Lumi & Khimi

Their Relationship

Art by むだ

While their relationship is very physical, both Lumi and Khimi love one another with all of their heart. After Khimi finally comes to terms that his love for Lumi outweighs the duty he feels towards his family, nothing would stop him from being with Lumi. While Lumi has always loved Khimi, from the moment they met, he could tell that there was a connection unlike that he’d ever felt before. 

Regardless of how bad things get, they always know they are there for one another. Lumi is Khimi’s sun ☀️ , and Khimi is Lumi’s moon 🌙 . 

Art by むだ

Their story is both about love and sacrifice. How much they are willing to give up for one another. How much they are comfortable changing their lives to accommodate their desire to be together. In the world of Talmus, queer relationships are not uncommon. However, for Khimi, his expectancy to produce an heir limits who he is allowed to wed. Being the last of his lineage, he is expected to continue the family line.

There is also the complex nature of Beastkin engaging in relationships with other races. While it is uncommon that it occurs, when it does, it is typically frowned upon. The reason being Beastkin are often seen as lesser beings. Often times compared to animals. For those that hold Beastkin in equal regard, they are sometimes fearful of forming a relationship for other complexities.

Beastkin do not share the same image of the afterlife as the other races. While most mortals may go to Elysium or the Hells, Beastkin return as their bestial half in an afterlife known as the “Plane of Beasts.” The “Plane of Beasts” is a free roaming world without other races, protected by ancient magic. Because Beastkin do not share the same afterlife, many races fear forming lasting bonds with them or see them as lesser beings.

Art by むだ

The idea of binding their souls quickly became their foremost thought once Lumi and Khimi realized how much they cared for one another. Together, they travel across the Desert Cities and much of Talmus seeking scholars, seers, and priests who may provide them with clues to uniting their souls. They wish for nothing more than to spend eternity together.

Intimate Details

Khimi and Lumi are quick to develop their feelings for one another. Almost immediately they feel an undeniable and inexplicable bond. Their hearts race at the slightest touch and their thoughts muddle at the notion of one another. 

While initially hesitant, Khimi eventually realizes his relationship with Lumi is the most important thing. Causing him to give up on the idea of producing an heir. (Though the idea of having a child with Lumi is extremely arousing to him, and he often whispers to Lumi that he should give him cubs.)  While Khimi struggles to put a term on what their relationship is, Lumi is quick to tell everyone that Khimi is his lover. 

Lumi to Khimi: Since receiving his visions at the Temple, Lumi had been patiently awaiting the day that his other half would enter his life. From the moment he set eyes upon Khimi he felt his heart soar. Every moment after that, the Aslan couldn’t stand the thought of a life without him. 

While initially overbearing in his relationship with Khimi, he steadily allows Khimi more space, only to realize he feels he needs Khimi to survive. He is extremely loving and protective of Khimi, although he can also be extremely possessive. His desire for Khimi outweighs anything else he feels. Even when the Gods whisper to him, the only thing on his mind is Khimi. 

Khimi to Lumi: At first believing the Aslan was some sort of trap designed by the Saintess, Khimi is initially extremely distrusting of Lumi. During his first visit he becomes overwhelmed by Lumi’s desire. This causes him much internal strife as he has never had any meaningful or actual relationships before, let alone with a Beastkin.

Khimi eventually comes to the realization that he needs to put his own happiness first sometimes and comes to accept his feelings. Once the two establish their relationship, there is nothing that can keep Khimi from Lumi. Though they both allow each other certain freedoms at first, their relationship develops to where they almost need to be nearby one another to feel whole. 

Sexual Dynamic: Lumi is always the receptive partner in their relationship. Though there are many times that Lumi attempts to take control during sex. (When Lumi drinks for instance) During these moments, Khimi often lets the Lumi wear himself down. Afterwards, Khimi will then exert control, oftentimes continuing sex for several exhaustive rounds until he too feels satisfied. Lumi gladly submits to Khimi’s sexual desires, regardless of how exhaustive it might be. 

Kinks & Preferences: 

  • Breeding: Lumi and Khimi both have a strong preference for where Khimi finishes. Lumi feels desired whenever his partner releases inside of him. While Khimi enjoys the idea of attempting to expand his lineage. They both also see this as a form of claiming. 
  • Praise: Khimi has learned through his time with Lumi that praise is the way into the boy’s heart. Frequent praise often arouses Lumi, causing him to seek sexual gratification. When Lumi receives praise during sex, he becomes further aroused, seeking to please Khimi in whatever way possible. 
  • Teasing: Lumi enjoys teasing Khimi. Often before sex, Lumi will rub himself against Khimi. When drinking, this activity is heightened such that Lumi attempts to take control of intercourse. Usually, Khimi can tolerate Lumi’s teasing to an extent before he has to take control again. During these scenarios, Khimi can become exceedingly rough with Lumi as he loses control like an animal rutting. (Lumi often enjoys seeing the rougher side of Khimi, though at times the pain can be intense.) 
  • Fellatio: Lumi is….exceedingly adept at fellatio. In part due to the nature of his coarse tongue. Much to Khimi’s pleasure, Lumi has learned what makes him tick. Most mornings, Khimi will awaken to the feeling of the Aslan’s tongue running along his shaft. 
  • Cockwarming: Possibly one of Lumi’s greatest kinks. Due to the nature of being a Beastkin, Lumi experiences his emotional connection more strongly than most. To him, the physical connection while his partner is inside of him brings him an intense sense of joy. Khimi derives intense pleasure from seeing Lumi’s happiness at their connection. The two sometimes hold their embrace for lengthy periods of time without moving, while Lumi’s face is pressed against Khimi’s chest. 
  • Biting & Licking: Lumi and Khimi see biting as a form of marking. While Khimi enjoys biting the Aslan’s soft thighs, Lumi prefers to bite Khimi’s chest and shoulder. While Khimi doesn’t lick nearly as often as Lumi, they both get aroused at the sensuality of their partner’s tongue lapping against their body. 
  • Scent Marking: While at first, he was slightly amused at the idea of Lumi marking him with his scent. The idea and act has now become arousing to Khimi. Lumi marks Khimi out of a sense of ownership, though he often does it during sex out of a primal instinct to claim his partner. He often does this by rubbing himself against Khimi.
  • Fingering: Due to the intense sexual nature of their relationship, Khimi has learned just where to pleasure Lumi. When the situation or timing isn’t opportune for the two to have sex, Lumi will seek pleasure from Khimi’s lengthy fingers. Khimi is always happy to oblige. 
  • Exhibitionism: Khimi & Lumi are both proud of their bodies. Neither has any qualms about showing off their naked forms to one another. Lumi draws excitement when he knows people are looking at or desiring him. He continues to wear the loincloth and chestwrap for the sole purpose of keeping Khimi’s attention. Eventually, the idea of being seen having sex publically becomes arousing to the both of them as well.   
  • Body Worship:Khimi becomes aroused when Lumi touches his muscles. In particular, he gets excited when Lumi rubs his pectorals and abdominal muscles. Part of Lumi’s teasing is often tied into licking Khimi’s muscles or rubbing against them.
  • Tying Up: While Lumi doesn’t enjoy being totally powerless. Khimi enjoys binding Lumi’s hands and feet with his waist sash or light silk bindings. Lumi enjoys submitting to Khimi’s dominance, and allowing his partner to have control over him. It is something that is quite arousing to him. (At the end of the day, Lumi would submit to nearly any of Khimi’s desires)
  • Cuddling: Khimi and Lumi’s bond is exceptionally strong. The two will often cuddle after sex, talking for hours before finally succumbing to sleep. For the most part, Lumi actually sleeps on top of Khimi, listening to Khimi’s strong heartbeats.