An Erotic Fantasy Boy’s Love Series

Written by Kit

Illustrations by むだ

Why does it hurt to love someone this much?”

— Lumi , Fated: Volume I

Introduction to Fated

The story follows Khimi and Lumi through their growth and relationship. It is about love and what they are willing to go through for one another. The story has elements of adventure, comedy, combat, and a gratuitous amount of sex!  

Both characters feel they cannot escape their destinies. Lumi finds himself stuck, being forced to become the voice of the Gods. While Khimi faces difficulties deciding if he should follow his heart or listen to his family and perform his duty as the last heir of his clan. 

Throughout the story, they often find themselves in trouble, but are more often than not able to pull through with each other’s help. The story ultimately develops into Lumi and Khimi seeking a way to bind their souls together, as Beastkin and Human souls do not share the same afterlife. They seek a way to share eternity, a life filled with peace, free of the burdens of their mortal selves. 

The Goal of Fated

To put it simply, we wanted to create something beautiful with the characters that we love, in the world that I created. There is no intention of monetizing the story at this time, and everything is free to read and view! The overarching goal is simply to create something that everyone can enjoy and will exist for years to come!


Illustration by むだ

All the illustrations throughout the Fated Story are drawn by an artist whom my partner and I have loved for many years! むだ or Muda-san creates such visually appealing and masterful illustrations that capture the personalities and eccentricities of the characters unlike any other. Every piece Muda-san creates is stimulating and each piece is unique and wonderful, their mastery of anatomy is absolutely perfect! We implore anyone and everyone to please view their works! We can never say enough kindnesses about them, and it is such an honor to have them work on this project with us!

Muda-san’s works will appear throughout various chapters in the series and will be updated as they are completed. Some pieces will also be able to be viewed throughout the short stories section as well!

How it Began

For many years, I have always cherished the fantasy worlds of TTRPGs. Growing up, I’d often find myself reading high fantasy, game manuals, and rule books. Many of them had aesthetics which I could only dream of. I would often create my own adventure parties and build hundreds of characters. These characters would form stories and adventures, becoming the basis of much of my writing!

In my late teens I began to create a world that was inspired by all the series, books, manuals, and games I’d played over the years. I called it Talmus. I often wanted to create my own fantasy world for my stories, and Talmus would become the world in which I wrote dozens of stories and hundreds of pages of lore. Over time, the world grew and changed, but it always hosted a wide array of epic tales. My favorite being the “Fated” story, which began simply as a series of short stories with my partner and developed into something much more meaningful. I’d be lying if I said Lumi and Khimi didn’t mean the world to me. For nearly the past ten years, they have been central figures in our lives. For me, Lumi is a childhood character I created and grew with, but never grew out of. While Khimi is my partner's character, they have explored for many years as well.