Rashid Sarkis

Art by Ruffy

Rashid spent his youth working under the Sanctum of Balance as a Paladin. He served under the Saintess Davani and fought alongside Ziad Zeybek to protect Sidi from the dangers of the Desert Cities. In his middle years, Rashid was asked to serve as an advisor to Ziad, his closest friend at the time. After the birth of Khimi, Rashid was tasked with serving as his guardian and protector.

Through these years, Rashid grew to see Khimi as his own, wanting nothing more than to protect him from the cruelties of his father.

Personality: Rashid is a playful and kindly man. He offers his advice to Khimi without restraint and often times will push his opinions without regard. He has a penchant testing people’s patience.

Race: Human

Fighting: As a skilled fighter from the Sanctum of Balance, Rashid has trained with scimitar and shield as well as many other weapons. He carries with him a shamshir which is a Sarkis family heirloom. During combat or when expecting a fight, Rashid will wear armor and carry a shield with him.

Abilities: As a paladin bonded with the Saintess Davani, Rashid is able to draw on the magick of the Gods. He is capable of lesser healing magick as well as other subtle shielding magick.