While the story is a work in progress, I would ask for an open mind and leniency when reading!

Because everything is done for fun and out of my love of the characters and telling their story, I have no intent on currently seeking to publish or sell the story. That being said, anyone who wishes to act as a beta reader or enjoys editing is more than welcome to email or send me a message!

All images and content are owned by myself and my partner.

The titles of the works are listed as volumes. However, their titles may change as the works are complete!


Content Warning: Extreme NSFW content (Mostly Boy’s Love. Explicit Sexual Content. Violence, Gore, Smut, etc.)

If you wish to read in googledocs, there are more edits and details. In addition, at the end of each document, you can find the link to the next book.

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Fated: Volume I

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Fated: Volume II

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Fated: Volume III

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Side Stories

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