Chapter VII

Yad’s Inn

Day after day, Khimi had found himself unable to break away from his busy schedule. Merchants seeking wealth, mages begging for loans, and nobles wishing to curry favor with the next Emir Zeybek, a title Khimi is bound to command one day. Night after night he had found himself part of the same tedious routines, playing the role of an entertainer. He hates entertaining, every aspect of it brings about the things that Khimi hates most about people.

Each night, he would stumble back to the room in a stupor, having been forced to indulge in abundant drink. Every time, he would find Lumi asleep or missing from the room. At first, he feared something happened, but then he would recall the words of Saint Nina. Lumi is required to serve at the sanctuary, a small shrine for those of the Faith to offer their prayers to the Gods. He would then fall asleep alone, only to wake up with Lumi asleep, curled beside him. Not wanting to awaken him, he would stare until there would be an inevitable rap upon the door, or he gathered himself together for the day.

 The two walk along the cobbled streets, an awkward silence falls over them. Tall street lamps, a sight unique to the city of Rhaz, burn day and night along the streets and Khimi finds himself opening and closing his mouth, wanting to apologize, but being unable to put his thoughts into words. Lumi kicks at a rock along the street, with his bare feet, watching it skitter across the stone and into a pile of sand. Khimi sighs loudly, unsure of what to say. Forcing himself to work up the courage to offer an apology for being absent so often, so soon. Lumi shakes his head at Khimi’s words, yet maintains his silence. Khimi can sense his dissatisfaction and begins to speak again, only to sigh.

Lumi maintains the distance between them, “It’s really okay,” he whispers. “I wasn’t aware that Nina would force me to spend time at the sanctuary here either. So I haven’t been around when you’re home.”

“A-and…how was it?” Khimi asks, trying his best to manage a smile.

Lumi closes his eyes. “It’s been awful,” Lumi groans with an audible sigh. “I was hoping now that I left the temple, I would have a bit more freedom. But they want me at the Sanctuary a lot…though I don’t intend on returning as regularly as they are hoping,” he adds, kicking another rock. “There are so many people praying, it’s so loud.”

Khimi smiles, “Well, that just means more time for me.” He says, trying to lighten the mood. He takes Lumi’s arm. “You don’t think they will miss your absence?”

“Hopefully they just forget about my existence and I will be free to do as I please from now on,” Lumi replies hastily. “Though, even if I was free, I doubt you’d even see me.”

Khimi rubs his temples in thought, “I’m sorry, Lumi,” he begins. “Maybe at some point you’ll be free of the temple, and I’ll be free from this dreadful business, but for now…we do as we must,” he says, glaring down at the top of Lumi’s head.

“I don’t intend to let the temple run my life…I owe everything to Nina…but most of my time with the temple felt strange,” Lumi whispers, his eyes trained ahead at the upcoming building.

“Strange?” Khimi asks.

Lumi releases an audible hmm, “Well, I believe in the Gods…but my time with the other acolytes wasn’t pleasant. Things weren’t very easy for me there,” he says, pausing suddenly. They arrive before a building bustling with people. “I guess things aren’t easy for a lot of people.”

“Should we finish this conversation later?”

Lumi shrugs, “It’s not that important.”

“Of course it is,” Khimi replies, putting on an uncharacteristically cheerful smile.

Lumi can not help but laugh, the sight of Khimi’s forced smile is almost a crime. “I was just saying that I just didn’t get along with everyone. I want freedom from the temple, but…”

“But you don’t want to upset Nina,” Khimi finishes.


“Don’t let it get to you that much. It won’t be forever, you’ll see.”

Khimi takes Lumi by the arm, walking him towards the large sandstone building; dozens of stone arches create a covered walkway. A vibrant crimson cloth stretches across the distance of several buildings and creates a shaded seating area outside. Several faces turn while they walk past. Khimi’s grip on Lumi’s arm tightens, and he rubs his hand atop Lumi’s. Inside the tavern, smoke swells through the door in a hefty wave. Men and women in fine silks, suited for their station, turn to the door and glare at them. Khimi knows his appearance with Lumi in the tavern will bring rumors down upon him, but he does not care. For the first time in what feels like ages, he just wants to be happy. Lumi shuffles nervously and Khimi leads him up the stairs. Beneath a window, Khimi drags Lumi down onto a bed of cushions. Several of the larger cushions tumble over them, bringing out a bit of laughter. Lumi leans in against Khimi, a low purr rumbling from within his chest.

Khimi attempts to maintain his upbeat demeanor, “What do you like to eat?” he asks, smiling gleefully. “They are accommodating, so feel free to ask for anything.”

Lumi sniffs at the air, “I’ll just have whatever you’re having…everyone downstairs was smoking, it smelled great.” He looks behind them out of the arched window, down at the group of merchants. “What is this place?”

“It’s a tavern that is well known throughout Rhaz, it’s owned by a merchant named Yad. Well, Yad passed away some time ago and his daughter Pasha runs it now…but you say you want to smoke?” Khimi asks, signaling to a figure at the back of the room.

“I do wanna try new things,” Lumi replies with a smile. “Back in my tribe, most of the elders would smoke pipes with herbs from the jungle. Though I was told at the time my mind was too weak to handle the potency,” he whispers.

Khimi raises a brow, his lips curling into a smile, “I think those may be a different type of herbs…this is typically smoked with tobacco,” he says while pointing out the beautifully shaped hookahs resting on the various tables.

A hookah had been placed on each of the low tables across the dimly lit room, each one a different shape and color. The hookah sitting on their own table was shorter than most of the others, a vibrant green with silver painted poppies. The wide base narrows up towards the top, a small metal container sits above, unlit coals above the metal lid.

Excitement grows across Lumi’s face, “Either way, I am willing to give it a try. I want to experience whatever Rhaz has to offer!” He exclaims and reaches for the hookah.

Lumi pulls the hookah closer towards them, a youthful looking man with canine-like ears approaches. Khimi had seen many canis[1], but never here. A sense of guilt washes over him, looking between Lumi and the young canis. Both had a youthful appearance, and were seemingly uncomfortable at the sight of one another. The canis pauses before the table, giving a brief quizzical look at Lumi before opening the box, revealing several types of flavored tobacco. In a soft, melodious voice, he explains each flavor like a well rehearsed speech. Khimi notices the canis pause and look up at Lumi with an interested expression. He gives a slight bow before departing back towards the wall. Khimi waits a moment, watching Lumi pick through the small sachets of tobacco. Lumi’s sharp nails pick at a sachet with dried grapes in the mix before Khimi takes it from his open palm and begins to prepare the hookah.

“It appears you’ve managed to draw the eye of a few people,” Khimi whispers while he continues his preparations. “I think it’s best I tell you, Lumi. Aslan aren’t typically well received in most cities.”

Lumi frowns, “Why?” he asks, his brow furrows in focus.

Khimi contemplates his words carefully before speaking, “Aslan keep to themselves, and when their tribes do encounter people it often results in chaos. In Dolmas, aslan are known for having large tribes that hunt caravans. They also just don’t enter into society…it just doesn’t happen. Perhaps in time that will change.” He says quietly, then places his hand over the metal container, a flame appearing briefly and lights the coals. He takes a wooden pipe into his mouth, his teeth gnawing at the nib before he takes a few drags, then exhales a large cloud of smoke into the area above them.

Lumi maintains his silence, the smoke billows around them. “That makes sense, growing up I was told that living in cities was to give up who we were…living in the temple, I began to understand what they meant.” He says, then takes a wooden pipe into his hand, uncoiling the tube. He presses the wooden tip against his lips. “I feel like I should wear something to cover my ears then…maybe I will get less looks then? I don’t want to bring you trouble.” He whispers before inhaling sharply, “It’s hard to hide a tail too, though!” He groans.

Khimi scoffs, “It doesn’t really matter…no one is going to bother you or anything,” he states in a serious tone.

“Because you’re going to protect me?”

“Exactly,” Khimi smiles, his teeth clatter against the wooden tip.

Lumi hums loudly. “Maybe this was a mistake…” he begins, gently sucking on the wooden pipe. The coals light brightly as smoke fills his lungs. He coughs loudly, turning towards Khimi with a surprised expression,“it’s a bit harsher than I expected,” he chokes.

Khimi raises a brow in amusement, “By mistake, you mean smoking the hookah? Or are you referring to accompanying me to Rhaz?” Khimi asks with a somewhat saddened expression.

Khimi takes a long drag on the pipe before releasing a large cloud of smoke above them. He leans back against the vibrant cushions with Lumi watching him.

“Coming to Rhaz. I-I just think maybe I should have come and gone back to the temple a few times. So I can see. I didn’t know how others felt about aslan,” Lumi whispers. With a loud groan, he falls back against the cushions against the wall.

Khimi looks at Lumi with a saddened expression, “You aren’t upset with me, are you…?” He asks and looks down at Lumi. “Are you…curling up?”

Lumi sighs, “I feel sort of…exposed,” he begins, looking up at Khimi. “Even Rashid never said anything about how people would react t—”

“Quit being so dramatic!” Khimi snaps, he places a hand through Lumi’s hair. “Most people don’t care what OR who you are. In Rhaz people of all types live and breathe equally here…some individuals believe them to be better than beastkin, but you experience these sorts of people anywhere you go.”

“But Khi—”

“But, I understand you feel that aslan may be more…disliked. The truth is that no one knows aslan, they are an enigma to everyone else,” Khimi interrupts again, pausing to take a long puff once again. “You can show Rhaz that aslan aren’t a race to be feared.”

Khimi’s hand brushes against Lumi’s ears. He leans in, inches from Lumi’s face. His lips press gently against Lumi’s forehead, causing him to blush in response.

“No one will bother you,” Khimi whispers before placing his lips on Lumi’s brow. “So quit whining.”

“Either way, the Goddess that spoke to me made it clear that I was going to meet someone in the temple…someone that would change my life,” Lumi says, then pulls himself up from the cushion. He brings his knees to his chest. “I knew the moment we met that there would be challenges, but I knew it was you.”

Khimi looks about the room, “You should probably keep that detail to yourself,” Khimi whispers. He leans forward again to the hookah. “Oh…when you pull your legs up like that— everyone can see up your tunic,” he adds with another drag from the hookah.

Lumi groans and straightens his legs. “Guess I’ll have to get used to proper manners and all that as well.” His fingertips pull the hem further down his legs. The fabric stretches down toward his knees then recoils back up his thigh the moment he releases it.

Khimi smiles, “I think if you start telling people about talking with Gods and whatnot, it might cause trouble…but enough of that, how about a drink?” He asks, watching Lumi’s curious behavior. “I didn’t think you’d be the type to let things get to you.”

“I’ll take a drink,” Lumi replies with a sigh. “I just feel so out of place here, Khimi…there is so much more here than I expected. I miss Nina…I think I miss the temple already.”

“Well, let’s get a drink and something to eat first,” Khimi says and signals to the canis. “It is just going to take some time, Lumi. Just drink some ouzo and calm down a bit. The more time you spend here, the easier it will become. I swear it.”

“We’ll see,” Lumi mutters.

Several hours pass and after many glasses of ouzo are consumed, Lumi and Khimi depart from the inn. Khimi had eaten most of the spiced fish that was delivered to the table. And though Lumi had eaten sparingly, he somehow managed to drink most of the ouzo. They leave the inn, a plethora of eyes are fixed on them while they walk through the first floor of the sandstone structure, merchants who Khimi recognizes stare with their mouths ajar. Once outside Khimi grips Lumi’s arms tight while they make their way across the darkened city. At several points they pause due to Lumi’s drunk stumbling. Eventually, Khimi grabs Lumi and clings to him after he stumbles again. He only had a few drinks…he couldn’t have gotten this drunk, Khimi thinks to himself.

Khimi watches Lumi’s eyes flutter open and closed, “Lumi, do you want to stop and eat a bit or something?” He asks with a voice of concern. “We can get something in you, some sweets or something.”

Lumi hiccups, “N-No,” he says, blinking slowly at Khimi. “Carry me,” he adds and presses his forehead against Khimi’s chest. “Or, YOU can put something in me,” he murmurs with his drunken smile.

Khimi snorts, “Alright,” he groans and he bends down. He places his arms beneath Lumi’s chiton, his hands cupping Lumi’s ass while he lifts him up against his body. He grimaces the moment Lumi’s mouth latches onto his shoulder, drool dripping over his chest.

Khimi continues down the streets, occasionally he looks up to the sun while it begins to set behind the city walls, the ever burning lanterns in the city illuminate the area. He remembers his first time in Rhaz, and the story he was told by Aleyna about the Efreet who helped to keep the city alight with magic. I wonder if history would be something that Lumi would be interested in?

Khimi squeezes Lumi gently, “Wanna know a story?” He asks.

Lumi grumbles in response, “Sho-sure,” he mutters against Khimi’s shoulder.

“So, it is said that the Desert Cities were an area with nothing but wandering tribes at its earliest recalled period,” Khimi whispers. “Many of these tribes would end up as slaves to an Efreet whose name was lost to history. But, the Efreet’s brother Revya had fallen in love with one of the slaves the Efreet had captured. Revya pleaded and begged for the slave to be released so he could live with her. The powerful Efreet refused. They turned their back on Revya and continued to enslave the tribes of the Desert Cities. They say great and marvelous structures were built under the Efreet’s instruction, massive towers which now lie beneath the shifting sands.”

Lumi’s eyes flutter while he tries to keep awake and Khimi continues.

“In order to free his love, Revya challenged the other Efreet. A duel was held in the desert at one of the Efreet’s palaces. When the ashes and embers had finally settled, Revya had won, the other Efreet submitted and returned to the ether as elemental beings are wont to do. Revya then spent years cultivating relationships between the tribes of slaves, and from his efforts the Desert Cities blossomed. Rhaz, was where Revya kept his seat as the ruler of the Desert Cities. It was called the ‘Ruby of the Desert’, these lights along the street,” Khimi says and nods at the lamps, “well those are said to be remnants of the magic he left behind…you’re not even awake,” he grumbles to himself, rolling his eyes in annoyance.

While he tells the story, he listens to Lumi’s heavy breathing. Hells, I hope he’s alright…I really don’t remember him drinking that much. He tightens his hands on Lumi’s thighs, then pulls him up further against his body. Lumi’s head rolls from side to side. He continues walking with Lumi stirring against Khimi.

“You don’ have ta’ carry me like a baby, though,” Lumi mumbles into Khimi’s shoulder.

Khimi rolls his eyes, “You didn’t really give me much of a choice,” he states while Lumi places an arm around Khimi’s shoulder. “You’re drunk.”

Khimi continues down the uneven cobbles, watching his step. Over the rough stones, he stumbles, his hands riding high up Lumi’s chiton, his cheeks brightening while he feels Lumi’s soft inner thighs. His thoughts become clouded with obscenities while he squeezes Lumi’s thighs ever tighter, wanting him to awaken. Lumi stirs from his drunken stupor yet again, his eyes fluttering open and closed while he peels back to face Khimi with a grin.

“M-Mi Lor-rd–,” Lumi hiccups, his cheeks flush with color, “–Zeybek, are you..horny?” He asks, a soft chuckle escaping his lips.

Khimi bites his lip, “You’re making it hard t—”

HARD?” Lumi interrupts, pressing his forehead back against Khimi’s shoulder, his free hand slides beneath Khimi’s shirt.

“I was going to sa–,” Khimi begins, suddenly pausing while he feels Lumi’s fingertips push past his waist scarf and into his sarouel. “Lu–” his words are cut short.Lumi’s fingers brush against the patch of abdominal hair and stroke against the base of his hardening member. Fuck. With a quick glance around, he notes others giving him uncomfortable glares.

Khimi presses his face against Lumi’s hair, his lips gently nibbling on Lumi’s ear before he makes a quick turn into an alley. I can’t walk through Rhaz like this, he thinks. Lumi’s fingertips caress the base of his length. He stops walking, his cock nodding against his linen sarouel while he looks around, noting the quietness of the alleyway.

“This isn’t the best place for this,” Khimi whispers into Lumi’s ear quietly. “But if it’s what you want.”

Lumi smiles, “I want it,” he says with a slap on Khimi’s arm, demanding to be released.

Khimi smirks, gripping him tighter in his arms, his fingers nearing the soft entrance which twitches with desire. “Feels like you don’t want me to let you go,” he whispers into Lumi’s rounded ears.

“Tease,” Lumi snaps.

“Tease?” Khimi sneers, his middle, and ring finger press against the warmth which begs to suck him in. “Seems like you’re the one teasing.”

Lumi growls, “I wan—”

Lumi curses under his breath, his words echo through the alleyway while he presses his forehead against Khimi. Khimi’s hefty fingers penetrate him, gliding in and out along the entrance in short, quick bursts. Hells, he’s so warm. Warmth radiates against Khimi’s fingers, the softness within Lumi envelopes his fingers, so greedy that it sucks his fingers inside. Lumi pushes against him, his bare feet hitting the cobbles, while Khimi releases him unwillingly.

“I want your cock,” Lumi stutters, his lusty eyes shaking with drunkenness. He stands awkwardly, swaying back and forth.

 Lumi stands before him, drunkenly pressing his lips against his chest. His hand tugs against Khimi’s shirt, causing a portion of it to rip open widely. Lumi’s tongue laps against his exposed chest, he gradually sinks to a squat before him. The eager, pink arousal reveals itself beneath the short chiton as the fabric slides up his thighs. Lumi’s hardened cock twitches and leaks precum, a thin line of the pearlescent fluid drips onto the sandstone cobbles.

Khimi eyes Lumi with a lusty eagerness, “You look hungry…” he whispers. The knot on his waist-scarf can not loosen any quicker. His fingers fumble over the silk.

“Starving!” Lumi exclaims, waiting before Khimi. His tongue brushes across his soft lips in anticipation.

Khimi smirks, “Perhaps…this might sate your hunger,” he whispers, a cautious glance up and down the alley.

Khimi’s length throbs excitedly against the linen sarouel, rising merrily to meet Lumi. Lumi slides his palms across the front of the sarouel. With a low purr, he nuzzles his cheek against the outline of Khimi’s nodding member, licking the visible bulge. Khimi groans, gripping Lumi’s shoulder, his cock pulsates with eagerness. Lumi kisses Khimi’s abdomen, his lips grazing against the trail of hair running into his trousers. His fingertips slide along the top of Khimi’s trousers, carefully edging the fabric down. Giddy with excitement, Lumi grins, Khimi’s cock leaps upward from the fabric. The hefty cock nods before him, he pushes his lips against the throbbing vein along the base.

Khimi’s cock is thick, long, and responsive to the slightest stimuli – it bobs and twitches eagerly while Lumi traces his fingers along the bulky head and rubs back the foreskin. Lumi’s drunkenness shows in his cheeks, he smiles at Khimi then grips the base of the hardened length, tapping the swollen head against his lips. Fuck. The feeling is unlike any other, the warmth of Lumi’s mouth, the coarseness of his tongue running along his cock, the lust filled eyes of his lover staring up at him. They have not been physical together since the temple, and he is loath to let anything get in the way of this exchange.

“Khi-Khimi,” Lumi says, his lips pressed against Khimi’s massive girth. “Do you…wear loose trousers…ca-use your cock is so big?” He teases before leaning forward, inhaling the musky scent of Khimi’s groin. Lumi’s arousal twitches even more fiercely, while Khimi’s musk fills his nostrils. Hungry, he presses his lips over Khimi’s tip and suckles softly, his jaw moving back and forth slowly.

“N-No,” Khimi groans, watching the drunken Lumi slobber over his girth. Uncontrollable laughter erupts from his lips. He strokes Lumi’s cheek, warm from the drink. “I wear loose trousers…well…you have a point,” he says, wearing a smug grin. “I just want to be comfortable when I am h-home,” he fumbles, Lumi’s lips pushing past the tip. The prickly tongue runs along the shaft, bringing Khimi intense pleasure. Khimi sucks his teeth. “Just like that,” he instructs while Lumi’s sharp fangs move past the bulky head.

Khimi’s knees weaken, suddenly unsteady. Lumi works the swollen, sticky head into his mouth, his flexible tongue following the flared edges. Lumi quickly becomes lost in his bestial instincts, savoring the taste and smells of his partner’s sex before he bobs down, swallowing as much of Khimi’s length as he can muster in one go. He follows with massaging pulses from his tongue, sending waves of pleasure coursing through Khimi.

Lumi moans aloud, lusty sounds echo through the alley while his lips move back and forth smoothly over Khimi’s member. “Dunno how it fit in my mouth before,” Lumi says after he pulls back, the head dragging from his mouth with a POP. He stares at Khimi’s size with a look of admiration. “I wonder how it’ll feel inside,” he adds, his cheeks somehow brightening even further.

If it’ll even fit inside…

Khimi snorts, “You can’t say things like that,” he replies, strangling the base of his cock and forcing blood to the tip, he rubs his girth across Lumi’s cheek. He watches Lumi’s smile, his tongue running along his length.

“Think it’ll fit in my ass?” Lumi whispers, then takes the tip back into his mouth.

We’ll make it fit…

Sweat beads down Khimi’s face, the pleasure courses through him. His sweaty hands tangle in Lumi’s hair, twisting great handfuls while he begins to hump frantically into Lumi’s willing mouth. Lumi gags while Khimi’s eager thrusts bring him deeper and deeper into his throat. Lumi breathes heavily through his nose, his eyes seem to glaze over. An appealing purr erupts around Khimi’s shaft while Lumi relaxes his throat, allowing more of Khimi’s length to slip deeper, curving down his moist throat. Wet streaks line Lumi’s cheeks, he looks up at Khimi with a pool of ejaculate dripping in front of him from his now flaccid cock. He came? From sucking me?

Lumi slaps against Khimi’s leg and Khimi pulls back, “S-Sorry we didn’t ge-et to be together yet,” he says, looking bashful. “I didn’t expect to stay saying vespers[2] until dawn, e-everyday.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Khimi whispers, his fingers tightening back into Lumi’s hair. “We have all the time we need,” he smiles, feeling Lumi’s fingers jostle his heavy sack.

Khimi closes his eyes, leaning his head back towards the sky. Lumi’s plump lips gently caress his length. He groans with pleasure while Lumi’s tongue runs down his shaft, gradually reaching his testicles. Khimi inhales sharply while he feels his nut drawn into Lumi’s warm, inviting mouth. Lumi’s tongue runs back and forth against the sack, tasting the saltiness of Khimi’s sweat. Khimi glances back down once more, his cock rests atop Lumi’s head. It really does look…humorous like this. But really…is it going to fit? He wonders while his precum drips in a long cloudy string between Lumi’s ears and into the mess of blond hair. After saturating Khimi’s testicles in his saliva, Lumi brushes his tongue back across the underside of Khimi’s cock. Grasping the base firmly, he strokes the shaft back and forth in gentle but measured movements.

Khimi groans quietly, attempting to mask his pleasure by covering his mouth. Helpless, he watches Lumi impatiently stroke more excitedly, the foreskin slides back and forth over his swollen tip. Lumi’s lips wrap around the bulky red tip, his tongue swirls in circles around its hardened edges. Lumi, lost in his lusty instincts, glances up once more with pleading eyes at Khimi, begging for his prize. Khimi’s body spasms with pleasure. He grabs a handful of Lumi’s blond locks and shoves his shaking length into Lumi’s mouth. His fingertips tighten roughly around Lumi’s round ears. His testicles contract, releasing their load, while his cock pumps thick streams of warm seed. It pours into his throat while his tongue rolls along the girth. Lumi closes his eyes, a satisfied look in his eyes.

Khimi tosses his head back in pleasure, “Fucking Hells,” he murmurs, wanting to roar instead.

 Khimi breathes unevenly, closing his eyes and tilting his head back again, while Lumi’s tongue gently swirls around his length. He fights the urge to shove his cock to the hilt against Lumi’s lips. I don’t want to hurt him, he thinks before he changes his mind. While Lumi’s sharp fingernails dig into his ass, Khimi thrusts his hips until Lumi’s lips are flat against his groin. He’ll be fine, he thinks, a snarl of pleasure leaving his lips. A mix of cum and saliva drips from the edges of Lumi’s mouth, his tail slaps against the sandstone floor, his brows furrowed. Moans of pleasure can be heard from Lumi, he sucks so eagerly, Khimi does not want to pull back. After some moments, he releases his grip and Lumi pulls back. Breathing deeply, Lumi glances up with a tear filled sadness in his eyes.

“I-It’s too much,” Lumi pouts. He pops the tip of Khimi’s cock from between his lips. “I can barely fit it all,” he adds with a hint of dejection. “It hurts my throat.”

Khimi cracks a smile and laughs, “One day, you’ll figure it out,” he replies, ruffling Lumi’s hair to hide the mess of sticky precum. “How about we go home?” He asks, smiling while he begins to pull up his trousers.

“Le-Lemme clean you first,” Lumi says brightly before he continues to lick along the softening cock.

Khimi looks up and down the alley, “Uh, just don’t take too long,” he replies while Lumi works diligently. He watches up and down the alley again with a look of concern, realizing their tryst may have lasted much longer than he originally expected.

“Oh-kay,” Lumi replies, his coarse tongue flicking beneath Khimi’s foreskin. “You smell so good,” he whispers before he presses his face against Khimi’s waist and rolls his cheek into the dark hair, leaving kiss after kiss.

“Kitten,” Khimi whispers with a bit of concern. “Thank you,” he adds while he runs his hand through Lumi’s hair, gently petting the soft ears.

Lumi looks up with a puzzled expression, “What f-for?”


Lumi chuckles, “Everything?”

“It’s nothing,” Khimi mutters to himself. “Believing in us.” — Why did I say that?

Lumi stares at Khimi and adjusts himself on his knees, uselessly tugging the edges of the tunic, “Of course I believe in us…you should too!” The tunic quickly slides back up his thighs.

Khimi nervously rolls up his trousers, “I am…slow to trust.”

“I will always b-believe in us,” Lumi stammers.

Khimi itches at the scar on his cheek anxiously, “I-I do too,” he whispers, unsure of himself.

“Carry me,” Lumi replies loudly. He closes his eyes and pushes himself against Khimi, inhaling deep with Khimi’s scent.

Khimi smiles, thankful to not be questioned for his uncertainty, “Alright, come on,” he whispers, tightening the waist-scarf around his trousers. He bends down, gripping tight behind Lumi’s knees. He pulls him up against his body, Lumi’s legs wrap slowly around him. “Were you marking me…when you rubbed your face against me?” He questions with a whisper into Lumi’s ear.

“Mahbee,” Lumi replies, moving his lips towards Khimi’s neck. “Y-You’re mine,” he says,pressing his lips to Khimi’s neck, then laughs while they continue down the street.

You’re drunk,” Khimi laughs, feeling Lumi sucking softly on his neck. He pulls Lumi higher up against his body, finding himself smiling throughout their walk down the streets.

[1] Beastkin with the Aspect of Canines

[2] Evening prayers

Sleeping Lion

Khimi continues walking through the darkened streets, listening to Lumi’s soft snores. Getting close now. Wonder if I should wake him and have him walk from here, he wonders to himself. He pauses outside the gatehouse to the estate. He stands holding Lumi in his arms while in the shadow of the large building. For some reason, he can not help but feel embarrassed. He wonders if those who serve him would question him if he wanders in with the Lumi in his arms. He does not want his authority drawn into question. The moments pass, and he finally makes up his mind to continue forward. He exhales with a deep breath once he nears the gatehouse. The guards wear faces of disgust at his approach, and he cannot help but to feel judgment being passed on him. He feels powerless at their glances, having never been in this sort of situation at any point. Never had he thought that choosing a partner would cause him such ire.

Khimi approaches the separated living quarters, he fumbles for the key through his linen shirt. Struggling between juggling Lumi and retrieving the key from his shirt. With the key finally in place, he shoulders his way into the extensive quarter, several pillar candles remain lit from earlier in the day, burning nearly to the end of their wicks.

Khimi carries Lumi over towards the large canopy bed, placing him gently on the silken sheets. The room is quiet other than the sound of the running water in the bath nearby. He sits on the edge of the bed, his hands run through Lumi’s blond hair then thumbs over the scars along the bridge of his nose. You’re certainly a hard sleeper. Lumi stirs, eyes squinting at him before he rolls onto his stomach. Khimi’s cheeks brighten, noticing Lumi’s chiton stretched just below his buttocks. The smile on his lips is telling while he observes Lumi’s tail swaying back and forth in unison with his breathing. He grasps hold of the coarse hair on the tip of Lumi’s whip-like tail, his hand follows along the length to the base just above his buttocks. He finds himself unable to stop himself, his fingers move beneath Lumi’s chiton, groping Lumi’s soft ass. Lumi groans softly, turning his head to the side. I should let him sleep…

Khimi thinks back on their arrival in Rhaz, the first time his fingers had entered Lumi. He wanted to feel the same sensation again, to feel Lumi’s inner warmth. His fingers press between Lumi’s rear, edging down to the soft pink skin around Lumi’s entrance, the warmth emitting from within is inviting. His fingers move in a gentle circular motion around the soft edges and feel the oil between Lumi’s cheeks, the same feeling when his fingers pushed inside of him earlier. I forgot he prepared himself. Khimi chuckles to himself, pushing the tip of his middle finger into him. A voice echoes into his head, startling him.

Are you taking care of my son? I was told by the acolytes he missed this evening’s vespers,” a familiar voice says, echoing loudly in his head.

The voice is familiar but seemingly worried. It is reminiscent of Nina’s voice but seems to echo through the room. Khimi stands, drawing a scimitar from beside the bed. He circles the room, peering through each nook and cranny in turn. He approaches the door, unlocking the room and taking a quick peek through the front door.

“If someone is here, reveal yourself,” Khimi whispers while he circles the area before crouching with his scimitar at the ready.

“I know I heard you, Nina…I know not where you are, Nina…I don’t appreciate your spying,” Khimi whispers, taking an aggressive stance towards an unseen voice.

Nina replies, clicking her tongue audibly. “‘Tis but a spell[1], child, calm yourself. I can only speak with you in this method. Lumi…is he well?

“Spell..?” Khimi begins in a whisper, he lowers his weapon and presses his free hand towards his forehead. “Lumi is fine, Saint Nina. You needn’t worry about him, I assure you he is in good hands. Shall I send your regards?” He asks in a somewhat frustrated tone.

She replies in a tender and soft voice, “I request that Lumi not know I was checking up. Take care of him, Khimi,

Khimi leans back against the bed, placing the scimitar back in its place. Hells, that woman has the worst timing. He grabs a small blanket, tossing it over Lumi before blowing out the few remaining candles in the room. He stops near a large side table, pouring a glass of water from a beautiful hand blown carafe, and places it on a small table near Lumi. He walks towards his side of the bed to blow out the last candle along the side table. The moonlight shines hauntingly through the blue stained windows, shimmering lights scatter across the floor. He sits at the edge of the bed and removes his sandals. His fingers hastily unbutton his shirt while he looks down at Lumi and notices Lumi shift onto his side, facing towards the edge of the bed. Khimi finishes removing his shirt, and stands to remove his sarouel. He lays back on the bed, moving beside Lumi. Shame we didn’t get to spend the night together, he thinks, bringing Lumi closer towards him, his uneven, drunken breathing against him.

“Goodnight” Khimi whispers against the back of Lumi’s head.

 He closes his eyes, waiting for sleep to take him.

Unable to sleep, he rolls onto his back. There are so many things he still wants to do. He had felt guilty over the last several days. There were only a couple of hours at most each day he would see Lumi, and each time, he would find himself denying Lumi’s affections. It is not because he did not want to engage with him, but because he had his own reservations. Only this morning, when he awoke, had he really begun to think about their relationship. He wants to believe that everything that Lumi spoke was true, that there is such a thing as fated souls.

Frustrated, he reaches out to Lumi and grasps his tail, stroking the coarse fur. He had bought Lumi several gifts which he had every intention of gifting upon their arrival in Rhaz, yet he had been fearful that these feelings were nothing more than whims. He releases Lumi’s tail, then slides to the edge of the bed. The jet black box sitting under the bed contains two golden arm bands and a golden tail ring embedded with a vibrant sapphire. Khimi had a goldsmith create the pieces especially for Lumi. He pulls the box from beneath the bed, feeling the weighty golden bands. They were similar in design to ones that he would often wear, but with slight differences.

Lumi’s leg kicks against the blanket, whimpering in his sleep.

“Lumi?” Khimi mutters quietly.

Lumi groans again, his head shifting from side to side.

Khimi reaches out towards him, stopping just as his fingertips brush against Lumi’s bare shoulder. He knows he felt it too, the feeling that Lumi expressed to Saint Nina. Yet there is still that fear inside of him that these feelings he had were nothing more than lust. He can not help but wonder what the other merchants in Rhaz thought after seeing him with Lumi. He knows all too well the speed in which the rumor mill runs throughout the Desert Cities. Other merchants would likely assume Lumi is just some sort of fascination for him. In the worst case, they would believe that his interests were specifically in young beastkin. Khimi rolls his eyes at the thought.

Lumi rolls onto his side facing Khimi, his aetherial eyes open, catching the light. “K-Khimi?” He mumbles.

“Go back to bed, Kitten,” Khimi whispers. He reaches out, his fingertips brush through Lumi’s hair. “You need your rest.”

Lumi yawns and closes his eyes, “Alright,” he replies groggily.

Khimi closes his eyes. With a sigh, his thoughts and concerns are pushed from his mind while he combs his fingers through the sleeping lion’s hair.

[1] Certain powerful individuals are capable of sending telepathic messages over long distances.