The Faith

The Faith is broken into fourteen main orders, each order has their own beliefs and methods of worship. Each order is led by a Saint, these Saints act as spiritual guides and voices of the Gods. During the current era, the Saints are all at peace with one another, but there is always a constant struggle to attract followers and grow the Faith.

The orders of the Faith are:


Temple: Dusk & Dawn

Location: Sho & Dolmas respectively

Saint(s): Nisha & Niamh

The Half-Elven twin Saints were blessed with divinity and each given a Temple to rule over. Nisha watches over the Temple of Dawn in Sho, while her brother watches over the Temple of Dusk in Dolmas.

The two could not be any more different. Niamh has a dark and brooding sense of humor, while his sister Nisha is light and cheerful, willing to help anyone.

About the Order: The Order has a particular bonding with the celestial bodies. Many within the Order are scholars and students. It is the duty of those who follow this Order of the Faith to be protectors of those who seek shelter from the darkness and to offer comfort to those in need.


Temple: Pagoda of Serenity

Location: Sho, Isle North of Tanpo

Saint: Guiying the Kind

About the Order:


Temple: Sanctum of Balance

Location: Sidi

Saint: Davani the Judge

A curious figure who acts as the ruling figure over Sidi, leading a secret counsel made up of prominent figures throughout the region. The counsel makes decisions regarding the future of Sidi and it’s well being.

The people of Sidi seek her aid during dire needs, but her acolytes are mostly left to pass judgement in regards to smaller affairs.

Davani the Judge

About the Order: The Order is


Temple: Murkwood Temple

Location: Dolmas

Saint: Rajani

Not much is known about the Saint of Death, Rajani. His reputation is dark and his Temple is said to be an ancient ziggurat located within the depths of the Dolman Jungle.

About the Order:


Temple: Bastion of Sages

Location: Several days march, North of Winterholt

Saint: Gilbert the Raven

Gilbert the Raven

About the Order:





About the Order:


Temple: Temple of Flames

Location: Loria

Saint: – – – – – –

About the Order:


Temple: Alter of the Exalted

Location: The Vald

Saint: Caelan the Victorious

About the Order:


Temple: Helios

Location: A flying city above the Lorian Sea

Saint: Xephyr

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Saints: Nina

Saintess Nina

About the Order:


Temple: Cirque De Fortuni

Location: A wandering Temple comprised of miscreants and performers

Saint: Kaiva the Wanderer

Kaiva is a mysterious figure whose form changes constantly. Their face seems to shift with each angle that you look at them. A man, a woman, or a youth? It is difficult to perceive their true form.

About the Order:


Temple: Arabella

Location: Northeast of Runa

Saint: – – – – – – – –

About the Order: The Order was once rich in followers and coin, however, after unfortunate events Arabella was abandoned and the Gods of Nature seemed to fade.

Currently, those who worship the Gods of Nature have no way or method to commune with their Gods, but can feel their touch.


Temple: Sepulcher of Rites

Location: Rhaz

Saint: Sephitis the Lost

Guardian of the Temple: Lilith, Head Priestess of the Temple.

About the Order:


Temple: Temple of the Arcane

Location: The Vald

Saint: Eryse

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