Chapter XVII


Nearly a week had passed since their arrival on the coast. Khimi realizes the meager amount of food he had prepared for their journey is depleting all too quickly. Worried about their supplies, Khimi sets out alone, armed with his scimitar. Not wanting to worry or awaken Lumi, Khimi creeps through the yurt, opening the door cautiously, the morning sun pouring into the dark room. Lumi yawns and shifts on the cushions. Khimi licks his lips in admiration, Godsdammit. He shuts the door and bites his lip, storing the vision in his mind.

Khimi stops at the stream to fill his waterskin with the crisp water before turning to the jungle. He had hoped he would manage to find something to provide them for dinner. He imagines how Lumi’s face might light up if he returns with a boar or deer. Though Khimi is not always fond of meat, he knows it would make Lumi happy. Lumi, just like his beast counterpart, had always been keen on eating fresh seafood and meat whenever he could get his hands on it.

Carefully stalking his way through the palms and Dolman Elderwoods, Khimi finds himself deep beneath the dark canopy of the jungle. Nearly an hour had passed without sighting any game. It had not been often that he was forced to hunt, and on the few occasions he had, he found he did not have the patience for stalking. He much prefers to seek out small fowl or game. Hour after hour he pushes his way through the jungle only to find himself frustrated by his lack of success. His thoughts return to the estate, he thinks about how Ennui must have found his mother hale and whole by now.

Resigned to seeking smaller game animals, Khimi manages to successfully fill a small rope with colorfully charred birds. The sunlight slowly fades through the jungle canopy. Khimi launches a small flame into the canopy, bringing another of the colorful birds to the forest floor. A rustling in the brush nearby startles Khimi, causing him to drop the string of fowl onto the forest floor. The sight of Lumi entering into the clearing gives him a sense of relief. Lumi steps from the brush in his black loincloth and stockings. But Khimi’s eyes snap to the small boar over Lumi’s shoulders.

“Was wondering where you went,” Lumi smirks. “I saw we were gettin’ low on supplies…figured you went out huntin’.”

    Dirt and mud cake up to Lumi’s stockings to the calves, but little can distract Khimi from the perfect, lithe form before him. As Lumi pops his hip to the side, Khimi’s eyes follow the lines of his hips, admiring the smoothness of his waist. Khimi’s fingers tense, desire forcing the blood to pump in his ears. He pinches the bridge of his nose and looks down at the forest floor.

Khimi sighs, glancing at the fowl littering the floor. Dammit. “Yeah, I just thought I’d find us somethi–”

Lumi gasps, his eyes looking over the birds. “Those are my favorite, junglefowl!”

“Y-You just made that up!” Khimi grumbles, seemingly shocked by Lumi’s excitement.

Lumi purses his lips, “Am not!” He insists, puffing his cheeks out and leaning forward. “They perch too high for me to throw my spear…I don’t have a bow here– which, I think– we should have brought,” he adds with a laugh while he shifts the small boar over his shoulders.

Khimi sighs, “Do they taste any good when they’re wild like this?”

“They’re even better than chicken!” Lumi replies excitedly, “Some tribes clip their wings and even domesticate them.”

“Domesticate? Like for food?”

Lumi laughs, “Yeah…for food. And eggs. They have really tasty eggs…big plump eggs with fluffy orange yolks.”

Khimi places his hand on his hips, “How’d you manage to kill a boar?”

Lumi looks nervously about, “Well…we should get back to the beach. There was a much larger one with this one…and it’s probably upset,” he says, chuckling nervously. “I think if she finds me…she’s gonna gore me to the hells!” 

“Well then, how about I carry the boar, and you take these birds?” Khimi asks, lifting the string of fowl from the forest floor, and looks up to Lumi. “I didn’t think you’d pack that thing.”

“This?” Lumi smiles, slinging the small boar onto the forest floor. “Well…I wanted to bring something to keep your attention.”

Khimi covers his mouth with his palm, hiding the smile on his lips. “You always hold my attention,” he whispers before wiping the perspiration from his cheeks.

Lumi stares at Khimi, the boar beside his feet. Khimi can see the sweat gleaming over his skin in the fading light. “I’ve never looked at anyone the way I look at you…” he says, his voice trailing while he takes the string of fowl from Khimi. His fingers brush over Khimi’s while he leans against him, raising his lips.

Khimi lowers his head and places his fingers along Lumi’s chin, bringing their lips together. Lumi’s leg presses between his own and glides up and down his thigh. “Lumi.”

“I know,” Lumi mutters and pulls back with the string of fowl. He spins in a circle before him, showing off his physique. “I can race you back to the yurt.”

Khimi groans and squats to lift the small boar over his shoulder. “I need your eyes…I can’t see in the dark.”

They pass through the jungle, carrying the fruits of their hunt. Lumi laughs in uncontrollable fits, running past Khimi with his hands filled with the jungle fowl. Khimi shakes his head, unable to stop himself from mirroring Lumi’s laughter. He walks faster to match Lumi’s bouncing stride. They break through the brush and into a clearing away from their yurt. A chilly breeze blows from the west across the sandy shores towards them. Lumi hops across the stream in a hurry. He stops to look back and beckons Khimi to follow. Khimi releases a sigh and trudges through the stream and back to the campsite. The camels trot towards them in an expectant greeting, and Lumi drops the junglefowl, placing his arms around the neck of the first camel. He’s like this with everything. He’s so loving. Khimi lowers the small boar onto the sand beside him and approaches the second camel, his fingers itching the thick fur along the camel’s neck.

“Why don’t you name them?” Lumi asks, turning to Khimi, his tail shaking merrily.

Khimi glances over from around the camel’s head at Lumi, “It…isn’t normal for every steed under the Cerulean Star to be named.”

Lumi smiles, pressing his cheek to the camel’s “But…we’re not normal,” he adds, giving Khimi a playful smirk.

“No, I guess we aren’t,” Khimi responds softly, “well, what would you name them?”

Lumi looks the first camel in the eyes, then dips his head to look at the camel’s sex, “Oh…it’s a girl,” he whispers thoughtfully, “Meera? What about yours?”

Khimi looks at the camel. Unable to see the details of the camel in the dark, he blurts out a name, “Sef.”

“Sef?” Lumi asks, giving Khimi a curious glance. “I like it, though it reminds me a lot of my given name,” he whispers.


“My given name from back when I was with my tribe.”

Khimi’s stares at Lumi in disbelief, “Lumi isn’t your name?”

“Lumi is my name!” Lumi shouts.

Khimi walks past the camel to Lumi, “Tell me your given name.”

“Sevket,” Lumi whispers with an uncomfortable shake of his head, “But I chose Lumi when I went to the temple. When Saint Nina asked me my name, that was the name I gave her.”

Khimi looks at Lumi pampering the camel. “Do you ever miss being Sevk–”

“Never,” Lumi whispers softly, without looking up from the camel. “I told you before…I’d never go back to the tribe, no matter what.”

“There has to be something you miss about your fami–”

“Nothing!” Lumi interrupts, his jaw clenched. “I hate my brother. I hate my father. If you aren’t strong in the tribes…then you’re no one. You’re seen as useless.”

Khimi runs a finger along the scar on his cheek, “But you are strong, Lumi.”

“Not physically,” Lumi replies with a hollow chuckle. “One day, I’ll tell you all about the tribe…but I just want us to be happy!” He says, turning to Khimi with an obviously false smile.

Khimi sighs, “I’ll hold you to that,” he says, returning to the small boar. “I’ll clean the boar if you want to make the fire.”

Lumi smiles weakly, “I’ll hang the fowl up for tomorrow,” he says with a nod in agreement.

Khimi brings the small boar, a rope, and a skinning blade out behind the yurts into a small clearing some distance away. He pauses, looking back at the roaring fire erupting between the yurts. Lumi’s silhouette stands before the blaze, staring into the suddenly explosive flames. I shouldn’t have asked. He watches Lumi remain in front of the flames, seemingly mesmerized by the dancing fire.

He turns his attention back to the boar on the ground. Prudently, he binds the boar’s hind legs with the rope, and the other end to a heavy rock. He tosses tethered rock over a sturdy branch of a nearby Dolman elderwood. Within moments, he has the boar hanging from the tree. Khimi shoves a large branch into the dirt beside him, lighting the wood with flames from his palm. With expert precision, he skins and cleans the boar, returning to Lumi a few hours later with the prepared meat. Lumi sits on the stairs of the yurt, his chin resting on the back of his hands. He greets Khimi with a sheepish grin.

“Do you want me to cook it?” Lumi asks, watching Khimi carry the skewered meat to him.

Khimi places the raw meat onto the steps of the yurt, “If you don’t mind. I’m going for a dive…I smell sort o–”

“Foul?” Lumi interrupts, standing from the stairs. “We can go swimming after.”

Khimi sits on the stairs of the yurt, watching Lumi dig through the small bags of supplies on the tiny wooden porch. “Sage and salt?” He asks, giving Lumi a curious glance.

“To take the strong flavor out of the boar, and something extra to mask the smell,” Lumi replies with a laugh. “Wild game has such a strong flavor.”

Khimi cocks an eyebrow, “I guess this is why you’re cooking,” he says, pursing his lips.

“You did the hard part,” Lumi insists, taking two small leather pouches from their bags. “How do you like the fire?”

“That isn’t a cook fire…”

“It’ll die down…after a while”

“That’s a damn bonfire.”

“During their vows…I’ve always seen aslan dance around the bonfires with their hands bound,” Lumi insists with a nod.

Khimi strokes his chin, “I am guessing we have to do that naked too?” He asks, looking Lumi up and down.

Right,” Lumi mutters quietly.

Khimi scoffs at Lumi’s expression, “If it pleases you,” he says, reading through Lumi’s deception. He steadily reaches out to take Lumi’s chin.

“W-Wait…you really do smell like a wild animal!”

“Fine. I’ll go take a dive,” Khimi mutters, tossing his hands in the air. He turns and walks to the beach, loosening the waist scarf, leaving it on the ground behind him.

Lumi glares at Khimi, “Tease!” He shouts at him from behind. “Stripping without me!”

Khimi laughs, heading into the moonlit darkness. His sarouel drop down his legs, and he pauses to kick the trousers over his feet. He takes a whiff of the linen cloth, his nose wrinkles at the smell of sweat, mud, and blood. He’s right, I reek…I can only imagine how bad I must smell to him. Walking to the water, the light from the sisters illuminates the surface of the water across the great expanse of ocean. The white sand squish between his toes while he stares over the empty expanse before him. A chill in the air causes him to shiver, the end of autumn is near, and the winter solstice is right around the corner. The Desert Cities never truly experience a winter, though the nights would often grow colder during the solstice.

Khimi considers tossing the trousers into the ocean, only to remember he had already lost one pair of trousers a week ago when Lumi brought him into the jungle. He exhales sharply, his feet dipping into the cool water. He grits his teeth, each wave slowly crashing against his form. Seaweed brushes against his leg with every step. Waist deep in the water, Khimi drops to his knees, dipping his head beneath the briny water. Holding his head beneath the waves, he opens his eyes briefly.

 The promises they made, the words they shared, they echo in his ears. Surfacing with a deep breath, he looks to the beach, twisting the trousers in his hand beneath the water. A sense of longing crosses him.

I wish Lumi had followed me.

Unable to hold back his desire any longer, Khimi returns to shore. Bursting through the shallows, he brushes off the seaweed and brine from his shoulders. He stumbles through the dunes along the shore until he arrives back at the bonfire. The massive fire licks at the stars. Lumi stands beside it with his arms crossed. His shadowy silhouette dances with the shimmering bonfire. Khimi approaches quietly from behind, trying his best to take him off guard. He crouches at his approach and walks softly through the sand

Khimi grabs Lumi from behind, wrapping his arms together around his waist. “Lumi,” he says into the thick, rounded ears.

“K-Khimi,” Lumi replies quietly, a deep low purr escaping from his body. He drops a bottle into the sand. “K-Khimi,” he whispers again, turning in his arms.

“Were you drinking?” Khimi asks, looking down at Lumi thoughtfully.

Lumi shakes his head apologetically, “I was thinking about it,” he responds against Khimi’s chest, though the scent of alcohol on his breath gives him away.

Khimi grips one of the golden arm bands on Lumi’s upper arm, “What is it?”

“I just…feel distracted, was trying to take my mind off of somethin’.”

“Want to talk about it?”

“No…not particularly,” Lumi chuckles softly. “I just want us to have fun.”

Khimi kneels, grabbing the neck of the bottle sitting in the sand, “We can have fun,” he says, offering it back to Lumi.

Lumi takes the bottle from Khimi, “How about…a dance?”

“If it’ll help you take your mind off of…whatever it is.”

“Maybe after a few more drinks and some dancin’, I’ll feel back to normal,” Lumi whispers, pushing himself against Khimi.

Khimi smiles, “I guess we’ll have to see,” he whispers, his hand trailing along Lumi’s waist.

Lumi removes the stopper from the clear bottle, taking a long drink of the amber liquid before passing it to Khimi, “Ribbon?”

“Right,” Khimi says, extending his hand for Lumi. “I thought you were supposed to be naked too?” He asks, giving Lumi a teasing sneer before taking another swig from the bottle.

“Someone’s impatient,” Lumi replies, tilting his head from side to side and tying the ribbon over their hands. “I guess I did say that,” he adds, quickly pulling at the string of his loincloth.

Khimi bites his lip, watching the heavy cloth fall into the sand, Lumi’s nakedness laid before him. “I don’t know if I – want to dance now,” he adds while watching the chest wrap fall into the sand atop the loincloth.

“What do you want to do?” Lumi smirks up at Khimi, tying the ribbon impatiently.

Khimi rolls his eyes, “Do you need me to say it?” He whispers, his lips between Lumi’s ears.

Lumi takes the bottle from Khimi, his eyes flit to Khimi’s growing arousal, “No,” he laughs. “You don’t need to say anything.” 

Lumi grabs hold of Khimi’s girthy cock with their bound hands, tugging Khimi against himself. Khimi’s cock drips heavy beads of precum against Lumi’s abdomen. The clear liquid runs down Lumi’s body and along his thighs. Lumi bites his lip expectantly, his strokes increasing in speed while Khimi’s cock grows thick and rigid. Khimi’s bound hand follows along with Lumi’s rapid movements. He reaches for the bottle with his free hand, taking it from Lumi. Lumi willingly releases it, his eyes concentrated so deeply on the heavy cock in his hand that he does not seem to notice.

 Khimi winces, the ribbon rubs against the sensitive skin. “L-Lumi,” he whispers, looking down at the Lumi between swigs of rum. “A-Ahh,” he breathes, the sharpness of Lumi’s fangs brushing against his length.

Lumi ignores his pleas, pressing himself against Khimi, the cock pushing firmly against his lean abdomen. Lumi pauses suddenly, smirking at Khimi and squeezing beneath the flared head.

“Do you want me to stop?” Lumi asks with a taunting grin. His fingers tease the foreskin back and forth over the head. “I can if you want.”

Khimi eyes him through the bottle, taking another sip to hide his ragged breaths, “It’s f-fine,” he insists, nearly croaking.

Khimi tilts his head back, closing his eyes. Lumi squats before him, his hand held above his head by the binding ribbon. He takes Khimi’s cock in his free hand, stroking along the length of the quivering girth. It nods in approval against Lumi’s plump lips, which move softly over its entirety. Lumi’s tongue briskly licks against the heavy, salty testicles, releasing a heavy breath with desire as he does. The Gods’ chosen…has chosen me, the thought arouses Khimi while he takes another sip from the bottle, opening his eyes and looking down to watch Lumi grip the base of his cock. It bobs against Lumi’s partially parted lips, precum dribbling over moist skin. He slowly opens his mouth further, his tongue lapping against the thick vein along his cock. Khimi groans, wanting to free his hand of the ribbon and wrap his fingers into Lumi’s soft blond hair.

“L-Lumi,” Khimi whispers, reaching towards Lumi’s head. “I–”

Khimi’s words are cut short, Lumi’s tongue slides against the tip of his cock, then presses beneath his foreskin. Lumi rubs along Khimi’s cock, peeling the foreskin back, his tongue moving eagerly over the moistened tip. Khimi moves his hips back and forth, his cock sliding over Lumi’s warm, coarse tongue. Lumi looks up, meeting Khimi’s eyes, nearly choking slightly with each of Khimi’s thrusts. He moves his hand along the length with his movements, coaxing him towards climax.

Kitten,” Khimi mutters, thrusting between the warm, wet lips.

Lumi slurps loudly, Khimi’s cock sliding into his throat. The quivering length pulsates, warm streams of cum gushing into the back of Lumi’s throat and mouth. Lumi coughs, his eyes still locked with Khimi’s. Khimi slowly pulls back, only to be halted by Lumi gripping onto his leg. Lumi’s tongue runs along the shaft, while he slurps against it. Khimi pants, his legs shaking from the pleasure. Every effort he makes to pull away, he is met with Lumi’s insistent hunger. The wide, saucer-like eyes stare up at him, begging for every bit of him.

Gradually, Lumi peels away, the tip still pressed against his lips. “Satisfied?” He purrs.

“Maybe,” Khimi whispers with a contented grin. Taking a sip from the bottle, he turns back to stare down at Lumi. “Care to dance?” He asks, his grin growing while he watches Lumi lick along his length.

Lumi smiles excitedly and rises to meet Khimi. He grabs the bottle in Khimi’s hand, bringing it just against his lips. “Glad you asked,” he replies before upturning the bottle, chugging the spicy rum.


Khimi awakes to a sensation unlike any other. As his eyes flutter open, he finds Lumi eagerly sucking along the length of his shaft. A deep groan escapes from Khimi’s throat while Lumi’s soft lips and warm tongue tease him into wakefulness. The sound of Lumi’s wet, slurping mouth over his thick cock reverberates through the small yurt. He stretches out his body, arching his back and curling his toes in ecstasy. The gentle patter of rain on the thatched roof is drowned out by the intoxicating sounds of Lumi pleasuring him.

Lumi’s eyes flicker up to meet Khimi’s for a brief moment, before returning to their task at hand. Khimi raises a pillow behind his head, propping himself up to better enjoy the view. Lumi sits up slightly, licking his lips in anticipation while continues to work his magick. His hips sway with a subtle rhythm, conveying his eagerness to please Khimi.

As Khimi looks around the yurt, noticing an array of colorful fruits spread out upon the table. He stretches once again, exhaling loudly and savoring the exquisite sensation of Lumi’s warm mouth on him. His hands press against the back of Lumi’s head, guiding him gently deeper onto his cock. Lumi winces slightly, his tail flicking behind him in pleasure.

With Khimi’s cock filling his throat, Lumi gazes up at him with adoration and desire in his eyes. He pulls away enough to mutter, “Good mornin’.”

Khimi smiles softly and runs his thumb along the inner lining of Lumi’s thick ear. “It is a good morning now,” he replies tenderly.

Lumi’s tongue flicks along the slit. “You fell asleep so sudden last night,” he whispers with a tilt of his head.

“Sorry,” Khimi replies, watching Lumi’s lips press against his shaft, his aetherial eyes staring into him. “Did…you not finish?” He questions, a bit of surprise in his gruff morning voice.

Lumi pauses, sitting up straight. “Of course I did…you slept hard as a rock. Though…your dick was hard as a rock too.”


“You fell asleep in the middle,” Lumi confesses anxiously. “So…I just kept going”

Khimi leans forward and itches his chin, “I feel like I missed out.”

Lumi laughs, “I think after being in the jungle all day, then drinking and dancing without eating…you needed the rest,” he says thoughtfully. 

Khimi bites his lip, “No, no. That’s not fair,” he insists, leaning forward more. “You used me,” he says in mock distress. “And my dick.”

Lumi’s tail shakes, his shoulders shimmy up and down. “I’ll make it up to you. Nothing better to do with all the ra–”

Lumi’s words are interrupted, Khimi pushes himself on top of him. His lips press against Lumi’s, forcing his tongue into his mouth. Khimi sits back, looking down at Lumi, bashfully spreading his legs. Lumi gently rubs his nipples, presenting himself before Khimi.

Khimi teases the tip of his cock against the moist entrance. Khimi curses under his breath, “You’re prepared already?”

Lumi turns his head, averting his gaze. “It’s from you,” he says, his cheeks flush with color.

“Is that right?” Khimi questions, grabbing Lumi’s thigh. He presses Lumi’s leg back, watching Lumi’s hole twitch eagerly. 

Lumi’s cheeks fill with color, “Like what you see?” 

“You’re joking, right?”

“What’s that mean?” Lumi groans, covering his face in embarrassment.

“Of course I do,” Khimi whispers, watching his seed pour from inside. “You’re insatiable…” He says, palming his cheek in disbelief. “A sex fiend.”

Lumi purrs softly, peering through his fingers. “It’s not my fault,” he insists innocently.

“It’s not your fault you used me,” Khimi teases, gripping the base of his cock, pushing the tip up and down against the entrance. “Did you at least have fun with my cock?”

Lumi moans, his toes curling, the bangles on his ankles clank together. “H-Hurry up!”

Khimi whispers his name, pushing the swollen tip of his cock into Lumi. Immediately, Lumi clamps onto him, “How’re you still tight?” He growls between his teeth.

“Magick,” Lumi mutters, “actual magick.”

Khimi scoffs, “Whatever that means.”

 Lumi tosses his head back in pleasure, his tail slapping against Khimi’s inner thighs. Khimi’s length pierces into his depths in one quick and fluid motion. Khimi stares into Lumi’s eyes, positioning himself against him, his soft bed of hair brushing against Lumi’s soft rear. Lumi’s mouth opens in pleasure, Khimi takes Lumi’s face into his palms and thrusts with a vicious intensity into Lumi. His thumb caresses the lines of Lumi’s lips before he pushes his thumb down into the divot of his tongue. The exertions of their bodies, and the humidity of the tropical climate, create a nearly unbearable warmth. Lumi’s body trembles, while Khimi’s body pounds against his own repeatedly.


“Quiet,” Khimi breathes into the rounded ears, his thumb testing the sharpness of Lumi’s fangs.

Lumi’s legs squeeze against Khimi’s side. Khimi pushes himself more firmly against Lumi, drawing out loud moans of pleasure. Lumi’s hips move back and forth rhythmically along with Khimi’s thrusts, his arms hand around Khimi’s shoulders, his sharpened nails bite into Khimi’s sweat-covered copper skin. Eagerly, his hands slide across Khimi’s shoulders and neck, tracing over the rigid scars. Sweat glistens over their bodies, dripping heavy from Khimi’s body over Lumi’s. Khimi lowers himself onto Lumi. A deep purr roars from inside of Lumi’s body, shaking them both. Khimi’s cock nods aggressively in response to the internal vibrations from Lumi’s purrs. Lumi rolls his head from side to side, his warm insides clinging desperately to Khimi’s massive girth. Khimi’s cock shakes and twitches inside Lumi, his testicles, still heavy and full, press against Lumi’s backside. He grunts, his fingers wrap into the sheets.

Khimi’s face is pinched. “You feel it?” He whispers into Lumi’s ears. 

 Lumi instinctively pushes himself against Khimi’s thrust, the warmth of Khimi’s load fills his deepest reaches. Licking his cheek, he whispers, “I can feel it.” 

 Their lips meet again while Lumi’s entrance hugs tight to Khimi’s still quivering cock, he exhales deeply. His erratic breathing slows, returning to normal, his purrs vibrating against Khimi’s cock, bringing Khimi intense waves of pleasure.

Lumi squeezes his knees against Khimi, “Wanna do it again?” He asks softly.

“F-Fuck,” Khimi moans, he lowers his head, “Those purrs…”

Lumi bites his bottom lip and eyes Khimi, “They let me feel you better.”

Khimi thrusts several times, feeling Lumi’s insides squeeze and shake around his girth, “What do you think?” He taunts, his hands gripping the sheets on either side of Lumi’s head.

Lumi arches his back in pleasure, moaning while Khimi fills him entirely. He moans, shouting Khimi’s name.

“My little lion,” Khimi whispers, grabbing Lumi’s small waist and pushing him down on his cock. It nudges deeper inside, bit by bit.

“How’re you still hard?!” Lumi exclaims in disbelief.

Khimi loses himself to pleasure, his thrusts increase in speed. He forces Lumi’s boyish body against himself, watching Lumi’s arousal bounce up and down with the rapid movements. Khimi places his hand over Lumi’s abdomen, determined to feel his cock moving inside. Lumi grabs Khimi’s hand, pushing it down over his abdomen. There it is. Khimi’s hand tightens on Lumi’s waist, his other hand pressing down more firmly on his abdomen. The sensation of his cock pressing against Lumi’s abdomen sends his heart near bursting.

 Lumi’s head lolls from side to side in pleasure, his lips open and close with his erratic breathing, his coarse tail brushes against Khimi’s testicles with a taunting flick.

Khimi watches cum drip from Lumi’s arousal with each of his thrusts. The scent of salty seed and sex punctures the air, Lumi’s entrance leaks thick cum over the thin but colorful, Rhazian sheets. Khimi winces, nearing climax. He reaches down, wrapping his arms around Lumi’s back. He’s so soft, he thinks, his embrace tightens. Lumi grabs hold of the sheets, the pain from Khimi’s intense bucking manifests in tears of pleasure rolling down his cheeks.  Khimi holds himself against Lumi, sweat drips from his nose over Lumi’s face. Lumi’s purrs continue to vibrate against Khimi’s cock, milking him of seed.

Their bodies are held tight together for several moments, their sweat stains the Rhazian rug.

“I could stay like this all day,” Khimi exhales loudly, holding himself up by his elbows, staring deep into Lumi’s wet eyes. “But, I’m starved,” he murmurs, wiping his brow of sweat.

“Am I not enough to live on,” Lumi teases, rubbing his abdomen.

Khimi pushes his forehead back against Lumi’s, “You’ve got a little meat I suppose,” he mocks, pinching a bit of skin on Lumi’s stomach.

Lumi nudges his nose against Khimi’s, “We can’t all have perfect bodies.”

“You think it’s perfect?”

“Scarred and perfect,” Lumi responds, playfully licking Khimi’s cheek, “Want me to make you something?”

Khimi leans back onto his knees and looks down between them, “That’d be nic–”

“Wait,” Lumi interrupts. “Just a bit longer,” he insists, his feet guiding Khimi back on top of him.

“I have to…get up at some point,” Khimi scoffs, his body gently collapsing on top of Lumi’s.

Or,” Lumi begins with a smile, his tail suddenly slapping against Khimi’s thigh, “We can stay here a while longer.”

Khimi’s stomach grumbles in response, “Fine.”

Khimi holds himself against Lumi, his hands cup the back of Lumi’s head while he brings his lips to Lumi’s. Lumi bites at Khimi’s lip and stretches his body, extending his legs and toes. Khimi’s body moves on its own, his constant lust flaring again. His softened arousal moves in Lumi, steadily hardening with each of his slow thrusts.

Khimi’s lips break away from Lumi’s, their noses rubbing together. “I guess you get your wish,” he breathes.

“Y-Yeah,” Lumi whimpers.

Lumi pushes his lips back over Khimi’s, warm breath passes over his skin. Khimi’s stomach rumbles loudly once again. He pushes himself up and looks down at Lumi, a soft smile on his lips.

Khimi groans, “I’m ruining the mood.”

Lumi pushes himself up from his elbows. “We can stop,” he whispers, gripping Khimi’s wrist.

“I haven’t eaten since the other day.”

“It’s alright,” Lumi whispers in response.

Khimi clasps Lumi’s face in his hands, kissing the top of his head between his rounded ears. He carefully pulls his shaft from Lumi’s warm insides, a deluge of his seed follows behind. Lumi leans back, resting his head against a crimson pillow. His fingertips run over his soft abdomen, sensual and alluring. Khimi grips Lumi’s thigh, spreading his leg to watch the fruit of his labor flow more freely. 

Lumi closes his eyes, his tail slaps against the thin sheet. “Well, I feel full,” He whispers with a wide grin.

“I see that,” Khimi mutters, his eyes trained on the erotic scene before him.

Khimi can not help the desperate urge to taste Lumi’s seed. Khimi leans forward, licking the pearlescent liquid from Lumi’s stomach. His tongue, laps up the cum, drawing the salty sweet taste into his mouth.

Mmmm,” Khimi moans, feeling his tongue tingle. “You’re so fucking delicious.”

“Really?” Lumi murmurs, stroking Khimi’s dark hair back.

“Would I lie?” Khimi questions, his eyes meeting Lumi’s, a sultry smile on his lips.

Khimi continues to lap up Lumi’s cum, savoring the flavor and scent. Each swallow sends a jolt of pleasure up his spine, making him groan with an eagerness. Lumi rolls his neck back and forth over the cushion while he writhes his body seductively beneath him. Khimi continues to watch, feeling deep pangs of desire building within himself. He looks about the room, desperate to occupy his mind with something other than Lumi’s body. He spots the fruit spread over the small table.

“When did you get fruit?” Khimi asks, turning back to Lumi. He releases his thigh, “Another late night activity?”

Lumi grows flush, “This morning, before the rain,” he mutters. “I remembered where some were nearby.”

Khimi pushes himself to his feet and glances out the window at the rain. Since he had awoken, the rain had only increased in voracity. Thick bands of rain pattered against the front door of the yurt. Strong winds occasionally push the rain through the window, leaving the wooden planks soaking. He crosses the tiny yurt, grabbing a curious looking fruit from the table. An orange fruit which fades to a green base. Curiously, Khimi had never seen this type of fruit before, despite his worldly knowledge.

“It’s a nectar fruit,” Lumi says, opening his eyes. “It should be ripe enough to eat, the nectar is coming from the tip, and it has a sweet smell.”

Khimi breaks the stem with his thumb, “How do you eat it?”

“Peel the skin back, and cut it into pieces…but don’t break your teeth on the pit,” Lumi instructs, closing his eyes and seeking a comfortable position over the cushions.

Khimi takes a small knife from the table, cutting the fibrous skin with care. He nips at the edge with his teeth. “Is there even any fruit?”

“It has a huge pit,” Lumi scoffs. “You’re gonna break your teeth. I don’t think I can put your teeth back in.”

Khimi scoffs mockingly, then bites around the massive pit, “What good is healing if it can’t fix a tooth?” he says, blowing air through his lips.

Lumi’s tail slaps against the floor in annoyance, “I’ve healed myself after sex with you a few times,” he laughs. “There were a few times…I had to because my bum hurt so bad.”


Lumi chuckles, rolling onto his stomach, pulling the sheet across his body. “After the first time you fucked me, do you remember?”

“In my room? When you jum–”

We jumped each other,” Lumi corrects, “But yeah, the next morning– after we had sex again, my ass was so sore,” he says, his cheeks blooming with color. “And…I kinda learned it keeps things nice and tight.”

Khimi laughs, a chunk of the nectar fruit rips away the pit, “So,” he begins, chewing with his mouth open. “You used divine powers to heal your asshole?”

Lumi kicks his feet in frustration, “You make it sound so terrible– I promise– Khimi, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to walk for weeks!”

Hells!” Khimi laughs, snorting and fumbling with the slippery, pulpy fruit, “was sex with me that bad?”

Bad?!” Lumi chortles, “It was…heavenly, but also– your cock is like,” he holds up his arm, showing Khimi. “It’s the same size as my forearm!”

Khimi chews loudly, juice from the fruit running down his chin and chest, “I figured that was a good thing. You certainly seem to like it.”

“Your cock?” Lumi asks with a playful smirk, “Course I do! It’s one of my favorite things about you!”

The fruit slips from Khimi’s hand, dropping onto the floor, “Now we get to the truth,” Khimi chuckles, fighting to pick the fruit back from the planks. “You only love me for my cock.”

Lumi purses his lips in mock anger, “I love everything about you, your scars, your hair, your copper skin, and…your cock!

Khimi tosses the nectar fruit pit across the room at Lumi, “I knew it!” He laughs.

“Hey!” Lumi laughs in response, watching the pit skitter across the floor. “I said all of you!”

Khimi smiles, “I know, I was just poking fun.” He begins with a lengthy sigh, “I wish we had something to eat with more substance.”

“I hung the junglefowl in another yurt…I was going to cook today but,” Lumi says, motioning to the rain.

Khimi grabs another of the fruit from the table, plucking the knife from the table. “I’ll just eat these then. They have a sweet flavor,” he says, while the skin peels back with little effort. “What about you, are you going to eat anything?”

“Oh, I meant it when I said I was full,” Lumi smiles, his feet kicking behind him.

Khimi peers over the nectar fruit, “I mean it.”

“I will,” Lumi says, sticking his tongue out playfully.

Khimi scoffs, “Did you actually eat anything?”

“A handful of berries and a few bunches of wild grapes…their skin is really thick, unlike the ones in Rhaz,” Lumi replies thoughtfully. “The Dolman grapes…you aren’t supposed to eat the skin. You just pluck the pulp out.”

“Well, at least you actually ate something,” Khimi says, sighing while he grabs another nectar fruit and returns to the pile of cushions on the floor.

Lumi nods in agreement, “When the rain ends, I’ll actually cook that boar…since we got distracted last night with all the drinkin’.”

“Right, then you somehow didn’t fall asleep, finished having sex, stayed up and foraged fruit, and then woke me up for more sex,” Khimi responds with a smile. “How in the hells did I even fall asleep?”

Lumi sighs, “I-I am sorry if I did something out of lin–”

Khimi cuts him off, “I rather find the idea of you having your way with my sleeping body…endearing. Knowing how desperate you are to be fucked by me…it’s a comforting thought really,” he adds, raising his brow. “Maybe next time I’ll wake up.”

“I’d like that,” Lumi whispers, “It was all too much work doing it by myself.”

“Tired yourself out?”

“Something like that,” Lumi whispers. He rubs his hips, “All the back and forth motion while you were on your side hurt my hips.”

Khimi snorts, “You’re out of hand. So you just squirmed against me?”

“Shut up,” Lumi mocks, rolling his eyes. “You make me sound horrible…”

Khimi sucks his teeth and tilts his head back. “Next time we share a bedroll together…you best be showing me how you squirmed against me.”

Lumi rolls onto his side and laughs, “Gladly,” he beams and pauses, a cruel smile forms on his lips, “can’t wait to keep Ennui up all night.”

“She’ll kill you.”

Lumi sits up, tossing the sheet aside, and crawls to Khimi. He gently brings himself onto Khimi’s lap, pushing Khimi onto his back. Khimi places the nectar fruit and knife beside them. Lumi relaxes atop of him, his eyes closed, while he rests his head over his crossed arms. Placing his hand atop Lumi’s head, Khimi thumbs the thick round ears, following the lines of the inner ear. A deep purr emanates from within Lumi’s body, vibrating gently against Khimi.


The hours are long and Khimi dozes off, the rains stay constant and turbulent. The gray sky turns to black with dusk’s approach. Lightning strikes nearby, shaking the yurt. Khimi awakens in a startled state, his eyes darting about while Lumi shakes him violently.

“Khimi!” Lumi whispers and shakes Khimi’s chest in panic. “The camels.”

Khimi stretches his legs and moves his hands up and down Lumi’s side, “They’ll find shelter,” he replies confidently.

Lumi looks through the open window, “Are you sure?”

“Certain. Glad you finally woke up,” Khimi mutters, “My back was starting to hurt,” he groans, sitting up with Lumi.

“You blew out my back the other day,” Lumi chuckles before his expression shifts. “I have been thinking,” he adds in a soft, almost inaudible tone. “I need to tell you something important.”

Hmm?” Khimi sounds, massaging his lower back, “Everything ok? Are you hurt?”

Lumi sighs, “Not at all…I’m fine…it’s about my tribe,” he mutters, wringing his hands and pacing uncomfortably.

“You’re not an aslan… are you?” Khimi jests. “I knew it all along, you’re too sma–”

“I’m serious!” Lumi interrupts in a low, animalistic growl. “I’d been thinking about things for a while…you deserve to know some things.”

Khimi sits up and places his hand over Lumi’s, glaring deeply into reflective eyes. “Only tell me if you want to.”

“I don’t even know where to begin,” Lumi whispers, unsure of himself. He takes a long breath before he begins. “Sevrin…hated me. And he hurt me,” he pauses, hiding his expression. “There were times when he would ambush me, then beat me with rocks until I would stop struggling…then force himself on me,” he adds, turning away from Khimi.

Lumi’s words seem distant. Khimi can not comprehend what had just been spoken. He finds himself on his feet and across the room before Lumi.

Khimi grabs Lumi’s wrist, “Why didn’t you get help?”

Lumi looks down at his feet, his eyes filled with emotion. “Khimi, I tried! No one in the tribe cared. It was a way for him to hold pow–”

Khimi curses, shouting curses repeatedly. His hand tightens tighter on Lumi’s wrist, “Lumi, if I ever see your brother–”

Stop!” Lumi pleads, “This is why I didn’t want to tell you. What if he changed now? What if the tribe moved on and he’s different? I don’t even know what he looks like anymore.”

Don’t…Don’t be naive, Lumi!” Khimi shouts, “the world is better without filth like that!”

“I-I know,” Lumi whispers and places his hand over Khimi’s. “I want to just move past it all, but I just…owed it to you to know.”

No matter how much Khimi wants to let it pass over, he can not. He pushes Lumi’s hand away, his jaw clenches while he looks out the window. I’ll fucking kill him. Ever since he first met Lumi, he had wondered about his curious nature, he wondered how Lumi could have become how he is; how quick he becomes angry, how quick he is to cry. He had never met anyone as emotional and capricious as Lumi. Is this what Amani meant? The thought is more than Khimi can bear, the pieces fall into place within his mind. Khimi’s lips tremble, unwanted tears form along the edges of his dark eyes.

Facing the rain outside the window, Khimi holds back his emotions. “But,” he whispers sternly, his fists clenched. “If I ever meet your brother…I’m going to kill him.”

“Khimi!” Lumi shouts, “It’s over…it’s all in the past.”

The bright hot flash of light from the explosive lightning, reveals his intense expression. “That kind of thing…it never goes away, does it?” Khimi asks, glaring down at Lumi.

Lumi’s shoulders begin to shake, unable to control his sobs, “No,” he cries. The tears begin to stream down Lumi’s face, his entire being shakes violently.

    Khimi attempts to quench his anger. The small gap between Lumi and himself feels immense. He wants to take Lumi in his arms, to embrace him, to tell him that everything will be fine. But the truth is hard, whatever happened to Lumi changed him forever. He forces Lumi against himself, holding his face tight against his chest. The dampness from Lumi’s tears roll along his body. His jaw clenches tighter, unable to quell the rage broiling inside of him. He wants to scream and shout at the top of his lungs, to release the burning heat inside of him. Wanting to cry himself, he chokes back his tears and pushes his stubbled chin through Lumi’s hair, his lips resting between the round ears. The reassurances he whispers feel empty, for the only thing he can think of is vengeance.

 Lumi’s fingernails scratch at Khimi’s back, his nails digging into his skin as if wanting to latch on for security. The pain from the sharp nails brings him out of his rage. With a calmness, he brushes his cheek over Lumi, remembering the words Lumi had said at the temple. ‘You’ll have to take me forever’, he remembers clearly. His heart races at the recollection of his own response. ‘Forever is a long time’. What was I thinking? Of course, I’ll take you forever. Pain fills Khimi’s chest, he kisses between Lumi’s ears. I’m sorry. But is unable to say it aloud. I’m sorry, Lumi.

“I-I…won’t ever abandon you,” Khimi whispers finally, choking back his tears with an audible sniff. He wipes his nose, “Tell me about the rest of your tribe.”

Lumi remains quiet for some time before he finally works up the courage to speak. “My dad,” he chokes, almost laughing. “His name is Sef too…just like the camel.” After a short pause, he continues. “He was the tribe leader. And my mom, Tabia…people always told me that she was the kindest lady, that her death wasn’t fair. She died when she gave birth to me, and people said it changed my dad. But, he just forgot about me…he only ever loved Sevrin. He even told me he wished I’d never been born a hundred times,” he whispers, “and these,” he says, motioning to the scars over his nose. “These two lines mark me as the second son of the tribe’s leader. Sevrin has a single scar over his nose.”

Khimi drums his fingers along Lumi’s skin, “This is a lot to take in,” he begins with a deep breath, “But I am glad that you told me. I am happy that you felt confident enough to tell me,” he pauses briefly. “But if I see your brother…I won’t stay my blade.”

“Hopefully we will never see Sevrin,” Lumi whispers under his breath. “But, I do think about my tribe often…I feel I owe it to them to let them know I am still alive.”

“You don’t owe them anything,” Khimi breathes angrily, “They don’t deserve you, Lumi…none of them do.”

“I…hate my family, but I just want them to see that I survived, Khimi. I want them to know that I have become my own person!”

Khimi brushes his fingers through the back of Lumi’s hair, “Don’t worry about them. You don’t need to think about them anymore.”

“What about your family…? What about Ziad?” Lumi prattles in a panic.

Khimi closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, “If Ziad does anything to bring harm to you, then I will do what I have to do.”

Lumi furrows his brow, “You say that now…but when something happens– do you think you could? I don’t know if I could kill Sevrin.”

“I could…I did it once,” Khimi whispers under his breath.

Lumi shakes his head, “It’s different, you know it was! You knew that wasn’t Ziad.”

“I still raised my blade against his form though,” Khimi whispers, “I forced myself to imagine that it was him.”

Lumi pushes his cheek against Khimi’s chest, “It’s not the same, and you know it,” he insists. 

“Stop it,” Khimi mutters, grasping Lumi’s wrist. “What happened to you…Lumi.”

Lumi pulls his wrist back from Khimi, “And we’ll never see him again…and you’ll always be here for me…and no one will ever hurt me that way again…”

Khimi grabs Lumi’s hand again, his fingers engulfing Lumi’s small fist, “I’m sorry,” he whispers, bringing Lumi’s fist to his lips. “I know that this may sound unfair… but I can not suffer knowing someone did this to you.”

“I-It was a long time ag–”

“Not that long…you haven’t been at the temple that long,” Khimi mutters, his lips brushing over Lumi’s knuckle.

Lumi lowers his head, his ears sag. “Khimi…I just want to move past it. I just want us to be happy together. There shouldn’t be any secrets between us…I don’t want you to think that I’m broken. I’m not broken, Khimi.” His voice suddenly determined. “I’m not broken.”

“I know.” Khimi replies softly, wanting to believe Lumi’s words. “You’re not broken…”

Heavy tears fall to the ground, Lumi sobs again, “I feel like I lied to you. I feel like I have lied to you from the first time we’ve been together…I don’t deserve you.”

No,” Khimi releases a long sigh. “Lumi, it doesn’t matter. I didn’t fall in love with you because of your maidenhood or innocence.”

Lumi begins to laugh between sobs, “Mai-Maidenhood,” he chokes and wipes away his tears.

“Yeah,” Khimi stifles a laugh, “maidenhood…though I guess I took your maidenhood far before we wed. We break all the traditions, it seems.”

“Fa-Far before,” Lumi sobs between laughter. “Then…you don’t– you don’t think anything of it? You don’t think I am broken…or sullied?”

Sullied?” Khimi asks, “No, far from it.” He insists, lifting Lumi’s chin. “Lumi…you make me a stronger person. You’re perfect, you always were. From the first night we met, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. The only thing I look forward to is being with you.”

Lumi presses his face against Khimi’s palm. “You’re too kind,” he replies, putting his hand over Khimi’s.

“Put those thoughts out of your mind. I’d never think that of you…whatever your brother did…that is his sin, his crime,” Khimi whispers. 

“I’m sorry,” Lumi whimpers.

Khimi embraces Lumi, wrapping his massive arms around him. He whispers words of kindness into his ears until Lumi stops shaking. Lumi climbs Khimi, wrapping his arms around him, he rests his cheek on Khimi’s shoulder. The rain continues to pour outside, the thunder and lightning unrelenting in its intensity. Time does not seem to move. Lumi brushes his face over Khimi’s skin. A comforting quiet during the tumultuous storm raging outside.

“I guess…” Khimi begins in a whisper, “I’ll be marrying aslan royalty,” he adds, kissing the top of Lumi’s blond hair while he rocks him back and forth in his arms.

Lumi replies softly, “It doesn’t work that way. Anyone could have challenged my father…but it is expected that a tribe’s leader is the strongest…so their kids should be the strongest too.”

Khimi rolls a bit of Lumi’s hair between his fingers, “You don’t need to be the strongest, Lumi.”

“Why?” Lumi scoffs, looking up at him behind his teary eyes.

“Because you’re with me. We make each other stronger,” Khimi whispers against Lumi.

Lumi smiles, his face smashed against Khimi’s bare chest. “I guess you’re right.”

“I know I am,” Khimi replies softly, placing another kiss between Lumi’s ears.