Chapter XV

Dolmas Bound

The wagon jolts and shakes violently, it makes its way down the rugged, rock-laden path towards the mysterious Dolman Jungle. It had been days since they left Rhaz, and anticipation for their destination had been building with each passing mile. Lumi sits nestled in Khimi’s lap, his body swaying with the motion of the wagon. Tired from their long journey, he drifts in and out of sleep, his ears covered with a shawl to block out the harsh sun. Khimi urges their camels forward, their grunts filling the air while they trek through the thick jungle. The sound stirs Lumi from his slumber and he blinks sleepily, taking in the sight before him.

The jungle looms ahead, its tangled vines and towering trees creating an impenetrable wall of green. As they make their way deeper into the heart of the jungle, Lumi can feel the air growing warm and damp around them. Khimi’s hand runs affectionately over Lumi’s exposed stomach, eliciting contented purrs from the boy. They travel further into the dark depths of the jungle, the canopy above blocks out most of the sunlight, casting a deep shadow over everything below. The ground is littered with decaying leaves and soft, rich soil that squishes underfoot. Small creatures scurry away at the sound of their approach, while birds take flight and disappear into the dense foliage. With each passing moment, Lumi grows more restless; tired of endless travel and eager to finally be alone with Khimi.

As if sensing Lumi’s thoughts, Khimi leans in closer to him, nuzzling his stubbled chin into Lumi’s fluffy hair. The sensation of rough hairs against his skin brings Lumi out of his daze and he begins to take notice of their surroundings. Stray beams of light break through the thick canopy, offering brief glimpses of the path ahead. The wagon rattles and creaks, pushing onward, the excitement in Khimi’s touch and the promise of excitement make Lumi’s purring grow louder.

Finally, after what feels like an eternity, the camels pick up speed and rush towards a brighter patch of light ahead. Their trot becomes more frantic and eager as they near the edge of the jungle, ready to escape its oppressive grasp. Khimi and Lumi share a knowing glance, both eager to finally reach their long-awaited destination.

The journey through the lush Dolman Jungle finally leads Lumi and Khimi to a path along the jagged coastline. The dense foliage of the jungle gradually thins out, revealing a breathtaking stretch of white sand that seems to glow in the fading light. Lumi stands, his tail rattling with excitement, his head smashing into Khimi’s chin in his haste. Khimi grips the back of Lumi’s trousers with a firm hand and jerks him back down between his legs. Khimi shakes his head in disbelief before Lumi leans back against his partner’s firm musculature. The sun sinks behind the horizon while they burst through the palms and onto the pure white sandy beach. Lumi cheers, almost standing again before calming himself. The wagon continues south along the sand, Lumi’s eyes glistening with delight. He gawks at the beauty of the clear coastal waters, he had not seen this area of the Dolman Jungle since he was a boy.

After the sun sets completely and darkness envelops them, Khimi relaxes and lets Lumi take the reins. He dozes off, clinging onto Lumi. The camels, uneasy in the dark of night, are guided carefully by Lumi’s nocturnal eyes. Lumi knows the general direction they are headed, but he can not remember the specific location of the structures the aslan had left behind. Hour after hour they travel, until in the distance he spots some thatch roofed buildings past a copse of palms. The moon hides behind the clouds, leaving the night pitch.

Lumi brings the agitated camels to a halt and squeezes through Khimi’s arms, slipping from the front of the wagon. He runs his hand along the back of the camels, which grunt in response to him grabbing their bridles.. After quickly tying their bridles to nearby palms, he looks up at the wagon curiously, Khimi’s head lolls onto his shoulder, his half opened mouth dripping saliva over his linen shirt. Lumi can not help but laugh while watching Khimi’s head nod back and forth in slumber.

With cautious curiosity, Lumi approaches the abandoned yurts. They are just as he remembers them from his childhood: small, round shelters with thatched roofs and wooden frames. But it’s clear that they have not been used in years. He pushes open the door to one of the yurts, moonlight filters through holes in the decaying thatch and illuminates a large serpent slithering through a broken window at the back of the yurt. Lumi quickly shuts the door and continues his exploration, intrigued by the structures left behind by his tribe.

Lumi crosses the central area between the yurts, his feet sink into the soft sand and come into contact with large, rounded stones partially buried beneath the surface. These stones, remnants of past festivals and rituals, still stand as a reminder of the vibrant life that once thrived here. He remembers coming to this site in his youth, witnessing the bonfire illuminate the swaying palms.

The energy was electric when the tribes came together, breaking their usual isolation to celebrate and connect at sites like these. Amidst these stones, Lumi had witnessed sacred union ceremonies, wild orgies, and new life being brought into the world. In the aslan tribes, nothing was ever kept private — even intimate acts were openly shared without fear or inhibition. For Lumi, who had spent years in a more civilized environment at the temple, there was still a part of him that longed for the primal lifestyle of his tribe.

But as he walks towards the source of a gentle water flow, his senses are drawn back to the present moment. His feet leave imprints in the pristine white sand with every step closer to the stream behind the yurts. Though his nocturnal sight allows him to see shades of gray in the darkness, his memories of this place are filled with vivid color. He kneels before the stream and runs his fingers through its sandy bed before cupping his hand and bringing it to his lips. The cool water is refreshing and tastes clean and pure — a tangible reminder of the simple yet fulfilling life that can be found among the wilderness.

“Lumi?” Khimi calls through the darkness.

Lumi runs back to the wagon in a hurry, “Khimi, we’re here!” He says excitedly, his bare feet mushing through the sand.

Khimi gives him a smile in the dark, a flame erupts from the palm of his hand. “Finally here,” he says, studying the area around the yurts. The flame in his palm grows and reveals more details along the front of the yurts. “They’re like…mud huts, huh?” he asks, sounding somewhat surprised.

“What did you expect…?” Lumi looks about the area in the light of Khimi’s flame, “I am sure one of them is good enough to use.”

“How about we get some sleep in the wagon, then find where to settle at first light?” Khimi asks with a grim expression, passing over the dilapidated buildings.

“W-We can start now,” Lumi insists, trotting to the back of the wagon and pulling a crate closer to the back. “We have lanterns,” he adds, his ears twitching while he begins to pull miscellany from the box. “At least I was certain we had lanterns…”

Khimi approaches the wagon from behind, “Kitten, we have all the time in the world,” he whispers between Lumi’s ears.


Lumi’s thoughts are interrupted. Khimi’s warm breath brushes against his neck while he slides his hands along Lumi’s exposed abdomen. A quiet moan escapes Lumi’s lips while he presses his hips back against Khimi’s body. Khimi’s fingers trail down to the top of Lumi’s loose linen sarouel. He grinds his hips, while the boy stands on his tiptoes, leaning over the wooden edge of the wagon.

“Do you still want to get started?” Khimi asks tauntingly, craning his body over Lumi’s, his teeth sinking into the thick rounded ears. 

“K-Khimi,” Lumi moans, his hand reaching back behind him. “W-Wagon. The wagon is fine.”

Khimi’s hot breath tickles Lumi’s ear while he whispers, “That’s what I thought,” his fingers exploring Lumi’s body with skilled precision. “Let me take care of you tonight…”

Lumi pushes the crate back into the wagon with shaky hands, struggling to maintain control. His chest rises and falls rapidly with every eager breath, “No…that’s my job,” he states defiantly, puffing out his cheeks.

“Sorry,” Khimi responds with a smirk, flipping Lumi around in his arms before throwing him in the wagon.

Khimi’s lips brush tantalizingly against Lumi’s neck. He takes hold of the boy’s hand and guides him onto his back against the smooth wooden planks. Resisting at first, Lumi wrestles against Khimi’s hands and kisses, but slowly gives in to the pleasurable sensations that course through him. With a swift motion, Khimi removes Lumi’s choli and tosses it aside, exposing his lean, tanned chest. Lumi eagerly meets Khimi’s lips once more, his legs squeeze at Khimi’s sides and his tail flicks excitedly between their bodies.

Breaking away from their kiss, Khimi grabs onto Lumi’s slender waist. His lips trail down Lumi’s chest and abdomen, pausing to leave teasing kisses along the way. He halts with his lips hovering just above the thin trail of blond hairs that disappear into Lumi’s sarouel.

“Kh-Khimi,” Lumi begins, turning his head away from Khimi’s gaze. “You don’t have to,” he adds quickly, his skin flushing with desire.

Lumi’s hands grasp at the wooden crate above his head, his nails leaving faint scratches in the surface. “It’s not the same,” he grumbles, a mix of nerves and desire knotting in his stomach. “It’s…completely different.”

“I really want to,” Khimi responds with longing in his voice. He tugs Lumi’s sarouel down, exposing his softened cock. Precum glistens from the tip, barely covered by the fabric.

Lumi tilts his head back and closes his eyes, bracing himself for what is to come. “I’m sorry,” he whispers weakly.

“Sorry?” Khimi questions, kissing along Lumi’s hipbone and teasing the flesh with gentle nips of his teeth.

Lumi moans softly, his legs beginning to close in instinctively. “You really do–”

“Shh,” Khimi interrupts firmly while he places his hands on both of Lumi’s legs. “Just relax.”

With a gentle but insistent push, Khimi separates Lumi’s legs and reveals a slowly growing arousal. His hands press against Lumi’s inner thighs and he lowers his head, his teeth grazing against the soft skin. Lumi whimpers, his nails scraping against the wooden planks beneath him. Khimi slides his warm, wet lips along Lumi’s thigh, coating it in a layer of saliva leading to his shaft.

Lumi chuckles at the sensation. “That tickles,” he says with a small smile, his tail swishing playfully against Khimi’s legs in excitement.

“Shh,” Khimi hushes him, running his tongue along the base of Lumi’s arousal. “It’s not so bad,” he whispers with a bold smile, meeting Lumi’s eyes with confidence. Positioned directly above Lumi, Khimi slowly teases his tongue against the tip.

Lumi’s toes curl in delight, Khimi’s skilled tongue works along his shaft. Khimi’s hand reaches for Lumi’s erection and begins to stroke it slowly between his fingers, his lips pushing against the side of his shaft. The roughness of Khimi’s beard brushes against Lumi’s thighs, drawing out delighted laughter amidst his moans of pleasure. As Khimi squeezes and strokes Lumi’s cock, it begins to stiffen. He brings his lips to the tip, gently nudging back the foreskin with his tongue. Lumi gasps, his knees pressing against Khimi involuntarily. Khimi flicks his tongue over the sensitive slit, savoring the pearly drops that have formed there.

“Ahhh, Kh-Khi–”

Lumi watches with wide eyes, Khimi bobs his head up and down over his cock. Heat builds inside him, growing by the second. It has only been mere moments since Khimi began, but already Lumi feels like he is about to burst with pleasure. His cock twitches eagerly in Khimi’s mouth, the warmth and wetness engulfing him.

“Khimi!” Lumi shouts, the sound of his nails scraping against the wooden planks echoes through the wagon and across the coastline.

Unable to contain himself any longer, Lumi arches his back and thrusts his hips. Khimi grabs hold of Lumi’s waist tightly and continues to bob his head, swirling his tongue around the pulsating cock. Lumi’s legs shake, he pushes against Khimi’s abdomen instinctively, trying to escape from the overwhelming pleasure. But Khimi’s grip only tightens, pulling Lumi back towards him. The sounds of nature around them are drowned out by Lumi’s loud moans and Khimi’s efforts. Lumi’s head hits the wooden planks behind him, his thighs straining to hold himself up while he nears climax.

It feels so good. Reaching down, his hand tangles into Khimi’s raven hair, gripping to a handful. Lumi gasps, his body tensing. Heat surges throughout his body while his tail drums against the wood. His legs stiffen straight at Khimi’s sides. With a final lick and suck, Khimi draws the last drops of salty, sweet seed from Lumi’s arousal. He pulls back, holding his lips just against the base of Lumi’s length. Lumi lowers his back against the planks, his small body glistening with sweat and spent energy. He lifts his arms above his head and lets out a drained sigh, feeling completely satisfied.

Phew,” Lumi breathes with an air of relief.

Khimi smiles, climbing into the wagon. “Right?” he asks, grinning confidently.

“I know,” Lumi begins in a whisper, grinning sheepishly. “You don’t like the taste.”

Khimi’s tongue licks along Lumi’s chest and pauses over his nipple, “Well…I don’t mind how you taste,” he whispers, his body overshadowing over Lumi.

Lumi grins in response, his hands reach up to pull Khimi on top of him. “I know you’re lyin’,” he says, blowing air through his lips.

Khimi smirks, “I mean it,” he laughs while lowering his body over Lumi, his hand fondling the soft skin along Lumi’s inner thigh.

“Thank you,” Lumi whispers, nudging his face against Khimi’s chest. He gasps suddenly, Khimi squeezes his smooth sack. “I thought you wanted to rest…”

“Rest…” Khimi smiles in the darkness. He releases Lumi’s testicles only to take hold of his tail. His fingers clasp around the golden tail ring, twirling it about between his fingers. “I figured we might stay up a little longer.”

Lumi bites his lip, “You still have to finish.”

“At least once.”

“At least once,” Lumi echoes, flashing his fangs.

Aslan Vows

The hot sun beats down on the small village, its rays casting shadows through the swaying palm trees. Lumi and Khimi spend the better part of the morning cleaning one of the few salvageable yurts, gathering new thatch by climbing and cutting fronds from the surrounding palms. After hours of hard work, the yurt begins to look more like a home with rugs placed on the floor, lanterns hung from the ceiling, and colorful pillows scattered about. In another yurt nearby, Khimi brings in supplies for their camels while allowing them some freedom to wander by tying their front legs. The two of them wear clothing suited to their environment; rolled up linen trousers and sleeveless shirts, free from the worry of needing to please anyone else.

As the day draws to a close, the effects of their labor can be seen all around them. Lumi pulls weeds and ivy from between cracks in buildings and climbs onto the roof as Khimi passes him lengths of palm branches and reeds. Together they carefully secure the thatch, creating a sturdy roof. With dirt and dust cleared away, they take a quiet walk to the nearby stream.

Lumi absentmindedly fingers a silky red ribbon he purchased at the market in Rhaz with Ennui upon their return. He thinks back to Khimi’s promise in Betset, of the life they would share together. Memories flood his mind of traditional aslan marriage rituals — vows made in sacred water while naked before each other, hands bound together by a knot symbolizing protection and unity. While he has only witnessed male-female ceremonies in his youth, he believes that his marriage to Khimi should follow the same ritual.Nearing the stream, Lumi’s thoughts are bittersweet.

“Lumi?” Khimi calls, hurrying to catch up to him. “Something on your mind?”

Lumi shakes his head, clenching the ribbon tightly in his fist. “It’s nothing,” he lies, avoiding Khimi’s gaze as he takes note of the dirt and sand covering his feet and legs. “I just need to bathe… I’m disgusting.”

Khimi clicks his tongue, stepping in front of Lumi and taking hold of his wrist. “What is it?” he asks again, his voice soft and concerned while he pries open Lumi’s clenched fingers.

Lumi tugs against Khimi’s grip, frustration building inside him. “Stop!” he growls, finally freeing his hand from Khimi’s grasp. “It’s nothing, really.”

But Khimi persists, pulling harder until Lumi’s hand opens to reveal the balled up red cloth. “What is this?” Khimi questions, eyeing the fabric while it slides from Lumi’s grasp.

“Just a cloth,” Lumi mutters with lowered ears.

“Liar,” Khimi chuckles, shaking his head. “You’re the worst liar in the Desert Cities, Lumi. Just tell me what it is.”

Fine!” Lumi pouts, snatching the cloth back from Khimi. “It’s just a dumb thing.”

Khimi looks up at the sky, the red clouds slowly fading with the sun’s descent. “Nothing you say is dumb,” he whispers.

“You thought…I was dumb when we first met,” Lumi replies swiftly, narrowing his eyes at Khimi. “You still call me dumb sometimes.”

Khimi smiles sheepishly, “Yeah, well…maybe just a little dumb. But it doesn’t change what I said. I like hearing what you have to say.”

Lumi groans, tossing his hands in the air. “It really is dumb…it doesn’t matter, and you will think that it’s foolish.”

Khimi narrows his eyes and sighs, “Lumi. Just tell me.”

Lumi looks up into Khimi’s cerulean eyes, admiring his partner’s beauty before flushing with color. “Aslan…have their own traditions,” he mutters finally.

Khimi itches at the scar on his cheek, “What kind of traditions?” He asks, cautiously, watching Lumi twist the cloth anxiously in his hands.

“When aslan marry, they have their own sort of wedding. It doesn’t have all the stuff normal weddings have…but it’s just as meaningful,” Lumi says, knotting the cloth about his fingers. His tail curls between his legs nervously. “But we don’t have to do them.”

Khimi closes his eyes thoughtfully, “And…you want to abide by these traditions?” He asks with a smirk. Stepping closer to Lumi, he places his hands on his hips.

“Well, I thought it’d be nice,” Lumi replies, glancing up at Khimi. His pupils shift, the light from the sun fades behind the horizon. “Don’t you?” He asks, pushing a knee between Khimi’s legs.

“If it makes you happy,” Khimi begins, his arms wrapping behind the small of Lumi’s back. “Then I’ll be happy.”

Lumi presses his cheek against Khimi’s chest, “First thing,” he begins. “We have to take vows together with our feet in the water…it’s supposed to symbolize rebirth – I was thinking of a spot I know…”

“The ocean?” Khimi asks, the tips of his fingers pushing into the waist of Lumi’s trousers.

Lumi scoffs in response, “No, I’ve always seen it done in rivers or streams…I think it should be drinkable water?”

Khimi squeezes Lumi’s plump ass and runs a hand along the coarse fur of Lumi’s tail, “Take me then,” he says, his attention suddenly focused on Lumi’s body.

“Now?” Lumi whispers in response, pushing himself from Khimi’s embrace. “You might need a torch.” His eyes linger over the growing bulge in Khimi’s trousers, his appetite building by the second. Gods help me.

Khimi blows air through his teeth. “I’ll be fine,” he mutters.

Khimi stretches his hand open, a small orb of flame appears, casting a warm glow around them in the dark. Lumi’s eyes adjust to the light and he takes Khimi’s hand, pulling him eagerly into the depths of the Dolman Jungle. They follow the winding path of a stream, its gentle murmurs and splashing against rocks filling their ears. Khimi gazes around in wonder, taking in the strange flora that thrive in this dimly lit world. White flowers bloom delicately, emitting a faint ethereal glow. As they make their way through the dense foliage, a group of primates howls from above and a startled deer leaps away from the stream.

Lumi leads the way, his feet sinking into soft, muddy ground while they continue along the stream’s edge. He tugs Khimi’s arm impatiently, urging him forward. The orb of fire in Khimi’s hand begins to fade as they trudge through shallow waters. Finally, Lumi turns to face Khimi and places his hands over his, guiding him through the rushing water. They enter a small clearing surrounded by rising ground, creating a natural valley. In front of them, a magnificent waterfall cascades into a pool of water. The edges of the pool are lined with glowing flowers that flourish in the rich mud. Lumi lets go of Khimi’s hands and strides confidently towards the center of the pool. Carefully, he climbs onto a large rock jutting out from the water’s surface. Khimi follows suit, wading through waist-deep waters.

“What now?” Khimi asks teasingly, narrowing his eyes to make out Lumi’s form in the darkness.

Lumi grins mischievously and replies, “Strip!”

Khimi laughs incredulously, “What?”

“I mean it!” Lumi insists while he removes his soaked trousers, which fall with a wet thud on the rock. He doubles over in a fit of giggles, “Take it off!”

Khimi smirks and asks playfully, “Do I need to join you on the rock?”

“No,” Lumi chuckles before diving back into the water.

Khimi quickly summons another flame and extinguishes it just as Lumi resurfaces next to him, coughing up water while he laughs. “I-I was trying to surprise you…” he gasps between fits of choked laughter.

“Consider me surprised,” Khimi whispers, reaching out to Lumi and placing his hands on his shoulders.

“You still have your trousers on,” Lumi teases, gripping the waistband and giving a hard tug down.

Khimi smiles at down at Lumi, his nakedness laid bare in the dark. Lumi slowly lowers the legs of the sarouel into the water, pulling them down each of Khimi’s legs. He takes a moment to admire Khimi’s physique. No one has the right to look like this. He looks up into Khimi’s eyes, offering a smile while he traces over the scarred body with his fingertips. He pauses on the scar over Khimi’s chest, giving it a thoughtful kiss. His heart begins to beat, his purrs rise through him, his body trembling.

Khimi’s hand runs through Lumi’s soaked hair and pinches the thick, rounded ears. Lumi leans against Khimi with the soaked sarouel in his hand. Khimi takes the bundled trousers from Lumi, tossing them to the bank of the pond. He turns back to Lumi and pulls their bodies together.

“Lumi?” Khimi asks softly before pitting Lumi against his chest.

Lumi sighs, releasing a heavy breath. “I want it.”

“Then tell me,” Khimi whispers into Lumi’s ears, “Tell me what’s next.”

Lumi pushes himself away from Khimi and retrieves the ribbon from his clothing piled on the rock.

“Give me your hand,” he urges after he swims back.

Khimi obeys, extending his hand outward, facing his palm up for Lumi. Lumi places his hand on top of Khimi’s, his small hand fitting neatly at the center of Khimi’s. With the ribbon over their hands, he gently wraps the wet cloth several times. His brow pinches with focus while he works, heart beating quicker with every pass of the cloth.

“Now we tie a knot,” Lumi whispers, beaming up at Khimi. “I-I’m surprised I still remember this…”

Khimi takes hold of one end of the cloth, folding it over Lumi’s end. “Look at us.” His voice is compassionate, softer than normal while he pulls the cloth tight. “Now wh–”

Khimi,” Lumi begins, pushing himself against Khimi, their bound hands pressed together, “You mean everything to me. You’ve meant everything to me from the mom–”

“What’re you doing, Lum–”

“Khimi,” Lumi begins again, his voice full of emotion, “you mean everything to me. You’ve meant everything to me since the moment we met. I knew how much you would come to mean to me…before I even saw you, I knew you. I dreamed of you…just your existence gave me the strength to continue.” He pauses, taking in a shaky breath before continuing, “So…I promise you, Khimi. I promise you that my life is your life. My heart, my soul, my body are all yours. Every part of me wants you, craves you. I live for your smile, for your affection, for your touch. I am drawn to you inexplicably, irrevocably, lovingly, willingly.”

“Truly?” Khimi whispers and bends down over Lumi and reaches for his tail.

Lumi looks up with glistening eyes and nods fervently. “Every part,” he confirms.

“How am I supposed to follow that up?” Khimi asks quietly before sucking his teeth and looking up to the heavens. “You must have practiced,” he croaks.

“Just a bit,” Lumi shrugs with a small smile on his flushed face. “Say what you want to say.”

“Well,” Khimi begins again after clearing his throat, “I know…I don’t always express my feelings well. And when I d–”

“You don’t say,” Lumi playfully interrupts.

Shhh,” Khimi hushes, raising their bound hands. “I just…want to say that…Lumi, you’re my Stella Solaris. You’re what has kept me alive, sane even. You’re what I look forward to seeing when I wake up every morning. The only thing that brings me joy,” he says, his voice nearly breaks while he strokes Lumi’s wet hair. “You’ve become something I could never live without. So if we’re making promises to each other, then here is mine: I will always love you. Everything that I have is yours — my mind, body, and soul. You are my sun…and without you, I am lost in darkness.”

Love? Lumi had never heard Khimi utter the word before. His heart swells with happiness, and he can feel it beating rapidly against his chest. As if reading his thoughts, Khimi whispers softly into his ear.

“I have always loved you, Lumi.”

Lumi nuzzles his head against Khimi, his free hand moving along Khimi’s waist. “T-Thank you,” he chokes before he begins to sob with unwelcome tears. “I-I’m sorry.”

Khimi turns Lumi around in his arms, their submerged feet splashing with their movements. Lumi leans back, his back against Khimi’s stomach. Their bound hands wrap around Lumi’s waist as Khimi’s free hand moves along Lumi’s body. They remain silent, the sounds of the jungle and the waterfall fill the valley. Khimi haunches over Lumi, his lips pressing into his wet hair. Khimi’s arousal stirs against Lumi’s back, his coarse abdominal hair brushing against him. He turns his head upwards, his mouth is met quickly by Khimi’s, their lips press together. Lumi struggles against his bound hand, desperately wanting to take Khimi’s face between his palms. 

“Wh-Whats ne-next, Kitten?” Khimi asks, his lips brushing over Lumi’s.

“Doesn’t ma-matter,” Lumi mutters hastily, “F-Fuck me.” He reaches between them for Khimi’s hardened cock. “Now…”

Khimi grins, “Here?” He asks with a blissful look in his eyes, “Aren’t you tired afte–”

“I’m never too tired for you,” Lumi replies, his hand rubbing along the length of Khimi’s girthy cock, his finger’s unable to encircle the entire swollen shaft.

“F-Fine,” Khimi groans, gripping Lumi even tighter. “Lead on, little lion.”

Forgetting their shreds of clothing at the pool, Lumi turns towards the vast expanse of ocean, running along the stream with Khimi close behind. Their bound hands act as a tether, keeping them together even in their frenzied movements. The rocks and mud from the shallows cause Khimi to slip and scramble, but he follows Lumi without hesitation. They push through the strange flora that lines the jungle path, not pausing for a moment in their desperate rush. In the darkness, Lumi looks back at Khimi, unable to contain a mischievous grin at his companion’s distressed expression. Khimi grimaces as he struggles to keep up on the slippery lichen-covered rocks of the stream. But Lumi pays no attention to his calls to slow down, driven by a sense of urgency. Finally reaching the sandy shore, Lumi pulls Khimi towards their yurt. As they stand outside the door, Lumi starts to remove the wet silk ribbon from their wrists, leaning against the yurt for support.

“Maybe we should leave it on,” Khimi whispers slyly, giving Lumi a coy smile in the dark.

Lumi chuckles, “I need both of my hands for you,” he replies, his tongue running over his teeth hungrily.

Khimi adjusts the knot on the ribbon and suggests, “It might be fun to have you tied up.”

Lumi’s fingers quickly intertwine into Khimi’s, his grip tightens on Khimi’s massive hand. He gives Khimi a coy smile, his tail flicking behind him excitedly. Khimi pushes against Lumi, his body pressing hard into him. The rickety door to the yurt squeaks while Khimi forces himself more forcefully against him, raising Lumi’s hand above his head and looking down at Lumi, his eyes possessed with lust.

“I want you,” Khimi breathes into Lumi’s ear, his long fingers sliding along the curve of Lumi’s side. The sharp edges of his nails leave a tingling sensation on Lumi’s smooth skin. “Now,” he demands, his voice low and husky.

Lumi smiles, his sharp fangs glinting in the moonlight. “Take me then,” he taunts, looking up at Khimi, their bound hands still raised.

“Oh, I intend to,” he growls, pulling Lumi close and kissing the top of his head before trailing kisses down his neck and over his collarbone. “Again, and again, and again,” he murmurs between each kiss.

Lumi’s ears twitch in response, his chest rises and falls with heavy breaths, struggling to contain his desire. He reaches up, pulling Khimi’s face to his own, his soft lips smash against Khimi’s. Khimi’s hand grabs hold of Lumi’s waist, thrusting against his body. Lumi groans,  Khimi’s girthy cock rubbing against his smooth skin. His hands move behind Khimi’s neck, holding their kiss, standing on the tips of his toes. Khimi’s strong scent reaches Lumi’s nostrils, and he groans again. A pang of uncontrollable desire fills him. Unable to control himself, he reaches between them, grabbing hold of Khimi’s cock, his fingers stroking its length several times, thumbing over the veins throbbing along the shaft. He already wants to cum. Khimi takes hold of Lumi’s ass, squeezing tight into the flesh. He pulls Lumi against his body, lifting him effortlessly, while he shoulders the door open. Khimi walks into the dark yurt, his lips still locked with Lumi’s. Gradually, he lowers Lumi onto the colorful floor cushions. Lumi’s lips part wider and Khimi thrusts his tongue inside. Khimi’s tongue brushes against the inside of his cheeks and over the rough tongue. Their tongues dance together, saliva dripping from Lumi’s lips.

“Tell me what you want,” Khimi whispers, his hand squeezing Lumi’s.

Lumi pushes his lips back against Khimi’s. Pausing with a whisper, “You already know…”

Lumi lays his head back against the cushions, moaning softly. He stares up at Khimi, his skin flushes from the heat. He writhes his hips against Khimi, his cock twitching eagerly. Precum leaks across his abdomen while he lifts his haunches to Khimi’s sides.

Khimi holds Lumi’s waist with his massive hand, fingers biting deep into the muscle. His cock rubs against Lumi’s, dwarfing Lumi’s arousal. Precum leaks from his slowly swelling tip over Lumi, their cocks rubbing together. It is too much to bear, he knows what he wants. Lumi’s tail slaps between Khimi’s thighs, while Khimi’s lips gradually work their way along his neck.

Fuck me,” Lumi whispers suddenly, biting his lip in anticipation, his head tilted back into the cushion.

Khimi looks up from his kisses, smirking. “You sure?” he whispers, placing a kiss over Lumi’s nipple.

Khimi pushes himself up, stroking himself several times over Lumi, a lengthy trail of precum drips onto Lumi. Lumi leans forward and reaches for Khimi’s cock, massaging Khimi’s foreskin back with generous strokes while feeling the throbbing veins against his palm. Khimi nudges Lumi back onto the floor, giving him a knowing smile. Grabbing Lumi by the thigh, he pulls him closer to himself. Lumi’s heart pounds like a drum, his ears twitch with delight while Khimi carefully works his fingers against his twitching entrance, pushing gently and opening him slowly. Lumi gasps aloud, Khimi’s thick finger presses into his soft insides, his toes curling tight from pleasure.

“You’re always so damn warm,” Khimi whispers in a low snarl. “Fucking hells.”

    Lumi reaches for the cushions strewn about, grabbing hold of the soft fabric within his reach. Khimi works a second finger inside, moving the fingers back and forth in a gentle rocking motion. Khimi grabs the base of his throbbing cock and pulls Lumi even closer towards himself, teasing his leaking tip against Lumi’s entrance. Lumi looks up, watching Khimi’s lust filled gaze focused on his labors. Khimi moves his hips back and forth, the slickened head presses steadily against Lumi. He grabs Lumi’s waist, pushing him down on himself while thrusting his hips with intense devotion. 

“Lumi,” Khimi whispers, his bulky head presses inside.

Lumi sucks his teeth, wincing in pain. Khimi fills him with a single sudden thrust. Lumi releases a shrill moan, his hand reaches out to Khimi. “It feels great…”

Lumi can not express himself, the familiar warmth of Khimi’s cock presses deeper into him. Sweat and moisture drip over his body, and Khimi hungrily bucks his hips, forcing himself down onto Lumi and deeper inside of him.

“Like the heavens,” Khimi whispers almost to himself while gliding in and out of Lumi.

Lumi looks up at Khimi with a yearning in his heart, “I love you,” he whispers, barely able to hear anything beyond the sound of his heartbeat.

Lumi,” Khimi whispers, moving slow in longer rhythmic strokes.

“Y-Yeah?” Lumi pants while Khimi lifts his ankle and pushes his leg forward. 

Khimi’s lips curl into a wide smile, “Our kids are going to be beautiful,” he whispers, his eyes softening with admiration.

“Of course they will be!” Lumi whispers back, his cheeks filled with color.

 Lumi pushes himself up by his elbows and Khimi rushes forward, their lips pressing together. He winces from Khimi’s thrusts, their foreheads press together. Khimi’s hand slides beneath him, his thrusts become more rapid, his cock slamming into Lumi’s depths. Lumi moans with Khimi’s tightening embrace. Stupid ribbon, he thinks, struggling to free his bound hand. Sweat glistens across their skin from the humidity and the heat from their efforts. Khimi’s heavy sack slaps against Lumi’s ass with the quickened pace of his thrusts. Lumi’s legs squeeze on Khimi, his nails raking across Khimi’s muscular back, leaving red trails in their wake. The scents of the jungle fade and are replaced by the scent of sweat and sex. Khimi’s thick cock throbs longingly inside Lumi, the warm inner walls pinch and envelop it greedily.

Khimi winces from the sensation, his lips brushing against Lumi’s. “Trying to milk me, eh?” He asks with a cocky grin.

Lumi’s cheeks brighten, sweat dripping over him from Khimi’s exertions. “You said you wanted a litter,” he teases, biting his lip. 

Khimi pauses, pecking Lumi’s lips. “You can’t say things like that…”

“Like…pour all of your precious seed in me? Or…I want to have your cubs?” Lumi smirks, watching Khimi’s composure shift. “How about fill me wi–”

Lumi’s words are cut short, Khimi thrusts hard, pressing his girthy cock into Lumi’s deepest reaches. Lumi purrs with frantic lust, unable to catch his breath. Khimi grips Lumi’s hand and brings it above his head, pinning both of his hands together. The sound of Khimi’s efforts fills the small yurt. Lumi cries out again, his twitching cock throbs, bobbing with delight. His body tenses, his back arching with pleasure while Khimi pushes harder, wanting to press deeper. I want him to fill me. Cum sprays across his abdomen, the pearlescent liquid drips over him, his cock continues to sputter cum with each of Khimi’s eager thrusts. Lumi’s insides squeeze with the post orgasm sensitivity, the soft walls hugging tight to the throbbing girth filling him.

Khimi’s brow pinches, and he reaches for the ribbon, pulling at the fabric until Lumi slides his wrist through. Freed from the confines of their binding, Khimi grips Lumi’s ankles and pushes them forward, bending Lumi and allowing for the deepest entry. Lumi lips tremble with the overwhelming sensation, he caresses the soft lines of his stomach, touching the slight curvature where Khimi’s cock is pushing inside of him.

“Does it hurt?” Khimi whispers, sweat dripping over his brow onto Lumi.

Lumi shakes his head, “N-No,” he replies between heavy breaths. “It feels…you’re jus–”

“Just?” Khimi questions, his nose brushing against Lumi’s.

Lumi manages a smile. “Amazing,” he murmurs and brings his hands up, cupping Khimi’s face. His fingers trace along the mangle of scar tissue on his cheek. “I wish I could have your kids…”

“You and I both. Hells, they would be beautiful,” Khimi whispers, planting a kiss on Lumi’s lips.

Lumi chuckles, “How many would we have?”

Khimi stops thrusting, looking down at Lumi with a playful smirk. “I don’t think we could stop” He says, unable to contain his laughter.

“That many?” Lumi asks, laughing at the notion.

Khimi steadily thrusts again, “Oh…I don’t know. Don’t aslan have several cubs at a time?” He asks, leaning over Lumi.

“Sometimes, but not always,” Lumi replies, cocking a brow at Khimi’s question. His tail wraps around Khimi’s thigh. “I guess we had best start making cubs now, then,” Lumi beams.

Khimi’s cock slides in and out of Lumi. The hardened length throbs and pulsates within Lumi’s soft inner walls. His precum lubricates Lumi’s entrance, allowing for his thick and overbearing size to glide within Lumi with ease. Each of his thrusts pushes against Lumi’s warm insides, coaxing Khimi closer and closer to climax. His fingers bite into Lumi’s ankles. His thrusting becomes more erratic, his fingernails press into the skin. Lumi can feel the veins along Khimi’s shaft throbbing inside of him. The girth nods eagerly, begging to release its load. Lumi purrs, his body shaking softly. Khimi drives his shaft nearly to the hilt with each of his strokes. He groans suddenly, his testicles contract. He pushes himself into Lumi, while his feet kick against the planks. His girthy cock pulsates, shaking while it releases inside Lumi, coating the soft inner walls with rope after rope of warm, thick seed. Khimi pants, his sweat drenched hair dripping over Lumi’s body while he holds himself as tight as he can against the boy. Warmth blooms inside Lumi. He tenses his hips, squeezing the cock inside of him.

“You’re squeezing so tight,” Khimi whispers, unable to catch his breath. “I love it when you do that.”

Lumi laughs softly in response, “I know you do, your cock tells me as much.”

Khimi releases Lumi’s ankles, letting them fall gently to his sides. He looks down between them, squeezing the base of his cock, still jammed inside Lumi. He pulls back slowly, watching his cum pour from within. Lumi can not help but notice Khimi’s expression, his eyes still hungry with lust. Khimi squeezes his cock, teasing his flared head against the warm entrance. He forces the tip back inside, drawing gentle whimpers from Lumi. His cock slides back into Lumi, while he grips Lumi’s waist with an endearing roughness and lifts him onto his lap. Lumi brings his arm around Khimi’s neck, his fingers trace over the raised scars on Khimi’s back. He melts against his chest, feeling Khimi’s arousal filling him.

“I hope you didn’t have any plans to sleep,” Khimi breathes into the soft, rounded ears.

Lumi glances up at Khimi through the darkness. “None,” he replies, before he teases his teeth over Khimi’s hardened nipple.

His lips press between Lumi’s ears. “I wouldn’t let you anyway,” he whispers hungrily, folding his arms around Lumi, bouncing his body over his length.

The hours pass, the night escapes them. Lumi once again finds himself lost in a night of passion with Khimi, relishing each and every moment that Khimi touches him. As the sun rises, Lumi strokes Khimi’s hair, brushing a loose strand behind his ear. He looks down at Khimi’s head in his lap. The exhaustion from the previous night sets in for Lumi, he leans back against the wall of the Yurt. Knuckling his lower back, feeling the deep aching from the night’s activities. He broke my back. The early morning bird’s call bring Khimi’s eyes fluttering open, and he places his hand on Lumi’s knee, giving him a crooked smile before closing his eyes again. Lumi leans his head back against the wall, closing his eyes while he brushes his fingers through Khimi’s hair, waiting for sleep to take him.

My back,” Lumi cries under his breath.