Chapter XII


Khimi saddles the chestnut-colored stallion in the dim light of the barn, only an oil lantern hangs from a nearby post. He checks over the saddlebags for supplies, ensuring a smooth journey. He pats the stallion’s hide; an unnatural feeling causes him to feel a chill. Twisting swiftly around in a circle, he spots a figure standing in the moonlit entryway, leaned against the wall. Her horns quickly give away her identity, yet she remains silent. Khimi returns to packing the saddlebags, embarrassed by his reaction. Guess she’s here for some sort of compensation, he thinks, glancing uncomfortably back at her from over his shoulders. She remains silent, her eyes focusing sharply on him. After latching the final buckle over the bags and strapping them to the side of the stallion, he releases a quiet sigh.

“I suppose you aren’t here to flirt,” Khimi mumbles while he works, his tone somewhat annoyed. “You’re catching me as we’re leaving, though.”

Ennui purses her lips, “I don’t think you’ll be going anywhere,” she replies quietly. She reaches down for the stiletto in her boot.

“What are you doing?” He asks, his hand over his scimitar hanging from the saddle.

“I-I am not going to kill you,” Ennui says, laughing at Khimi’s distrust. “Though,” she begins, throwing the stiletto into the hay before Khimi. “Someone offered quite a few coppers to take your life.”

“Coppers,” he mutters under his breath and glances down at the stiletto with its ornate handle. “Who?”

“I am sure you can guess. Though, I should have taken the offer…I could have retired somewhere nice and never had to work again,” she adds, brushing her black locks from her face. “I could have run off to Dolmas and had a house full of whores…”

“I am at a loss, my family has many enemies but none who would try to take my life,” Khimi begins, stating his mind. “I’d say Omar, but he’s already getting what he wants. He’s seen you in my company before…I cannot imagine…” Jilliana…no. Could she be so scorned that she’d have me killed?

“I’ll help you out a bit,” she says, sitting on a large bale of hay. “A certain lady has accused a certain someone,” she adds, gesturing towards Khimi. “Of assaulting her. She has sought Revya’s judgment in the matter.”

“Fuck,” Khimi says, his brow furrowed in anger. “Jilliana did all of this?”

“There was something I only discovered recently, after receiving a summons to the Kappas estate,” she says, pausing and pursing her lips. “Jilliana is one of Omar’s wives’ daughters.”

Khimi growls loudly, “What? She looks nothing like that hideous fuck.”

Ennui shrugs, “I don’t believe she is of his stock,” she says quietly. “Also, hush your yelling…someone might be listening.”

“What is their play here?” Khimi asks angrily. “You must have been privy to something, or have some sort of insight into their thinking.”

“It’s not so hard if you really think about it. You’re the last of your lineage. If Jilliana proves somehow that you had assaulted her, and she happens to be…with child,” she says, waving her hand along. “Then…”

“Then Jilliana’s child is suddenly the last of my family line…giving Omar access to our wealth in the event of my death,” he says, gritting his teeth in fury. “You’ve got to be kidding me?”

“‘Fraid not,” she replies with a silvery lilt. “If you’re planning on leaving, it may only draw suspicion upon you.”

“Thank you, Ennui…for informing me of this. I need to find a way to get ahead of them,” he says, sighing loudly. He begins to remove the saddlebags from the stallion.

He stands in the dimly lit barn, staring directly at Ennui. Though their eyes meet in the darkness, it is as if they are attempting to pick one another’s brains, searching desperately for a solution to the complication. My father wouldn’t have ever allowed himself to be put into this sort of compromising situation. Khimi places the saddlebags over the wooden railing and begins to rip the buckles from his jerkin.

“There is an easy solution,” Ennui murmurs quietly. “I am not beyond it. Just say the word.” She adds while brushing her fingers through her black hair. She then brings the pale digits to the point of her horns, testing their sharpness.

“Removing her is certainly the easiest solution, but by no means will it help us make friends here,” he replies, his words trail while he ponders. “I’d at least like to hear out how Revya would go about judging Jilliana’s story…there must be some way to uncover the truth behind her farce.”

“Like it or not. You did place your cock inside of her,” she says, giving Khimi a knowing expression.

Khimi groans, “I did no such thing!” He exclaims with fervor.

“Who knows what happens behind closed doors,” she says, shrugging apathetically. “Look at how excited you just became. As if that isn’t telling?”

Khimi tosses his leather jerkin onto the wooden fence, then brushes his hands through his hair, taking a moment to clear his thoughts. He opens the saddlebag, reaching for a small burlap sack inside. He tests the weight of the golden coins inside before turning back to Ennui.

“This is going to haunt me forever, isn’t it?” He asks with the small sack in hand. “How much will this information cost me? Surely you aren’t bringing this to me for free.”

“I was thinking of something more permanent than a lump sum now,” she says while she finishes playing with her horns. She places her hands on her hips. “You’re in need of friends…and truthfully, I find you intriguing. Always have.”

Khimi pauses and jostles the burlap in his hand. “So, you wish to be under my employ, is it?” He asks, shaking his head in disbelief. “I suppose I could have something drawn up.”

“I am not asking for much. As I said, I find you and the aslan intriguing,” she says, kicking her foot through the hay.

“Ennui, are you in such desperate need of friends?” He asks, a gentle smile forming on his lips.

“Not that desperate, but being employed by one of the most powerful families in Aldorria would do wonders for my financial situation,” she says, crossing her arms in amusement. “Though, your friendship was always something I looked forward to.”

“You should have had enough coin to retire several times over from our past dealings…what did you get yourself into?” He asks, cocking an eyebrow.

“Nothing for you to concern yourself with,” she replies with an insistence. “So, can I trust I will be compensated and cared for under The Zeybek’s employ?” She asks, placing a finger against her chin.

Khimi walks towards the stallion, grabbing hold of its bridle, and gently runs his hand along the beast’s face, patting him several times before walking him into an empty stall. The stallion whinnies loudly then stomps his hooves while Khimi sits on a large trunk outside the stall. Almost feels too good to be true. Her coming here with this kind of information. It could be a trap. He removes his riding boots, placing his knee-length boots in a pile on the floor.

“Of course, Ennui. You’ll be compensated and cared for. I’ll handle the details on the matter tomorrow. I trust I have your loyalty and your confidentiality, then?” Khimi asks. He keeps his eyes trained on her while he looks over the details of her expression.

“On my honor,” Ennui replies smiling, then places her hand over her chest. “Or what little I have left of it,” she adds with an off-putting laugh.

“That isn’t concerning or anything,” he whispers, rolling his eyes. He places the leather babouches over his feet. “I am serious, Ennui. Whatever this business with Omar is…I’d like it seen to and quickly. Don’t mention anything to Lumi, by the way,” he adds, standing from the trunk.

“Any particular reason?” She asks, a confused look crossing her face.

“I don’t think he’d handle the news very well. He’d been looking forward to leaving Rhaz for a short while,” he replies, sighing, then walks before her. With a hand on her shoulder, he mutters. “He wanted to get to know me away from all of this.”

“Does he know…that your life is chaotic and full of shit?” She asks, her hand taps against Khimi’s arm.

“He’s learning,” he replies and walks past her into the moonlit yard.

Khimi makes his way past the yard, passing several of the serving staff along the way. Feeling as though all eyes are on him, his heartbeat thrums in his chest. The anger and heat growing inside of him begs to be released. He grips at the linen shirt clinging to his chest and pulls against it, fanning himself with air. There is never going to be any solace for me. Pausing in his tracks, he turns back to watch the servants continue with their tasks. They look away from him with gasps and worried glances.

Khimi breathes a heavy sigh and continues under the long pathway to his chambers. What am I going to tell him…I can’t lie to him, he thinks, his hand over the large brass loops to his chamber. He rips the door open and peers inside the dark room. In an attempt to quietly enter the room, he creeps on his toes without making a sound. Beneath the stained-glass window, Khimi finds Lumi curled in a ball, his chest rises and falls with his steady breaths. He still hasn’t moved since I left, he thinks, while Lumi stirs, stretches his legs to points before him like a waking cat.

“Took you a while,” Lumi mumbles groggily from the cushions.

“We do have a bed,” Khimi whispers in a teasing tone, then crouches beside him.

“Oh, I had no clue,” Lumi mocks, sitting up on the mound of cushions. “I don’t think I can muster the strength, actually,” he adds, laughing before he falls into the cushions. “My ass…”

“You’re still sore?” Khimi asks and strokes Lumi’s cheek.

“I didn’t even know those muscles could be sore,” Lumi groans before a frown form across his lips. “But, what’s wrong?…I can tell something is wrong.”

Khimi snorts loudly, placing his hands over his forehead, “Our trip might be delayed for a bit.”

“Did…something happen?” Lumi asks, a perplexed look crossing his face.

“It isn’t something that I want you to get involved with,” Khimi says bluntly.

“We’re involved…so I am involved,” Lumi replies, his face screwing up in frustration.

“You get what I mean,” Khimi replies. “It’s just something that could be dangerous for you to get involved with. And I would rather you stay safe.” he adds quietly.

Khimi lies beside Lumi, removing his babouches from the heel with his toes, while he reclines into the comfort of the cushions. He tosses them to the side and gives Lumi a confident smirk. I hope he isn’t mad at me. He surveys Lumi’s expression briefly before a cushion smashes him on the back of the head. Lumi smiles tauntingly at him before embracing him.

Lumi’s heart beats in rhythm with his own.

Though he has always thought of himself as someone who could hide his emotions, he finds himself unable to withhold his trembling jaw. He presses his lips onto Lumi’s shoulder, drying his eyes on Lumi’s linen shirt, while Lumi presses his cheek against Khimi’s and begins to purr audibly under their embrace. The beating of Lumi’s heart is so strong with the resounding vibrations of his purrs that it rattles Khimi’s chest.

“Are you crying?” Lumi asks while pulling Khimi into the mound of cushions. “Don’t feel bad about not being able to leave the city. I still feel like I can’t walk anyway,” he chuckles and nuzzles his cheek against Khimi’s.

“Sorry, I am just tired,” Khimi lies while he falls forward atop Lumi. “Exhaustion is getting the better of me,” he whispers, pressing his lips into Lumi’s hair.

“Liar,” Lumi whispers, coiling his legs behind Khimi. “Not THAT tired, it seems,” he adds, smiling while Khimi’s cock pushes against him through the fabric.

Khimi had not even noticed his growing arousal. Even with the slightest touch, Lumi can make his inner desire awaken. The softness of his skin, the scent of his hair, every part of his is an intoxicating libation which he cannot consume enough of.

“Thought you were too sore to do it again?” Khimi asks, looking down to see Lumi smiling coyly at him.

“We can do other things,” Lumi whispers while biting his lip tauntingly. “And it isn’t my fault…you could have gone easy on me!” He exclaims, tightening his thighs around Khimi.

“It definitely sounded like you wanted me to take it easy on you,” Khimi mocks and begins to imitate Lumi’s high-pitched voice, “harder, please. Khimi, please.”

Lumi growls. “How dare you!” He laughs while he reaches between them and squeezes the outline of Khimi’s bulge.

“Nah uh,” Khimi says, grinning intensely. He pushes himself off of Lumi. “You’re too sore, remember?” He asks while he slides the top of his trousers down his thighs.

I said…we could do other things,” Lumi replies, his eyes glinting hungrily at Khimi’s cock. “And you’re pulling off your trousers!”

“Right,” Khimi says and stands before him. “Perhaps you should show me how badly you want it,” he adds with a confident smirk, shaking his hips from side to side. The slightest movement causes his cock to swish and sway.

“And you called me a tease,” Lumi grumbles and lays over the mound of pillows. His hips writhe back and forth, his tail flicking impatiently behind him. “We’ve only had sex a few times, and you’re gonna deny me the goods already?” He asks, pouting. Then rests his knuckles beneath his chin.

“You don’t want to watch?” Khimi asks while his arousal jerking before Lumi, his eyes following the movements.

“Course I do,” Lumi gulps, reaching for the trousers on the ground by Khimi’s feet while keeping his eyes fixed on the shaking girth. He inhales deeply of Khimi’s scent, the fabric against his nose. “Your scent is so strong,” he says, rubbing cloth over his face.

“I-I, thanks…” Khimi says, heat rising within him while he watches Lumi smell his garments. He blushes uncontrollably, then continues. “Anyway, I thought you may be into this kind of thing,” he adds, pulling his shirt from over his head.

“Certainly,” Lumi replies, a glossy look in his eyes. Khimi finishes undressing before him. “It’s a shame to see you waste your precious seed on the floor though…” he pouts playful.

“I’m certain I can find a place for it,” Khimi says, his hand tracing along the muscular lines of his abdomen. “I’ll let you choose where to put it…how about that?”

“Promise?” Lumi asks, his tongue running along his teeth, a look of hunger in his eyes while he takes another whiff of Khimi’s clothing.

“Of course. Think of it as your reward,” Khimi replies, stroking his length before Lumi. “If you’re good, that is.”

 Khimi gently fondles his heavy sack, his hardened cock twitches up and down in excitement. Lumi’s body sprawls across the mound of pillows, and he looks up excitedly, watching Khimi pleasure himself. Khimi gazes past his nodding cock, noticing Lumi squirming over the mound of pillows. Gods, I’d ravage him right now. The thoughts of the last few nights flood his mind. He presses his finger against his leaking slit, precum leaving a lengthy trail, he pulls his finger back. Lumi sits up from the colorful pillows, quickly removing his half-shirt. He then gradually wiggles the oversized trousers down his hips, before lying back atop the mound, bare for Khimi to see. Khimi did not think he could be any harder, but his cock becomes almost painfully rigid while watching Lumi grind his hips with a self-satisfied glint in his eyes.

Khimi strokes himself, his free hand moving across his own body, pausing gently on his nipple. He rubs the soft skin around the hardened tip, pulling and teasing at the darker patch of skin. Lumi grinds his hips against the cushions, his ears twitch rapidly, his tail flails behind him. Khimi’s fingers stroke along the shaft, pausing to rub a finger beneath his foreskin. Precum drips sluggishly to the floor while he strokes the massive girth. Lumi stares with unbridled lust, his eyes lost in the allure of Khimi’s body.

“Are you really going to keep this up?!” Lumi asks suddenly, his tongue wagging.

“I’m rather enjoying this. S-Seeing your face,” Khimi replies in haste between strokes.

“Please… Khimi,” Lumi pleads. “Just come lay with me.”

“I’m getting closer,” Khimi taunts, gritting his teeth. “I t-think I am about to cum.”

“Just. Get. Over. Here.” Lumi says, reaching for Khimi’s feet. “Kiss me.”

Khimi stops abruptly and glances down at Lumi, the desire plain on his face. He steps over the cushions, tossing several to the side, before he leans over Lumi. Placing his hands on either side of him, the whip-like tail flicks against his side, the coarse fur brushing against his skin. His lips press to the nape of Lumi’s neck, his teeth biting into the soft skin. His cock rubs between Lumi’s cheeks, their hands brush together along the Rhazian cushions, the curious fabric welcomes Khimi with a silky caress. Khimi’s hips grind back and forth against Lumi, his painfully swollen cock pokes against the warm entrance.

“Is this where you want it?” Khimi asks, pressing the slickened tip against the entrance.

“Y-Yes,” Lumi whispers, blushing brightly while he looks back.

Khimi fights the urge to thrust his hips. There is nothing more he wants than to plunge his cock to Lumi’s deepest parts. He wants to fill him with his seed, to feel the eager warmth of Lumi envelop him. He grips the base of his cock, forcing the hardened length tight against the entrance.

“Khi-,” Lumi gasps. “I-If you want to put it in…just put it in,” he whispers, nearly begging.

“I thought you were too sore,” Khimi says mockingly. Pressing the tip slightly harder against Lumi’s twitching entrance. He brings his lips behind Lumi’s ears and whispers seductively, “I do want to sink my cock into you, though.”

Please,” Lumi pleads once more, his tail stiffening. He reaches back, spreading his cheeks for Khimi. “Put it in.”

“But you’re hurting,” Khimi teases, snorting while he flicks the tip up and down, his precum dripping in long pearls between Lumi’s cheeks.

“It’s…fine!” Lumi exclaims, thrusting his hips backwards. “I’ll have your cubs!! Put it inside!”

“Nah uh,” Khimi teases once more, his hand grabbing hold of Lumi’s waist. “We can do other things, remember?”

Please… Khimi, pour it inside,” Lumi pleads in defeat. His body flushes a red shade while the lusty words leave his soft lips. “I just want to feel you fill me.” His eyes meet Khimi’s, his voice waivers before he continues, “I promise I’ll have your kids! I’ll give you an heir!”

“Al- Alright,” Khimi scoffs, blushing at Lumi’s pleading. “Since you want it so bad.”

 Khimi quickly strokes himself, occasionally rubbing his cock against Lumi’s entrance. As he does, Lumi moves his hips from side to side, his ears twitch each time Khimi’s cock runs across his hole. Sweat runs down Khimi’s brow, dripping across Lumi. He hovers above Lumi’s boyish form, focusing on the beauty beneath him. Khimi breathes erratically, finding himself edging near climax. He presses the tip of his cock, dripping furiously with precum flush against the wet warmth of his entrance. Khimi hangs onto Lumi’s waist, his cock pulsating with release. Unable to stop himself, he shoves the tip of his cock into Lumi. Lumi purrs loudly, the vibrations coaxing Khimi to enter deeper, but Khimi holds fast, forcing himself from plunging into Lumi’s depths. He’s so warm…

“Just push it in,” Lumi begs again.

Khimi’s cock continues to quiver, unloading wave after wave of thick cum into Lumi. Lumi gasps, his toes curling in delight while he lifts his feet in the air. Khimi rasps for air, his fingers clenching into Lumi’s waist, the tips of his thumbs pressing together across the back of his waist. He’s so small, he thinks, while his tip continues to quiver in Lumi’s entrance. Cum begins to appear around the flared head. He pulls back, a sticky white string of cum leaks from his slit, remaining connected from Lumi’s entrance. He releases a heavy breath, looking down at Lumi, still spreading his cheeks expectantly. Little devil.

“You want more?” Khimi asks with a snort. “Truly?”

“Always,” Lumi whispers, his eyes glazed over in lust.

“How about,” Khimi begins and drops to his knees. “I please you now?” He asks, gently placing his hand on Lumi’s waist.

“How do you mean?” Lumi asks and rolls onto his back. He looks up to face Khimi. His pink cock nodding up and down excitedly, the blonde pubescent hair wet with seed.

“Like this,” Khimi whispers, tracing his fingertips up and down Lumi’s thighs. Stopping them just before touching his shaking member.

 Lumi bites his lip in anticipation, and Khimi gradually slides his fingers close to Lumi’s rear, edging near his now moist and twitching hole. Khimi positions himself over Lumi, grasping Lumi’s pink cock in one hand while his other circles the sensitive skin around Lumi’s hole.

“If you put your fingers in…it’ll all spill out,” Lumi whispers, his chest, and cheeks flush with embarrassment.

“I promise it won’t be the last time I fill you,” Khimi smirks knowingly.

“Heavens,” Lumi says, averting his gaze from Khimi. He moans the moment Khimi’s finger pushes past the clenching entrance. “Khimi…please just fuck me,” he rasps with a sense of desperation, sweat running down his face. “It’ll be okay…”

“Maybe,” Khimi whispers with a smile while he presses into him. His seed lubricates his passage and within moments he is pushing to the knuckle, Lumi’s insides hugging against him.

Khimi’s hand dwarfs Lumi’s length while he works up and down the shaft with his thumb and forefinger with a certain level of care. Lumi’s cock is small enough to fit within his palm. It only takes the slightest flicker of his wrist to stroke the full length.

Khimi presses his finger into Lumi’s ass, kneading against the warm padded walls, sliding in and out gently. He withdraws, only to circle around Lumi’s twitching entrance. Knowing that Lumi’s body is accustomed to his finger, he shoves his ring and middle finger inside, bringing a gasp of pleasure from Lumi’s lips. His movements become more vigorous, his hand soaked with the wet of his cum. Khimi presses deeper inside of him, then wiggles the tips, rubbing along the sensitive insides. Lumi’s ears lay flat while he tosses his head back in pleasure. Large droplets of precum drip over Lumi’s abdomen from his swollen tip. He’s fighting it, he thinks and stifles a laugh.

“It’s okay, kitten,” Khimi whispers while he leans in between Lumi’s legs. He quickly runs his tongue along the length of Lumi’s shaft. It is both sweet and salty, unlike his own. It causes the hairs on his neck to stand on end. “You can cum,” he adds in a drawn-out whisper. “I want you to cum for me.”

“I already have,” Lumi squeaks back. He bites sharply on the back of his hands while Khimi moves deeper yet inside of him. “Kh-Khimi, p-please,” he moans, writhing his hips back and forth.

“When?” Khimi asks in a somewhat shocked expression.

“When you were…touching yourself,” Lumi begins in a whimper. He pauses to bite down again on his hand for comfort. Khimi stops his movements to listen. “I…was humping the pillows…imagining you inside of me again,” he says, sweat dripping down his face.

“You…came from watching me?” Khimi asks, a confident glint in his eyes. He hangs his head and snorts in satisfaction.

“I came just from thinking about you before…at the temple…I pleasured myself several times a day imagining,” Lumi replies, choking on his words. “I hope you don’t think I’m desperate…or anything.”

“Desperate?” Khimi asks, feeling the warmth bloom in his cheeks. “Lumi, I wish I could have been there so you didn’t have to imagine,” he adds, bending forward, his lips against Lumi’s soft pink nipples.

Lumi’s warm insides squeeze around his fingers, the ejaculate he poured into Lumi now moistening Lumi’s backside. Cum drips over Lumi’s twitching tail, darkening the fur. Khimi’s hardened member stirs from Lumi’s words and the erotic sight of Lumi’s writhing body. They stare into one another’s eyes before Lumi mouths the words “please” to Khimi.

 Unable to hold back, Khimi brings his thighs beneath Lumi’s ass and forces his cock downwards against Lumi’s entrance. He gradually leans forward while Lumi’s legs embrace him. His cock plunges immediately into Lumi’s depths, bringing a shriek from Lumi while he tosses his head back in pleasure, tears pooling at the corners of his eyes. The sensation of Lumi’s hole stretching to accommodate his size is overwhelming. Khimi places his hands behind Lumi’s head and draws their lips together. Lumi’s lips part for Khimi’s tongue to push inside. It abrasively rubs against Lumi’s prickly tongue and feels out his cheeks. Lumi’s nails rake across his scarred form, catching on the scar tissue and nearly opening old wounds.

 Lumi’s breathing becomes more labored with each of Khimi’s thrusts. Khimi withdraws from their kiss, pressing his forehead against Lumi’s while he looks down and watches himself dutifully hump into Lumi. Sniffles of pleasure erupt from Lumi while he tries to catch his breath, sweat forming across both of their bodies from Khimi’s efforts.

“It hurts,” Lumi mutters.

Khimi closes his eyes at the words, he does not want to cause Lumi pain. “You’ll be fine,” he mumbles, skirting an apology.

 There is an extraordinary warmth inside Lumi. It is as if he is being embraced by the sun’s rays.

Khimi presses his girth down to the hilt and stops, his pelvis slams square against Lumi’s rear, allowing his cock to throb and push against the soft walls. Lumi brings his hands around Khimi’s neck and draws him back to himself, pushing their foreheads together. Hands twist into Lumi’s sweaty blond locks, holding their heads together.

“Don’t stop,” Lumi whispers, closing his eyes as if to rest.

“Does it hurt?” Khimi asks quietly. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh fills the room.

“Just a bit,” Lumi replies, his ears twitching between each of Khimi’s deeper thrusts. “You know, I can feel you…just here,” he says, running his hand down his slickened abdomen.

“Here?” Khimi asks in a whisper, placing a hand over Lumi’s. “I can’t feel anything,” Khimi says with a blush.

“Maybe if you press your fingers harder,” Lumi replies, smiling smugly.

Khimi places his hand on Lumi’s abdomen, and Lumi presses his hand on top of Khimi’s, forcing his fingers firm against the soft skin. He closes his eyes while he thrusts. To his surprise, he feels just what Lumi spoke of; movement from within. Hells, this has to hurt him. There is no way it doesn’t. Khimi looks at Lumi with worry, only to notice the smug smile on Lumi’s lips.

“Told you…I could feel you,” Lumi says, the smug expression vanishing while Khimi bucks even harder. “I told you, it’s a lot…you’re…a lot.”

“You can tell me to stop,” Khimi whispers and brings his hands back behind Lumi’s head.

Lumi scoffs and releases a strangled laugh, his tail slaps against Khimi. “No, it feels…I can’t describe it. It feels heavenly…and sometimes I can even see it.”

 Drawing their mouths back together, Khimi’s tongue immediately dances with Lumi’s. The silk pillows beneath them give way, and they find themselves on the hard tile floor. Khimi protects Lumi’s head from cracking against the stone with his hands while he continues to relentlessly thrust into him. Fueled by his primal desire to breed, Khimi pulls himself tight, their bodies jammed together. Lumi’s feet dangle behind Khimi’s back, his tail coiling about Khimi’s thigh as if holding on for life. The two lose themselves while Khimi’s massive girth is embraced by Lumi’s tight walls, begging for his release.

The scent of their exertions is heavy in the air. Seed and sweat mix between their connected abdomens. The scent of Lumi’s seed only causes Khimi to plunge deeper and more viciously inside. Lumi’s low purrs grow louder throughout their kiss, he pulls back for air, licking Khimi’s cheek passionately. Lick after lick, lap after lap, he does not stop. His tongue peels against Khimi’s skin, longing for his taste. Their tongues meet once more, dancing while Lumi’s head lays back against Khimi’s hands over the floor. Khimi grunts loudly while holding his kiss with Lumi. He presses his cock down to the hilt inside Lumi. Lumi’s soft whimpers fill the room from behind their kiss. He bites onto Khimi’s lip while Khimi’s cock throbs deep inside of him, pushing against him.

Fuck,” Khimi growls, against Lumi’s lip. His cock quivers and unleashes a flood of thick seed, his sack tensing several times, contracting while it squeezes every drop into Lumi. Overflowing cum pours out of Lumi and over his tail, pooling onto the tiles beneath them.

After a moment of silence, Lumi breathes, “So warm.” He releases his hands and lets them fall on the tiles.

“It is hot in here,” Khimi says, somewhat dazed by the encounter. Dizziness comes over him while he holds himself upright.

“I meant…your seed,” Lumi whispers, looking between them at Khimi’s cock still shoved inside of him. “Leave it in,” he whispers, while he pulls Khimi back on top of him. Slowly, he lowers his head back onto the hard tile and closes his eyes.

“I’m sorry if that hurt,” Khimi mutters between heavy breaths. “Hells,” he groans to himself.

“I wanted it, I wanted you,” Lumi responds before squeezing his muscular thighs playfully on Khimi’s waist then goading his hips closer to his rear.

“I want us to disappear, Lumi,” Khimi says suddenly. “I want us to travel, to go somewhere away from here.” Unsure of his own words, his lip twitches. What am I saying?

“We will,” Lumi prattles happily while he nudges his head against the cool floor. “These weeks with you…it’s the first time I’ve felt happy. Ever.”

“I’m sorry, then, that it took this long,” Khimi begins, propping himself up on his elbows to not place all of his weight on Lumi.

“It’s okay. We’re together now,” Lumi says with a grin.

“That’s the sad part,” Khimi says, tightening his arms around Lumi’s back. “Imagine all those months that passed.”

“Saint Nina always says, ‘it’s best not to dwell on things we cannot change’,” Lumi replies in a sage tone. “But…don’t let it get to you.”

“How about we go to bed?” Khimi asks and draws Lumi from the floor into his lap.

“Okay, but you’ll have to carry me,” Lumi says and slaps his rear. “I don’t think my legs work anymore.”

“I’m feeling quite weak after you sapped me of my strength,” Khimi teases, then pushes himself to his feet. He feels his knee creak slightly from their weight while he stands up straight, Lumi clinging tightly to him. “You’re like a monkey,” he says, chuckling while he carries him to the bed.

“You’ve seen many monkeys?” Lumi asks once Khimi places his back softly onto the silks.

“Only on occasion, when merchants from Dolmas cross our paths,” Khimi says, gently sprawling out over Lumi.

“We can go to Dolmas and see the monkeys then. You know, when we travel,” Lumi whispers. He runs his fingers through Khimi’s damp sable hair, the sweat moistening his fingers.

“Wouldn’t you like to travel somewhere colder?” Khimi asks.

Khimi gradually withdraws from Lumi, his cum trickles from Lumi’s hole. An uncontrollable smile forms across his lips at the sight of his work. He’s stuffed. He rolls onto his side next to Lumi and looks into his eyes.

“I’ve never traveled somewhere cold,” Lumi whispers. He twiddles his thumbs over his stomach and looks at Khimi. “I don’t think my garb will be enough if we go much further north of Rhaz.”

“No, I don’t think your loincloth would be sufficient,” Khimi replies, bringing his hand over both of Lumi’s. “Not for the cold at least.”

“But for you?” Lumi whispers with a smile.

“It’s plenty enough for me.”

Lumi turns and faces Khimi with a cheerful smile. They lay in silence on the indigo sheets while Khimi pulls Lumi against his body. The room is quiet, and only their soft breathing can be heard among Lumi’s quiet purrs. There is much that Khimi wishes to say but stops himself. His fingers brush through Lumi’s hair while he brings his thumb over the two scars along his nasal bridge.

Do you think we can be happy?



The sunlight pierces through the blue stained-glass window and awakens Khimi. A weight upon him brings his eyes flickering open with surprise. With a gentle breath, he relaxes and brushes his fingers through Lumi’s hair. Lumi purrs while Khimi itches behind his rounded ears. He turns his head to face Khimi and rubs the sleep from his eyes.

“Someone knocked on the door earlier, but you didn’t move. I didn’t want to wake you,” Lumi whispers against Khimi’s chest.

“What do you mean?” Khimi asks groggily. His heavy eyes open and close several times while his vision adjusts to the light.

“You didn’t move…they knocked three or four times,” Lumi replies, looking somewhat uncomfortable. “Should I have gotten the door?” He asks.

“No, no,” Khimi groans, closing his eyes again. His hands move down Lumi’s form, and he grips Lumi’s tail in his hand, gently massaging the base.

“Kh-Khimi,” Lumi moans, pressing his lips against Khimi’s chest. His ears twitch, the pleasure from Khimi’s fingers pinching his tail draws out whimpers.

“Do you want me to stop?” Khimi teases, his hand moves to the area just beneath the tail. His fingers glide down along Lumi’s entrance.

“Keep going,” Lumi whispers. The rough tongue licks Khimi’s chest in one long seductive trail.

“You’re going to be too tired to handle all of your business,” he adds, wiping his lips of saliva.

“Presumptuous to think you can tire me out,” Khimi scoffs, then clamps his fingers down on the joint along Lumi’s tail.

Lumi’s fangs tease over Khimi’s hard nipple, “Lord Zeybek, you slept like a rock. Don’t tell me I can’t tire you out.”

Khimi smirks at Lumi’s words, his excitement is suddenly cut short by several loud knocks on the door. Lumi’s face flushes with embarrassment, his head turns to the door and Khimi follows, waiting for the knocks to fade. He sighs after more hurried knocks echo through the room. Fuck.

“A moment!” Khimi shouts as he leaps from the bed with an audible growl.

KHIMI!” Rashid calls through the thick doors, his fist banging maliciously. “Khimi, you’re being summoned,” he adds, banging a few more times on the door.

“I guess the fun is over,” Lumi whispers, slipping to the edge of the bed.

“Unfortunately,” Khimi groans and clicks his tongue.

“There will be plenty of good times to come,” Lumi smirks confidently and slap’s Khimi’s bare thigh. “Let’s get dressed,” he says cheerfully, while Khimi gives him a look of reproach.

 Khimi watches Lumi begin to dress against the edge of the bed, pulling up the dark stockings. The sight of Lumi wearing the Dolman garb is enough to cause him to go rigid. Air passes through his lips, and he restrains himself by looking away, then crossing the room to the bath. I should have just told Lumi about Omar, he thinks again before he pulls his trousers on, then slides his kaftan sleeves on in his haste. Lumi rushes to him, still partially dressed, and buttons the front of the kaftan. Lumi follows along the line of the buttons in silence, deft in his movements, with a slight redness in his cheeks. He kneels before Khimi, their eyes meet while he slips the babouches onto Khimi’s feet. Khimi palms his mouth, hiding the smile on his lips. There had not been many interactions in which Lumi had been so subservient to him.

“You don’t have…to do that,” Khimi mumbles, placing his hand on Lumi’s shoulder.

“I want to,” Lumi responds, slipping the second babouche on. “Besides, I can’t just watch you dress.”

“You need to finish dressing yourself before you worry about me,” Khimi whispers. Lumi tugs him down by his collar to peck his cheek.

Khimi rubs his hand against the spot in his cheek, unsure of himself. The day Khimi had taken Lumi to the inn, he had taken precautions to somewhat disguise himself from his normal garb in order not to stand out from the crowd. He contemplates his feelings while Lumi stares at him with a weary look in his eyes.

“Do you want me to go with you?” Lumi asks, a concerned look coming across his face

Khimi remains silent, lost in his thoughts. Never did he think he would be here. The thought of a future with Lumi makes him feel almost deliriously lost. Giddy even. The short time he had spent with Lumi had been a whirlwind of feelings. Lust, confusion, anger. He knows he cares for him, yet he still feels unsure.


 Several loud bangs on the door bring them to both face the massive double doors.

“You should stay here,” Khimi begins, anger showing in his eyes while he looks past Lumi. “I’ve got a fairly full schedule for the day. It will be boring, you wouldn’t want to come along for this.”

“It’ll be better than staying here alone,” Lumi replies, anxiously shifting his weight from side to side.

“Lu—” Khimi says before being interrupted by several more loud bangs. “You can come, but there will probably be some things you won’t want to hear.”

“I can handle it!” Lumi exclaims, his ears standing up at Khimi’s words. “I’ll finish getting dressed.”

Khimi sighs and palms his face in dismay. With a quick glance back at Lumi to make sure he is occupied, he hurries to the door. For a moment, he considers leaving him behind before he changes his mind. The key clicks into place and the door pulls almost instantly, an angry Rashid stands there, his face glistening red with sweat.

“Khimi,” an out of breath Rashid heaves, his wrinkled cheeks damp with sweat. “Revya is here. They’re saying ya’ve dishonored Omar’s daughter,” he croaks quietly, peering past Khimi into the room. “Is it true, did ya share a bed with Omar’s daughter?” He asks with puffed cheeks. “Say it isn’t true? Ya didn’t fuck’er?”

Khimi shakes his head, “If I have to explain it to Revya. Then there is no reason to tell this story multiple times today,” he mutters with a hint of frustration. “It isn’t like it seems. I promise.”

“Ya’d better hope Revya likes what ya have to say then,” Rashid responds, wagging his finger at Khimi. He looks into the room once more. “Are you taking him with ya?”

“He asked to come,” Khimi huffs, looking back over his shoulder.

“Is he going to wear that…outfit. He does know it’s what concubines wear, doesn’t he?,” Rashid asks under his breath and looks at Khimi. “But actually having an acolyte on y’re might lend credence to y’re words. But,” he says with a glance at Lumi, “maybe he should put somethin’ else on though.”

“Well, he really seems to think that it’s something they wear at the temple. His teacher gave it to him,” Khimi replies, glancing back while Lumi finishes placing his chest wrap on. “I’m not quite sure what the truth is…but he seems to like wearing it and I think it’s rather…nice.”

“Course ya do,” Rashid snorts, keeping his eyes focused on Khimi. “Either way, having a follower of the Faith on y’re side will be advantageous, I believe.”

“Khimi, I’m ready,” Lumi calls then runs back to them, embracing Khimi from behind. He peeks his head from around Khimi. “Hello, Rashid,” he whispers with an uncommon quietness.

“I wanted to apologize,” Rashid begins, looking somewhat uncomfortable. “I got a bit carried away, I suppose. Didn’t mean‘ta say ya looked like a whore an’ all that.”

Lumi remains silent, still glancing from behind Khimi while Khimi begins to stroke his hair. “It’s okay, Rashid. Khimi wants us to be friends…so let’s try?”

“Well,” Khimi says, sucking his teeth and rolling his eyes, “Let’s go see Revya then, shall we?” He adds, motioning towards the walkway to move past the awkwardness of the exchange.

“Revya?” Lumi asks, clinging onto Khimi while they walk down the cobbled passage.

“He’s the leader of Rhaz,” Rashid explains. They walk towards the central building with several pauses around twists and turns. “Every Revya has descended from the same line. Within their blood is that of an Efreet who was known as Revya. Once a descendant takes the role, they must also take the honorific name of Revya as well.”

“It’s a really unique…system,” Khimi says, attempting to hold back a laugh. “It’s quite different from Sidi. Sidi is ruled by a secret council, which then seeks the guidance of the Sanctum of Balance.”

“Sidi sounds more confusing,” Lumi says while Khimi puts an arm around his waist. “Does the Revya get to keep their original name?”

“No, whatever their name was is no longer used. They strictly go by Revya. And well, Revya typically is advised by a council of merchants,” Rashid says, turning back to look at the two. “Unfortunately…this allows for the merchants’ interests to also affect the interest of the city…Rhaz has suffered much corruption.”

“Is the current Revya…like that?” Lumi asks with a concerned glance between Rashid and Khimi.

“He mostly keeps to himself,” Khimi replies, his hands resting on Lumi’s bare hips while he pushes him in front.

The three of them walk in silence the remainder of the way. They enter the estate hall before a small group of serving staff hurries alongside, opening the doors ahead of their arrival. The three of them walk across the long marbled hallway where a horned figure stands waiting before two massive iron and elderwood doors. He nods at their approach and heaves one of the large doors wide for them. Khimi steps foot into the room, he is immediately drawn to the woman sitting on a large circular cushion. Her eyes meet his, a feeling of rage begins to fill him. Jilliana…you’ve got some nerve. Across from her, seated with his arms resting almost carelessly on his knees is Revya. He sits wearing an emerald green silk tunic, a red sash tied around his waist. His cotton sarouel, cinched around his high sandals. Revya turns from the woman, gesturing for the three of them to sit. Khimi takes a cushion near Revya, assuring himself some distance from Jilliana. He sits up in shock while Lumi sits beside him and leans leisurely against him. Rashid glides to the door, closing it gently with a quiet click. He turns back towards everyone, bearing a stoic and contemplative expression.

Revya brushes his dusty brown hair from his eyes. “Well,” he begins in a husky voice, clapping his hand on his knee. “I wish I could be here at the Zeybek estate under better circumstances. However, it seems that there are some things that need to be addressed,” he pauses, clicking his tongue, then he turns his attention to Jilliana. “A concern was raised by a member of my council that you, Khimi, may have dishonored the young Jilliana he–”

Jilliana speaks up hurriedly, “It’s tr–”

“You can speak in turn,” Revya scolds Jilliana sharply, a cold gaze from his burning eyes. “As I was saying. You may have dishonored the young Jilliana here. But as much as I struggle to see the weight behind the claim, I have to do my part as the paragon of justice in Rhaz. So you may continue, Jilliana.”

“Revya, it’s true,” Jilliana says, bowing her head respectfully. “On the night we were hosting a feast, Khimi and I drank together, then shared each other’s company.”

“So, Khimi. Is this true?” Revya asks, turning back to Khimi.

Mmm,” Khimi sounds, closing his eyes while he mulls over his words. He notices Lumi shifting uncomfortably beside him. “It’s true that we drank, and it is certainly true that we were close. However, as far as dishonoring her…I would never choose that term,” Khimi whispers, his eyes meeting Revya’s. “There are several from that night who can speak on my behalf.”

“Then I trust you can have these individuals brought before me?” Revya asks, a smirk crossing his lips while he runs his fingers against the grain of his beard.

“One is here,” Khimi replies, motioning to Lumi. “As soon as I departed from Omar’s I went straight to the sanctuary to meet him.”

“He truly did come to see me that ni–,” Lumi begins. A quick motion from Revya silences him.

“Was there anyone who could say with certainty that you did not dishonor her?” Revya asks, raising an eyebrow.

“If you’re asking if someone was in the room, I am certain there was no one,” Khimi replies, shifting uncomfortably on the floor cushion. “Though Ennui came to collect me, and she bore witness to part of the event.”

“So the–“ Revya begins before being cut off quickly.

“Khimi is an honorable man,” Lumi prattles in panic, sitting straight. “I swear by the Gods that Khimi came to me that night. He told me everything that happened.”

“You’d be wise to teach your cat to speak in turn,” Jilliana spits, eyeing Khimi vehemently. “It is rude to interrupt those of a higher status.”

“I’ll allow his interruption. Though, Jilliana is right. You’d be wise to learn the intricacies of higher society if you intend to spend much time with Lord Zeybek here,” Revya says, sighing with a glare at Khimi. “I can see no easy way to prove your innocence, Khimi. For that I am sorry, so I must take Jilliana’s word. Should she come to term, you will take her hand.”

“I understand your decision, Revya,” Khimi says with a bow. His expression is pained while he looks across the room. “Though, should she come to term, the child won’t be mine,” he says with a certainty, his words cutting and sharp.

“How dare you,” Jilliana says calmly, turning towards Khimi. “You accuse me of lying?”

“I’m saying whatever spawn that comes from your body will not be of my loins,” Khimi says in an equally calm tone, his eyes closed.

“Enough,” Revya chides. “On the subject of blood, should a child be born I can appeal to the Sepulchre of Rites. They have rituals which can ascertain the true lineage.”

“So then, Jilliana. Have you had enough of this farce?” Khimi asks, smirking. “Even should the child be born, the truth will only reveal your nature. I’d hate to see Omar shamed before a court of his peers,” Khimi adds menacingly.

“Can we appeal to the Gods of Life?” Lumi asks, looking at Revya with hopeful eyes. “Saint Nina performed a ritual once and it would force people to speak the truth.”

Revya leans back, closing his eyes as if deep in thought. He tosses his head from side to side as if he’s humming a tune in his head. After a moment he taps his fingers on the marble floor and opens his eyes to stare at Lumi, a slight smile on his lips.

“I’ll send a request to the Temple of Life and one to the Sepulchre. Should Jilliana refuse or lie during the ritual, assuming they agree to perform it. I will allow Khimi his innocence.” He pauses, looking at Khimi. “However, should she pass their test then you must stay in Rhaz until the time comes for her to give birth to the child,” he pauses once more, looking back to Jilliana. “And should a child be born, the Sepulchre will perform a blood ritual to ascertain the true lineage of the child. Knowing this, do you wish to proceed?” He asks, frowning with glances between the two. “This is all very troublesome,” he mumbles under his breath.

“I-I will only undergo the ritual should I come to term,” Jilliana says, looking somewhat uncomfortable. “Magick makes me uncomfortable. What if it should harm the babe,” she whispers. “I’ve been told that magick has side effects.”

“Even if that magic is gifted by the Gods?” Revya asks, a smile of disbelief on his lips. “I cannot imagine the Gods would wish to harm an unborn child.”

“I am fine to proceed, I can enjoy some time in Rhaz with Lumi before we depart,” Khimi says in a relaxed tone. “You have all the time you need to make your decision, Lord Revya.”

“So you are willing to also take part in the ritual?” Revya asks Khimi.

“Revya,” a creaking voice says from across the room. “I’d hardly think all of this necessary.” An elderly figure stands from a chair against the wall. “I hope you can glean the truth from their interactions already. Enough time has been wasted. You should have already gathered the truth from their initial interactions.”

“Vizier Leila,” Khimi says, a sudden embarrassed look crossing his face. “Excuse my rudeness, I hadn’t noticed you.”

 Where most Revya had been known for their arrogance, their Viziers were not. Vizier Leila is much the same, a woman in her late years who carries herself with an aura of wisdom. She had been the Vizier for the previous two Revya and had overseen many successful treaties between the Desert Cities.

“It’s well you didn’t,” Leila says, removing the cowl from her cloak. “I was able to understand the situation better this way. Revya, I trust you’ve already made your decision,” she says, pulling her gray braid over her shoulders.

“Right…well. I still haven’t quite mastered the art of insight. After all I don’t have seventy years under my belt,” Revya admits with pursed lips, looking hopefully towards Leila. “Perhaps you could offer me some of your infinite wisdom?” He asks, pleading.

“First, never reveal a woman’s age…it’s rude,” Leila chides before she continues, “now then, let Lord Zeybek have his innocence, else Omar will have gotten his hooks into another merchant family,” Leila mutters, walking towards them. “You were wise to offer the solution with your order, aslan,” she adds, tapping a cane twice. “Yet, magick isn’t needed to see the truth. You only need to pay attention.”

“I-I just wanted to help,” Lumi whispers while he itches his chin. “I know Khimi didn’t dishonor anyone…he’s always worried about keeping his family’s honor.”

“Most merchants are concerned about keeping their honor. However, in my years as Vizier, Ziad Zeybek has always been one of the most honest men I’ve ever met,” she says in a reminiscing tone. “I can hardly imagine the apple would fall that far from the tree.”

“That may be,” Jilliana says, standing from her cushion. “Though sometimes, children aren’t just like their parents.”

“Yet,” Leila says, eyeing Jilliana. “I believe sometimes they are, and though you are not Omar’s child…your actions remind me so much of something he would scheme. Could it be that he coerced you into this?” She asks angrily. “Omar has already taken enough from the people of Rhaz…”

“Please, Vizier…we can spare her the embarrassment,” Khimi says, putting his hand on Lumi’s shoulder. “She is just another pawn in Omar’s schemes.”

“If you’re to continue insulting my family, I would like to take my leave,” Jilliana says, looking at Revya for approval. “May I?”

“You’re welcome to take your leave,” Revya says, gesturing towards the door. “Please give Omar my regards. Tell him that I’ll be in touch soon.”

The room grows silent and Jilliana offers a quick bow to Revya before departing. She gives the Vizier an uncomfortable glance from the corner of her eye while she walks past her. Leila moves out of the way to allow the red-haired woman to pass. The echoes of Jilliana’s footfalls slowly fade, the remainder of the group picks up their conversation.

“Then you’ll allow me to enter and exit the city freely then, Revya?” Khimi questions and turns to face him.

“I’ve no intention of keeping you here. Though, I do think it wise to stay around and keep your affairs in order. Without a doubt, rumors are likely spreading about Jilliana and yourself,” Revya says firmly. “Though,” he begins once again, forcing himself to stand. “That is not something for me to concern myself with. Anything that happens now is between you and Omar. It has nothing to do with Rhaz.”

“It is understood,” Khimi replies, giving a gentle bow. “Revya’s duty does not involve him putting an end to rumors. We will see to that ourselves. We thank you for today’s judgment and pray that you find shade.”

“I pray that you may find shade as well,” Revya says, giving a slight bow, he takes Leila’s arm into his own. “Come along, Leila. Best not to dawdle. You can scold me in front of my peers at the palace.”

“Thank you,” Lumi mutters, attempting to hide his excitement. He begins to rise, but is quickly pulled back down to the cushion by Khimi.

The two sit in silence, the footfalls of Revya and the Vizier fade into the distance. Rashid follows the two figures from the room, closing the door behind him. Khimi stares at Lumi in the silence of the room. The awkwardness in the air is still thick after the meeting. I wonder what he must think of me. Khimi reaches a hand out to Lumi’s shoulder, his fingertips move along to Lumi’s collarbone.

“I promise…it was as I said in the meeting,” Khimi begins. “I did not violate her. Everything was as I told you that night. You seem frustrated.”

“I’m not frustrated with you,” Lumi grumbles. “I felt my heart beating through my chest…I wanted to rip that woman’s throat out,” he growls. “How can someone just lie like that and try to ruin someone’s life?!”

“I don’t think that would have helped our case…” Khimi whispers, his fingers tightening on Lumi’s shoulder.

“I don’t care,” Lumi sighs loudly. “That woman was trying to trap you…even I could see that. Khimi, let’s leave Rhaz. We can always come back!”

“Revya has the truth of it,” Khimi replies, looking at Lumi with a stern expression. “If I leave now, it’ll look to the public like an admission of guilt,” he adds, he wraps his arms around Lumi’s waist and draws him close. “What if I can make it up to you?”

“What are you thinking?” Lumi asks, hiding a smile while he begins to rub his chest against Khimi.

“Have you ever been sailing?” Khimi asks and plants a kiss between Lumi’s ears, which twitch in response.