One Too Many

 In the comforts of the Rhazian Estate, Khimi had recently finished hours of droning meetings and requested that Lumi join him in the Grand Hall. Lumi, having been asleep at the time of his summons, arose excitedly from Khimi’s bed in a state of complete dishevelment. His fluffy blonde hair stuck up in lengthy tufts, the fur at the edge of his tail was knotted and crimped. 

     In his haste, Lumi partially dressed, pulling on a thong and his outer sarouel, which left his thighs exposed. Appearances never bothered Lumi, he dressed in what he thought looked good or what he thought was comfortable. The only time he ever worried about his appearance was when he wanted to impress Khimi, and even then he knew Khimi only wanted to see his naked form. With a hearty tug, he pulls on his open half-shirt then leaves the comforts of Khimi’s room and crosses the yard towards the Grand Hall.  

     The Grand Hall’s ebony doors were thrown open, a potted pomegranate propped each door open. The heat had been sweltering as of late, and the coastal breeze provided a comforting relief within the stagnant walls of the Estate. As he stepped inside, his feet padded against the cool marble flooring until he stumbled upon the ornate seating area where Khimi waited. 

     Beautiful cerulean banners hung across the hall, emblazoned with the seven pointed star, the symbol of the Cerulean Star, the symbol of the Zeybek family, and their merchant empire. Murals depicting navel scenes and vessels setting out from harbor were carefully hand painted on the high ceilings by skilled artisans. Dozens of exotic plants in clay pots were spread around the room, creating an inviting atmosphere. While colorful cushions on top of equally colorful rugs spoke of the comforts known only to those who could afford such luxury.  Lumi had only heard of places this grandiose while at the Temple, yet even there he could hardly believe that anyone truly lived in such a rich environment. 

    Khimi sat among the comforts of the cushions, a dubious look upon his face. Sweat glistened across his copper skin, his close cropped black hair matted by the sweat. His head was tilted back as he watched the cerulean banner gently wave in the heat of the Grand Hall. A maroon silk cloth covered his groin, revealing the sculpted abdomen and tufts of abdominal hair visible. Everytime Lumi glanced upon Khimi’s form he could not help but feel an overwhelming surge of emotions and as if noticing Lumi for the first time, Khimi gestures to the cushions across from him with a dismissive hand.     

“Khimi,” Lumi says, taking another wandering glance about the look of the Grand Hall before plopping down on the sandy-toned cushions. 

“Lumi,” Khimi replies with a knowing grin. 

Lumi smirks, leaning forward as he forces the bottoms of his feet together, his tail waving behind him merrily. “You look smug,” he teases. 

Khimi reaches for the goblet beside him, his fingers tapping against the base of the glass. “Perhaps I’m feeling a bit smug.” 

“You’re drunk?” Lumi questions, noting the bottle of half empty spirits beside him. 

“Takes a lot more than this to make me drunk, but I wanted you to drink with me,” Khimi replies as he motions to the bottles of red on a low lying table nearby. 

“Are we celebrating?” 

Khimi scoffs, “No, do we need to be celebrating to drink?” 

    It did not take a celebration to give cause for Lumi to drink, and since he met Khimi it became something of a pastime they shared, albeit one which Khimi seemed to enjoy just as much if not much more than he did. Lumi was often annoyed at just how quickly alcohol affected him and equally as annoyed with just how resilient Khimi seemed to be to the substance. 

Lumi grabs the unstopped bottle from the table and begins to bring it to his lips only to stop as he notices Khimi’s scalding gaze. “Fine,” he mutters as snatches a thick glass goblet from the table. “It doesn’t matter…it’s going in the same plac—”

“It tastes better when you let it breathe,” Khimi interrupts as he pushes the goblet over the top of the table in a circular motion. 

Lumi purses his lips, “You’re not even drinking wine!” He pouts, as he begins to pour the wine into his goblet. 

“You can’t drink this,” Khimi murmurs. “I think it’d kill you…at least judging from your reaction with most other alcohol.” 

Lumi’s ears stand up slightly. “That’s…not true!”

“Right, and the last time you drank anything stronger than wine you couldn’t even form words,” Khimi begins, a slight smile forming across his collected expression. “I mean…I don’t mind, you can drink what you like,” he adds quietly. 

Upending the bottle, the red dark red liquid pours into the thick glass goblet. “You know,” Lumi whispers, peering over the glass. “I’d think you were trying to tempt me to lure me into drinking the heavy stuff.” 

Khimi chokes, then laughs before waving his hand. “No, no. I’m just worried about you.” 

“Really?” Lumi asks, with a cheery smile. 

“No.” Khimi replies coldly. 

Lumi’s lips thin into an angry line. “Y-you’re the worst.” 

Khimi laughs and brings the chalice to his lips, “I’m just playing with you. Of course I’m worried. Ouzo, arak…really any distilled spirit seems to really mess with you.” 

“And nothing affects you,” Lumi whispers under his breath. “You’re always drinkin’, so you’re just — you just can’t get drunk!” 

Khimi rolls his eyes, “A man can still enjoy his drink without experiencing being drunk. Though, the feeling is still fun nonetheless.” 

Lumi brings the chalice to his nose and inhales the strong scent of the wine. “Well, you’ve already had a head start—” he pauses as he downs half the glass in a single gulp. 

Khimi groans and shakes his head. “Hells…that’s a — nevermind. Whatever you want, Kitten.” 

Lumi wipes his lips free of the wine before bringing the chalice back to his lips and taking another gulp. “Did you really need to send a servant for me?” 

Khimi props his chin on his knuckles. “I’m tired, I didn’t feel like getting up.” 

Lumi smiles and begins to chuckle, “You must actually be drunk if you can’t get up off the floor.” 

Khimi raises his brow, “OR, if you have the means, you may as well take advantage of it from time to time,” he murmurs thoughtfully, before taking another sip from the glass. 

“And how is it that the young Lord Zeybek finds himself in such a state?” Lumi says as he motions at Khimi’s lack of apparel. “I mean…your last meeting. Did all the old men undress around you? Did yo—”

Khimi scoffs, “You’ve got an imagination. There is n—”

“All them wrinkly bodies…old man eyes staring at you and your tanned skin,” Lumi whispers, biting his lip as he looks Khimi up and down. 

“You’ve got an overactive imagination. Seriously, it was just a bunch of old men begging for the Cerulean Star’s support…nothing untoward. Besides, why are you looking at me like that? Are you plotting to eat me?”  

“I—maybe,” Lumi resigns, quickly returning to his glass. “You know…I can come to these meetings. It doesn’t bother me. Listening to all these people talking. I feel like I don’t know anything about what you do,” he says as he downs the remaining bit of wine in his glass. 

Khimi closes his eyes, a pained expression on his face. Lumi was unsure if it was from his question or watching him down the Sidian red in such a callous manner. “I think it serves us both well…keeping this part of our lives separate. You get to do whatever you want, whenever you want, and I just have to endure…hours of listening to other peop—”

“But I could listen with you!” Lumi says in his excitement. “It can’t be that dull.” 

“You don’t understand,” Khimi reiterates. “Imagine having people always asking you for something, always wanting something. Then explaining why they deserve something from you.” 

Lumi ponders his words as he begins to fill the glass goblet once again. “Well, I could…listen for you one day. I’ll take notes…”

“Lumi…you can barely read,” Khimi mutters from behind his glass. “I can’t ask you t—”

“I can draw things that have meaning to what they say, then I’ll remember them, then tell you what they mean.” 

Khimi rubs the bridge of his nose as he hides the smile on his lips. “Alright, sure. I’ll let you handle a bunch of merchants and see what you come up with.” 


“No,” Khimi says plainly, looking over his glass. 

     Despite knowing that Khimi spoke the truth, Lumi can not help but feel dismissed by his lover. There were so many times he wished he could help Khimi, but he knew that any attempts he made would only be met with scrutiny. 

“Well,” Lumi replies, his brow pinched. “I bet,” he begins in a whisper. “A bunch of old merchants would rather look at me, than…I dunno, a beat up fool.” 

“If you’re referring to myself,” Khimi begins, the corner of his lips tugging into a smile. “I’m confident in my appearanc— actually, what in th— what are you wearing?” 

Lumi admires his own appearance briefly and beams at Khimi. “Oh! Do you like it?” 

Khimi lowers his glass back to the table. “It’s…certainly something,” he murmurs under his breath. 

“But you like it?” Lumi asks with hopefully pleading eyes. 

Khimi leans back on the cushions and rests his arm to the side. “Well I like it,” he says, rapping his knuckle gently against his temple in thought. “I’m sure…everyone has their opinions on the things you wear.” 

Lumi brings the goblet to his lips. “As long as you like it…” He says before taking a generous drink of the libation. Clearing his throat as he lowers the glass and smiles, “So why ARE you wearing…that?”

    Lumi could not help but to stare at Khimi’s form, the maroon cloth covering his groin hugged against the heavy slab resting between his legs. Lumi coughs and turns his eyes away briefly, bringing the goblet to his lips again. The lengthy whip-like tail behind him smashes into a cushion, revealing his excitement as color begins to race into his cheeks. 

Khimi flashes his teeth in a smile and closes his eyes as he begins to laugh. “Because of that.” 

“To make me uneasy?!” Lumi questions as he chokes on his wine. 

“It’s fun,” Khimi begins, his eyes fixed on Lumi as if he were prey. “Watching you act all nervous around me. It’s like the roles have reversed since we met. At least…sometimes.” 

Sometimes!” Lumi croaks, “Sometimes is right! Sometimes you get all…scaredy,” he adds, waving his hands, the goblet sloshing wine across the cushions. 

Khimi laughs, “Sometimes,” he begins with a smile. “You come at me during the most inopportune times, rubbing on me, letting me feel your…” he pauses as he sucks his teeth. A slight twitch against the maroon cloth told Lumi where their conversation would be headed. “When Revya was here last time…when you embraced me, and grabbed my waist. Do you have any idea how difficult it was for me to restrain myself?”

“Hard?” Lumi questions, his ears twitching as he tilts his head. 

Khimi nods in response. “Hard is one way to put it.” 

Lumi gulps another drink of wine, sloshing the liquid in the bottle with his free hand before topping off the goblet. “W-would you rather me be cold and distant?” 

“Why would I want that?”  

“I wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable,” Lumi sasses as he squirms on the cushions in an attempt to find comfort. “I could just…I dunno, keep my distance.”

“As much as I admire you for saying you’d make such an effort…no,” Khimi replies as he shakes his head sternly. Leaning back into the cushion he begins again, “I like…how you are. Besides, getting every opportunity to feel you up…brings a modicum of joy to my life.” 

“How dull a life you must live,” Lumi mocks. “That getting to fondle a young acolyte such as myself is the most exciting part of your day.” 

“You make me sound like a pervert,” Khimi whispers quietly, turning his head towards the open doors. 

     Khimi’s earrings catch the light, drawing Lumi’s eye towards the beautiful golden ornaments hanging from his ears. On most days, Lumi recalled seeing Khimi wear them, they were a staple of his appearance, but they also reminded him of one of his favorite things — the sound of those golden earrings clattering together as Khimi ruthlessly fucked him. 

Lumi draws his knees together, hiding the arousal stirring from beneath his thong. “Well, you are,” he whispers in response. 

“I’m n—” Khimi begins, pausing at Lumi staring back at him with wide eyes. “Am I a pervert if it’s only with you?” 

“I’ve heard you say things to Ennui,” Lumi mutters before taking another lengthy sip. “Then I heard Rashid pointing women out to you once.” 

Khimi’s brow raises as he stifles a laugh, “Yes, because I’ve such an interest. And…I’ve just never really thought about relationships much until you forced your way into my life.” 

Forced,” Lumi mouths to himself. “I don’t think I forced my way int—”

“I’m happy it happened,” Khimi says as he holds up his hand for Lumi to stop. “I didn’t mean to sound…hurtful.” 

Lumi pauses, placing the goblet on the rug between his knees and taps the rim. “Besides, even if I did…it’s not like I knew who you were. I just knew we were supposed to be together,” he whispers softly. “But anyway, if you want me to touch you less…you can just say so.” 

Khimi swipes his palm across his face. “You’re not hearing me…I said I enjoyed it. I…like that you feel comfortable around me,” he smirks, averting his gaze as he does. “People seldom do.” 

    Lumi peers down at the goblet between his knees, the legs of wine along the inner rim of the glass run down back into the shaking liquid. The thought of ever upsetting Khimi was overwhelming, but hearing his words managed to lighten his mood. 

“Lumi,” Khimi says firmly, trying to grab his attention. “I said I liked it. You can touch me however you please…are you listening?” 

Lumi looks up from the glass, “Yeah,” he says, his rounded ears twitching at Khimi’s words. “I was just thinkin’…about that time when Revya was here.”  

“Oh, What about it?” Khimi inquires with a knowing smile crossing his lips. 

“Did…I really make that meeting harder for you?” 

“Only my cock,” Khimi replies, a smug grin on his face. “I’ve said it plenty, but just being around you is dangerous for me.” 

“You should say that more,” Lumi whispers into the goblet as he brings it to his lips with both hands. After drinking another heavy sip, he sighs. “I like feeling close to you…and sometimes around other people I want them to know that I’m with you.” 

Khimi scoffs, moving the glass carefully in his hand, the amber liquid swirling at the bottom. “Do you honestly believe everyone in Rhaz isn’t aware by now?” He asks, a gentle sigh following his words. “Lumi, I know that…I’m not as affectionate as you want me t—”

“No, no!” Lumi exclaims, “I love who you are! I’m just…happy when we’re together. I can’t explain it well, but…I don’t care what anyone else thinks of us.” 

Khimi tilts his head back slightly in contemplation. “As much as I want to say I’m of the same mind, that road will take me much longer than I care to admit, but you’ve helped me walk much further down that path…to feeling happier.” 


Khimi purses his lips and grins at the banner swaying gentle overhead. “Yeah, I would say.” 

“That is a cause for celebration!” Lumi cheers, grabbing the half-full bottle of wine and bringing it directly to his lips. 

Khimi chuckles as he watches, downing the remnants of the distilled beverage. “To happiness,” he says, raising his goblet. 

“To happiness!” Lumi cheers, raising the bottle with his tail swaying behind him gaily. 

    Nearly an hour had passed since they toasted to their happiness and the heat only seemed to grow more by the moment. Lumi listened enthusiastically about the happenings of Khimi’s day while nodding as if he understood half of what he was referencing. Khimi seemed to understand Lumi’s misplaced enthusiasm and quickly changed the subject to something more comprehensible — sex. 

“Remember the night after Revya left?” Khimi questions, the smugness returning to his smile.

Lumi’s fangs flash across his smile in delight. “How could I forget?! You were so tired that you let me do all the work!” 

Khimi chokes as he begins to pour more of the amber liquid into his goblet. “We seem to remember things differently. I specifically remember fucking you many times, then saying that I was exhausted from being up since dawn.” 

Lumi purses his lips as he begins to crawl towards him across the Rhazian rug. “Yeah, and then you stayed up till dawn anyway.” 

“Against my will,” Khimi adds through narrowed eyes. 

“Well, I mean…I guess I could just leave,” Lumi teases with a glance at the door. 

“Whatever you want,” Khimi says plainly as he takes a sip from his goblet. 

Lumi cannot help the goofy smile forming on his lips, or the fit of laughter as he crawls towards Khimi. “Shut up,” he mutters as he places his hand on Khimi’s shin and slides it up his leg. The thick black hairs tickle his palm, sweat glistening across his form from the heat. “You can’t pretend with me.” 

Khimi takes another deep swig of the spirit before setting it on the table beside him, “You’re going to do all the work then?” He questions as Lumi crawls onto his lap. 

    Lumi could feel the instantaneous nodding of Khimi’s cock below him, the bulging head pressing through the maroon fabric. The heavy scent of the distilled spirits fills Lumi’s nose, along with the scent of Khimi’s sex and sweat. His partner’s scent was so strong that Lumi could identify him surrounded by others in a crowd, and being this close overwhelmed him every time. Lumi reaches forward and grabs hold of Khimi’s shoulder, his lips drawing near to his face. Khimi’s warm breath sweeps across his face as he drags his tongue across Khimi’s stubbled chin and over his lips. Repeatedly, Lumi laps his tongue against Khimi’s lips. 


Lumi continues, ignoring Khimi’s words. Each lick filling his mouth with the complex and desirable taste of his lover. “You know,” he whispers after a momentary respite. “Earlier…I was thinking about how much I appreciate those earrings,” he adds, tilting his head with a lusty look in his eyes. 

Khimi thumbs the golden ornament dangling from his ear, “These? Why?” He asks as he studies the drunk Aslan’s expression. 

Lumi brings his lips closer to Khimi’s ear, his chest pressing against Khimi’s chest. “Because, I like how they sound when you fuck me,” he murmurs softly. 

“Well then,” Khimi smiles as Lumi pulls back with a drunken smirk. The golden necklace jingles as he leans back against the cushion. “You can continue,” he says, his knuckle resting against his temple as he watches Lumi with a lust filled gaze. 

Lumi’s skin flush with color brushes against Khimi before he sits up straight and begins to remove the short waistcoat. “Oh, you’re letting me continue?” 

“Yeah,” Khimi replies softly. “I’m letting you.” 

“Alright then,” Lumi grumbles, tossing the waistcoat to the side. “Then…let me do all the work this time.” 

“Fine,” Khimi mutters and pulls the maroon cloth from his waist, revealing his eager cock nodding in excitement.  

     Lumi beams happily at Khimi’s words as he nestles his rear against Khimi’s groin, feeling the hardening girth beneath him tapping between his cheeks. 

“Aren’t you going to take that off?” Khimi questions, stopping himself as he reaches for Lumi’s sarouel. 

“Why?” Lumi asks, his ears shake in excitement. “I can just do this,” he beams, lifting himself up and slipping the thong to the side. A heavy discoloration shows across the front of the fabric, precum soaking through the cloth. 

“Hells,” Khimi mutters under his breath, covering his mouth to hide the revealing grin on his face. 

     Lumi carefully guides the length between his cheeks, pulling down the foreskin as he begins shaking his hips and allowing the flared head to nudge against his tail. Precum drips across his rear and against his tight entrance as Lumi grinds his hips back and forth rhythmically. 

    Khimi brings his knees in as Lumi lifts himself higher, the Aslan fondling the length beneath him, nudging the tip against his soft hole. Lumi places his hand on Khimi’s thigh and squeezes his cheeks as he begins to press downwards, his cheerful expression briefly becomes pained as the sensation of Khimi’s bulky head pushes against him. It always hurts, Lumi tells himself as he begins to feel his fleshy insides pressed upon by Khimi’s overbearing girth. 

Illustration by むだ

Lumi drunkenly smiles, his feet planted at Khimi’s sides, his hands pressed to Khimi’s abdomen. “How does it feel?” 

“You already know,” Khimi murmurs quietly, eyes fixated on the entertainment before him as he begins to reach for Lumi’s waist only to stop himself once again. 

     As Lumi begins to move, he can feel Khimi’s girth press inside of him, with each movement up and down it glides deeper within, and for every bit it moves deeper inside of him, he wants to scream in pleasure. And only a few short moments later the whimpers begin to escape his lips, sweat begins to bead across his glistening body, and Khimi’s eyes seem to glaze over with lust. 

     The sweat dripping from his shoulders pools against the golden armbands before rolling down his forearms and onto Khimi’s abdomen. Lumi could tell with each passing moment that Khimi wanted desperately to take control. 

    The sound of Lumi’s rear sucking in Khimi’s length echoes through the Grand Hall and both seem to forget themselves as Lumi’s moans and whimpers grow in intensity. Khimi maintains his silence, watching with hungry eyes as Lumi’s body bobs up and down over his cock, the thong string rolling against his shaft with each of Lumi’s moments. 

“Quicker,” Khimi groans suddenly, a somewhat exasperated look on his face. 

    Lumi lifts himself higher, his entrance clinging tight against the member jammed inside. Cautiously he moves up and down only allowing the bulky head into his warm insides. 

“Tease,” Khimi snorts, his fingers anxiously twitching. 

Lumi is unsure of when he came, but as he looks down he notices the heavy cream-like substance oozing through the front of his thong. “S-sorry,” he mutters in a hoarse whisper, dipping himself lower once again. 

Khimi shushes him as he nuzzles his head back into the cushion. “Keep going, Kitten,” he says with a pleased smile. 

     Aiming to please Khimi, Lumi continues to move eagerly, gradually forcing Khimi deeper inside of himself. The tip nudges against his most sensitive areas, bringing unspoken murmurs of pleasure from his parted lips. The bulge at the front of Lumi’s thong leaks profusely with each stroke, dripping heavily across Khimi’s coarse abdominal hairs. Legs straining, Lumi’s body trembles as he pants heavily, sweat dripping from his brow across Khimi. 

“Tired?” Khimi inquires with a cocksure grin. 

Lumi pauses, his head leaned forward, sweat dripping from his blonde locks. “I’m okay,” he pants, moving slowly and purposefully on top of Khimi. 

     As Lumi moves the fabric to the side, he reveals his arousal shaking with a hurried eagerness. Unable to stop himself, he begins to fondle the head, thumbing beneath the flared head. His head tilts towards the ceiling and a yelp of elation parts from his lips, his weakened body moving continuously as he fights against his cramping muscles. 

    The corner of Khimi’s lip jerks as he watches Lumi, impatience clear on his face. The first rounds of sex between them were always a battle for control, and Khimi seemingly could no longer restrain his desire. 

     Lumi pants heavily, his hand resting on Khimi’s thigh to keep himself up. Khimi’s calloused hand slides along his outer thigh and pauses on his hip, the thick fingers squeezing tight onto the gentle blue fabric. Lumi releases a sigh of relief, his muscles exhausted from the lengthy exertion. With unbridled force, Khimi forces Lumi along his shaft repeatedly, his other hand joining on the Aslan’s waist. Lumi can feel his body clinging desperately to Khimi, his supple rear slapping against his lover’s groin. 

     Khimi breaths heavily with each motion, his hips slowly starting to buck against Lumi, the full length pushing against Lumi’s deepest parts. Khimi pauses, his heavy testicles pressed against the hungry entrance, his cock pressed to the hilt against the warm walls. This was everything that Lumi wanted, to feel Khimi’s unfettered desire. After a few heavy breaths, Khimi continues, bouncing Lumi aggressively on his shaft. Deep purrs begin to escape from within Lumi as his vision blurs. This is heaven, he thinks, his mind numb to everything but their pleasure. 

“Fuck,” Khimi murmurs, grunting as he watches Lumi’s arousal bob up and down, Lumi’s seed spilling across his abdomen. 

Lumi can not form the words that come to his lips, each time Khimi raises his hips against him, it is as if his thoughts are lost to the pleasure. Fuck—Khimi. Hells—cock…it’s too much! Khimi!” He wails in bliss, his words echoing through the Grand Hall. 

     Khimi’s fingers tighten on Lumi’s waist, digging deep depressions into the soft flesh, nails scratching against the fabric of Lumi’s sarouel. Lumi can feel everything, the sensation of Khimi’s girth pulsing inside of him, the tightness of his entrance squeezing against Khimi with each of their movements, the foreskin sliding back and forth over Khimi’s bulky head against his soft insides. 

“Fuck!” Khimi groans again, his face pinched in pleasure as he bucks his hips while pushing Lumi down onto his length. The Aslan’s tail stands on end as Khimi pierces his depths. 

     Khimi’s face screws up in pleasure, his legs shudder from the intensity of his orgasm. Lumi can feel the warmth of Khimi’s seed filling him, gradually pressing inside as Khimi’s sack constricts, forcing the full weight of his load against the soft walls. Lumi’s head tilts from side to side while he catches his breath, a slow forming smile crosses his lips as his eyes meet Khimi’s. 

Khimi shakes his head, slapping his hands against Lumi’s soft rear. “Fuck,” he repeats. 

Sweat pours from Lumi’s drenched hair down his flush complexion. “Hells,” he rasps in pleasure. “It’s so warm.” 

Khimi reaches for Lumi’s tail and follows the length to the golden ring, “That so?” 

“Y-yeah,” Lumi pants, “I love it,” he admits with a sudden embarrassment. 

Khimi tugs against Lumi’s waist and Lumi’s chest lurches against Khimi, their bodies still connected. “I’m glad,” he whispers smoothly into the Aslan’s rounded ears. 

Lumi nudges his face against Khimi’s chest, the deep purrs vibrating against his lover. “My butt hurts,” he whispers. 

Khimi snorts at first then begins to chuckle, unable to stop himself from releasing a hearty laugh. “You wanted it, I could tell,” he says as his thumb continues to twist the golden band around the coarse hair. “You know,” he begins with a more serious tone as he clears his throat. “I never thought it would be like this…” 

Illustration by むだ

“Like what?” 

“That I could be happy.” 

Lumi remains silent, his lips pressed against Khimi’s chest as he weighs the importance of the words just uttered by his soulmate.

The deep guttural purrs are answer enough for Khimi as he places a kiss atop Lumi’s wet blonde hair.