Return to Sidi: ACT III

Header by Nadhir Nor

      The morning light shines through the opaque windows of their bedroom. Lumi does not remember the walk back to Aethra and feels confident that he must have fallen asleep sometime after they ate. Khimi snores beside him, his chest rising and falling with the heavy breaths. Lumi often would wake up before Khimi and wait for him to awaken. There had always been something calming about the way Khimi’s chiseled chest rises and falls with his breathing, and how Khimi pulls the pillows over his eyes in the early morning to shield his eyes from the light. Khimi has slept naked throughout their time together and it is something that Lumi could not help but admire.

      Lumi reaches across Khimi’s chest and pushes his rounded ear against it. Khimi’s beating heart is always so strong and reassuring, a constant comfort for Lumi during the last few years of their adventures. Khimi stirs against his touch and itches behind Lumi’s ears as he yawns. The sun’s morning rays warm against their skin and Lumi pulls himself on top of Khimi as he often does in the morning. Between their bodies, the heat grows to nearly uncomfortably warm. Sweat forms between them within moments.

Khimi sits up on his elbows and presses his lips into Lumi’s hair. “You stink,” he grunts and falls back flat against the mattress.

Lumi moves his hands along Khimi’s muscular arms. “So do you,” he replies without concern. Khimi turns his palm against Lumi’s and their fingers intertwine. “Did I fall asleep?”

Khimi gives him a comforting squeeze and pulls the pillow back over his eyes. “Yeah, after we got sharbat you seemed to start drifting off to sleep.”

“That’s embarrassing,” Lumi mumbles as presses his lips against Khimi’s chest. “You carried me?”

“No, we teleported,” Khimi groans, peering at Lumi from beneath the pillow’s shade. “Yes, I carried you,” he confesses after a lengthy pause.

“It was a long day,” Lumi whispers. “We shoulda stayed in the room and went to the market today.”

Khimi pulls the pillow tight over his head. “Let me sleep a bit more…then we can bathe and go to the market.”

Lumi sighs and looks about the room. The desk across the bed is covered in an assortment of scrolls and a ledger. “How late did you stay up?” He asks quietly.

“Not long after we got back,” Khimi mutters, his body tenses suddenly.

“Liar,” Lumi growls and slaps Khimi playfully. The candles had been burned down to their ends, a telling sign of Khimi’s lie.

“I just…didn’t want to come back without—”

“I know. It’s fine,” Lumi sighs again. “I just want us to enjoy our time when we’re here…before we continue the trials.”

Khimi grumbles incoherently through the pillow.

“What?” Lumi questions before ripping the yellow silk from Khimi’s face. “What’d you say?”

“Why don’t you go take a bath without me?” Khimi whispers.

Lumi pushes himself up from Khimi’s chest and looks him in the eyes with an angered look. “Without you?”

“You’ll be fine,” Khimi says, the dark circles around his eyes speak to the hours of little sleep.

A flash of anger crosses Lumi’s face. “Fine, I’ll go alone…and then all these people will look at me,” he whispers. “I’ll be alone and helpless,” he adds.

Khimi gives him a knowing look. “You’re anything but helpless…and I’ll be right here if you need me,” he groans and reaches for the pillow.

Lumi yanks it away and shakes his head. “If you’re so tired then I’ll leave you alone.”

Khimi blows air through his lips and sits up on his elbows. “Don’t be like that, Lumi.”

“Like what?” Lumi pouts. “You’re the one who stayed up all night and—”

Khimi growls and places his hand on Lumi’s shoulder. “Fine, I’ll get up.”

Lumi slaps the pillow against Khimi’s face. “No. Go back to sleep, since you’re so tired.”

Khimi rolls his eyes briefly then rolls over onto his stomach. “What do you want from me?”

Lumi moves back on top of him, bringing his hands around Khimi’s chest. “I just want to be with you,” he murmurs against Khimi’s muscular back and places a kiss upon one of the many scars adorning his musculature.

“You’re always with me,” Khimi groans groggily against his arm.

“We’re always supposed to be together, remember?” Lumi says as he smacks him on the back of the head with the pillow.

Khimi growls and turns over, grasping Lumi underneath the arms and pulling him tight against his body. “You want to be this close all the time?”

“Y-Yes,” Lumi croaks through Khimi’s vice-like squeeze. “All the time!”

Khimi’s arms tighten further. “Really?”

Lumi peeks open an eye and smiles. “Course,” he grumbles.

Khimi relaxes his embrace and sighs as his hands slide across Lumi’s nakedness. “Give me a little while longer to rest my eyes.”

Lumi’s tail rattles as he places his cheek back on Khimi’s chest. “Okay,” he surrenders as he places his ear back over Khimi’s chest. “Want me to draw the curtains?”

“No, just…” Khimi pauses as he rubs Lumi’s rounded ear, thumbing along the thick cartilage. “Stay here.”

Lumi closes his eyes as the warmth of the sun radiates across his form. “Alright,” he breathes almost inaudibly.

     The hours pass before them in the comforts of the Athera. Though Lumi wakes within an hour after falling asleep, he stays put, listening calmly to Khimi’s breathing. How late did he stay up? Lumi guesses Khimi had come to bed much later than he initially assumed, or rather Khimi had just fallen asleep as he awoke in the morning. There is no reason for Khimi to feel bound to his duty as Lord Zeybek, but Lumi knows just how stubborn Khimi can be. You stubborn man, he thinks to himself as he brings his lips over Khimi’s nipple and teases the dark skin with his sharp fangs.

     Khimi stirs slightly but remains asleep. With caution, Lumi brushes his blonde locks from his face as he begins to suckle with an amorous effort, his tongue flicks against the hardened nipple. Releasing his nipple, Lumi moves his cheek across Khimi’s abdomen, pausing in the dark tufts of abdominal hair. The scent lingers in Lumi’s nose, Khimi’s musk is intense and enticing. He presses his nose into the bed of abdominal hair, causing Khimi’s body to tense suddenly as he stretches his legs against the sheets. Lumi bites his lip in anticipation. It is not unusual for Beastkin to be territorial, but Lumi is obsessive about marking Khimi with his scent. One cheek after the next, he sweeps them back and forth across Khimi, leaving his faint scent across him. The most difficult part is staring at Khimi’s girth lying before his eyes, the length lying over his thigh. Khimi…who gave you such a fat cock? Trying not to arouse himself too much, he turns away and continues to sniff at the coarse hairs. The scent of Khimi’s salty sweat and their exertions only add to the alluring scent of Khimi’s musk.

     Maybe I can just touch it a little, Lumi thinks as he reaches for the chubby shaft. His hands immediately feel at home on Khimi’s size while he squeezes it gently, bringing soft moans from Khimi. Lumi lays his cheek across Khimi’s stomach as he begins to stroke the girth in his hands with gentle strokes, his fingers cannot encompass the size, and they look so small against it. A smile forms on Lumi’s lips as he feels Khimi hardening against his touch, the member steadily growing rigid, the foreskin peeling back over the flared head. Within moments, precum beads from the tip and Khimi releases another groan.

     Lumi thinks back to a previous encounter with a particularly prickly acolyte who had accused him of being shameless. You’re right, Calix…I have no shame, he thinks as he chuckles to himself. His tongue slides along his lips while he eyes the viscous liquid dripping in a thin line into Khimi’s bed of pubic hair. Unable to help himself, Lumi draws nearer and places his tongue into the dripping stream. The taste is salty with a bit of sweetness; Khimi never tastes quite the same and Lumi relishes trying his flavor every time. His tongue follows the trail of precum to the tip and begins to roll his tongue against the head in waves.

     Khimi’s foot kicks out from under him as he grumbles quietly in his sleep. Lumi looks back at Khimi’s pinched face and cannot help but smile. Gently handling Khimi’s size, Lumi finishes peeling back the foreskin and puts the tip into the warmth of his mouth. With a bit of work, he manages to take Khimi’s size past the tip as he begins to nod his head over the shaft. The idea of waking Khimi enters his mind briefly before he forces the thought away. This had been part of their usual morning ritual for some time. On occasion, Lumi would ride him or pleasure himself with Khimi’s length in the early morning, but this had always been his favorite. Being able to taste Khimi brings him a sense of joy and allows him to feel a closeness with him.

      As Lumi continues to stroke Khimi, he pulls the length from his mouth and stares at the leaking slit. A grin forms on Lumi’s lips as he feels the veins along the side beginning to throb. Khimi seems to cum quicker when he’s asleep and it had been something Lumi enjoyed knowing. The idea that Khimi would fight to stave off his orgasm to be with him longer makes Lumi feel a sense of arousal. Cum for me, Khimi, he thinks to himself as he stares at the flared head with hungry eyes. He presses his tongue just against the slit and strokes with more fervor and eagerness, feeling Khimi’s body tensing from the pleasure. Khimi’s leg twitches, Lumi’s favorite sign of the oncoming orgasm. With his lips parted wide, his tongue just beneath Khimi’s tip, waves of milky cream shoot into Lumi’s mouth. The thick liquid hits the back of his throat and causes him to wince before he regains his composure and feels the remaining cum pour over his tongue. Desperate for every bit, he closes his lips over the tip and sucks at the slit, drawing out any remaining milk from within.

      With a glance back, he ensures Khimi is still asleep as he begins to lick along the shaft and tip, cleaning every part carefully. Once he is finished, he sighs and rests his chin on Khimi’s hip and stares at his sleeping lover with a longing desire. WAKE UP, he thinks to himself as he groans, still destructively aroused by Khimi’s sleeping form. As if to tease him, Khimi begins to snore in a low and dull hum, causing Lumi’s eyes to widen in aggravation. He pulls at his hair in frustration, wanting desperately to wake him. The whip-like tail slaps against the bed as he pulls himself up against Khimi, sliding under his arm.

“Wake up,” Lumi whispers quietly, a smirk on his face. “Wake up, sleepy.”

Khimi continues to snore a deep and droning snore.

Lumi’s face screws up in annoyance as he guides Khimi’s arm behind his form and presses his hand against his soft rear. “Finger me,” he pleads, “touch me.”

Khimi’s head tilts to the side and he opens one eye slightly. “You’re supposed to be sleeping,” he says in a dull and exhausted whisper.

“It’s been hours now,” Lumi says in a hurried whisper. “Do you really need to sleep this much?”

Yes,” Khimi groans and closes his eyes again. “I didn’t sleep last night.”

“Not my fault,” Lumi grimaces.

“Play with yourself,” Khimi offers quietly.

“P-Play with myself?” Lumi grumbles as he gently humps his body against Khimi’s side.

Khimi raises his brow with his closed eyes and groans incoherently as he slides his fingers between the cleft of Lumi’s soft rear.

Lumi smiles cheerfully and presses his lips to the side of Khimi’s chest. “You know where to put it…”

Khimi breathes a quiet snort, his eyes still resting as he begins to move his fingers against the soft entrance, pushing his middle and ring finger slightly into the warmth of the padded walls. “Ridiculous,” he grumbles, “you always get what you want, don’t you?”

Lumi looks up at Khimi with a look of disbelief, “Nah u–” his words cut off by the suddenness of Khimi’s fingers penetrating him. “I-I,” he begins in a whimper.

“Yeah, you do,” Khimi says plainly as his thick digits push against the soft padded walls. “This is what you want, is it?” Both amusement and annoyance are clear in his tone.

Lumi pants, his breath suddenly shaky as his arousal slaps gently against Khimi’s side. “Y-Yeah,” he whispers with a satisfied moan.

Khimi brings his other palm against his face, sliding it over his eyes. “What would the other Saints think…” he begins in a whisper, “if they knew how depraved the Saint of Flames really was?”

Lumi’s breath sweeps against Khimi’s chest, “Oh, I think some of them have an idea.”

“Lilith doesn’t count.”

“Nina does,” Lumi scoffs as he lets out a loud moan while Khimi presses his fingers forcefully against his most sensitive parts.

Khimi chuckles and pushes his fingers to the knuckle inside of Lumi. “I don’t think she knows…exactly how you are,” he says as he sits up and watches Lumi squirm.

“I-I think they’d a-appreciate me,” Lumi stammers, “f-for being w-who I am.”

Khimi stifles a laugh, sliding his fingers in and out of Lumi repeatedly. “Fine, what about the followers of your order?”

Lumi gasps as he feels himself driven nearer to climax. He turns to Khimi at his question and shakes his head. “What they don’t know…”

“Won’t hurt them?” Khimi finishes with a smirk on his face, “that’s what I thought.”

     Lumi runs his leg up and down Khimi’s thigh as the sensation of being filled by Khimi’s fingers becomes overwhelming. His pink arousal shakes against Khimi’s side and Lumi begins to move his hips in rhythm with the fingers inside of him.

“C’mon, Kitten,” Khimi whispers, “you can cum.”

Obeying his request, Lumi’s body shudders. “Khi–” he moans as his body tenses with climax. The whip-like tail swishes behind him as waves of pleasure come across him, his entrance clenches down on Khimi’s fingers.

With a smile on his face, Khimi stares at the puddles of warm semen spread across his abdomen. He pushes his fingers against the tender insides, massaging along the sensitive area he had come to know so well. “Good job,” he praises with a ravenous smile.

Lumi breathes against Khimi, resting his head against his chest. “Your fingers— they feel so good,” he squeaks softly, dropping his forehead flat against Khimi’s chest.

Khimi slowly pulls his wet fingers from within Lumi and begins to follow the length of his tail. Stopping to roll the golden tail ring between his thumb and forefinger. “I’m surprised,” he whispers almost to himself, “you still wear it, after all of this time. Even after all of your comments about it being too much…or that it brings too much attention.”

“Well…it’s only ever come off a few times. And I only take the choker off ‘cause it’s annoying to sleep in sometimes,” Lumi whispers as he looks up into Khimi’s eyes.

Khimi itches at the scar on his cheek. “I didn’t mean it. About the followers, they shouldn’t care what you do.”

Lumi shakes his head, leaving his face buried against his chest. “It didn’t bother me…you know I’d rather be with you anyway…than lead the devout. It just isn’t me.”

Khimi thumbs along the ring and brushes over the rich blue sapphire. “Eventually…you’ll have to,” he whispers. “The Gods won’t let you keep doing this forever…”

“The Gods have an eternity…we don’t,” Lumi replies with a sudden seriousness in his tone. He sits up and looks at Khimi. “Let’s talk about something else. Like…the market!”

“I was thinking about bringing you somewhere,” Khimi begins in a whisper, his gaze fixed on the tail ring. “There is a cove some distance away from here. I went there as a child sometimes.”

“You never mentioned it,” Lumi murmurs, “it must be special if you kept it a secret.”

“It’s not a secret…it just slipped my mind. I’ll bring you tomorrow,” Khimi says as a smile forms on his lips and he turns to Lumi.

Lumi juts his chin into Khimi’s chest and looks him in the eyes. “So…market again?”

“Bath,” Khimi snorts. “You smell like a sweaty boy.”

Lumi’s brow pinches at the comment. “Whatever…I happen to like the smell.”

Khimi shakes his head as he begins to laugh. “We can go to the market after. I figured you’d want some Sidian red anyway…while we’re here, no?”

Lumi nods slowly in agreement. “Drinking always sounds good.”

“So it does,” Khimi smiles as he brings his hand through Lumi’s hair.