An Aslan’s Pleasures

The Rhazian Estate had slowly become a place of comfort to Lumi. It had become his sanctuary, where he could escape the outside world and its demands. He would often seek out hidden corners where he would disappear for hours on end without anyone interrupting his peaceful slumber. It is not that he actively avoided others, but rather that he prefers to sleep during the day, when the warm sun would caress his skin and coax him to slumber. 

As the day bustles with activity, Lumi finds himself a small nook to rest in. The cooks’ storage near the busy kitchen proves to be the perfect hiding spot. Nestled against a sack of onions, he closes his eyes and shifts against it until he was comfortable. Above him, a latticework window filters soft beams of light onto his form while he drifts off.

Hours later, the sound of sizzling meat and the rich aroma of spices rouses him from his brief respite. His sensitive nose twitches in his pursuit of the source of the tempting scent. Pushing himself up from the storage room floor, Lumi brushes off bits of onion skin that cling to his clothes. Following the tantalizing scent, he stumbles into the packed kitchen, where half a dozen cooks work tirelessly over a brick oven. In a large iron pot, strips of beef are mixed with Dolman chilies and fragrant oils, filling the air with mouth-watering aromas. The Capri woman tending to the stove turns to stare at Lumi upon his entry. With a shake of her head and a disapproving look, he lets out a deep sigh and droops his ears before turning back towards the hallway, knowing he is not welcome in their domain.

Uncontrollable laughter erupts from around the corner of the covered pathway, and Lumi cranes his neck to see. Khimi’s familiar deep laugh catches his attention and before Lumi knows it, he finds himself rushing to him. His heart races as he spots the source of the laughter, a group of merchants traveling with Khimi.

As they approach, Lumi’s excitement dims at the sight of the large and unfamiliar crowd surrounding Khimi. His eyes are drawn to Khimi, standing tall and commanding attention in a stunning blue kaftan that hugs his muscular form, revealing every curve and contour beneath the fabric. Khimi’s sable hair is groomed to perfection, resting just above his brow and framing his striking features. The piercing blue eyes that Lumi had fallen in love with match his kaftan perfectly, and the slight stubble on his chin only added to his ruggedly handsome appearance.

Just one look at Khimi is enough to send shivers down Lumi’s spine and ignite a fire of desire within him. The gaggle of merchants gradually passes by, their hushed whispers and curious glances only adding to the charged atmosphere between Lumi and Khimi. As they pass out of sight into a large chamber, Khimi turns back briefly, locking eyes with Lumi, a knowing smirk crawling across his lips. 

Lumi had known that wearing the Temple garb would catch Khimi’s eye, just like it had the first time he wore it. He does not care if it resembles the outfits worn by Dolman concubines; all that matters to him is pleasing Khimi. Despite any societal expectations or judgments, Lumi can only think of Khimi. 

Lumi lets out a defeated sigh, his fingers anxiously tugging at the rough black fabric that covers his chest. A thought crosses his mind briefly, wondering if they were laughing at him, but he dismisses it and turns back to the storage room. Being ridiculed was nothing new to Lumi — back at the Temple, he was often the target of jokes he did not understand. But he never allowed himself to wallow in self-pity. As he walks under the awning, shaded from the bright sun, Lumi ponders how to spend the remaining hours of daylight. His stomach grumbles loudly, reminding him of his hunger as he passes by the kitchen once again. Through a quick glance, he catches a glimpse of servants carefully plating dishes for the congregation of merchants. The aromas wafting from their plates make his mouth water: tangy olives, rich fattah, spiced meats, and colorful chalices brimming with wine.

 As if pitying him, the Capri woman from earlier approaches Lumi with a small plate of mixed items. The strips of meat are still warm and juicy, the olives plump and shiny, and the flatbread soft and fragrant. Her kind smile warms his heart as he gratefully accepts the plate before making his way back towards the storage room. Traipsing past the ornately-decorated meeting chamber, a low ahem startles him. Turning to face it, he sees Khimi leaning casually against a sandstone column, his arms crossed and a smug grin stretching across his face.

A mischievous twinkle glints in Khimi’s eyes, playfully teasing, “Stealing are we?”

Lumi’s lips curl into a small smile and his head tilts back as he ponders, “Is it truly stealing if it belongs to you?”

Khimi can’t help but chuckle at his response. “Well, technically it all belongs to the Cerulean Star.”

Lumi waves his hand dismissively, the mischievous glint in his eye betraying his rebellious nature. His lips curl into a coy smile as he gazes up at Khimi, a different kind of hunger building inside of him. “What does it matter?”

Khimi scoffs with a hint of amusement, taking a step closer to Lumi. “It may not matter to you, but when you prance around the Estate in that skimpy outfit, you tend to attract more than just attention,” he remarks with an arched brow. 

Lumi shifts uncomfortably under Khimi’s piercing gaze, feeling the weight of his massive hand on his shoulder. His cheeks burn as he fidgets with the fabric of the revealing outfit. “You would…rather me wear more clothing, Milord?” He teases. 

Khimi’s large, calloused hand envelops Lumi’s shoulder, applying just enough pressure to convey a sense of intimacy. His deep voice rumbles as he whispers, “Why don’t you save that outfit for my room?” 

“Does it truly bother you that even the concubines wear it?” Lumi’s voice quivers, his eyes fixed on the ground. His fingers fiddle nervously with the fabric of his tunic.

Khimi raises an eyebrow, studying Lumi’s reaction. “W-What? Who said that?” His voice grows defensive.

“I’m just wondering… I heard you all laughing. Were you laughing at me?” Lumi’s tone is accusatory, and he takes a step forward, ready to defend himself.

Khimi lets out a sigh, “I most certainly wasn’t, but that’s beside the point—” 

Before he can finish his sentence, Lumi interjects. “So everyone else was?!” 

Khimi quickly covers Lumi’s mouth, silencing him before he can let out a louder exclamation. His hand feels rough against the smooth skin of Lumi’s cheek. “No, no,” Khimi whispers urgently. “One of them made a foolish joke.”

Lumi looks at Khimi with eyes as wide as saucers, “About me?” 

Khimi hesitates before speaking, gathering himself. “Um, it’s about what you were wearing,” he finally says. “One of them commented that he didn’t realize we had prostitutes here on the Estate.”

PROSTITUTES?!?” Lumi squeals from behind Khimi’s hand. He growls, his teeth pressed against Khimi’s hand. 

Khimi grabs the plate of food from Lumi and places it on the ground. “Calm down, it was just something stupid he said to get a laugh.” 

Lumi puffs his cheeks. “Which one was it? I’ll gut em’.” 

“Best you don’t,” Khimi says with a tender smile which pulls at the scar on his cheek. “You’re too cute to be gaoled.” The boy’s cheeks turn a faint shade of pink and his ears perk up with a slow hesitation. 

“W-What’s that mean?” Lumi asks bashfully, his ears perking up slowly. 

“It doesn’t matter,” Khimi smirks, his hand running along Lumi’s side. “I wouldn’t let you see the inside of a gaol.” 

Lumi can’t resist the urge to smile as Khimi pulls him close, their bodies pressing together in a warm embrace. His tail sways behind him with a gentle shake, mirroring the excitement and anticipation coursing through his body. “Well,” he begins, his voice filled with curiosity. “Do tell me what it means…”

Whispering into Lumi’s ear, Khimi presses Lumi back against the cool, rough surface of the mudbrick wall. The faint scent of earth lingers in the air as Khimi speaks. “You don’t have to worry about gutting anyone,” he murmurs. “I’m the only thing you should be worried about.”

Lumi narrows his eyes and snorts, “W-Whatever, shouldn’t you get back to your thing?” 

“I don’t have to stay and watch them stuff themselves. Plus, it’s best if I let them drink get liquored up first.”

“So, you came to find me?” Lumi asks, nuzzling his face against Khimi’s shoulder. “You must be bored.” 

Bored? That’s an understatement,” Khimi retorts, playfully nibbling on the curved edge of Lumi’s ear. “Listening to these merchants drone on and on…it drains me.”

“So, would you like to fill my belly?” Lumi playfully asks, a blush creeping across his cheeks at his own bold words. “Since you have time,” he adds quickly, “and you’re bored.”

Khimi pauses a moment, his breath like a warm breeze across Lumi’s hair. His hand glides smoothly under the thick fabric of Lumi’s loincloth, his fingers tracing along the thin thong beneath Lumi’s tail.

“Milord,” Lumi responds with a teasing gasp. “Aren’t you afraid someone will see?!

“And what will they tell me, Little Lion? That a Lord can’t indulge in his desires whenever and wherever he pleases?” Khimi whispers into Lumi’s ear, the growing bulge in his trousers pressing against Lumi’s abdomen.

Lumi’s chest rises and falls with anticipation. “We can find somewhere more private if you’d like–”

“Here is perfect,” Khimi interrupts, his fingers pulling aside the thong and rubbing against Lumi’s damp and heated skin.

“Are you sure?” Lumi asks, overwhelmed by Khimi’s sudden urgency.

Khimi bites down on Lumi’s thick ear and pushes him back against the nearby wall, his middle finger exerting more pressure against Lumi’s soft and eager entrance. “Absolutely,” he growls, nipping at Lumi’s neck once more before delving deeper into their passion.

With a whimper, Lumi gives in to Khimi’s touch, his hands grasping for support as Khimi’s finger slides inside. The sudden force causes Lumi’s knees to weaken, but he holds on to Khimi for stability. A second finger quickly joins the first, and Lumi can’t help but let out small noises of pleasure as Khimi expertly explores every inch of him. With each movement of Khimi’s fingers, Lumi’s teeth dig into the fabric of Khimi’s kaftan leaving wet marks behind. It was clear that Khimi had mastered every sensitive spot on Lumi’s body in their short time together, and his fingers knew just how to elicit the most pleasurable responses. As their desire continues to build, Lumi’s body trembles and quivers with pleasure, completely surrendering to Khimi’s skilled touch.

Khimi’s hot breath tickles Lumi’s ear as he whispers, “If you keep biting me, I’ll have no choice but to punish you.”

Lumi pulls back, his fangs grazing against the fabric of Khimi’s clothing. “P-Punish me then,” he pleads, his voice trembling

Khimi’s fingers slide to the knuckle against the soft clinging hole and with a sudden force he begins to knead his fingers against Lumi’s insides as he pulls upwards. Lumi gasps, his knobby knees faltering as the sensation of being fingered off the ground proves to be too much. I’m gonna die, he thinks, releasing a lingering moan against Khimi’s shoulder. Each of Khimi’s inserted fingers move expertly to arouse Lumi. 

Lumi curls his fingers desperately against Khimi’s kaftan, feeling the precum soaking through Khimi’s trousers, while he presses aggressive against him. “Can you fuck me?” he pants, barely able to stand on the tips of his toes in anticipation


“Y-you said you had t-time,” Lumi pants as he begs, standing on the tips of his toes.

A smile spreads across Khimi’s face as he digs his chin into Lumi’s shoulder. “Just didn’t think you’d be so impatient,” he mutters playfully

Lumi’s arousal slips from the thong as Khimi continues, it quivers unsteadily with each of Khimi’s sudden thrusts, a stream precum drips down the front of the loincloth. “F-Finish here f-first,” he groans, his tail sweeping over Khimi’s hand in desperation for more pleasure.

Khimi moves his knee between Lumi’s legs, moving his leg to rub against the Aslan’s shaking cock. Lumi is breathless, unable to speak from pleasure. His entrance tightens and pulsates around the fingers penetrating deep inside him, craving his lover’s girth. Khimi tugs upwards again, causing Lumi’s legs to give out as he clutches onto the folds of Khimi’s kaftan for support. A sudden rush of heat spreads throughout Lumi’s body and with an unconscious groan, his entire body tenses. Warm seed sprays over Khimi’s knee in thick, warm streams from Lumi’s thrusting cock. With each breath, Lumi feels his balls rise higher into his body, but Khimi continues to push against his sensitive inner walls.

“Wait,” Lumi murmurs, trying to catch his breath. “I just came.”

Khimi grunts quietly, looking around the awning before turning back to Lumi with a mischievous smile. “You always said once isn’t enough for you.”

Lumi wants nothing more than to let go and collapse onto the ground in a heap, but he holds on and endures as he feels the waves of pleasure continue with Khimi’s teasing touches. “Fine,” he breathes out through gritted teeth. “But your cock is next.”

Khimi chuckles, his grin widening. “You already spilled on my trousers anyway.” He leans down to capture Lumi’s lips in a passionate kiss before he continues. 

Lumi glances between them momentarily to see. Three lines of white cum stretch across Khimi’s thigh, the blue kaftan brushed to the side. “You can hide it, you don’t gotta chan—,” he says quickly, tilting his head back as Khimi pulls him tighter into their embrace, his warm entrance hugs against Khimi’s fingers. 

Khimi hums quietly into Lumi’s ear as he continues to work, moving to press a third finger inside, only to stop just before entering. Lumi perks his head up inquisitively, but quickly returns to Khimi’s shoulder as the waves of pleasure overtake him again. Unsure of if or when he stopped ejaculating, Lumi presses his teeth against Khimi’s shoulder as the sensation grows stronger once again, his still softened arousal launching another burst of the viscous liquid onto Khimi’s thigh. 

“There we go,” Khimi whispers as his fingers slowly glide from Lumi’s insides. “Look at how much you came.” 

“Huh?” Lumi sounds, leaning back against the wall. He pants slowly while he feels the lubrication he used earlier slide down between his cheeks. “Was it a lot?”

Khimi drags his finger across the line of semen on his trousers and brings it to his lips, “Yeah…and it tastes sweet, just like you,” he says with a silvery tone.

    Lumi averts his gaze briefly. It was too much for him, he already felt aroused even after climaxing twice, and yet Khimi still managed to find ways to make him feel lusty. As Khimi brings his fingers to his lips and sucks on them softly, Lumi feels himself growing distant from everything around them. All he can focus on is Khimi.

Once more, Khimi drags his finger through Lumi’s seed before stepping closer to him, their bodies pressed together against the wall. “Open,” Khimi demands in a slightly commanding tone.

Without hesitation, Lumi parts his lips and Khimi slides his cum-laden fingers into his mouth. Lumi brings his teeth down gently over Khimi’s fingers, almost as if trying to hold on to the pleasure. As he swirls his tongue around the digits, Lumi can taste himself, but it’s sweeter than he remembers. There’s a slight saltiness mixed with a deeply sweet note, similar to the taste of sweet cream. With his eyes closed, Lumi enjoys the sensation as Khimi pulls his fingers back through his teeth, the roughness of his fingertips scraping against Lumi’s tongue. At that moment, Khimi is all he needs.

“Khi—” Lumi is suddenly interrupted by the warmth of Khimi’s mouth pressed against his own. Khimi’s deft tongue presses into his mouth and pushes against his cheeks.

Lumi can not open his eyes, but he imagines just how much effort Khimi must be putting into their kiss. Khimi’s hands grip Lumi’s rear and push his body up against the wall as their lips smash together with increasing intensity. Lumi’s arms  wrap behind Khimi’s neck and hang on, his weak and trembling legs latch to Khimi’s side. 

Khimi’s hand clenched tightly against Lumi’s supple asscheeks, leaving imprints on the soft flesh. Giddy and light-headed from their frenzied kisses, Lumi gasps for air as he pulls away with a sheepish grin. “There’s a storage closet nearby,” he pants between heavy breaths.

Without hesitation, Khimi lowers Lumi back onto the ground and follows his lead as they rush towards the closet. Abandoning the plate of food behind them. Lumi quickly adjusts his loincloth and grabs Khimi’s hand, pulling him along.

They turn into a narrow hallway before reaching the closet, exchanging taunting smiles as they go. As soon as they enter the small room, Khimi closes the door behind them. The only source of light comes from a latticework window, casting delicate patterns across the Rhazian rug beneath their feet.

With an eager smile, Lumi drops to his knees before Khimi and looks up at him expectantly.

“We don’t have time for all of that,” Khimi replies with a teasing scratch behind Lumi’s rounded ears.

Disappointment flickers across Lumi’s face, but he quickly recovers with a mischievous glint in his eye. “Fine, let me at least help you out of those,” he says playfully.

Lumi places his hands on either side of Khimi’s silken babouches and slowly works them off his feet. His ears twitch excitedly as he moves on to slide his hands beneath Khimi’s kaftan. With practiced skill, he effortlessly slips off the man’s trousers, revealing an eager erection waiting for him.

It takes every ounce of restraint for Lumi not to immediately pounce on Khimi and take him right then and there.

Not one to waste any time, Khimi quickly discards the rest of his clothing, basking in the soft light filtering through the window. His chiseled muscles taunt Lumi as he falls on top of him without hesitation. With a quick tug, Khimi rips off Lumi’s loincloth before pressing their bodies together.

“Fuck me,” Lumi whispers urgently.

“I’m trying,” Khimi retorts with a snort.

“Well, try harder,” Lumi replies impatiently, unable to contain his lust any longer.

Lumi reaches behind his neck with a slow, almost hesitant movement and fidgets with the latch to his choker, freeing the chestwrap. As he does, Khimi bends forward and places a tender kiss on Lumi’s soft abdomen. 

“Stockings,” Lumi mutters, his voice barely audible as he focuses on trying to control his breathing.

Understanding Lumi’s meaning, Khimi gnaws lightly on his thigh before slowly rolling the stocking down Lumi’s leg to his feet. He follows with his lips, placing gentle kisses along the entire length of Lumi’s leg. When he reaches just above Lumi’s ankle, he pauses and places another kiss, his eyes locked onto Lumi’s with an intensity that sends a pang of need through Lumi’s body. Khimi tugs at the stockings on the other leg, taking his time, as if savoring every moment.

Completely free of their clothes, Khimi leans forward and places his hands on either side of Lumi, gazing deeply into his eyes. “I’m going to be late,” he murmurs, his voice low and husky.

“That’s alright,” Lumi replies quietly, reaching up to run his fingers through Khimi’s short hair while his thumbs twiddle against his earlobes. His cheeks are flushed with color and there is a hunger in his gaze that matches his own. “They can wait, right?” He asks in a breathy whisper.

“Right,” Khimi replies with a faint smile.

Without warning, Lumi grabs onto Khimi’s neck and pulls him towards him, bringing their lips together in a passionate and urgent kiss. As they kiss, Khimi’s girth shakes against Lumi’s abdomen and drops of pearlescent liquid drip from the tip across Lumi’s stomach. With each throb and pulse, another bead of precum drips onto Lumi’s skin.

Khimi grips the base of his cock and positions himself against Lumi, gently nudging the tip between Lumi’s tanned ass, already moistened with his precum. Lumi lifts his legs against Khimi’s strong sides and waits with bated breath as the bulky head pushes against him.

“Ready?” Khimi asks quietly, giving Lumi a knowing look.

“Y-Yeah,” Lumi replies in response, his body tense with anticipation. “Been ready.”

Without further hesitation, Khimi breaches Lumi swiftly and fills him entirely on a single thrust. Lumi’s back arches off the ground as he let out a loud groan, his head tilting back against the colorful rug beneath him. There are no words, only primal sounds of pleasure escaping his lips while Khimi thrust into him again and again. As the intensity increases, Lumi reaches for Khimi’s thighs and digs his fingers into the muscular frame, losing himself in the overwhelming sensations coursing through his body.

Soon, loud wet slaps fill the small room, Khimi’s body connecting repeatedly with Lumi’s, their bodies moving together. Lumi’s tail sways between Khimi’s thighs in sync with their movements. The sheer girth of Khimi presses into Lumi, stretching and filling him slowly but surely. The warmth of his lover’s shaft spreads throughout him with every thrust, pushing waves of pleasure radiating deep within him.

As they continue to kiss with unbridled passion, Lumi can hardly breathe, but his desire only continues to build. He lifts his legs higher against Khimi’s sides, angling his buttocks to allow for an even deeper entry.

“Kitten,” Khimi whispers, his breath warm and sweet as it caresses Lumi’s lips. “You damned fiend.”

“Sh-Shut up,” Lumi replies in a whimper, unable to form coherent words as he was consumed by pleasure.

Khimi curls his fingers into Lumi’s blond hair, his thumbs massaging the Aslan’s rounded ears as he returns to their kiss. Their tongues dance and tangle together, while Khimi pulls his body firmly against Lumi, pressing his cock to the hilt inside him. Lumi moans loudly against their kiss, the veins along Khimi’s girth pulsating inside him. He’s close. 

Lumi breaks away from their kiss, turning his head to the side to catch his breath. His chest rises and falls rapidly as he whispers, “Just cum inside me.”

“I am,” Khimi grunts, pressing his forehead against Lumi’s cheek. His features pinch along his brow, while he murmurs, “F-Fuck…”

“O-Oh,” Lumi moans in response, the warmth of Khimi’s seed flowing deep inside him. Khimi’s orgasm seems unending, his cock pumps while Khimi’s jaw clenches tight. “That was…”

Khimi plants a gentle kiss on Lumi’s flushed cheek. “I’m not done,” he says with confidence.

Lumi meets Khimi’s gaze with his ethereal eyes and smiles, his body tingling with satisfaction. “You must’ve been pent-up.”

“It’s your fault,” Khimi responds playfully, running his fingers through Lumi’s hair. “Teasing me like that.”

Lumi scoffs, but he can feel Khimi hardening inside as cum trickles down around the edges of Khimi’s shaft buried deep within him. Unable to hold back any longer, Khimi sits up and gazes down at their connected bodies before slowly thrusting again. Each movement causes more of his seed to flow out of Lumi and drip down the Aslan’s tail. A smug smirk appears on Khimi’s face while he grows even more rigid.

With a firm grip on Lumi’s thighs, Khimi lifts his legs and thrusts forcefully. Trails of cum trace down from around his shaft, spilling across the rug. The sound of wet skin slapping against soft flesh fills the room as Khimi pounds into him relentlessly. The intensity of each thrust dulls Lumi’s senses until all he can focus on is the overwhelming pleasure coursing through him.

The engorged head of Khimi’s shaft presses deeper into him as he pushes himself to the limit, pulling Lumi’s legs against his body. Lumi whimpers and reaches for Khimi, only to stop and grip the fabric of the Rhazian rug beneath him.

“It’s too much,” Lumi moans in ecstasy.

Khimi glances up, breaking his gaze away from their tangled bodies. “Do you want me to stop?” he asks, breathless.

“N-No,” Lumi gasps, reaching for his own trembling arousal. His shaft is soft but leaking heavily across his abdomen.

“You just want my cum filling your ass,” Khimi says with a sly smile as sweat drips down his brow.

Lumi’s cheeks flush even redder as he turns to look at the latticework window. “Y-Yeah,” he whispers. “I asked you to fill my belly, remember?”

At Lumi’s words, Khimi’s copper skin seems to glow even brighter as he increases his pace with fierce determination. He grabs onto Lumi’s waist and drops his legs, thrusting into him with abandon. Once again, he lowers himself on top of Lumi, his abdomen tensing with exertion.

As their bodies move together, Lumi watches with uncontrollable lust, tracing the lines of Khimi’s abdomen up to meet his intense cerulean gaze.

Lumi’s body trembles with anticipation, lifting his haunches to Khimi’s side. He angles his hips, eager to feel every inch of Khimi filling him once again. The warm, slick sensation of Khimi’s previous orgasm sloshes inside of him, making it easy for Khimi’s cock to slide in and out with rapid movements. Khimi leans forward, his elbows planted firmly at the sides of Lumi’s head as he continues his steady thrusts. His lips press to Lumi’s forehead, leaving a trail of stubble grazing over Lumi’s soft skin. A low groan escapes Khimi’s lips as he murmurs, “You’re so fucking irresistible,” while rubbing his cheek through Lumi’s tousled hair. “Fucking Hells, Lumi.”

Lumi’s fingers clench tightly onto Khimi’s naked back, unable to find the words to express the intense pleasure he feels. Khimi bucks into him with increasing intensity, Lumi can feel himself being filled and stretched in all the right ways. Pressing against Lumi’s deepest parts, Khimi suddenly halts and holds himself still against Lumi once again.

“Kh-Khimi,” Lumi moans, his back arching in response to the sudden pulsing of Khimi’s cock inside him. The warmth of Khimi’s seed spreads into his depths, sending waves of heat throughout his body. As Khimi’s cock pulses against the soft walls within him, Lumi can not help but whisper in exasperation, “I…feel so full.”

Khimi pants heavily as he pushes his chin into Lumi’s hair and releases another string of curses while praising Lumi’s body.

“I can keep going…but,” Lumi begins before laying back and relaxing slowly while Khimi rubs his stubble through his hair. “You’re gonna be late,” he whispers, a hint of concern in his voice.

Grudgingly, Khimi looks up through the latticework window and groans. Hanging his head, he places a quick peck on Lumi’s lips before starting to pull out. “Hells.”

But Lumi is not ready to let him go just yet. He tightens his embrace and pleads, “W-Wait. Don’t go. Stay with me…stay in me.”

Khimi sighs, torn between his desire to stay and the responsibilities he has waiting for him. “I can’t,” he begins, only to groan again. “I shouldn’t.” 

The boy’s pleas are too much for Khimi to resist. 

“Fine,” he submits with a small smile and hangs his head over Lumi’s shoulder. “I can manage a bit longer.”

And manage he does, much to Lumi’s delight. The light streaming through the window slowly fades while they remain intertwined on the rug, lost in their own world. It is not until Khimi’s softened cock slips out on its own, followed by a rush of thick seed, that they finally part.

In the distance, a servant calls for Khimi, breaking the peaceful silence that had settled between them. A sigh escapes Khimi’s lips as he rises from the rug and dresses.

“I hope they aren’t upset with you,” Lumi whispers under his breath.

“They’ll be fine,” Khimi insists, tugging on his trousers. “But if you want to come to my chambers… I’d love to pick up where we left off later,” he adds in his husky voice before walking out the door, leaving Lumi alone with thoughts of their encounter. 

Lumi smiles and shouts back, “Tonight, then!” 

Lumi rubs his hands over his stomach, feeling the warmth of Khimi’s seed still lingering inside. The sun slowly sets, casting a dim orange glow in the storage closet, where Lumi is left alone with his thoughts. He can feel the weight of Khimi’s virility settling in his belly, and he wonders how much more of it he can take. Each encounter with Khimi has taught him just how powerful and abundant his seed can be. Lumi closes his eyes and lets out a longing sigh, eagerly anticipating their next meeting. As he embraces himself, low purrs rumble from within him, fueled by his wild imagination and desire for more.