The Lord’s Study

     Since his return to Sidi, his time and affections for Lumi were limited. The duties of Lord Zeybek were far greater than anyone expected. Hours of exhaustively studying ledgers and learning the intricacies of his new position. The room was comfortable. A large Dolman Elderwood desk, masterfully crafted in the center of the room was surrounded by walls of scrolls, tens of thousands. Ledgers sat stacked high, years of neglect at his mother’s hand. Along the wall was a small seating area with bright indigo cushions, a small low lying table with silver plates and beautifully hand-blown colored glasses, each unique in color and shape. The dark marble throughout the room gave off a decadent if not gaudy feeling, and blue silks hung across the rafters in the cerulean hue of the Zeybek’s Merchant Empire.  

      A brief respite in the Lord’s study became one of the few moments in which he had to indulge Lumi. Lumi approached him as he dismissed the others from the study, walking past Mamir and Maza with a knowing look. The Aslan wore the Temple garb which Khimi had become so fond of, the dark heavy cloth clinging to his lithe form. 

   As the door to the study closed with the last of the staff’s departure, Khimi jerked Lumi against his body, the golden accessories above Lumi’s ankles clanking together. His stubbled chin brushes through Lumi’s feathery hair as his breath rushes over the rounded ears. Wanting to rip his clothes off then and there, Khimi lifted Lumi against himself and walked him to the wooden desk. 

Sitting on the wooden desk, Lumi’s tail sweeps across the desk, knocking scrolls to the floor. “Hi there,” he says, his tongue running over his teeth. 

Khimi stands between Lumi’s legs, hands on the Aslan’s thighs. “What brings you here?” He asks playfully. 

Lumi rolls his eyes in response, “Seriously? What is this?” The tiny Aslan inquires with a smirk. “Y-you know why I’m here.” 

Khimi’s hands glide along Lumi’s cheeks then grip his shoulders. “The only thing you want me for,” he teases. 

Lumi chuckles and shakes his head. “Yeah, yeah,” he murmurs. “Yer cock.” 

“I’m wounded…you only love me when you want my dick,” Khimi replies with mock sorrow. 

Lumi’s fingernail scratches across the rough fabric of Khimi’s short kurta, pausing briefly before sliding both his hands beneath the fabric and against Khimi’s sculpted abdomen. “Well…you have other things I want,” he says, sticking his tongue out playfully. 

“You’re a problem,” Khimi rasps, thumbing the golden bands on Lumi’s upper arms. 

Problem?” Lumi replies, a lust filled gaze in his eyes. 

    After a long drought in Khimi’s sexual appetite, he found himself ravenous. Since his drought ended in an eruption of passion with Lumi a week prior, he had been aroused by the slightest provocations — a glance, a caress, a smile. Nearly anything Lumi did would set his hunger for his partner in motion. 

“Yeah, you’re a problem. I can’t even be around you anymore,” Khimi murmurs as he leans in to kiss Lumi’s cheek. “And then you wear this…thing,” he says, a gentle gesture at Lumi’s outfit. 

     The black silky fabric clings to Lumi’s form, the chestwrap crisscrosses across his chest and obscures the perky nipples poking against the fabric. The matching loincloth, adorned with golden trim rests between his groin then trails between his legs and down the desk. Two thick knots on either side kept the fabric in place, with only a quick pull the Aslan would be free of the burdensome cloth. Thick silky leggings cling to Lumi’s thigh by a metallic band and cross down to his ankles, only to be held neatly in place by a ring on his toes. 

Lumi edges back on the table, his bare ass pressed against the dark grained wood. “You love this thing!” 

Khimi can not deny Lumi’s words and with a sigh he lowers his forehead against Lumi’s “It’s just…it’s so erotic,” he drawls. “Vulgar even.” 

“Erotic?” Lumi murmurs as he begins to lift the kurta towards Khimi’s chest. “This. This is erotic!” he replies, biting his lip as he palms the hard muscles. 

Khimi’s hands slide down Lumi’s arms and then moves to the collar of his kurta, ripping it over his head. “Truly?” He asks, an arrogant smirk on his lips. 

Lumi purses his lips and looks up at Khimi’s shirtless body as he reaches for the waistband of his lover’s trousers. “Really,” he says in a whisper. Lumi’s feet twist behind Khimi’s knees drawing him nearer. “Besides, you already know how you look.” 

“You don’t think all the scars are gruesome?” Khimi asks, already knowing Lumi’s response. 

Lumi leans forward, soft lips against Khimi’s abdomen. “They make you…you,” he murmurs before parting his lips over Khimi’s sculpted form and lapping his tongue across a discolored scar. 

The sensation tickles, the coarse wet tongue causes Khimi to shudder. “Lumi,” he rasps, his arm wrapping around the back of Lumi’s head. The string at the side of the loincloth is no match for Khimi’s deft hand and with a quick pull, the heavy black fabric slips from Lumi’s waist. The silk-like fabric clings briefly before falling to reveal Lumi’s aching arousal. 

“You can stick it in if you want,” Lumi insists with a beaming grin as he pauses from his gentle kisses. “I’m ready.” 

Khimi closes his eyes as he pinches the bridge of his nose, pushing back briefly, “Really, you prepared yourself?”

Lumi tilts his head back in laughter, the rounded ears wiggling with excitement. “Course! I mean…lately you’ve been so horny…I figured it was the smart thing to do,” he says, eyeing the bulge in his partner’s trousers. 

Khimi clicks his tongue, “I-I really should be getting back to work, but it’s fine,” he says with a flicker of annoyance as he drops to his knees between Lumi’s legs. 

“Kh—Khimi wait—“ Lumi panics as Khimi pulls him closer to the edge of the table.  

    Khimi’s cracked lips brush against Lumi’s inner thigh before he sinks his teeth into the tender flesh. Breath after breath parts from Lumi’s lips, already flustered by Khimi’s aggression. 

“I thoug-thought we would do something else,” Lumi says nervously as he watches Khimi gnaw on his soft thighs. “L-Like I could suck your dick or som—”

Khimi pauses, raising his brow as he looks up at Lumi with an arrogant grin. “You always suck my dick,” he whispers. 

“Ya-yeah,” Lumi replies as he claps his hand over his mouth. “Cause I like it.” 

“And I don’t like doing this?” 

“I don’t know,” Lumi breathes. “I just…don’t want you to do it because you feel you gotta.” 

After placing a soft wet kiss over Lumi’s thigh, Khimi sighs, “I do this because I like doing it, because I want you to feel as good as I feel.” 

Resigning to Khimi’s whims, Lumi leans forward slightly and strokes his hand through Khimi’s raven-colored hair. “Fine,” he murmurs, spreading his legs wider. “Since you’re gonna guilt me.” 

Khimi snorts, “Guilt you? That was all it took to get you to open your legs?” He teases as his fingers squeeze Lumi’s supple rear, yanking him closer. 

     Khimi’s lips continue to move along Lumi’s warm thighs. Lumi’s body always has a warmth about it that feels inviting to Khimi, it is one of many things that he had grown to love about the Aslan since their initial meeting. 

“Khimi,” Lumi whispers. His nails itch through Khimi’s hair as he leans forward. “I’m happy that you’re feelin’ yourself again.” 

     Khimi ignores Lumi’s words while his lips edge nearer to the steadily shaking member quivering between Lumi’s legs. Uncontrollable urges surge through Khimi, hands moving along the sides of Lumi’s legs before he brings his lips to the tip of Lumi’s arousal. The foreskin clings just behind the tip and drips a thin veil of fluid down the shaking length. 

     Khimi brings his fingers to the base of Lumi’s arousal as he runs his tongue along it before taking it into his mouth. Lumi’s eyes pinch closed, his arms suddenly wrapping around Khimi’s head. It takes Khimi unnecessary force to subdue Lumi from his squirming. 

Lumi’s breath sweeps across Khimi’s hair as he exhales sharply. “Please,” he pleads. “Y-you—” Unable to finish his sentence as he places his legs on top of Khimi’s shoulders. 

     Khimi ignores Lumi’s pleas. There was something about bringing Lumi to heel that awakened Khimi’s desire. Lips move across the pink member, the Aslan’s cock bobbing with desire. The bulge in Khimi’s trousers pushes against the fabric, a wetness forms from the tip. 

Lumi clasps his hands over his eyes, his face flush with color. With a growl, he leans back against the wooden desk and arches his back, “A-are you enjoying this?!” 

     We only just started, Khimi thinks as his tongue swirls about Lumi’s member. Slowly his hand slides across Lumi’s backside and down the table. The waist scarf slips from his waist after he skillfully removes the knot, his hand quickly diving into the trousers to fondle the nodding member. 

     Khimi watches as Lumi grows progressively more flush, his body becoming more arousing by the moment. Through the black chestwrap, the Aslan’s nipples rise to stand on end, his tail brushing over the table until it begins to coil around his own leg. Quiet whimpers escape from his parted lips, his body shaking. Khimi can not help but stare as Lumi’s fingers move from his face to his chest and twists the fabric, the perky pink nipples sticking up as the cloth moves aside. Hells. 

“F-fuck me,” Lumi moans, his ears shake as he begins to pull on the hardened nipple. 

     Khimi continues to fondle his length, pearlescent beads drip over his hand, moving the foreskin back and forth. Lumi’s legs tighten around his back and with a sudden thrust of his hips, seed rushes into the warmth of Khimi’s mouth. Khimi juts forward in surprise. 

Lumi looks down at Khimi with an alarmed expression. “I’m s-sorry!” 

Khimi sighs and wipes his lips. “We just started,” he whispers to himself. 

“You’re surprisingly good with your mouth?” Lumi says in a questioning tone. “It was so soft and warm,” he whines. 

“Now you know how my cock feels when it’s shoved up your ass,” Khimi mocks. After another final lap against the softening head Khimi rises from behind the desk and pulls his trousers back over his girth. 

“Wait wait! Why are you — are you finished? I’m sorry, Khimi!” Lumi pleads as he begins to sit up, tail standing up behind him. “I promise, I promise, you can do whatever you want!”  

Khimi raises his brow in amusement. “Whatever I want?” He questions with a quizzical smile. 

“Anything,” Lumi pleads again, a worried look on his face. 

“Well then. Since it can be anything,” Khimi answers with a slow deliberation. His hand slides along Lumi’s leg and grips his soft mound. 

     Lumi’s aetherial eyes pierce Khimi’s as he begins to slide Lumi across the desk, only to flip him over onto his stomach. A loud gasp escapes Lumi’s lips, his ass turned to the air. As if to torture Khimi, Lumi spreads his legs wider and arches his back while releasing a hearty whimper of excitement. 

“Thought you didn’t like it when I pleasure you?” Khimi ponders, his hands spreading both cheeks wide to reveal the winking entrance. 

Lumi enthusiastically shakes his hips, “I kinda like this though…I’m gettin’ used to it,” he grins as he looks back with a mischievous glint in his eyes. 

“Fiend,” Khimi groans with a playful lilt. His thumb edges near the soft flesh and tugs at the entrance as he sinks his teeth into Lumi’s tanned cheek. 

     Yelping, Lumi stretches forward, attempting to escape the bite. Khimi’s arm grabs Lumi’s waist and heaves him back towards him. The tiny Aslan yelps once more as Khimi bites again. 

“Kh-Khimi,” Lumi groans angrily. “That hurts!” 

Khimi releases his bite and whispers against the flesh, “Thought you liked it rough?” 

Lumi purses his lips and hangs his head, pouting. “Fine…Imma have big bite marks on my cheeks now.” 

Khimi smiles, his saliva drips across Lumi’s plump rear. “That’s fine…everyone will know you’re mine.” 

“They already DO!” Lumi growls, his face nudging against the dark wood. 

     Ignoring Lumi’s comment, Khimi continues, a third beastial bite near the previous two on the tender flesh. With the bruises he left on Lumi’s thigh and the bites across his ass, Khimi wonders briefly if Aleyna will worry for Lumi’s safety. The thought vanished from his mind almost instantly. 

“Are we gonna fuck?” Lumi begs, peering between his legs and past his wagging cock.  

Khimi pauses, “Lumi,” he replies calmly, his teeth still deep into the skin. “Patience,” he mutters with a mouthful. 

Lumi groans and slams his cheek against the wooden desk, “Okay, fine,” he replies indignantly. 

     Saliva trails across Lumi’s backside as Khimi pulls back and returns to separating the tan mounds. His massive thumb trails over the entrance as he brings his tongue between Lumi’s cheeks. Again Lumi gasps, his tail flailing suddenly at the sensation brought about by the thick tongue wagging against his anus. Khimi’s thumbs work to spread the entrance while his tongue diligently works. The scent of the oils Lumi had mentioned earlier fills his nose, olive oil and rose. The scent swirls together creating an intoxicating invitation. Little Brat. 

     Khimi’s tongue laps against the pink entrance, the taste of the olive oil mixes in his mouth along with the warmth of his lover. As it loosens to receive more of his tongue’s size, Khimi presses a thumb inside, pulling the entrance open slightly. Lumi whimpers, his chest rises and falls against the desk. His anklets clatter, his legs trembling from the pleasure. 

     Khimi pushes in the digit, Lumi’s hole clenching tightly at first before loosening again. Khimi cannot help himself as he pushes his face firmly between the mounds and sticks his tongue as deeply as he can. 

“Hells,” Lumi murmurs as he tugs the chestwrap off and removes the golden choker which clunks loudly on the desk. “Take off the leggings!” He demands. 

     Just as Khimi presses the full width of his tongue inside, Lumi begins to squirm as he reaches back and pulls at the metallic band along his thigh. Without pulling away from Lumi’s rear, Khimi yanks the first legging down as Lumi straightens his leg, struggling over the toe ring before finally managing to rip it over the Aslan’s toe. The second quickly follows the first, and Khimi pauses to take a moment to appreciate Lumi’s nakedness. 

     As Khimi stares at Lumi before him, his body prepared and ready, he reaches forward and slides his middle finger deep into his lover. Lumi is always warm, unnaturally so, and this time is just the same. The walls cling to his finger and Lumi begins to move his hips to and fro, head tilted and back arched. 

“Khimi,” Lumi moans into the air, his arousal stirring as Khimi pushes in a second finger. “Sex.” 

Khimi scoffs and leans forward as he grabs Lumi’s tail with his free hand. “This is sex.” 

“I mean, proper fuck me,” Lumi mutters as he thrusts his body back against Khimi’s fingers.

Khimi thumbs the connecting joint along Lumi’s tail and applies rough pressure. “We’re gonna run out of time,” he whispers as he feels Lumi’s movements becoming more excited and erratic. 

“Let me—suck you then,” Lumi groans as his tail flops from side to side in Khimi’s hand. 

“Are we bargaining?” 

“No, I’m telling you, let me suck you,” Lumi growls as he rolls his forehead from side to side as Khimi begins to push into him with more aggression. 

Khimi pulls his fingers out of Lumi suddenly and scoffs. “Come’re,” he demands while walking to a low seating area. 

Lumi eyes Khimi as he crosses the room, “Where are you going?” 

“Just come here!” 

Lumi hops from the desk and chases behind Khimi in his nakedness. “Khimi! Khimi!” He repeats as Khimi turns towards him. 

     Khimi grabs Lumi, and lifts him abruptly before tossing him onto a mound of indigo cushions. As Lumi struggles to catch his bearings, Khimi hurriedly kicks off his trousers and stumbles onto the cushions behind Lumi. 

      Lumi reaches for Khimi and pulls him on top of himself. Their bodies pressed together as Khimi brushes his cheek through Lumi’s blonde hair, pausing to nip at his rounded ears. Lumi tilts his head back, lips grazing against Khimi’s and parting. Khimi understands Lumi’s signal, pressing their lips together briefly. 

After a momentary kiss, Khimi sits back against a cushion. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” He asks, raising a brow, a wide grin on his cheeks. 

Lumi stares at Khimi’s groin with a hunger in his eyes. “Y-yeah.” 

     Lumi slides across Khimi’s abdomen with his rear tail facing Khimi as it sweeps across his chest. Khimi cannot help but smile as Lumi coils his body about his groin and begins to handle his length with a gentle admiration. Lumi’s hand wraps about Khimi’s thigh, anchoring him as he begins to fondle Khimi, stroking him slowly. Unable to resist, Khimi slides his hand along Lumi’s back and between the plump cheeks, edging his fingers against Lumi’s entrance. 

     Lumi skims his tongue across Khimi’s length, urged towards it by the massive hand against his shoulder. His fingers carefully peel back the thick foreskin, exposing the swollen head. Lumi looks back with an eagerness in his aetherial eyes, and with a nod from Khimi, Lumi begins to drag his coarse tongue across its entirety in lengthy licks as his fingers tease the oozing slit. 

Illustration by むだ

Khimi’s cock nods against Lumi’s lips, Lumi’s finger pressing against the moistened tip. “Enjoying yourself?” 

     Lumi does not respond, but the slurping sound tells Khimi all he needs to know. Tossing back his head, Khimi closes his eyes. Fingers tense against Lumi’s smooth shoulder, the Aslan’s tail brushes over his chest, the golden rings along the tail clip against his nipple. 

     With a sudden push Khimi thrusts his finger inside of Lumi’s eager entrance, feeling the warm walls cling to him. Lumi shudders before gripping the base of Khimi’s massive girth and bringing the tip to his lips. Gently moving, he positions himself to take more of the length into his throat and with an untold thirst, he forces the head into his mouth, tongue swirling about the tip. The pinprick sensation causes Khimi to suck air through his teeth, his brow pinched in pleasure. The unbelievably coarseness of Lumi’s tongue was a constant source of pleasure. 

“F-fuck,” Khimi groans as he pushes against Lumi’s shoulder, forcing Lumi’s lips to slide further down his shaft. An apology almost leaves his lips before he stops himself, remembering that Lumi enjoys being submissive to his whims. 

     Lumi brings his lips down to the base, the full length jammed into throat. Heavy exhales escape his nostrils as he begins to bob his head over the girthy cock, whimpering as Khimi forces a second finger into his clenched entrance. The warm walls grip to his fingers as he presses them against Lumi’s most sensitive area, causing smooth purrs to rise from deep within. 

     Sex, it was the only thing Khimi could think about but he knew that their time was running short. Within mere moments, the doors would open and Maza and Mamir would return to their duties. Determined to finish, Khimi slides his hand to the base of Lumi’s neck and encourages him to increase his pace, his fingers press against Lumi’s thin frame and press down. Lumi gags slightly, his eyes pinch closed as he chokes on Khimi’s size. The movements quickly become rhythmic as Lumi bobs his head more aggressively, the slurping noises fill the small room. Khimi’s eyes flutter back into his head, the flicking of Lumi’s sharp tongue against his length edges him close to climax. 

“L-Lumi,” Khimi groans, alerting Lumi of his upcoming release. 

     Lumi traces his tongue along the pulsating length, moaning while Khimi slips his fingers in and out with increasing intensity. Khimi’s girth nods aggressively and his fingers tighten on Lumi’s neck, pushing him under the duress of climax. Uncontrollable shaking grips his leg briefly as he begins to unload the warm seed into the depths of Lumi’s throat, his lips pressed nearly to the hilt. 

      Khimi pants, heavy breaths escape from his flaring nostrils as he brings his fingers into Lumi’s hair and coils the strands about his fingers. Lumi’s tongue continues to roll in waves along Khimi’s size, the post orgasm sensitivity with the intensity of Lumi’s tongue proving to be too great.  With a hearty tug, he turns Lumi to face him, saliva and cum still dripping from Lumi’s lips. Khimi’s heart races as he leans forward, his fingers still pressing into Lumi as their lips link together. As he holds Lumi coiled in his arm, their lips together, he can taste the salty taste of his own semen on his lover’s lips. It was much different than Lumi’s which had an almost sweet taste and thinner texture. 

      With an audible BANG, the dark doors slam against the wall. Ennui peers across the room at the two during their moment of passion. 

“Khimi!” Ennui calls, closing the doors behind her with a second loud bang. “You’ve an audience…hurry up,” she grumbles facing the door. 

Lumi whimpers as he pulls back from his kiss and stares at Ennui from across the room. “Do you mind?!” He pleads, unconcerned of his nakedness. 

Khimi closes his eyes, lost from focus, “Hells, can’t they wait?” He grumbles to himself. 

“Can’t he wait?” Ennui scoffs, her hand on either of the brass rings of the door. With a heavy sigh she dips her head, the long black tail behind her swaying with her disdain. “I’ll keep them busy. They’re from the Sanctum. So…finish your business.” 

Lumi’s hand strokes Khimi’s cheek and draws their faces together. With their lips nearly touching, Lumi whispers, “It’s okay if you need to go.” 

“I’m Lord Zeybek now, remember,” Khimi says more of a statement than a question. A confident smirk forms as he brushes his lips over Lumi’s, “Everyone can wait.”

     The doors open and close again with another BANG, leaving them to their devices.