Khimi Zeybek

Art by むだ

Khimi was born the only son to Aleyna and Ziad Zeybek. His birth was considered to be miraculous by many due to the many stillbirths Aleyna had suffered previously. The true nature of Khimi’s birth remained hidden to him until his later years 

Khimi’s childhood was not kind to him. Being raised under extremely stressful and tense conditions, he often wished for a simpler life. In his early years, the situation became dire as Ziad began to put more pressure on the youth. Ziad would often drill Khimi for hours on strategy and combat. Rashid, Khimi’s advisor and protector watched uncomfortably as the situation grew more intense. Each and every session only served to put Khimi and Ziad further apart. In his twelfth year, Khimi could no longer take the abuse. Refusing to continue fighting, Ziad struck Khimi across the cheek with his shamshir before leaving the estate in a rage. 

Khimi refused to pick up a blade for many years after Ziad left the family home and continued his education with his tutors, learning several languages along the way. Aleyna attempted to be supportive of Khimi, but she too pressured Khimi about the duties that he will face when he comes of age. Unable to handle the immense pressure bearing down upon him any longer and fearing for his father’s inevitable return, Khimi fled from Sidi. 

Khimi found his way to Betset where he happened to come into some trouble. During a rather rough and tumble encounter with a group of ruffians, Khimi managed to hold his own. An admiring eye took notice of Khimi and came to his aid. Later he would invite him to join his mercenary brigade. From his eighteenth year until his twenty third, Khimi quickly rose through the ranks, becoming the second in command of the organization. All the while Khimi continued to evade Rashid, who had been following him across the Desert Cities. 

In his final years as a mercenary, Khimi’s leader along with several others took a job to protect a scholar who was searching through the desert ruins north of Rhaz. Things didn’t go as anticipated and many of the mercenary bands were decimated in the chaos. Khimi continued through the ruins, driven by rage at the scholar who misled them and by his own curiosity. It was deep within that Khimi crossed paths with a powerful Efreet known as Enan. Enan and Khimi came to an agreement. Power and knowledge in exchange for his aid. He promised to do what he could to free her. Enan marked him so he wouldn’t forget, carving a scar between his eyes. The intense heat from her fingers nearly caused him blindness in one eye. 

He left the ruins, realizing those that survived had left him. He wandered back to Rhaz, seeking to rejoin the mercenaries. However,  after years on the run, Rashid had finally caught up with him. Surrounded and tired, he submitted. He refused to return home to Sidi, but opted instead to run the family’s estate in Rhaz. There Khimi decided to resume his duties and do whatever he can to ease Aleyna’s burden. 

Personality: Khimi is confident, intelligent, and dependable. He thinks about his duties before he ever concerns himself with pleasure(Though this begins to change once he meets Lumi). Khimi is extremely social, oftentimes being seen as the life of the party anywhere he goes, though in truth he hates playing the entertainer. Khimi knows how to handle most social situations, but for the most part his relationships do not carry much depth. Khimi only allows a handful of people to truly know him; everyone else may only gain a small insight into his true nature. Khimi is largely apathetic about the well-being of most individuals except for those within his inner circle. 

Khimi is exceptionally brave and is a natural born leader. He is extremely charismatic and open-minded. He is quite easy to get along with, though he tends to hold grudges. Once you betray Khimi’s trust, it is something that is difficult to win back. Khimi has a darker side which only comes out on rare occasions. In these moments, Khimi can be cold, cruel, and malicious. 

Despite his intelligence, Khimi at times can be exceptionally egotistical. (Lumi helps to mellow him out) 

Race: Human? ;]

Fighting: Khimi is in perfect physical condition. Having been trained since childhood in various types of combat. For the most part, Khimi is highly skilled at using scimitars. He has some knowledge of using polearms and excels in long range archery. 

Due to the nature of Khimi’s pact with Enan he has access to Ignan magic. (Fire) He is capable of casting lesser fire spells and igniting his scimitars. 

Abilities: Khimi was raised with several private tutors. He knows several languages including: Talman(The language shared by most races), Dwarvish, Elven, and Draconic (Most Dolman merchants speak draconic.)

Height: 198cm

Weight: 95kg