Art by Ruffy

Much of Ennui’s early life remains a mystery. She keeps herself well guarded from others. Khimi and Ennui’s shared connection stems back from his days serving as a mercenary. During that time, the two would often cross paths with one another.

Personality: Ennui is a selfish Devilkin. She enjoys certain luxuries few can afford and values coin above most other things. The only person she ever felt like she valued has been Khimi, who she feels fiercely loyal to. Ennui can be extremely cruel during her jobs and though she doesn’t take pleasure in murder, she does enjoy the reputation that it gives her.

When it comes to people, Ennui typically doesn’t have any feelings. She remains completely apathetic about nearly everyone. She does find herself enjoying the company of those who manage to entertain her.

Race: Devilkin 

Fighting: Ennui is a close range fighter who prefers to use a dirk. She sometimes fights with a gladius, but her true specialty lies in poisons. When Ennui engages in combat she typically prefers for combat to end as quickly as it began. 

Abilities: Ennui has a special connection to her Devilish heritage. Her past loyalty with Sammael has offered her certain liberties which are not afforded to those who don’t heed their dark call. She can become invisible for short periods at a time. As well, she can step through shadows or call upon Hell Hounds.