Chapter X


Lumi reaches into the depths of his mind, seeking guidance from the Divine. Come on you bastards, listen to me! He clears a space, imagining the shifting sands north of the Dolman Jungle. It was an area that Lumi had loved as a child. The location was unique in that the terrain swiftly changed from jungle to desert within a moment’s walk. As a child, Lumi would often go to the edge of the jungle and stare to the north. He would wonder what was over the great expanse of sand and fields of dried grass, what sort of wonders the world must hold beyond the denseness of the Dolman Jungle.

In his youth, Lumi had resigned himself to live as a servant of his brother and believed that he would never be suited to live above his strength. That is the way of it within their tribe. Aslan tribes favor the strong, and it is something he knows he will never be. He knows the truth of his situation, he could never go back to the tribe even if he wanted. There was a reason that they never acclimated well into society, the tribes would never let them. It did not help that his brother would never let him return home, not after everything that happened. Lumi growls once the memory comes back to him. Sevrin left him for dead in the desert, beaten and broken. During his time at the temple he had imagined killing his brother hundreds of times and each time he felt sick at the thought, even after everything; Sevrin was still his brother.

Lumi sits with his back against the sandstone steps of the amphitheater, the sun beating down on him through the shady canopy from the brush. The area around the shrine reminds him of when he was back in the jungles of Dolmas. The rich smell of the soil, the lushness of the greenery, the moist earth beneath his feet. He walks near the riverbeds. For the first time in, he prays to return home, that he would have the strength to endure the suffering that his tribe would put him through. I should have just…shut my mouth, he thinks while he remembers several nights ago. How could I have — I thought he felt the same. He slams his head back against the step with a thud, the impact blurring his vision. Fuck. His fingers skim through his hair, feeling a wetness forming. His eyes well up with tears, and he rolls onto his side, curling his legs against his chest, his tail between his legs. Grasping his tail, he combs through the coarse hair. Is this the path you chose for me, Goddess? I am a fool. Why put all of your trust into a fool?

Lumi closes his eyes, nursing the pained spot on the back of his head. Nina told me only to use restorative magick when necessary, he ponders to himself and swiftly utters the incantation that comes to his mind. Warmth radiates from his palm over his head, the pain from his impact vanishes.

Lumi opens his eyes, his dizziness worsens. I-I fucked up. He sits up and surveys the surrounding area. The amphitheater seems to have vanished. Pushing himself up with his elbows, he finds the soft dirt beneath him instead of the sandstone stairs he had just stood on. A dense canopy surrounds him, massive trees that he immediately recognizes as Dolman elderwood. I must have teleported? But… Nina said that was something I couldn’t do until I was much older and wiser.

Lumi stands, walking towards the closest of the elderwood trees. It is just like he recalls from his youth, the itchy dark bark and gnarled roots which stand almost as tall as himself. His hand presses against its massive trunk, and Lumi cannot help the emotions that fill him. The familiar scent of the rich earth fills his nose while he presses his face against the tree, his lips brush against the rough bark. It feels just like home. It is home. The sun reaches through the canopy in small, uneven rays, their touch creating thick areas of brush. Lumi passes through them while he gathers his bearings. Yet, nothing around him feels remotely close to the areas of the jungle he had explored previously. Hours seem to pass with his aimless wandering around the jungle, the sound of birds cawing in the distance the only signs of life. Last time I was in Dolmas…there were animals everywhere. Beside a large elderwood, he pushes his hands through the decomposing leaves along the ground, seeking any signs of bugs or fauna. His hands overturn dozens of small bugs, which scamper back beneath the decomposing foliage. Definitely the jungle…but it just feels so different.He stands and follows the trunk of the elderwood, squinting towards the distance. Through the dense foliage, a sudden break in the tree line reveals something constructed and unnatural to the surrounding natural beauty.

Upon closer inspection, a large stone building juts upwards through the forest, as if to reach for the heavens. Massive elderwood roots create massive cracks through the stonework structure, their tendril-like fingers digging deep into the stone, fighting to reclaim their territory. The area levels out, dozens of entrances into the building can be seen around, bits of tattered cloth or burlap hanging from many such entrances. An imposing staircase runs up the side of the structure towards the top and Lumi glances curiously at them, on either side, statues are erected, their heads missing, but their bodies are easily recognizable. Lions! This is a dream. There is no temple with lion statues. He feels positive he must be dreaming, but is helpless to break free of the dream’s hold.

“Goddess!” He calls out through the jungle.

Lumi calls out again, this time a large flock of birds explodes from the canopy, their wings flapping in unison. The sound echoes across the jungle, the only sound Lumi had heard since his arrival. Feeling lost, he continues up the carved stone steps of the megalithic structure. He ascends the stairs, the canopy thins around him. The boughs of the elderwoods are unable to reach the center of the stony structure. The sun’s rays blaze down onto him, his neck and shoulders brighten from the heat. The sun feels unusually close and bright while he draws nearer to the top. His hands grab at the nape of his neck, trying to block the sun, and he calls out again to the Goddess. There is no response. Hells, I died. Didn’t I? His gaze passes over the final steps near the top, the area levels out into a large flat space, in its center is a small pavilion. Are those curtains?

 Lumi walks towards the pavilion, his bare feet falling silently upon the burning gray stones. Silent in his approach, he edges near the stony column. Taffeta drapes…that’s…odd. Taking the silken drape in his hand, he feels the softness of the fabric, reminding himself that whatever this is, it is not a dream. He peers inside the pavilion and to his surprise sees a large stone slab, a colorful mattress laid atop of it, dozens of vibrant patterned pillows strewn about. He slides to the other side of the column, trying his best to sneak, then peers in from another angle. At first glance he sees nothing, then – a lion. A massive lion sits on the side of the slab, behind it, a woman of unnatural beauty, with a form that speaks to her great strength, gently strokes the creature’s mane.

“Took you long enough,” a voice cuts through the silence, catching Lumi off-guard. The voice is harsh around the edges, yet soft along the vowels. It reminds Lumi of some elderly aslan from his tribe.

Lumi tenses at the words, edging back behind the column. His heart begins to pound, aware of his insecurities. It’s her.

“It’s okay, Lumi. Or do you prefer Sevket?” The woman asks, her words careful and measured.

“I lost that name,” Lumi replies, sighing before he steps from behind the column. “It’s just you.”

Lumi takes a handful of the yellow taffeta drapes, moving them carefully from his view. Behind them, the large lion rests, carefully studying him. Though it wasn’t the first time Lumi had been around a lion, he feels uneasy at this particular lion’s size. He looks at the figure gently combing through the lion’s mane. A woman with free flowing russet hair peaks up towards him, her eyes, not unlike his own, greet him. The sight of the Goddess is awe-inspiring, she is taller than Khimi but equally sturdy in frame, her features are sharp which gives her an annoyed appearance that reminds Lumi, yet again, of Khimi. The realization comes to him, she is an aslan too! His last encounter with her had only lasted but for a brief and fleeting moment. She stands from behind the lion, she smiles at him, straightening the dull colored shift on her body.

She gestures towards herself. “Come, Lumi,” she says and motions towards the cushioned mattress.

Lumi walks cautiously towards her and swallows hard, excitement and nervousness filling him. He speeds past the massive lion, quickly bowing before the Goddess. Her size startles him, from a distance he felt she must have only been slightly taller than Khimi, though now that he stands before her, he feels small. Smaller than he’s ever felt before. Heavens, she’d make Khimi look small. She sits on the bed, patting the cushion beside herself with a gentle hand, and Lumi drops onto the seat beside her, facing into the distance in which she gazes.

“Much has changed,” she whispers. “Do not be afraid, Lumi. I have no qualms with you,”

“I thought maybe…you killed me or something,” Lumi sighs loudly with relief. “I feared that I did something to offend you, Goddess.”

“Not just yet,” she says, her lip curls slightly, almost into a smile. She looks down at Lumi with her sharp nose. “Though, don’t count your blessings just yet.”

Lumi looks to the canopy with watchful eyes, “Why did you bring me here? Where are we?” he asks, glancing back at her with wide eyes.

“One of the first temples built on Talmus,” she replies, a bit of mirth in her voice. “This temple in particular was dedicated to myself, then later claimed by the snake men, then taken back by dragons. Then gifted to druids…the tale is long,” she sighs and shakes her head. “But, if you are referring to if we are here or there, or when and where…we are still on Talmus, still your time.”

“You brought me here?” He asks in a hushed voice. “Wait! Are you sure I didn’t die? Am I here to serve a higher purpose? I didn’t get to say go–”

“I do have a purpose for you,” she whispers, raising her hand to silence him. “Though I fear the path you’re about to embark on is an arduous one. When we first spoke, I told you that you would meet a man who would change your worl–”

Lumi growls, “You did! But he isn’t who you think!” He exclaims, suddenly standing in anger, then blushing at his outburst.

“He is who I say he is,” the Goddess continues. “Though I cannot tell you the details, your fate was always going to be tied to his. It has and always will be. The two of you have such a strong pull to one another, even without my manipulation, you were always meant to cross paths, to become bonded to one another. When it comes to fate, even we Gods are powerless to alter it.”

Lumi puffs his cheeks, “You made a mistake, Goddess. He’s an arse!”

The Goddess smiles, “You speak to a deity with such familiarity,” she says with a click of her tongue. “Perhaps I did meddle too much in your affairs. Would you prefer that you never met him?”

“W-What do you mean?” He asks, tilting his head, his ears wiggle inquisitively.

“There was a time when a very faithful woman begged and pleaded to be given a child. She had failed seven times to carry the child to term, and so she called out to the Heavens. When no one else would answer her call, I did.” The Goddess says, peering out over the bright landscape. “It is not the place of the Gods to intercede in the affairs of mortals, not anymore…though it appears I cannot help myself, I have a weakness for certain suffering souls it seems.”

Lumi looks at the Goddess with a shocked expression, his mouth ajar. “Are you saying…you created Khimi?” Lumi asks with confusion.

The Goddess palms her face and looks at Lumi through her fingers. “Heavens no. He was made just like you. But it was I, not the Gods of Life, who aided his mother,” the Goddess whispers. “I just helped to make sure that Khimi was nourished within Aleyna’s womb, that he would survive what hardships befell the seven before.”

“Does Khimi know? Does Aleyna know?” He asks quietly. “I think he would want to know…”

“Khimi doesn’t have faith in the Gods. Besides, it wouldn’t serve any purpose to inform him now,” she says, gently tousling Lumi’s hair. “And then again, I proceeded to lend aid where I shouldn’t have once more. After you had failed your trek across the desert, I watched…waited. You had given up after what happened with the other aslan…and as you awaited death, I provided the moisture that nourished your dry and cracked lips, sent the clouds across the desert to provide you with shade. It was I who sent the manna to feed your hunger. It was I who diverted the temple’s caravan…all so that they may find you.”

“I think you should have let me die,” Lumi says, his ears lying low. His tail flicks back and forth. “My family thinks I am a failure, Nina was being forced to banish me from the temple, and Khimi…well he fucked some whore,” he spits angrily.

“How dramatic. You’re no longer a child, Lumi,” she replies in a knowing tone while she rolls her eyes. “Your family doesn’t know you’re alive, Saint Nina would never turn you out without knowing you were cared for, and Khimi…is a man,” she mutters quietly. “People make mistakes, men make mistakes.”

“But I am a man as well,” he replies, glaring towards her. “I have NEVER made that kind of mistake!”

She chuckles softly, “You’re different from most, and you know it,” she whispers. “All beastkin are different from mankind, but what I mean to say is that… We are all capable of making mistakes, and even though Khimi has his heart set on you, he still feels a duty to his kin. As I am sure if you walked Khimi’s path, you too would understand,” she pauses and looks back into the distance. “And while Khimi…is somewhat of an amalgamation between peoples, he, much like mankind, relies on his intellect and pushes away his emotions. While you, my child, instead embrace those emotions and use them as intuition and instinct. Khimi…did what he did…because he felt he owed it to himself as a man.”

Lumi stares at the Goddess, lost in her speech. He pulls at his hair. “Goddess, I hate him! I hate him! I feel torn,” he says with a quiet aggression. “I want to leave and never see him again. But…I do love him…it was as you said…the moment I set eyes on him.”

“The bond you both share is incredibly powerful, the pull you feel towards one another will always be present. Walking away from such a feeling…will be difficult. Being a beastkin will only make it harder,” she says, taking his small hand into her own. “I think highly of you, Lumi. If I did not, I never would have appealed on your behalf. I never would have watched over you.”

Lumi looks up from his lap, “And Khimi too?” He asks softly.

“Not quite,” she replies solemnly. “My only gift was to Aleyna. I never watched over Khimi as I have watched over you,” she sighs. “Perhaps I should have. I had only known that both of your lives have been woven within the threads of fate for some time. These bonds are different for everyone, but there is no doubt that Khimi is your soulmate.”

“That makes sense,” he says, tilting his head curiously. He looks up at the aslan Goddess. “I think I knew that the moment I saw him, and I don’t think I ever felt that way,” he adds, releasing a deep sigh. “I feel like…he knew it too! But he used me to…to see what he wants, and now I don’t think I can forgive him.”

“It isn’t my place to tell you to forgive him or not,” she replies quietly. “Remember though that the aslan tribes don’t always practice monogamy.”

“Wai-What? That is beside the point!” He exclaims, standing quickly. “I want to be devoted to him, and I want the same in return…I don’t want anyone else,” he says, grunting in frustration.

“I assure you that Khimi knew what he wanted the moment he made his mistake,” she says, standing to face Lumi. “I am certain that at that moment, he knew that he loved you as well.”

“What a way to find out that you love someone,” Lumi sobs, tears welling in his eyes. “Oh, I am gonna go kiss a woman to see if I love Lumi or not,” he mocks in Khimi’s voice, then wipes his chin.

“I cannot make your mind up for you,” she whispers, placing her hands on his shoulders. “I know you will do what you think is right. You always have,” she adds, smiling. “I shouldn’t keep you here much longer though, your body is still sitting back in Rhaz after all.”

“Huh? How am I here, then?” He asks, a dumbfounded look on his face.

“I’ve projected your spirit here, though I am glad you found the temple…I hadn’t expected you to arrive so far away,” she says with a laugh. “Sit with me for a while longer, until the sun begins to set,” she whispers.

“I-I can’t really refuse you,” he says, seating himself beside her. “Goddess, I would like to know your name.”

“I cannot promise you will remember it, even if you should hear it,” she begins, peering out over the canopy, the evening sun slowly setting. “They called me Y’sol. I was the first of the Gods of Talmus,” she adds, her expression unwavering. “It takes most who hear the voice of the Gods their lifetimes to remember our names. The last voice of our domain never learned our names.”

“Y’sol…” he mutters to himself. “The name sounds familiar.”

“I’ve given you my name before,” she says, glancing at him from the corner of her eyes. “It is the curse of the Gods. Our names are forgotten by mortals, except those of whom we select to represent our intentions.”

“You mean the Saints?” He asks, pondering Y’sol’s words.

“Just so,” she says, allowing a lengthy silence to pass between his question and her answer.

Lumi sits beside Y’sol, peering out over the forest canopy from the pavilion. A slight breeze pushes the taffeta from beneath the pavilion, their shape dancing in the wind. The large lion sits before them, lying without a care on his side. Lumi strokes along the lion’s rib cage, feeling the lion’s muscular form while Y’sol watches carefully, her eyes never turning away from him. The hours pass, no words are passed between the two. Maybe she’s right…maybe Khimi does understand now. Rather, even if he doesn’t, I can show him how much I care.

“I think I can forgive him,” Lumi announces abruptly, scratching beneath the massive lion’s chin. “Though, I am beginning to think you’re holding me hostage here,” he says. Chuckling, he turns to Y’sol.

“You’d accuse a God of such?” She asks in mock defiance. She sighs loudly, “In truth, I am pleased to hear you say that you will forgive him.”

Lumi groans, “So, you were holding me here until I made up my mind,” he says, looking up towards Y’sol.

“I figured you needed time to think clearly, is all,” she replies, narrowing her eyes at Lumi. “I only provided you with an area free of your daily woes. Though in truth, I am gladdened by your time here. It has only strengthened my resolve in my decision to aid you.”

Lumi smiles, “I suppose I do have you to thank for everything you’ve done for me,” he says, his tail flicks in approval. “You’ve kept me alive, given me magick, and even introduced me to Khimi…but I must ask… Y’sol,” he says, struggling to think of the Goddesses name. “Why is the magick I possess different from the others of the temple?”

“I am not a Goddess of the Life domain, but one of the Solar domain. Sometimes we are referred to as Gods of Flame, Gods of Light. They all have the same meaning,” she says sternly.

“So my magic does not belong to the Gods of Life? The Gods from the temple?” He asks, cocking an eyebrow.

“The other Gods of our domain do not see what I have seen in you. I appealed to the others, but none thought you were worthy. Not yet, anyway,” she says plainly.

“So…my gifts come from you alone?” He asks, somewhat dazed by the revelation.

She nods, “Correct,” she replies, looking sullen towards him. “Until you prove yourself capable, the others will not recognize you the same as I have. You must prove your mettle.”

“So then…there is really no reason for me to have been worshiping these other Gods at the temple?” He asks, a smile forming across his lips. “Not that anything was wrong with giving thanks or anything,” he adds quickly.

“The words of mortals can be heard louder for us in holy places. Such as the temple for example, your praise and thanks sounds clearly in a temple, whereas outside of one…it is nothing more than a whisper,” she says, laughing at his revelation. “If you’re meaning to abandon your duties as an acolyte, I have no qualms. However, a day may come when you need to call upon the others for aid, and they may not listen,” she adds in a more serious tone.

“I never intended to abandon them. I was just going to offer praise to you… Y’sol,” he says, nodding his head in affirmation. “I think I won’t forget your name anymore. You’re the only one who ever looked out for me…so I have a lot to be thankful for.”

“I’d rather you offer praise to all the Gods of the Solar domain, otherwise they may be displeased with me if your loyalties lie only with me,” she says flatly. “We Gods are allowed a modicum of freedom, however, we mustn’t go around gathering followers of our own. It would break the other Gods’ trust,” she adds, giving Lumi a knowing look. “Well then, does this answer your questions?” She asks.

“I will continue to go to the temple when I am around, though I feel I am not as motivated now knowing that you’re the only one who believes in me,” he says, standing to face Y’sol. “I appreciate everything that you’ve done for us, Y’sol. I know there are probably a lot more questions I should ask…but I can’t think of them right now.”

Her lips curl into a smile, “There are things you cannot know,” she says, her aqua eyes gazing directly into his. “Just know that it had always been my hope the two of you would wind up together,” she adds. “Now, are you ready to return? Hours have passed since your arrival, your friends may think you’ve perished by now.”

“Hm, sure. Can we do this again sometime?” He asks while Y’sol grips his hand.

“Perhaps in the future,” she says, embracing Lumi in her arms. “Just remember, everything you have…is because of me,” she whispers, a smile forming at the corner of her lips.

Y’sol presses her lips between Lumi’s ears at the top of his head. The sounds of the jungle begin to fade into the distance while he closes his eyes. The world around him shatters, he feels lost in darkness. Lost, he feels the passage of time quickening, a starry sky around him moves then fades to daylight before returning to twilight. Where am I? And almost as quick as it begins, he feels a sharp pain at the back of his head, his eyelids grow heavy.


Lumi opens his eyes, the sharp pain at the back of his head causes him to suck his teeth. His eyes flutter, and he presses his fingers against the painfully swollen area. I guess I am not that great at restorative magick after all, he thinks before peering quickly about the room and shivers once he spots a figure seated near a large open window. The tawny colored drapes keep the room dark, but Lumi manages to make out her features with his heightened vision. His eyes narrow on the figure, a Devilkin woman with black hair, glances at him and smiles cruelly. Seemingly uninterested in Lumi, she begins to whittle a chunk of wood in her hands. Lumi rolls on his side, looking for anyone or anything familiar. The smell of incense fills his nose. He sits up, and he presses his back against the rough brick wall. It’s the same incense they use at the temple.

“Where am I?” Lumi asks of the disinterested Devilkin.

“Don’t worry, Kitten,” she says mockingly. “Your acolyte friends didn’t trust for you to be brought elsewhere, so here I am,” she sighs with an absent shrug, crossing her feet on the chair opposite of her.

Lumi shimmies and sits up straight, “Do I know you?” He asks. “There is something familiar about you, but I can’t place it.” Lumi raises his nose to the air and inhales. The scent is peculiar yet familiar. “You’ve been around Khimi.”

“Figures you’d smell him. After all, he says he’s supposed to be your mate or something ridiculous,” she chuckles under her breath, “our friend was willing to throw quite a handsome sum at me to babysit.”

“Odd, he never mentioned you,” Lumi says in response. “Khimi mentioned most of his friends…well, he doesn’t really have any, but at least he told me about his family.”

“Maybe,” she says, leaning forward. “I’m that type of friend you don’t tell your other friends about,” she adds and brandishes her blade menacingly.

 Lumi smiles, his lips curl playfully. “So, a whore?”

Her eyes flicker to him, “My, my, you are cheeky,” she says with a smile. “Khimi said you had a great personality. But no. You and I both know Khimi isn’t exactly into my type.”

“You seem to know a great deal about him then. And besides, his type or not…that doesn’t seem to stop him,” Lumi whispers, tossing the blanket aside. “Do you know what happened a few days ago?” He asks. “With Khimi I mean. Not my stupid blunder on the stairs.”

“That was a week ago. You’ve been in bed for a few days. And before you get your knickers twisted, Khimi’s been by every day to check on you,” she says, crossing her arms and leaning back against the wicker chair.

“I don’t care if he was or wasn’t,” Lumi replies, though a smile crosses his lips. “I felt like I was only asleep for a moment.”

“Well, I’ve been watching you for four days. Khimi thought you may have been prey to some sort of crime. I told him you probably just clumsily fell down the stairs,” she says with a bit of frustration in her tone. “Now that you’re up, though. I suppose I can get out of he–”

“Wait!” He exclaims, staggering while he stands from the low bed. “You…you’re friends with Khimi, right?”

She bites her lip, watching Lumi stumble, “In a manner of speaking,” she says, suddenly interested. “Look, if you’re going to fall again, just sit down, will you?”

“Do you actually know what happened…?” He asks, staring directly into the woman’s brilliant crimson eyes. He shakes anxiously, his fingers tensing into a ball.

“I was there for it,” she says with a shake of her head from side to side. “The woman was all over him. He was like a puppy. Basically taken advantage of. The boy couldn’t even stand up straight. Practically paralyzed by his fear of vaginas.”

Lumi crosses the room to her and cups his hands over her cheeks. He tilts her head from side to side, “Is he paying you to lie for him?” He asks, staring into her eyes. “I just want to know the truth.”

She laughs, then smiles, “I swear,” she mutters, holding her hand over her heart. “And I don’t do that very often, Khimi only paid me to watch you. I speak my mind when I tell you that I believe Khimi cares immensely for you,” she adds, clicking her tongue. “Believe you me, if I could disclose what I wish to say, you’d know the bounds to which he cares for you,” she whispers, then she slaps Lumi’s hands from her face.

“Then speak plainly. Please,” he pleads. “I need to know. It’s important.”

“I CAN’T! I would if I could..b-but!” she yells in frustration, her fingertips writhing as if in pain. “Just…trust me!” she shouts finally, her fit ending, she grabs Lumi’s shoulder. “I’m bound not to tell you.”

“Fine, I will take your word,” Lumi replies and pushes her feet from the chair, sitting across from her. “What do you know of the woman he was with that night?”

She clicks her tongue, “She’s a Lorian woman named Jilliana. She’s not bad looking,” she says, aware of the words leaving her lips. “But don’t worry, little aslan. Not Khimi’s type. Not that I care about that or anything,” she adds, waving a hand dismissively.

“Look,” Lumi says, leaning forward in the chair facing her. “I know you can’t tell me all the details…about your relationship with Khimi. Could you at least tell me something?”

“Depends,” she replies quickly. “There are certain things that Khimi and I have sworn to keep secret between us.”

“Since Khimi has told you about…me,” Lumi begins, looking bashful. “Do you think that Khimi could perhaps…love me?” He asks.

Love?” She snorts. “I suppose there is a chance he loves you. In the time I’ve dealt with him, I’ve never known him to be fond of anyone. He hasn’t seen anyone, and the women his mother wanted to betroth him to, Khimi turned them all down. Though you could tell he felt guilty each time. Supposedly it was the same when Ziad still lived with them. Even when he was a wee little lad.”

“Heavens, how many times was he betrothed?” He asks, curiosity plain on his face.

“None of them were formal, just introductions. But to answer your question. Seven times Aleyna had tried to get him to wed,” she says, clicking her tongue. “I am sure you’re aware of just how important it is for Khimi to produce an heir?” She asks, noting his expression.

“W-What? I had some idea…but I wasn’t aware of how much it actually meant to him,” he replies. “Does it? Does it mean that much to him?” He asks, his voice breaking at his own curiosity.

She narrows her eyes, “His duty to his family means the world to him. I know that… Hells! Why am I even telling you this?” She asks herself with a hint of anger in her voice.

“Cause, I didn’t come to Rhaz for nothing. Because, Khimi means so much to me…more than anyone. In the short amount of time I’ve known Khimi…I’ve fallen so hard for him that it’s painful.” He says, grasping at the breast of his linen shift. “Since I’ve met him, he’s the only thing I think about,” he lowers his head and grips his tail in his palms, “it hurts so bad to think about someone else having him.”

“Sounds like a problem to me,” she says with a laugh. “I’ve never felt that strongly about anyone in my life, but I can tell from your expression that you aren’t lying.” She pauses and puts the blade in her hand away. “So, while certainly duty is important to Khimi, it was always obvious that he felt conflicted between his personal desire and his duty,” she says with an audible sigh. “Rashid has told me that Khimi would get excited at the mention of bandits, desert ruins, or adventure. He said Khimi would wander off on his own as a youth, seeking fights with ruffians. I met him when he was still in his youth, but only briefly. After he ran away from his home. Our friendship goes back many years, Kitten.”

“Maybe there is a way he can have both? Balance pleasure and business,” Lumi says in a thoughtful tone.

She scoffs, “You plan on providing him with an heir with that magickal asshole of yours?” She asks, snorting loudly at her joke.

“I don’t think I can do miracles,” Lumi replies, his face screwing up. “Though, if I could, I would gladly have his kids. If that’s what he wants,” he adds in contemplation.

Her nose pinches together at Lumi’s words. “From everything you’ve said, I am sure you would,” she grumbles and crosses her legs, placing her hands behind her head. “Look, don’t take this the wrong way, hon. Khimi’s got a lot of baggage. If you’re willing to accept everything that comes with him, you two should be fine.”

Lumi gives a wry smile. “Should I just forget and forgive?”

She remains reflective briefly, then purses her lips before replying, “Hells, I’d let him stew a bit longer, maybe get something expensive out of him. Though, don’t make him wait too long, he’s been beside himself without you.” She pauses. “I can tell you that the night you spoke…was the first time I’d ever seen him that upset.” She presses her finger against the tip of her horn then breathes unwillingly, “I think you make Khimi a better person…I hate it, but it’s true.”

“Can you bring me to see him?” Lumi asks, his cheeks flush with color. “I really need to talk to him.”

“No can do, mate,” she responds quickly, forcing herself to her feet, “It’s about time I got out of here, that acolyte Clara or whatever should be back soon.”

“Cecilia?” He asks, perplexed at Ennui’s comment.

“Right, that’s the one,” she says, clicking her tongue. She knuckles her back with an audible groan. “You stay safe now, Kitten. Don’t hit your head anymore, wouldn’t wanna have to babysit you again,” she adds, winking before she rushes past him, muttering under her breath.

Lumi turns in his chair. “Are you going to see him?” He asks.

“Not now,” she says without turning back. She pushes her way through a cloth separating part of the room. “I’ll send him this way if I cross him.”

She departs from the room, Lumi hears the door close with an audible bang. Well, she left in a hurry. The small piece of wood left on the arm of the chair resembles a haggard lion. Poorly crafted, but equally thoughtful.He stands, walking to the window and rips open the drapes, peering down at the courtyard below. He spots the Devilkin speeding through the area, a determined expression on her face. Clasping the wood carving to his chest, he watches her brush past a small group of acolytes, she nearly crashes into them before she exits the premises. The faces of those entering the courtyard are familiar, Mido and Cecilia head to the stairwell of the dormitories.

Lumi purses his lips and pulls the drapes back closed before seeking something to eat after remembering how hungry he is. After a moment of searching, he settles back down on the bed with a bowl of roasted chickpeas. I wonder if the acolytes know what happened? The door opens quietly, the hanging curtains in the room sway from the sudden breeze. He listens to the quiet conversation between the two figures. They pull back the hanging curtain, Cecilia and Mido beam at Lumi.

“Glad to see you’re awake,” Cecilia says, placing a wicker basket full of linens on the floor. “Did that Devilkin wake you?” She asks. “Well, it doesn–”

“Lumi!” Mido calls out, entering the room behind Cecilia. “You’re awake,” he cheers, his ears standing on point and his cropped tail wagging behind him. The basket of linens falls to the floor, and he rushes to the bed. “Tell us what happened!”

“I…don’t want to alarm you…” Lumi begins, gauging their expressions. “I hit my head,” he says plainly as he rubs the tender spot.

What?!” Cecilia and Mido ask in unison, their voices filled with disbelief.

“How? What happened?” Mido asks quickly. “Hit your head?

Lumi nervously bites his lip, his cheeks growing flush. “It’s actually really embarrassing. I was trying to get comfortable…and I slammed my head into one of the stairs. When I went to use restoration magick I lost consciousness,” he says quietly.

Cecilia, confusion on her face, shakes her head. She seats herself on the edge of the bed. “You hit yourself on the head and lost consciousness for four days?” She asks. “We should really take a better look at you.”

“I hit my head really hard?” Lumi says, questioning himself.

“There has to be more to it,” Mido says, placing a hand on Lumi’s leg. “You were whispering in your sleep. The words you were saying were like the incantations we speak for spells.

“Calix mentioned it could have been High Talman,” Cecilia says, looking concerned. “Lumi…not to sound rude, but you can barely read, how do you know High Talman?”

Lumi laughs at the suggestion. “I promise, I just hit my head really hard.”

“We all used restoration magick on you. You should have awoken, Lumi,” Cecilia says with growing concern. “Something just doesn’t add up.”

Mido shakes his head in disbelief, his short tail wobbles while he speaks. “She’s right, nothing should have kept you down that long,” he adds to Cecilia’s concern.

“Unless there is some underlying cause we aren’t aware of,” Cecilia adds quickly.

“I am good! I swear!” Lumi exclaims, looking at both figures on the bed. “I promise both of you that I am feeling fine,” he adds. I don’t know how much Y’sol would want me to tell anyone.

“Either way, Lumi,” Mido says, taking a long sideways look at Cecilia. “I think you should take it easy for a while and stay here.”

Lumi grabs a handful of roasted chickpeas from the bowl and gives them a long and thoughtful pause before he pops them into his mouth. Fat chance, they can’t keep me here if they tried.

 Lumi offers them both a wide grin, “I am feeling fine. I can find somewhere to stay.”

“Lumi, I am beginning to think you’re keeping the wrong kind of company…” Cecilia says quietly. “I looked into the man you’ve been staying with. Everyone has been saying it, too, Ziad Zeybek is a very powerful man…he most certainly has ties to several questionable people. Dolman mercenaries, slavers, corsairs, assassins, murderers, and the list goes on.”

“A few nights ago… Khimi was seen with Omar Kappas,” Mido nods in agreement with Cecelia.

“Is Omar Kappas supposed to sound familiar?” Lumi asks, chewing a handful of chickpeas.

Mido rolls his eyes, “He’s a slaver, Lumi.” He says with grit teeth. “His men capture people in the desert and force them into a life of slavery. That’s the kind of friends Khimi keeps!”

“I doubt they’re friends, I think I heard him mention him once. He called him ‘fat Omar’,” Lumi replies, looking unconcerned. “Anyway, I think it’s fine,” he prattles, chewing with his mouth open.

Cecilia sighs, “Look, all we are saying is that maybe it is for the best…if you just stay here a while. At least until we know for certain if Khimi is a decent person,” Cecilia whispers, giving Lumi an unamused look.

“I know Khimi is a good person,” Lumi replies in frustration. “You don’t know him like I do,” he spits. “Like…yeah. He made me cry and all, but he’s just…dealing with a lot.”

“Lumi…just last week he made you leave his house. Then he told you in a drunken stupor that he CHEATED ON YOU!” Mido finishes in a shout, mystified at Lumi’s reaction. “Wh-What are you even thinking?” He asks in disbelief.

“I’m thinkin’ that…without Khimi I never would have met any of you…and that I should probably go back and see him,” Lumi says, pushing the bowl of chickpeas across the bed. His ears twitch in frustration. “I’ll stay here if you’re going to make me, but I’d like to see Khimi soon.”

“Great! I’ll make you a spot on the floor,” she says, grinning, then standing from the bed.

“The floor?” Lumi asks, a blank expression on his face.

“I’ve missed my bed…” Cecilia sighs while she crosses the room, quickly grabbing a handful of pillows from a wicker basket.

“Lumi, this all feels very rushed. Your decision to want to speak with Khimi. You just said the other day you didn’t care if you ever saw him again,” Mido whispers, nearly pleading. “Just think about it before you run back over there. Please?” He begs.

“I’ll think about it,” Lumi says brusquely, unamused by Mido’s pleading. “I appreciate everything that you guys have done for me, but really, you don’t need to worry about me.”

Cecilia kneels on the ground, “I don’t understand either, though,” she says. She begins to lay pillows out over the floor. “You really did seem intent on leaving Rhaz with Mido and Augustus. What happened?” She asks without looking up from her work.

“I just…had a bit of a revelation. That’s all,” Lumi replies thoughtfully.

“Well, at least Khimi did come to check up on you every day,” Cecilia adds before she sits on the body of pillows.

“He is probably some sort of pervert…maybe he just likes beastkin,” Mido whispers, his cheeks turning red.

Cecilia gives Mido a look of reproach, whispering in a corrective tone, “That’s…inappropriate.”

“Khimi…isn’t like that. I mean, he’s certainly handsy, but I like it,” Lumi says, smiling at the two of them.

“Th-That’s too much, Lumi. I didn’t care to know that,” Cecilia says, closing her eyes with an audible sigh.

“You’re only proving my point,” Mido groans, crossing his arms. “I mean, yeah, the guy came to check up on you, but that doesn’t make him a saint. Sometimes people in his position take advantage of people like us!” He places his hand over his face in anger.

“I never said he was a saint,” Lumi grumbles.

“Alright, maybe you knocked something loose in your head. I’m going for a bit to clear my head,” Mido scoffs, standing abruptly with a loud tsk. He tosses the curtain aside on his way to the door, his head shaking in disbelief.

“Mido…!” Cecilia calls out.

The door slams loudly in response.

“You know,” she begins with a sigh. “Mido has become quite fond of you in the short period he’s known you,” she adds with soft eyes. “He doesn’t want to see you hurt.”

Lumi tugs on his tail, “I hadn’t really picked up on that until now,” he says, blowing air through his lips. He takes the bowl of chickpeas back from the bottom of the bed. “So, you’re gonna let me go see Khimi now?” He asks. He smiles hopefully, then pops a handful of roasted chickpeas into his mouth.

“I still think he’s bad news,” Cecilia replies, rolling onto her side. She twirls her black locks around her finger. “I won’t stop you if you decide to see him. Though, you should know, Mido will probably be upset.”

“He’ll be leaving Rhaz soon anyway,” Lumi replies in a frank tone.

“How can you say that?” Cecilia asks in disbelief. “He cares about you! Augustus and Mido wanted you to travel with them!” She exclaims loudly, pushing herself to her elbows.

“I can’t!” Lumi replies. “It was never going to happen! I mean, I wanted to, but I can’t.”

“That wasn’t how it sounded before you scrambled your tiny brain,” she jests.

“Rude,” he replies, standing from the bed. He pauses, allowing a period of silence to pass between them. “I saw the way Augustus looks at you, by the way. Maybe you should travel with them. ‘Auggie’ would love it,” he adds.

“I rather like my small room and the creature comforts of the city. Thank you,” Cecilia says playfully. “Auggie is more than welcome to take a permanent position in the city if he wants.”

“I’m…gonna go. Perhaps you should invite ‘Auggie’ over,” he teases, grabbing one last handful of chickpeas before heading towards the door.

“Maybe I will,” Cecilia calls back in response. She sighs again, then drops onto the pillows.

“Thanks, by the way!” Lumi calls back from a distance. “For everything!”


Lumi waves enthusiastically to the man standing outside the guardhouse at the Estate, his heart racing with a mix of excitement and nervousness. He waits patiently for the guard to acknowledge him, his gaze fixed on the looming structure that he now calls home. After being ignored, he marches past the guard and holds his head high, determined not to let anyone dampen his spirits. Am I making a mistake? He thinks, rushing beneath the awning by the courtyard, momentarily doubting his decision. The scorching sun beats down on him, creating shimmering waves from the heat above the courtyard tiles. Lumi finds himself pacing outside of Khimi’s room, his thoughts racing as he contemplates his next move.

Am I making a mistake? Fueled by sudden determination, he squares his shoulders and boldly yanks open the towering brass doors.

Inside, the room is just as impressive as it was the first time Lumi laid eyes on it. Rays of brilliant sunlight stream through the windows, casting rippling blue patterns across the intricately carved tiles. With a satisfying bang, Lumi slams the doors shut behind him before striding forward into the grand chamber.

I hope he’s here.

His eyes sweep over the opulent furnishings and decorations, taking in every detail with awe and admiration. A bowl of fresh fruit sits on a nearby table, an assortment of familiar and unfamiliar fruits arranged in a tantalizing display. His mouth waters at the sight, and reaches out to pluck a handful of grapes, popping them into his mouth with satisfaction as he continues to explore this lavish chamber.

 The sound of water splashing alerts him to Khimi’s whereabouts. Lumi rounds the corner of the chamber and finds him. Khimi steps out of the pool, dripping water over the tiles, an angry expression on his face that instantly melts the moment their eyes meet. Gods help me. Lumi can feel his heart race, the grapes in his hands fall to the floor, bouncing across the rough tile. He takes in Khimi’s form. In his nakedness, Khimi rushes across the room, nearly slipping while he wraps his arms around Lumi. Breathless, Lumi stands, holding back tears, he allows Khimi’s massive form to drench him. They remain in silence, Lumi’s hand slowly rises to return the embrace. He places his hand on Khimi’s waist, pulling his body tightly against him. Choking back a sob, he coughs as Khimi wrenches him from the ground.

 Lumi holds his embrace, nearing the onset of an emotional outburst, he latches on, smothering his face between Khimi’s chest. Lumi’s heart races, his fingernails dig deeply into Khimi’s muscular shoulders. Khimi’s lips press between his ears, which twitch uncontrollably at the sensation. He forces Khimi to drop him then holds him at arm’s length, looking him up and down, admiring his damp form. A smirk comes across Khimi’s face while he pushes past Lumi, locking the doors to his chamber with a key from the side table.

“Shall we continue?” Khimi asks, brushing his wet bangs from his eyes.

“How do you know I came here for you?” Lumi asks, blushing, while he turns his cheek from Khimi, annoyed by his confidence.

“I didn’t think you would come back,” Khimi replies, standing bare before Lumi. “Though, now that you’re here… I won’t let you go again,” he adds, smiling coyly at Lumi. He leans against the doorway, blocking the path. “There’s no way out now, kitten.”

“I can jump over your courtyard wall…but I didn’t plan on leaving,” Lumi says with a smile. “Kh–”

Lumi’s words are abruptly halted as Khimi surges towards him, enveloping him in a spine-shattering embrace. Lumi gasps, his body instinctively wrapping around Khimi’s as they are swept onto the large poster bed. The sheets beneath them are decadent and smooth against his skin. Khimi’s weight presses down on top of Lumi, their bodies fitting together snug. Lumi closes his eyes, overwhelmed by the sensation of Khimi’s hot breath on his neck. Suddenly, Khimi’s lips part and his tongue trails along Lumi’s exposed collarbone, sending shivers down his spine. A flutter of anxiousness fills Lumi’s chest as he clutches at his linen shift, struggling to remove it with Khimi still on top of him. With one swift motion, Khimi takes hold of the fabric and tears it apart from the neckline, shredding it in half and revealing Lumi’s boyish form beneath.

Lumi’s lips tug into a cheerful smile while Khimi embraces him once more, putting his full weight on top of him. Khimi’s lips caress his body, their fingers intertwine. He moves his hips, his cock nods, pressing against Lumi. His hips sway forward and backwards gently, his eager shaft rubs against Lumi’s. Precum leaks from Khimi’s swelling tip over his abdomen. He’s so much bigger than me, he thinks and looks down between them, watching Khimi lustfully rub himself. Lumi’s primal instincts rise within him. His mouth struggles to find the words running through his mind. I love him so much…it hurts. He wants to shout it, but only manages to whisper.

Amidst the intense pleasure and adoration, Lumi manages to whisper Khimi’s name with all the love and longing in his heart. In response, Khimi’s hand runs along his side, down to his ass, and Lumi lets out a satisfied sigh as he surrenders to Khimi’s touch.

“Lumi,” Khimi begins, his lips brushing against Lumi’s chest. “I need to tell you something,” he pauses, glancing up into Lumi’s eyes.

Lumi looks at Khimi, blushing. “Now?”

“The time we spent apart… I realized there is something I should have said,” Khimi says, resting his forehead on Lumi’s chest. “I care so much about you,” he says quietly before placing his lips over Lumi’s pink, tender nipple.

“I love you,” Lumi blurts, forcing himself to speak the words, his cheeks burning brightly. He pushes himself to his elbows, purrs rise through his chest.

Khimi meets Lumi’s eyes from his with a look of surprise, he shakes his head from side to side. “I thought you were mad at me.”

Lumi’s head tilts slightly, “Oh, I am mad at you. Furious. I’d love to beat you even,” he replies hurriedly.

“Truly though? You love me?” Khimi questions, inching closer to Lumi’s face.

Lumi scoffs, “I-I, yeah I do. I love you.”

“You didn’t give me a chance to finish my thoughts before,” Khimi says, cutting him off. “I never wanted you to go.”

Lumi’s lips curl into a thin line. “So you mean to tell me that you told me that you needed space but didn’t want me to leave?” He asks, a bit of mirth in his voice. “You said we could sleep in different rooms.”

“I was upset, you’d been so worked up…things were tense,” Khimi says, his voice trailing.

Lumi sighs, “I just wanted to be here with you. I know you have commitments…but you asked me to come here. Then told me that I needed space…what did you want me to think?” He asks, his voice breaking.

“I was… I-I don’t know wha–”

“You were being stupid,” Lumi interrupts. “I was being emotional…but what happened after–”

“I can never apologize enough,” Khimi pleads, his eyes softening, “I mean it.”

Lumi shakes his head, “I don’t want this to be something that keeps us apart,” he whispers. He cups Khimi’s face in his hands. “But…look at me,” he adds, slapping Khimi’s cheek playfully, then nuzzling his nose against Khimi’s while he leans forward. “Don’t you ever look at anyone else the way you look at me!”

“Do I…make a promise?” Khimi asks, rubbing his stubbled chin against Lumi’s palm.

Lumi’s eyes sparkle with tears, staring into Khimi’s eyes, “Just say it…”

“I promise, Lumi.” Khimi breathes before kissing Lumi’s palm. “I promise, my eyes are only for you…you’re the only one who’s ever made me feel this way.”

Lumi wipes a wet line from his cheek. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry that anything came between us. It’ll never happen again,” he whispers softly and glances down at Khimi’s hardened cock, still shaking with excitement. “We shouldn’t leave you like that too long, huh?” He asks while he sniffles.

Khimi chuckles, “It can wait as long as it needs…though I’d love to finally have you.”

Lumi blushes at the gesture. The growing pool of precum on his abdomen fills him with desire, Khimi’s strong scent wafts towards his nose. “I t-think I’m ready,” he whispers, reaching between them for the thick shaft.

“I’ve dreamt of being with you since I met you,” Khimi admits, pushing Lumi’s hair from his face.

As he strokes the length of Khimi’s shaft, precum trickles over his fingers. “I’d love to hear about these dreams,” Lumi teases, giving Khimi a perky grin.

“Can I tell you some other time?” Khimi asks, rocking his hips against Lumi’s careful strokes. “One is happening right now.”

Lumi rolls his eyes playfully at Khimi’s request, his hand still gliding over Khimi’s weighty cock with practiced skill. “Fine,” he replies, teasingly pressing his finger over the slicked slit. “Tell me about them after…maybe we can make them all a reality.” A naughty grin plays on Lumi’s lips as he leans in closer to Khimi, their foreheads touching and their noses rubbing together before their lips met in a hungry kiss.

With a surge of strength, Lumi pushes himself up and onto Khimi, forcing him onto his back against the soft silks beneath them. The tattered remains of Lumi’s linen shift fall away behind him, and he eagerly tosses it aside. Their mouths never break apart as Lumi moves further up along Khimi’s chest and abdomen, his eager hands roaming over Khimi’s toned muscles. His balls graze against Khimi’s abdominal hair as he settles himself onto Khimi’s spread legs.

Khimi’s impressive length rises between Lumi’s tanned, glistening ass as he spreads the cheeks apart with eager anticipation. Lumi gasps at the warmth and heft of Khimi’s cock pressed against his tight entrance. Impatiently, Khimi bucks his hips, sliding his massive girth between Lumi’s slick cheeks, the flared head pushing firmly against the resistance of Lumi’s body. Pearlescent precum trickles down Lumi’s backside, a sign of Khimi’s desire while he continues to move his wanting hips. With a firm grip on Khimi’s neck, Lumi stretches his body further down, desperate for the fullness and pleasure that only Khimi can provide.

It is what Lumi has been waiting for, he had always wanted Khimi to take him so desperately. He had envisioned this moment in his head time and time again while at the temple. Khimi cranes his neck to continue kissing Lumi, and Lumi eagerly reacts by shoving his tongue into Khimi’s mouth, brushing it along Khimi’s teeth. Their tongues make contact, slipping together, while Khimi continues moving his hips, breaching against the tight, twitching hole. Lumi winces and pulls back from their kiss, reaching between them, he rubs back Khimi’s foreskin, his hand unable to wrap around the entirety of his size. He lets out a quiet whimper and positions Khimi’s slickened tip firm against his entrance, glancing at Khimi with an anxious smile.

“I’m ready,” Lumi murmurs, his cheeks flush with a rosy hue as he nervously prepares himself for what is to come. He wiggles his hips from side to side, his tail swishing back and forth in anticipation.

Khimi grasps Lumi’s face gently in his hands and cautiously thrusts his hips, slowly pressing the tip of his bulging member against Lumi’s soft entrance. Lumi can feel the warmth radiating from Khimi’s eager tip, and he lets out a whimper of pain as it begins to press into him. His entire body tenses and arches in response to the sensation. Thick beads of precum drip from Khimi’s tip, moistening the entrance and causing Lumi to let out a quiet gasp.

“G-Gods…it hurts,” Lumi moans as Khimi pushes him back against his own body. He winces and groans loudly as he feels Khimi’s cock stretching him, pushing against his insides. Tears start to form in Lumi’s eyes, but before he can fully process the pain, he feels a sudden burst of pleasure shooting through him. The pressure of Khimi’s cock hits something deep inside him that he didn’t know existed, a mix of pleasure and pain twisting together. It’s almost too much for him to handle, his nerves on edge and teetering towards an orgasm.

“I-I…” Lumi stutters, his back arched, a loud moan escaping his lips. His body tenses and trembles uncontrollably as his cock releases a stream of cum across Khimi’s stomach. “Sorry,” he whispers in embarrassment, covering his flushed face with his hands.

Khimi bites down on his lip, a small smirk plays at the corners as he leans in closer to Lumi. “Is it really that easy to make you cum?” He asks, his voice low and filled with lust.

Lumi’s ears twitch in response, a faint blush creeping up his cheeks. “M-Maybe,” he stutters, his breaths coming out in short gasps.

Khimi laughs, “I’m barely inside.” He squeezes Lumi’s rear and pulls against him.

Lumi gasps and leans against Khimi’s chest, panting heavily as he feels the heat radiating from the muscular body beneath him. He braces himself, anticipating Khimi’s next move. And when it comes, it’s even more intense than he could have imagined.

Khimi raises his knees from the bed, wrapping his strong arms around Lumi’s lower back and holds him tight. The first thrusts are gentle, Khimi’s tip sliding in and out of Lumi’s entrance with an almost maddeningly slow pace. Each movement pushes slightly deeper inside, causing Lumi to moan with pleasure. His fingers curl into the smooth sheets as he gives in to the overwhelming sensations coursing through his body.

He can feel every thick vein along Khimi’s shaft as it slides within him, a sensation that Lumi had never known he needed. His inner walls clutch at the massive girth, eagerly sucking Khimi, deeper and deeper. With each thrust, Lumi’s toes curl and his entire body trembles with ecstasy. Khimi breathes huskily into his rounded ears, fueling Lumi’s moans even further. The pleasure builds within him until he can no longer hold back.

Cum begins to dribble from his flaccid cock as Khimi thrusts relentlessly, pushing further and deeper inside of him. Lumi breathes erratically and his skin flushes with color. He presses his face against Khimi’s strong chest, trying to hide his embarrassment as he gives in completely to the pleasure.

Lumi’s body shakes while Khimi bucks into him, the gentle pleasure becomes constant stimulation. The constant slapping of their flesh rings out through the room. Lumi’s focus wavers, a surge of intense pleasure radiates from deep within his testicles, causing him to release his seed in pulsing bursts. His brow furrows with delight, his tail rising to a point as he surrenders to the overwhelming ecstasy. He melts against Khimi, no longer resisting the powerful orgasms that Khimi so easily draws from him.

Lumi peeks an eye open at Khimi, “I-I’m sorry!”

“Did…you just cum again?” Khimi breathes in between Lumi’s ears. “I’m doing everything in my power not to cum,” Khimi says, clenching his teeth.

“I-I, you can cum,” Lumi replies, his face smashed against Khimi’s chest. He presses his lips against the hardened nipples, his fangs nibbling on the tender flesh. “I want it…your cum…inside of me.”

Khimi’s arms tighten like vices around him, his pace increasing, each thrust from his massive size presses harder and deeper into Lumi. Lumi throws his body back against Khimi’s cock, quiet whimpers rise to audible moans. The sound of their flesh poundingagainst each other fills the space. Lumi reaches back towards his rear and spreads his cheeks wider, while Khimi pushes him down onto his length. I can’t cum again. Lumi groans against Khimi’s chest, whining while his eyes brim with tears of pleasure. The same feeling persists, the obscene girth slamming against the sensitive spot.Lumi knows the Goddess was right, they were meant to be together. Everything about them fit together perfectly. He knows he can never experience any pleasure that rivals this. Khimi grunts loudly, his groin slaps against Lumi’s rear and pushes him forcefully against his pelvis. Lumi pants, unable to catch his breath while Khimi’s cock throbs inside of him, bobbing against his soft hole. Khimi groans aloud, squeezing Lumi’s ass, rope after rope of milky warm seed coats Lumi’s insides. Lumi can feel the warmth of Khimi’s seed spreading inside of him and without thought pushes himself upright, writhing his hips, forcing Khimi’s cock to enter his deepest parts. His hands grip Khimi’s abdomen while he pulls at the coarse abdominal hair, pulling himself down with his full strength. Khimi’s hands run along Lumi’s thighs, watching the animalistic performance.

Lumi feels Khimi’s cock softening inside of him while he grinds back and forth against him. “It’s so warm,” he breathes, his head tilted towards the ceiling.

“I didn’t mean to finish so quick,” Khimi murmurs, stroking his fingers along Lumi’s light leg hairs. “I don’t even think I lasted a minute.”

“It’s okay,” Lumi says, laughing at Khimi’s concern, his head still tilted back in pleasure. “I came first anyway, and second,” he adds, his ears twitching while he continues pleasuring himself with Khimi’s length. “Probably third and fourth.”

“Where did you learn to move like this?” Khimi questions, Lumi’s lithe body wriggles back and forth over his own. “Fuck, kitten…” He moans, his fingernails digging into Lumi’s thigh.

“It just comes naturally,” Lumi teases playfully, running his tongue along his teeth. “Maybe it’s just a beastkin thing…fuck like an animal and all,” he adds with a knowing smirk. He calms himself and continues, “I’ve always thought a lot about sex…and I’ve seen other aslan having sex, so I just do what I imagine feels good.”

“You weren’t kidding when you said you were always horny?”

Lumi chuckles softly, “No, I wasn’t. And you make it so much worse!!”

Khimi’s fingers grip Lumi’s legs, their weight shifts. Khimi rolls over on top of Lumi, his hands quickly grab hold of Lumi’s, their fingers intertwining. Lumi blushes while Khimi’s arousal stirs within him. He lifts his haunches to Khimi’s pelvis, trying to wrap his legs around his backside, Khimi’s hulking form makes it nearly impossible. Khimi begins to move gently, bringing loud moans from Lumi, who fights back tears of happiness. He shoves himself deeper, the position allowing for him to fill every inch of his insides. Each thrust forces the slick and creamy seed to spill out from Lumi’s overflowing hole. Khimi’s eyes meet Lumi’s, a smile forms on his lips while he gives his hand a reassuring squeeze, their palms sweating from the friction and heat. The sound of Khimi’s heavy sack slapping against Lumi’s wet asscheeks causes Lumi to lose himself. He growls, and writhes in Khimi’s embrace, wrenching himself against Khimi with his legs as hard as he can muster.

Lumi grits his teeth while he looks into Khimi’s eyes, “I want every bit of you inside of me,” he moans while Khimi pins his hands above his head.

“Like this?” Khimi taunts, charging his hips sharply against Lumi’s rear, the sopping sound of Lumi taking his whole length filling the space between them.

Lumi’s eyes close, and shifts his head from shoulder to shoulder, lost in the pleasure. “Y-Yeah,” He replies, using his feet to guide Khimi’s hips into position. He moves his thighs higher against Khimi and lifts his feet behind Khimi’s back, feeling the entirety of the shaft buried within him. It is enough to take his breath away, the pressure building inside of him.

“Harder, please. Khimi…please,” Lumi pleads.

Khimi follows Lumi’s guidance. He releases Lumi’s hands, then slides them along Lumi’s sweat soaked sides.

Lumi howls in pleasure, screaming while he pulls Khimi down onto him. “K-Khimi!” He calls through the empty room. The shouts echo through the courtyard, carrying across the estate.

Khimi winces, his cock enveloped completely by the gripping walls. He says, blushing, “I feel like I’m in your deepest parts.”

“Pretty sure…you’re breaking me, BUT it feels…like the heavens,” Lumi breathes between Khimi’s thrusts, bits of drool run’s down his lips. He stutters while Khimi continues to press into him. “K-Khimi…I love yo–,” he says shakily.

Khimi breathes with labored breaths, “Lumi…

Lumi is certain everyone in the estate can hear their lovemaking, but he wants them to. He wants everyone in the Desert Cities to know that Khimi is, and always would be — his. Khimi reaches behind Lumi’s head and pulls their mouths together. Their lips press against one another’s, their tongues intertwine, saliva runs down Lumi’s cheek. Give me everything. There is no sense of restraint, any that had existed had long since gone. Khimi’s eager humping continues, his damp hair steadily drip’s sweat over Lumi. Lumi wraps his arms around Khimi while they kiss, his fingernails scraping across Khimi’s back. Khimi releases Lumi from their kiss, then reaches down to Lumi’s cock, stroking it rapidly. Their lips meet once again, and Lumi moans beneath their pressed lips. The heat builds inside of him until he feels like he is going to burst. Lightheaded from their kiss, he slams his head back against the mattress.

“How is your cock so big?!” Lumi shouts. Khimi’s girth stretches the walls inside of him. His head lolls from side to side, tensing his thighs against Khimi’s waist.

“Gift from the Gods,” Khimi says with a certainty in his tone, his breathing becomes shaky. “F-Fuck,” he groans, before he pulls back. With his cock halfway out of Lumi’s hole, Lumi growls.

“Leave it in!” Lumi exclaims, quickly tightening his hold with his legs. “I want to feel it in here,” he adds, running his hands along his abdomen. His eyes glazed over with lust.

Khimi blushes, sweat drips from the end of his brow and nose across Lumi’s form, “Really?”

“I want to…be filled with your seed,” Lumi whispers enticingly while he skims the tips of his fingers over his abdomen. His cheeks turn crimson while Khimi smirks at him.

Khimi kisses Lumi’s collarbone, “Gladly, little lion.”

Khimi pushes his girth back into Lumi, drawing out a loud gasp of pleasure. The scent of their sweat and body fluids drowns out the lingering scent of the incense, and Lumi finds himself enamored by Khimi’s fragrant musk.

With each rough stroke of Khimi’s thrusts, his sack slaps against Lumi’s cum soaked rear, his eager cock quivers in delight inside the warmth of his ass. Lumi feels his insides, fully adapted to Khimi’s form, squeezing down along the length, trying desperately to milk him of his seed. Khimi forces himself to the hilt inside Lumi, his cock throbbing, his testicles contracting. Lumi moans while he stalls to pump another deluge of seed inside his hole. Lumi caresses his abdomen, smiling gaily at Khimi while he leans atop of him with further force as if trying to break him. The veins along Khimi’s length continue to pulsate within, filling Lumi. Cum flows over the silken sheets, desperate to escape from Lumi’s hole, plugged by Khimi’s massive girth. Lumi brushes his fingers through Khimi’s sweaty hair. We should have been doing this, he thinks while he moves his hands along Khimi’s shoulders and back, tracing along his partner’s musculature.

“Still furious with you,” Lumi whispers softly into Khimi’s hair, breathing in the sweaty scent.

“I had that feeling,” Khimi begins. Pausing, he looks into Lumi’s eyes. “But I hope…you’ll stay. At least spend the day with me, let me prove to you that I care,” he adds, redness forming in his already red cheeks.

Lumi blushes, thinking back on his lust-fueled words. “I can hardly say no to that.” He reaches further up the bed, grabbing a feather pillow.

Khimi begins. “O-Oh wai—” he pauses and hangs his head.

Lumi pulls the pillow from the stack, he notices his black loincloth lying neatly beneath.Khimi’s face turns a shade of crimson unlike any that Lumi has seen. Lumi takes his loincloth, and looks it over. Several stains now cover the black cloth, he can’t help but to smile at Khimi.

“Did you…wank into my loincloth?” Lumi asks, feeling extremely aroused at the idea, while his tail caresses Khimi’s leg.

“Maybe,” Khimi whispers, planting his face down in embarrassment, then glances up, “actually I smelled them while masturbating…but I did end up cleaning myself with it…a few times,” he adds, tousling his own hair nervously.

“More than a few, I would say it looks like what…seven? Eight times? Anyway, it’s fine, I’d do the same thing,” Lumi prattles, smirking at Khimi lying atop him. He gives his loincloth a sniff for good measure. “Though, I think it smells better with both of our scents.”

Khimi snorts, “Whenever you say…things like that…I just want to ravage you,” he adds, lapping at beads of sweat from Lumi’s glistening chest and neck.

“Ca-Can you keep going?” Lumi asks quietly. His toes curl while his partner’s lips caress his body.

Khimi bites Lumi’s shoulder, “Certainly.”

Lumi pulls himself to his elbows, moving further back on the bed. Khimi’s cock slides from within him followed by a torrent of cream which pours from his hole, dripping onto his tail and the silk sheets in a large puddle beneath him. Khimi’s expression is vibrant, joyful even. He looks down, his cock stiffening at the sight of his work. Lumi can not help but feel proud of himself, Khimi’s bobbing cock, a sign of his victory. He relishes the fact that Khimi wants him, lusts for him so badly.

Lumi bites his lip. “Right now?” He asks with a mischievous smile.

Khimi groans. “You’re a fiend,” He says mockingly. “A sex-addled Little Lion.”

Lumi rolls onto his stomach, stretching his arms outwards in front of him, and tucks his knees beneath himself. He forces his buttocks into the air before Khimi, his tail flailing from side to side, still slick with cum. Khimi’s seed drips down Lumi’s sack and onto the sheets beneath him from his overflowing hole. He arches his back in anticipation, while Khimi pulls himself against him and places his heavy cock between his cheeks. Khimi’s hips move slowly, rubbing the softened cock against Lumi’s leaking hole. Lumi’s hips wiggle back and forth tauntingly.

 Khimi grips the base of his cock, tapping his mass against Lumi’s cheeks several times, driving his length to harden further. He grabs Lumi’s waist with one hand and slides the tip against the eager, creamy entrance. He presses the tip inside, Lumi’s entrance clenches onto him as if to pull him inside. Lumi can feel Khimi’s girth gradually forcing its way inside, pushing against his inner walls. It still hurts. He tightens his grip on the silk sheets, whimpering while he lowers his head onto the silks and looks back beneath himself. He watches the thick, clear stream of precum drip from his cock while Khimi presses deeper inside of him. Eager, he pushes his body back, forcing Khimi’s cock inside of him at a quicker pace. His body rocks with the motions, cum drips over the sheets. Khimi lets out a husky growl while Lumi draws him inside.

Khimi holds tight to Lumi’s waist, he pushes Lumi’s body back and forth. Lumi can feel his insides hugging Khimi’s cock. The foreskin along the head rubs back and forth against his warm walls, each time he moves his body, his clenching entrance holds him in. Khimi places his hand beneath the base of Lumi’s tail, stroking the sensitive joint where it connects while the tail flails. Lumi whines, pressing his face into the sheets, tears well in his eyes, while Khimi works his thumb around the soft skin just beneath his tail, stroking upwards several inches.

“It’s sensitive,” Lumi pants.

Khimi grins, “I know.”

 The sensation is something Lumi had never felt before, though he is quickly growing to enjoy it. His body begins to shudder, his ass grinds against Khimi, hungrily sucking his length inside with each backward movement. He moves forward, his hole clenches firmly to the immense cock, as if to drag it with his movement. He moves more rapidly, causing bubbles of cum to form around the edges of his stuffed hole.

Lumi, desperate to have all of Khimi, spreads his legs wider, slamming his rear against Khimi’s pelvis with even more vigor than before. He brings his mouth onto a pillow, sinking his teeth into it while he lets out another moan of pleasure. There is no telling how many times he had cum, he had quit counting sometime earlier. Grabbing hold of his cock, he squeezes at the tip of his flaccid member in an attempt to stave off his next orgasm, yet the pleasure from Khimi’s penetration proves to be too much. Cum gushes into his palm. His pace slows slightly, his entrance clenched from orgasm. Khimi’s grasps Lumi’s hips and thrusts inside of him. Lumi submits to Khimi’s pace.

“Khimi,” Lumi chokes out, the moan sticking in his throat when he uses the power of his hips to pin Lumi beneath him with quickened thrusts. The added weight drills Khimi’s cock into him deeper, forcing the tight confines of his insides into a wider spread. The pleasurable ache of being stretched so full loosens Lumi’s jaw and he whines, airy and light as Khimi’s teeth lock onto his ear.

“We should have done this before,” Khimi says, breathing heavy at the back of Lumi’s head.

Lumi’s tail swipes against Khimi, “Ri-Right!” He pants, his ears twitching in delight.

“Does it feel good?” Khimi asks with a hint of worry in his tone.

“Y-yes, I—” Lumi begins, his words become strangled, he moans once again, his brow pinching. Khimi’s cock presses against his deepest and most sensitive parts. “I’ve ne-never come…from just…playing with…my ass,” he croaks, his words breaking between each of Khimi’s thrusts.

“How many times have you cum?” Khimi asks, slapping his pelvis firmly against Lumi’s backside.

Lumi moans, trying to think clearly. “I–I lost count.”

“You lost count?” Khimi grins cheerfully. Sweat drips across Lumi’s back from Khimi’s face and sweat laden hair with every motion.

“W-When you go real deep…I’m pretty sure I-I cum…every time…at-at least it fe-els that way,” Lumi gasps, biting down onto his forearm. Khimi pushes particularly deep inside, as if to test his theory.

Khimi bends over Lumi, biting the nape of his neck. He presses his hips squarely against Lumi’s ass, his hand reaches around him, grabbing hold of Lumi’s cock. He presses his hips harder against Lumi, beads of cum ooze from Lumi’s slit. Stroking Lumi, he bucks his hips against him, cum drips into his palm. His teeth bite into Lumi’s shoulder, drawing out whimpers of pain mixed with the pleasure of their exertions. The idea of Khimi marking him awakens his animalistic instinct. A feral lust fills him, Lumi pushes his hips back against the thrusts.

“I’ll never let you go again,” Khimi growls through his bite. “I can’t,” he adds with a soft and sincere whisper.

“O-Okay!” Lumi cries, happy that Khimi cannot see his blushing face. He pants, overstimulated with pleasure. His insides are filled to the brim, his body burns from the heat. Sweat soaks into the sheets. “I told you b-before…you h-have to keep me!”

Lumi begins to feel dizzy, the heat from their exchange overwhelms him. He reaches for Khimi’s hand and Khimi grasps it, understanding the gesture. Khimi’s fingers dwarf his own while they intertwine. Lumi’s entrance continues to instinctively squeeze on Khimi’s length. Khimi steadily moves back, gripping Lumi’s hip, his pace slows to a crawl, pulling nearly completely out of him before plunging back inside. Lumi moans in ecstasy, he feels his hole vacated, only to be filled completely seconds later. Khimi’s wet balls slam against Lumi’s ass, and once more he presses his thumb along the base of Lumi’s tail. Nudging himself to the hilt, he grunts while he nears release. Lumi reaches back, his fingers rake along Khimi’s thighs. His feet curl while he moans in pleasure with the cock pulsing inside him, the burning length sputters waves of seed inside. His entrance grips onto Khimi’s girth in response, milking the massive cock of its cream. Khimi holds himself against Lumi, his eyes rolled back into his head. He lets himself finish unloading inside, growling between his teeth. The remaining cum is drained from Khimi’s balls, he leans over Lumi and presses his lips between the boyish shoulders.

“Gods,” Lumi mutters, his legs spreading behind him while Khimi collapses onto him. “I’m exhausted,” he adds and turns his head from the sheets.

Khimi smiles and reaches his arms around Lumi, “Give me a bit and I can go again.”

“My ass is feelin’ sore already,” Lumi groans. He shakes his waist, feeling Khimi’s cock pumping inside of him. “You might be the only one moving next time,” he admits, chuckling at the thought.

Khimi kisses the back of Lumi’s neck and shoulders, “I’d be happy to know if you enjoyed this.”

Lumi chuckles, running his fingers through his sweat soaked hair, “You don’t need me to tell you I had a good time,” he whispers with a blush. “I’ve…never felt anything like it.”

“I’m glad for that,” Khimi whispers, his parted lips brushing at the back of Lumi’s neck, his tongue licking the glistening, salty sweat. “I’m…really sorry. I’m sorry about everything that happened before.”

Lumi sighs, “We’re both to blame. I thought about everything that happened…and imagined how you must have felt. I know about how you’re expected to have an heir…how many times you’ve almost been married off.”

“So you heard about all of that, huh?” Khimi asks, sounding slightly downtrodden. “Ennui?”

Lumi nods then snickers, “Someone of your position…even the acolytes seem to know everything about your family,” he says, placing his head on top of his crossed arms.

“I DO want to produce an heir… maybe I just like the idea of having a family. I still feel very lost on certain things, but I know my feelings for you are genuine. I’ve never met anyone who made me feel like you have,” Khimi says, slowly moving his hips back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of Lumi rhythmically.

Lumi lays there, closing his eyes, the pleasure from Khimi’s efforts builds inside of him. “I’d have your children if I could, you know,” he states with a puff of his cheeks. “I’d love to. They’d be cute!”

A brightness forms in Khimi’s cheeks while he looks down at Lumi’s small form, “I’ll hold you to that.”

Lumi coos excitedly, “Alright, well…when the day comes!”

“When the day comes,” Khimi agrees.

Lumi sighs after a lengthy silence, “I dunno, Khimi. I guess I just feel like there is so much pressure on you all the time…sometimes it just feels like… I am here…and you are there, your mind is always distant,” he says, becoming serious.

Khimi grabs hold of Lumi’s soft waist, and rolls onto his side, pulling Lumi with him. Slowly, he begins to hump into him. “I-I promise it won’t h-happen again,” he whispers with labored breaths at the back of Lumi’s ears while cum drips from around his shaft.

“I promise that I will become…more understanding of your life…and be there for you. You can rely on me, Khimi…let me be there for you…be open to me,” Lumi says, wincing once Khimi’s arousal grows rigid inside. “T-That feels perfect…don’t stop,” he begs.

Khimi laughs, “We’re having a serious conversation,” he pants. “You sure?”

“I’m sure,” Lumi replies, moaning quietly, his lips drawing near Khimi’s. “I am just saying I should have been more understanding as well,” he says softly, the sound of Khimi’s flesh tapping against him echoes lightly around them.

The soft squelches of their efforts are arousing, but Lumi cannot focus on anything but the burning warmth inside of him.

“I…messed up,” Khimi admits. “I never should’ve gone to Omar’s. I only went because I wanted to drink and drown my sorrows,” he says, his fingers tighten on Lumi’s hips, his thrusts becoming more eager. His pace quickens, “We could have done this that night instead…”

Lumi laughs, turning his head to the side and moves his body slowly with Khimi’s eager bucks. “I-I forgive you… I don’t want to ever hold anything over you…that’s not what I want for us.”

“You’re too kind,” Khimi murmurs, pulling Lumi’s waist towards him. With both hands on Lumi’s waist, his fingers are nearly able to touch, “I don’t think I’ll be able to forgive myself for quite a while.”

Lumi lays in silent contemplation, his tail wraps around Khimi’s thigh while he thinks. The exhaustion from the evening’s activities finally wears on him. He can barely hold his leg up while Khimi thrusts into him from behind. “I want you to forgive yourself,” Lumi replies. “I can’t have you sulking when you’re fucking me.”

“I’m not sul–”

“Khimi!” Lumi chokes and glances back, his hair swaying with Khimi’s motion, “You slowed down as soon as you started talking about forgiving yourself!” He growls fiercely, interrupting Khimi.

“I’m sor–”

Lumi shakes his head, “Don’t be sorry,” he sneers.

“I’m just… I just feel guilty, is all.” Khimi begins and leans over Lumi, driving his cock deeper into him. His fingers dig into Lumi’s thigh and lift, holding his leg up for him.

Lumi pants, his body shuddering while Khimi hits the sensitive area again, “And… I just wa–want us to get past all of this,” he pleads.

“It’s not that easy…Lums,” Khimi mutters, biting Lumi’s shoulder. “I know we will move past all of this. But I still feel guilty.”

“Please, Khimi… I need you to,” Lumi begs again. “I need you to forgive yourself.”

Khimi sighs against Lumi’s neck, “Fine.”

Khimi’s hefty cock fills every inch of Lumi’s insides, his back rests against Khimi, his flaccid cock leaking seed over the fabric each time Khimi humps him. Lumi’s mind becomes numb, his thoughts turn to their future, while he is filled with a sense of warmth and security. There is so much comfort in Khimi’s embrace, and while he leans over him, his heart races. Never in his life had he wanted anything more than this. To be loved. To finally have someone who genuinely cared for him. He wants to scream at the top of his lungs in glee, but instead he reaches for Khimi’s hand, tears burst from his eyes. Khimi’s hand engulfs Lumi’s, their fingers intertwine, they squeeze them together lovingly.

Lumi tenses his hips and buttocks, squeezing against Khimi’s massive girth. Moments later, Khimi’s fingers tighten over Lumi’s again, sweat glistens between them and once more Khimi’s cock throbs eagerly against Lumi’s soft walls, his seed spreads inside. Completely and utterly filling him. Khimi slowly relaxes.He rests his lips on Lumi’s shoulders, winded and panting rapidly. His heart beats fast against Lumi’s skin. The two lay in silence before Khimi finally breaks it.

“How would you feel…about,” Khimi begins, seemingly lost for words. “What if we traveled together…left Rhaz for a while.”

Lumi’s his tail moves rapidly in excitement. “I thought your duty was here…in Rhaz?”

Khimi smiles, stroking a hand through Lumi’s sweat soaked hair. “I think I need time away from my duty here. I plan to ask Rashid to watch over the estate while I am gone.”

“Will it just be us?” Lumi asks, wiggling against Khimi.

“Was thinking that would be the case… I mean, it could be inopportune for us to have more people with us,” Khimi replies, gnawing lightly on Lumi’s tanned shoulders.

“But you’ve said traveling through the desert is dangerous,” Lumi ponders aloud, tilting his head to glance at Khimi.

“We can go anywhere. The Desert Cities, Dolmas, even Loria if you want to go that far,” Khimi says excitedly. “Just imagine it, you and I, traveling the world.”

Lumi lets out a long mmm while he contemplates, “Can you really do it?” He asks quietly, a bit of doubt in his tone.

“I’d at least like to give it a try. We can come back here whenever we take a break from traveling. I’ll continue my duties during my time here,” Khimi mutters. “Look, I’ve given it a lot of thought. I need to be myself…with you…anywhere but here.”

“If you’re sure, there is nothing I’d love more than to travel with you,” Lumi replies, his purrs giving away his excitement. “Where are we gonna go first?” He asks, excitedly.

“To take a bath,” Khimi says, laughing while he forces Lumi back onto his stomach, and rolls atop him.

Khimi pushes himself to his knees, his flaccid cock slides from Lumi’s hole, followed by a deluge of his cum. Khimi playfully slaps Lumi’s soft asscheeks before standing from the bed. He tugs Lumi by the feet and Lumi sighs while Khimi flips him onto his back and pushes his arms beneath him. His ears lay down while Khimi carries him to the wading pool. The cool water splashes over his warm body and Instinctively, he flails his arms, gripping onto Khimi. Without warning, he is plunged into the deeper end of the pool. The water is tepid but still uncomfortable, and he hurriedly swims to the side of the pool, his eyes narrowing at Khimi.

“I didn’t think you’d dunk me in!” Lumi shouts.

“You’ll be fine,” Khimi replies, blowing air between his lips, then swims over to him. Sitting on the stair in the water, he pulls Lumi towards himself through the shallows. “I’ll scrub your ears if you want,” he adds, smiling, he places his hand under Lumi’s chin.

“Please don’t get water in them,” Lumi pleads while he nestles himself between Khimi’s legs.

“Your tail hair is so coarse…when I first imagined touching it, I thought it would be softer,” Khimi says, cupping his hands in the water before pouring it over Lumi’s head. He begins massaging the rounded ears gently.

“Would you rather it be soft?” Lumi asks with an inquisitive tilt of his head.

“No… I just bought a gift for you…but I didn’t realize until it was too late,” Khimi replies, seemingly lost in thought.

“I don’t need any gifts, it’s okay…just being with you is enough,” Lumi replies happily while Khimi continues massaging the dense cartilage of his ear.

“Well, that’s the thing,” Khimi begins, he rubs Lumi’s ear more vigorously. “I had them refitted after I touched your tail the first time. It was meant to be for something special,” he whispers, and moves him from his lap.

“Wai-it, what did you get?” Lumi asks, blushing. He watches anxiously while Khimi exits the pool.

Lumi peeks his head from the side of the pool to watch Khimi kneel beside the bed, rifling through a small chest. Khimi, having found what he is looking for, walks back with a wide grin on his face. Lumi blushes once again at seeing Khimi’s full nakedness before him. He has a hard time to pay attention to anything other than Khimi’s cock swinging like a pendulum before his eyes.

“Let me see your tail,” Khimi chirps with his first steps back into the pool.

“Alright,” Lumi replies, his cheeks turning red while his tail sways towards Khimi.

“Hope you like it,” Khimi sighs nervously and sucks his teeth. He slides the golden ring onto Lumi’s tail.

“Heavens!” Lumi exclaims loudly, nearly slipping into the pool. The golden ring Khimi had placed on his tail contains a massive, glinting sapphire in a golden fitting. Small chains connect the ring by a second, smaller spiral shaped ring. “Khimi, someone is going to stab me for this,” he says, laughing in disbelief at the gift. “It’s huge…and lovely.”

Khimi frowns, “So you don’t like it? He asks, looking saddened by Lumi’s response.

“I love it!” Lumi replies, shaking his tail for Khimi back and forth. “You managed to get it to fit too! Look!” He exclaims and whips his tail to and fro, water spraying across the tiles while he does.

“Glad you like it,” Khimi sighs with relief. “I was really worried you’d hate it.”

“I’ve only ever had this golden choker that Nina gave me. I love this though,” Lumi says, embracing Khimi tightly.

Lumi places his hands behind Khimi’s head, pulling their lips together. Khimi’s hands wander to his backside as they kiss, his fingertips feeling along his tail at the new piece of jewelry. Lumi whimpers as Khimi’s tongue intertwines with his. Khimi presses his hands beneath Lumi’s buttocks, lifting him against his body as they exit the shallows of the wading pool and continue their kiss on the tiles. Khimi breaks away, propping himself up on his elbows as he stares into Lumi’s eyes. Lumi purrs uncontrollably, his chest and face burning red with desire as he stares back into Khimi’s deep blue eyes.

Lumi,” Khimi whispers, before he brings their lips together.