propping himself on his elbows and looking down at Lumi between his legs. “And what happens if you’re not around, and I feel aroused?” he asks with a wry smile. 

“I would know,” Lumi responds confidently. “And then I’d have to geld you…because you would be thinking about someone else.”


“Unless you were thinking about me…which is acceptable,” Lumi admits with a nod of his head, his eyes trailing along Khimi’s body and resting back on the bulge pulsing through Khimi’s trousers. 

He raises an eyebrow as he meets Lumi’s gaze. “Are you waiting for something? It looks like you’re about to say a blessing…like before meals,” he says with a gentle chuckle. 

Lumi blushes at his words. “I rarely say blessings before feasts,” he quickly retorts. 

“A feast, huh?”

Lumi snickers and smiles. “You know what I mean!”

“Blessed be the Gods…for granting me this daily cock,” Khimi teases as Lumi continues to stare at his trousers.

Lumi rolls his eyes. “The Gods will punish you for that,” he mutters. “Besides,” he whispers as he presses his face against Khimi’s abdomen, “This is just the beginning…the day has only just started.”

Khimi shakes his head with a heavy sigh escaping his lips. “I’ve told you a hundred times, an acolyte shouldn’t…”

As Lumi tugs against Khimi’s trousers, the nodding cock emerges with a sudden bob, a pearl of precum drips from the slit down over the foreskin covered tip. The sight of his cock in Lumi’s face brings out a heat within his cheeks, it seems there would never be a way for Lumi to fit it in his mouth, yet he always manages. Again, Lumi brushes the loose strands of hair from his face and positions himself over the engorged head. 

“I can take off your trousers…if you want,” Lumi whispers, glancing up briefly before focusing back on the task at hand.

Khimi shakes his head and reclines against a bundled shirt. “This is…fine,” he manages, closing his eyes in anticipation. 

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being inside Lumi, but his mouth comes close. Lumi’s tongue could elicit intense pleasure with each flick or twist. As soon as Khimi lies down, the rough tongue runs along the length of his shaft, sending shivers through his body.

Lumi grips at the base of Khimi’s cock, pushing it towards his stomach as he licks up and down from the heavy sack to the tip. Each lick produces more precum from the slit. He presses his lips against the side of the shaft and kisses along the thick vein until he reaches the tip again.

“The Gods certainly gifted you with one thing,” Khimi mutters during a brief pause. “That damned tongue.”

Lumi smiles and continues to lap at the flared head, pulling back the foreskin as he does so. “Aslan tongues were made for ripping flesh,” he says in a silvery tone. “You must enjoy pain.”

Khimi smiles, forgetting for a moment how limited Lumi’s vocabulary can be. “Masochist,” he corrects. “It means someone who enjoys pain. But I’m not one.”

“Whatever it’s called…does it really feel that good?” Lumi ponders out loud as he continues to lap at the viscous liquid flowing from the slit. “Having your cock sucked?” 

“I’d show you, but you always squirm away when I try,” Khimi mutters as he pulls his legs back, unable to resist the pleasure.

Lumi chuckles softly, his warm breath caressing Khimi’s groin. “It’s not the same…”

“So you say,” Khimi whispers, peeking an eye downward at the aslan. Unable to resist the urge, he reaches down, his rough fingers coiling into Lumi’s blond locks. “But I can promise you…you’ll love it.” 

Lumi’s smirk widens as he tilts his head towards Khimi’s hand. “Maybe one day,” he murmurs before bringing his lips just above the swollen head. “But for now, I’d much rather make you happy,” he adds, parting his lips and taking the tip in his mouth. 

Khimi struggles against the overwhelming sensation of tiny pins from Lumi’s tongue poking at the slickened head. Uncontrollable pleasure washes over him, and he grasps Lumi’s blonde locks, pushing his head down onto his girth. Lumi kicks his legs and his ears and tail stand on end as he snorts through his nose. As Lumi pulls back, his tongue slides beneath the foreskin, swirling around the head. 

With a loud pop, Lumi removes the tip from his mouth. “You’re too big to fit it like that…” he says softly. “I could try a different angle or somethin’,” he adds thoughtfully. 

Khimi smirks at Lumi’s words. “You’ve done it before…all the way down,” he murmurs. 

“Yeah, but my throat…” Lumi trails off before regaining his vigor and saying, “Never mind, I can do it!”

Khimi’s eyes roll back into his head as he sucks in a sharp breath. Lumi’s warm mouth engulfs him once again and then takes him deep into this throat. An uncontrollable urge to thrust his hips takes over Khimi, and he gently begins to move against Lumi’s lips. His tongue isn’t all that rough, Khimi notices as it rubs against his cock. Or maybe I do like the pain.

“Are you okay?” Khimi asks with concern as Lumi slows his movements. 

With a muffled response, Lumi nods his head. 

    Uncertain of Lumi’s answer, Khimi still feels confident enough to continue. Releasing Lumi’s hair, he reaches for the waistband of his trousers that are still clinging to his thighs and pulls them down. Lumi’s hands join in and help slide them completely off his legs. As Khimi opens his eyes, he is welcomed by the sight of Lumi’s bright aqua eyes peering back at him, the pupils, two wide saucers staring back at him with a hungry desire. 

“I know it doesn’t taste good,” Khimi whispers, his fingers digging into the dirt as Lumi sucks on him with newfound ferocity. 

Lumi responds with muffled words, his mouth still full. 

Shaking his head, Khimi watches as Lumi pulls back and kisses just below the head. “It isn’t tasty, right?” he asks.

“It’s actually pretty delicious to me,” Lumi replies with a devilish grin. He leans forward, sliding his legs behind him and pulling at his sarouel. “It’s like…sometimes really salty, other times sweet. It’s fun to see how it tastes each time.”

Khimi’s cheeks flush red. “You’re not serious, are you?”

Lumi nods, his cheek brushing against the massive girth beside his face. “I really enjoy it,” he whispers before turning back to continue pleasuring Khimi. “I’m just surprised…”

“Why is that?” Khimi asks with quiet interest.

Lumi smiles before running his tongue over the slick head, glancing up at the balcony above. “People can still see us,” he says with a mischievous grin. 

“You think that bothers me?” Khimi sneers in response. “I’m sure they all know anyway.”

Lumi kicks his legs behind him as he takes off his sarouel pants, smiling gleefully. “It’s not like you were good at keeping it a secret.”

“It’s not like you won’t stop touching me in public either,” Khimi retorts, momentarily forgetting himself. “But I do enjoy it…”

Lumi pouts playfully, “Promise?” he asks with pleading eyes. 

Khimi scoffs and tangles his fingers in Lumi’s hair. “You’re such a brat.”

“Promise,” Lumi whispers again, the tip of his tongue sitting just over the leaking slit. 

With that, Khimi forces Lumi’s lips back over his cock and begins to guide his head back and forth. Lumi eagerly bobs up and down, closing his eyes as he takes more of it into his throat bit by bit. Each movement is calculated and precise, his rough tongue brushing against the throbbing veins as he pushes the bulky head deeper into his throat. The heat between them intensifies, pleasure coursing through Khimi with an incredible force.

“Ah, fuck,” Khimi gasps as he feels himself nearing climax, his leg shaking uncontrollably.

With a quiet groan, Khimi sits forward, fighting the urge to push Lumi’s lips down to the base. There is nothing he could do but endure the warm and enticing mouth for a few more moments. Then his body tensed, an explosion of milky seed coats Lumi’s mouth and throat. Khimi’s sack rises with each throb, feeding thick, hot streams of cum to the hungry boy. 

Lumi keeps his lips firmly planted at the base of Khimi’s cock, slowly pulling away as the rough edges of his tongue send shivers down Khimi’s spine from post-orgasm sensitivity.

“You’re too skilled at this. It’s dangerous,” Khimi breathes. “I felt like my soul was leaving my body.”

The now softening cock rests between Lumi’s lips as he turns to look at Khimi. “Glad you enjoyed it,” he whispers with smoldering eyes. He brushes his hair away from his face before bobbing his head slowly over the tip, gently sucking on it. 

Khimi can feel Lumi’s tongue trying to push its way into the slit. It never takes much for Khimi to desire Lumi: a simple glance at his form, a touch of his skin, or his cheerful smile. “Lumi,” he begins in a whisper, brushing his fingers against Lumi’s cheek as he sits up. “I want to fuck you,” he adds with an earnest smile. 

“Okay,” Lumi whispers in response, rubbing his face against Khimi’s member. “Let me finish first,” he insists quietly as a mixture of fluids drips from his soft pink lips. 

Impatiently flexing his inner thighs, Khimi looks at Lumi with intense desire. “Okay, that’s enough,” he mutters urgently. 

Lumi narrows his eyes, then peels back from between Khimi’s legs, tossing the clinging trousers over his foot. “So impatient!” He says with an amused lilt. “If you wanted my arse so bad, ya could have just woke me up!” 

Rolling his eyes, Khimi reaches for the quilt. “Then you would have complained about being exhausted,” he teases, unfolding it over the ground. “I’m SO tired,” he mimics Lumi’s higher pitched voice. 

Lumi spreads out the corners of the quilt as it touches the ground. “Whatever. You know I’ll be sleepy after anyway.”

Khimi walks to the center of the quilt and sits down, crossing his legs as he does so. “Come here,” he says, patting his knee. 

Lumi saunters over the quilt in his nakedness, his tail swinging behind him merrily. “I’m pretty sure I can see people on the balcony,” he says, shielding his eyes from the fading sun as he peers. 

“Really?” Khimi asks, following his gaze. 

“No!” Lumi shouts, jumping into Khimi’s lap. “You’re so predictable!” He laughs and embraces him. 

Lumi nudges his head against Khimi’s chest, resting quietly as Khimi runs his hand along Lumi’s form, feeling along his musculature. After a lengthy, comfortable silence, Khimi narrows his eyes at Lumi. Clinging to Khimi’s sweaty skin, Lumi’s lips move across his clavicle. He mewls softly, deep purrs emanating from within his chest. Khimi’s cheek caresses Lumi’s hair as he breathes in the salty scent of his sweat. His hands slide along Lumi’s sweat laden haunches and squeeze his supple rear before bringing his lips to Lumi’s. 

Their warm breath sweeps across each other’s cheeks, their lips pressed firmly together. Lumi’s tongue brushes against Khimi’s, reminding him of just how sharp his tongue can be. Unrelenting, Khimi pushes back, their tongues swirl together in an endless dance. Fueled by desire, Khimi lifts Lumi, his cock rises between his cheeks. 

Lumi opens his eyes to the sensation of Khimi pushing against his entrance. “Are you just going to shove it in?” he gasps. 

Khimi chuckles lowly. “Of course not,” he whispers back. “You make me sound cruel.”

Lumi playfully groans and pokes Khimi’s chest. “Yes you are,” he teases. “But mostly to my arse.”

Khimi puffs, “Right. Then you beg for more after.” 

“Not my fault, your dick is addictive,” Lumi adds with a smirk while running his hands over Khimi’s body. “But…you can put it in,” he says in a hushed voice. “I can handle the pain.”

Lumi raises his hips and reaches for the thick cock pressing against his backside. Khimi can feel Lumi tense his muscles as the bulky head pushes against the soft hole. “I do insist,” he murmurs, wincing while lowering his body on top of the sturdy shaft. Gentle whimpers escape his lips, his eyes seem to brim briefly with tears. “I— you’re a monster.” 

Khimi leans forward, kissing the top of Lumi’s forehead. “It isn’t the first time you’ve said that,” he mutters before gripping Lumi’s thin waist in his hands. “Can…I help?” 

Lumi shakes his head, his face pinched in concentration. “It’s fine,” he replies softly. “I’ve got it,” he adds excitedly. 

A sudden burst of warmth envelops Khimi’s length. “You sure?” He quips, catching a knowing glance from Lumi. 

“I— shut up,” Lumi moans as he brings his arms around Khimi’s neck. Slowly, he begins to move his body, his thighs straining with the movement. 

“Do you want me to move?” Khimi asks, trying to gauge Lumi’s comfort. 

“Not yet,” Lumi begs softly, taking in Khimi’s size slowly.

Khimi moves his hips impatiently, reveling in the warmth of Lumi’s insides. The heat is too much for him to bear, and with a primal need, he wants nothing more than to fully ravage Lumi.  There was nothing more that he wanted than to ravage Lumi right then. 

“You can relax,” Khimi insists. 

Lumi pays no attention to the comment and whimpers as their bodies move in sync, his arousal pressing up against Khimi’s abdomen. “It’s all good now,” he murmurs, his purrs rumbling from deep within his chest. “You can relax,” he adds with a smirk. 

Khimi can not relax, the warmth of Lumi’s insides, the soft and undeniably tightness of the boy creates an insatiable lust. His fingers dig tightly into Lumi’s hips, pressing against the soft skin, his thumbs rubbing against the bone as if wanting to press into them. The scent of their exertions, the sweaty scent of sex lingers around them. It was all too much for Khimi. His hand shoots to Lumi’s cheek and guides their lips together, sucking at Lumi’s tongue until it slips into his mouth. Khimi teases his teeth against the sharp tongue, biting it gently, brushing his own tongue against its soft underside.

Sweat drips down Khimi’s dark hair and forehead as he breaks away from the kiss and thrusts into Lumi eagerly. Lumi moans in pleasure, his fingers digging into Khimi’s skin as he leans back on the quilt, his legs lifting up in the air as Khimi grabs onto his ankles.  

“That’s it, kitten,” Khimi whispers, still moving his hips fervently. “Take me all in.” 

Lumi shakes his head and tilts it from side to side, his mouth open and back arched in ecstasy. “K-Khimi,” he pants as he reaches for himself, shaking from the powerful thrusts.

Khimi releases one leg and rests it by Lumi’s side while continuing to penetrate him deeply. He can see Lumi’s body flushed with pleasure and watches as he strokes himself rapidly. Lost in his own lustful thoughts, Khimi absentmindedly responds with a quick hm.

“Do you love me?” Lumi asks, looking at Khimi with an intense gaze. 

The question catches Khimi off guard. It’s a silly question, one that Lumi already knows the answer to. A grin spreads across Khimi’s lips. “I’m balls deep inside of you and you’re asking me if I love you?” he chuckles.

Lumi pouts, looking away from Khimi. “Not everyone who has sex is in love,” he replies, slowly stroking his now-softened length. 

“You already know the answer,” Khimi whispers, desperate to continue their passionate encounter. 

Lumi sits up on his elbow, “I wanna hear you say it,” he murmurs. 

“Lumi,” Khimi responds with a sigh, “Don’t be greedy.”

Lumi’s purrs increase in their depth, sending vibrations coursing through his body. His ears twitch in response. “Fine,” he says defiantly. 

“You’re so foolish, I’ve told you a hundred times,” Khimi groans as he reaches over Lumi to stroke his chin. “You’re my–”

“It’s different!” Lumi chokes, his hand gently caressing Khimi’s. “I just want to hear you say it” he pants, catching his breath slowly. “You’re my everythi—”

Khimi shoves his fingers into Lumi’s mouth, his cock still throbbing and pulsing inside Lumi, his body begging him for release. Khimi feels joyous knowing how much Lumi loves him, but there is nothing he wants more than to feel their bodies blissfully connected. Lumi is an emotional beastkin and Khimi knows just how long his affirmations of love would last. Swinging his hips, he continues moving, Lumi’s wanting whimpers echoing with his efforts.

“I know,” Khimi whispers, the sound of their flesh smacking together fueling his lust. “I know,” he says again, his finger pressing against the divet in Lumi’s tongue. 

    Lumi can not respond in his current state, but the deepening purrs coursing through his body bring intense vibrations surging about Khimi’s cock. Khimi growls, Lumi’s insides grasp onto him as if to beg for more. Khimi pulls at Lumi’s leg, forcing his cock to the hilt as Lumi’s sweat soaked body glides towards him. With a final whimper, Lumi’s back arches across the quilt, his legs shaking from climax as a stream of pearlescent liquid sprays across his chest and abdomen. His fingers tense about the pink flesh he had been stroking, his eyes fluttering open to stare back into Khimi’s cerulean eyes. 

Khimi smiles as his hips grind forward, the coarse abdominal hair, soaked from their excited exertions. Lumi’s nails stab into Khimi’s legs, pulling himself against Khimi, seemingly desperate to take him further inside. 

“Anymore and you’ll break,” Khimi whispers, his body craned over Lumi’s small form. 

Lumi’s words were muffled from Khimi’s fingers in his mouth, “T-Thas Ok-Okay!”

Khimi scoffs and pulls his fingers from between Lumi’s lips and places them on his shoulder, pressing him against his body. Bit by bit, Khimi feels his length pushing slightly deeper, while Lumi’s walls tighten around his girth. 

“I w-want” Lumi groans, his tail slapping against Khimi’s leg, his nails tight in his skin. “To feel a-all of you,” he finishes with a heavy breath. 

Khimi feels a rush of heat to his cheeks at Lumi’s words. Despite being in such an intimate position, Lumi still manages to appear innocent and vulnerable. Driven by Lumi’s movements, Khimi picks up speed and thrusts into him with increasing force.

“You’re going to be the death of me,” Khimi pants as he grips Lumi’s waist and thrusts into him over and over again, causing Lumi to cry out in ecstasy. 

No longer sure of who is in control, Khimi begins to thrust into Lumi, a voracious look in his eyes as he admires his lover’s glistening form. Leaning forward, he grips Lumi’s waist as his pelvis slams repeatedly against Lumi’s ass, each thrust causing Lumi to snivel and cry, unable to catch his breath. Khimi pants heavily, sweat drips over his brow across Lumi’s body, heat surges through his body. Lumi’s moans grow louder by the moment, until his voice echoes through the small courtyard. 

Lumi,” Khimi rasps, fingers tensing into Lumi’s tiny waist. Mouthing profanities, his body seizes as his seed flows into Lumi’s depths. He can feel Lumi’s body squeezing and milking him for all he’s worth, bringing him to a state of pure bliss. 

Soft hands glide along his body and come to rest on his back, gently pulling him closer. “Khimi,” Lumi murmurs.

There is no need for further words, they both know how much they mean to one another. 

Khimi leans in, their lips meeting and the sticky secretions between their bodies mingling. “You reek,” he whispers, his stubble tickling Lumi’s chin.  

“Same to you,” Lumi grins, his ears twitching happily. “Can we just stay like this a little longer?”

“Of course,” Khimi whispers back as they press their lips together once more. 

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