Art by むだ

Born into the Black Sands tribe as Sevket, son of Sef and Tabia, Lumi faced difficulties from the start. His father, a harsh and demanding leader, blamed him for his mother’s death and saw him as weak in comparison to other aslan. Growing up in a society that valued strength above all else, Sevket was constantly mistreated by his family and peers due to his smaller, weaker stature. Despite the occasional support from others in the tribe, Sevket knew he would never be fully accepted or respected. By the time he reached his tenth year, he had resigned himself to a life of servitude and submission to those stronger than him. His family’s treatment towards him only worsened over time, with his brother Sevrin becoming particularly cruel and abusive towards him. Seeking solace and escape from his tormentors, Sevket began sleeping under the stars each night, praying to Stella Solaris for deliverance from his suffering.

As a young teenager, Sevket was challenged by his brother Sevrin to a fight in front of the entire tribe. Knowing he could not win, Sevket refused and lost the respect of his fellow tribespeople. His rejection only fueled Sevrin’s resentment, causing him to isolate and physically abuse Sevket. However, there were others in the tribe who had also suffered at the hands of Sevrin’s violence and they offered Sevket simple yet tough advice: “The meek can survive.” Reluctantly, Sevket took their words to heart. During the winter solstice, he went through an aslan ceremony where he and other youth were tasked with crossing the desert within one full moon cycle. Despite being weaker than the others, Sevket persevered until he was ambushed by his brother at nightfall. Once again, Sevrin beat him. But this time, he went further, asserting his dominance over his younger brother until he no longer had the will to continue. 

Sevket found himself stranded in the desert, waiting for death that never came. Rainwater nourished his parched lips and passing clouds provided brief respite from the scorching sun. In his delirium, Sevket heard voices and followed their instructions. Days passed and he aimlessly wandered until a group of acolytes stumbled upon him. Concerned for his well-being, they brought him to their temple for healing. Sevket remained silent and kept to himself, until he was brought before Saint Nina who offered him a place to stay at the temple. As a symbol of his new beginning, she asked for his name which he responded with “Lumi,” meaning “light bringer.” Despite trying to make the best of his time at the temple, Lumi’s strong will and emotional nature caused conflicts with other acolytes. During his time there, he received visions from a Goddess offering hints about his future, leading him to believe that he would soon meet the mysterious figure who would change his life.

Personality: Lumi’s personality is defined by his unwavering optimism, often leading him to speak his mind and interject in conversations he disagrees with. He has a tendency to turn to physical confrontations instead of diplomatic solutions, and can come across as crude and lacking in manners. However, those who earn Lumi’s trust will experience his loyalty, kindness, and love. His deepest desire is to be loved by those close to him. When in the presence of those he trusts, Lumi is talkative and enthusiastic, but becomes reserved and quiet when surrounded by larger or unfamiliar groups. 

Race: Beastkin (Aslan) 

Fighting: Lumi’s preferred fighting style involves using polearms and spears, allowing him to maintain distance from his opponents and have better control of the battle. His agility and speed allow him to dodge attacks with ease. While he has trained extensively with polearms since he was young, he has a natural knack for breaking wooden spears. This may be because he often uses them as poles for vaulting or quarterstaffs in combat. When things become dire, Lumi can summon an ethereal weapon in the form of glowing spears or javelins, which match the intensity of his eyes. This is one of the few magickal abilities that Lumi can consistently master.

Abilities: Lumi possesses a natural talent for light-based magick.

However, his abilities can only be sustained for a limited amount of time before leaving him exhausted. He is able to use basic healing spells and uncomplicated offensive magick using fire.

Height: 153 cm

Weight: 50 kg